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Movie Clip Trailer

  1. 96吉・アブノーマル・ドHENTAI三世

    96吉・アブノーマル・ドHENTAI三世日 前


  2. طيبي الياس

    طيبي الياس2 日 前

    Fucking liar

  3. Suhayb Hatahet

    Suhayb Hatahet3 日 前

    Why does every single movie series end up in love or have a kissing scene????? That just pisses me off! there isnt a single movie series that doesnt have one kissing scene!

  4. Gad9440

    Gad94403 日 前

    Nobody: Not even a single soul: Me: *WhY iS eVeRyBoDy ScReAmInG*

  5. Darthsven16

    Darthsven163 日 前

    If this movie succeeds and they make sequels, I kinda want the Rock to voice Knuckles


    SR GARMADON3 日 前

    2020:sonic the hedgehog 2030:dwayne johnson is president

  7. ケイジ朧月

    ケイジ朧月3 日 前

    最高すぎる これ観ちゃうとシンゴジラはマジで糞だな! ゴジラでエヴァの音楽流すってふざけてるわ なんで誰もツッコまないんだ?

  8. wyne82

    wyne823 日 前

  9. TheNight God

    TheNight God4 日 前

    Ahhhhhh the memories

  10. patricia duru

    patricia duru4 日 前

    Amazing movie I'm gonna watch the movie

  11. Tiam Hock Chan

    Tiam Hock Chan4 日 前


  12. NG TZI SHIAN Moe

    NG TZI SHIAN Moe4 日 前


  13. Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson4 日 前

    Are you fucking serious

  14. toothless X Kion forever 1267

    toothless X Kion forever 12675 日 前

    I thought it's Kopa

  15. Night light bright Fury'프프드덕'

    Night light bright Fury'프프드덕'5 日 前




    WHY did you skip no skipping please

  17. Anifan13

    Anifan135 日 前

    Okay, but Zephyr pushing her brother behind her for protection was the best thing about this installment.

  18. Lamine-time Gaming

    Lamine-time Gaming6 日 前

    These ain't tears there manly tears ;_;

  19. FireBreather626

    FireBreather6266 日 前

    why he made a movie about poisoning his friend

  20. FlmKrp

    FlmKrp7 日 前

    i h o p e y o u d i e v e r y s o o n

  21. Nyanah Palmer

    Nyanah Palmer7 日 前

    I love it

  22. zijianhiew hiew

    zijianhiew hiew7 日 前


  23. theにぐるぱ

    theにぐるぱ9 日 前


  24. Username1474

    Username14749 日 前

    his daughter is Anna from Frozen

  25. Reb22 Sng Hui

    Reb22 Sng Hui9 日 前

    1:06 Toothless be like: this bish needs saving again HAHAHAA

  26. Destiny Peron

    Destiny Peron9 日 前

    I’m confused. Is this a new movie coming out? Is thing end scenes from 3? Someone explain 😭

  27. Ljkn808_H1 LAW

    Ljkn808_H1 LAW9 日 前

    2:13 very cultured people

  28. cendy gorbet

    cendy gorbet9 日 前

    Hiccup you can be a giant butt face Me: (laughs really hard)

  29. Ruh Bruh

    Ruh Bruh10 日 前

    Is this cannon because the kids would already know about toothless

  30. Thick Might

    Thick Might11 日 前

    So who’s Spider-Man here? I think I got the wrong movie

  31. 张宙

    张宙12 日 前


  32. Beginner Koi

    Beginner Koi12 日 前

    Gift me link full movie 😄🙏

  33. Vitalino Ramirez

    Vitalino Ramirez14 日 前

    Por favor no puede haber el 5

  34. 趙佑勳

    趙佑勳14 日 前


  35. Carlos Aguilar

    Carlos Aguilar14 日 前

    And then it hit him.

  36. Cyan Man

    Cyan Man14 日 前

    Okay so let's be real. Iron Giant vs Mecha Godzilla.

