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  1. n mero

    n mero6 時間 前


  2. izonetrash

    izonetrash8 時間 前

    miihi was my first pick i’m so proud of her

  3. Twice

    Twice8 時間 前


  4. Twice

    Twice8 時間 前


  5. ホワイトベリー

    ホワイトベリー9 時間 前


  6. Crazy For Anime

    Crazy For Anime10 時間 前


  7. ぴーなっつ.。.:*

    ぴーなっつ.。.:*12 時間 前


  8. wendy li

    wendy li14 時間 前

    I got no words for miihi's performance, she was absolutely stunning

  9. FinWoo _4

    FinWoo _414 時間 前

    If mako and nina debut. I feel the small leader and tall maknae energy. I love their interaction 🥺

  10. hello my ana

    hello my ana17 時間 前

    omg ninas dad SO EMOTIONAL

  11. The Devil

    The Devil17 時間 前

    huh? is this really the official channel?

  12. Parsa Sohani

    Parsa Sohani17 時間 前

    Miihi is like new Sun-ye (a member of wonder girls) for me , absolutely the talent!!😍

  13. k s

    k s17 時間 前

    Wow Akari REALLY resembles Jihyo here. And Miihi will DEFINITELY debut.

  14. STAY SWA

    STAY SWA17 時間 前

    i love Rio❣

  15. jeongyeonieeee

    jeongyeonieeee20 時間 前


  16. The Ghetto

    The Ghetto23 時間