  37. Michael Brent

    Michael Brent16 日 前

    Next time to do a holiday special we should do with her underrated DreamWorks films namely rise of the guardians or Monsters versus aliens or even Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

  38. Carl the Person

    Carl the Person16 日 前

    If that was Kiryu, they'd all be dead

  39. Hassan Suleimankhel

    Hassan Suleimankhel16 日 前

    Is this still in movies 2020 idk?

  40. withoutscars

    withoutscars17 日 前

    i really wanted to see a cute moment between hiccup and toothless :( but still loved this short film ❤️

  41. Sebastian Maregatti

    Sebastian Maregatti18 日 前

    Ready player one walked so endgame could fly

  42. a.s.r.a *-*

    a.s.r.a *-*18 日 前

    So nobody will talk about Zephyr protecting her lil bro, Toothless fam watching the whole play and Fishlegs and Ruffnut kiss!? Oh my... this is so adorable! And where are my Hiccstrid scenes? I literally live for that!!! ❤

  43. MrMadnessHero

    MrMadnessHero18 日 前

    I can't believe I just noticed this she threw the glaive from the movie krull I'm not sure how many people remember that movie 4:14

  44. CommanderOtto

    CommanderOtto18 日 前

    it would be so cool to have a no-rules pvp zone like this in a game

  45. EM-OH-JI

    EM-OH-JI19 日 前

    Is this legit? What is this all about?

  46. yullenlover1000

    yullenlover100019 日 前

    This wouldn’t be a HTTYD short without some form of fire or Hiccup being in mortal peril.

  47. nei tha bi

    nei tha bi19 日 前

    Ferdinand baby is helpful to the fast bull

  48. nei tha bi

    nei tha bi19 日 前

    So so so cute

  49. willow815

    willow81520 日 前

    They would have won in 3 seconds if obiwan was there with the high ground

  50. David Case

    David Case20 日 前

    Ernesto de la Cruz has entered the 9th Circle, the Circle of Traitors!

  51. Shadowkey392

    Shadowkey39221 日 前

    This movie is good, but the book is SO MUCH BETTER.

  52. Asher Tye

    Asher Tye21 日 前

    Before Endgame, there was Ready Player One.

  53. BrighT L0rd

    BrighT L0rd22 日 前

    Literally Screamed when he transformed into GUNDAM

  54. Trick_poke

    Trick_poke22 日 前

    What vr should be like

  55. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki22 日 前

    That is so amazing. I love HTTYD!!!!

  56. Jordan Ward

    Jordan Ward23 日 前

    I wish it was a megazord vs Godzilla that would have been sick

  57. Wither Entinity Robert M. Pueblas

    Wither Entinity Robert M. Pueblas23 日 前

    WTF This kind of scene is kinda funny

  58. N secret

    N secret23 日 前

    Sooo amazing

  59. Super sonic Fan64

    Super sonic Fan6423 日 前

    Wait when he said rock did he mean the rock /Dwayne johnson

  60. Rez night

    Rez night24 日 前

    I0I equals JPgors making multiple accounts for more views.

  61. Gwenpool

    Gwenpool25 日 前

    This movie and battle marks the beginning of the end of microtransactions

  62. dogbonesj19

    dogbonesj1925 日 前

    When I saw this wasn’t the full thing and edited 0:22


    AFFAN SHAIKH 1212 SHAIKH25 日 前

    Where can I watch full movie

  64. Rubi Brothers

    Rubi Brothers25 日 前


  65. Maestrul Gamer

    Maestrul Gamer26 日 前

    0:24-I could live well withought this.

  66. Toothless Nightfury

    Toothless Nightfury27 日 前

    I see that!

  67. The NightWatchers

    The NightWatchers27 日 前

    Im confused. Why does Ernesto keep the photo of Hector instead of burning it? I mean de la cruz is a villain. What is the theory? Does Ernesto choose the wrong choice after having a decisions? I found out that after Ernesto poisoned Hector, De la cruz knew that he did was wrong.

  68. Future206.

    Future206.27 日 前

    0:25 OH WTF ! When did that happen ???

  69. Bloodfetish cosplayer

    Bloodfetish cosplayer27 日 前

    *I CRIED*!!!

  70. Krishna Patel

    Krishna Patel27 日 前

    I started crying because the dumpling anted to go with the other people



    Do You Know How Dewey Duck From Ducktales 2017 And Sonic The Hedgehog Has The Same Voice

  72. Sarah Star

    Sarah Starヶ月 前


  73. Natalie Jones

    Natalie Jonesヶ月 前

    Thanks MCT☺😍

  74. Nyanah Palmer

    Nyanah Palmerヶ月 前


  75. Iamagooddoggo369

    Iamagooddoggo369ヶ月 前

    Title: funny moments in boa Me: 1:52 explain this. Edit: wut he hearted me, lol he made a mistake I guess

  76. 日常観察者エバ

    日常観察者エバヶ月 前


  77. Ernesto De La Cruz

    Ernesto De La Cruzヶ月 前

    Hector was supposed to be my ride or die. He made his choice 🤷🏼‍♂️

  78. Rafik DZ

    Rafik DZヶ月 前

    That is too short movie😟😢

  79. Offical MightyEagleFireAlarms

    Offical MightyEagleFireAlarmsヶ月 前


  80. 日常観察者エバ

    日常観察者エバヶ月 前


  81. gjaw rgy

    gjaw rgyヶ月 前

    ゴジラが別の怪獣と戦う最初の映画は ゴジラの逆襲

  82. mjtmj nttgjjt

    mjtmj nttgjjtヶ月 前


  83. AverageMarioBros

    AverageMarioBrosヶ月 前

    This is awesome!

  84. Ironluke 2001

    Ironluke 2001ヶ月 前

    Hiccup: "Oh, the fire. I'll get it.(Lifts up Night Light) C'mon little fella (Uses Night Light to start the fire)." Me: 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣

  85. Moon & Azure

    Moon & Azureヶ月 前

    Is this a new movie coming out???

  86. Bayar Delger

    Bayar Delgerヶ月 前

    Just a random question. Umm where is Hiccup's mom?

  87. Jr boy 1

    Jr boy 1ヶ月 前





  89. Mohammad Shafiqul Hasan

    Mohammad Shafiqul Hasanヶ月 前

    Frozen 3 will probably introduce a character named Samantha?!

  90. Power Sonic

    Power Sonicヶ月 前


  91. Hannah Stewart

    Hannah Stewartヶ月 前

    WHY COULDNT FISHLEGS BE WITH HEATHER REEEEEEEE! They were made for each other! ;-;

  92. Cool Person

    Cool Personヶ月 前

    I don’t know why like 2:06 so much You can really see the happiness in Toothless eyes when he figures out its Hiccups daughter If you were to see the full special then you can later see how his pupils dilate, I think that was my most favorites scene from the special

  93. kitty whinny

    kitty whinnyヶ月 前


  94. Mark Layhee

    Mark Layheeヶ月 前

    I realized Forky told Gabby about Sid, the Rocket escape, Al's Toy Barn, the airport, The Day Care, Lotso and the landfill.

  95. Jaxon Luck

    Jaxon Luckヶ月 前

    toothless- ok kids! hiccups set up a show about me! sit back and massage meh!

  96. Garvy Oofy

    Garvy Oofyヶ月 前

    _good times_

  97. Carol Miller

    Carol Millerヶ月 前

    I am laughing so hard because here comes Toothless me thinks in mind "Oh boy here we go again!!!"

  98. ataladin 87

    ataladin 87ヶ月 前

    0:24 WAIT WHAAATT???? I predicted Astrid and hiccup *BUT NOT THOSE TWO*

  99. Nightfury love31

    Nightfury love31ヶ月 前


  100. Vans Setnavrec

    Vans Setnavrecヶ月 前

    is this before the HTTYD3 ending?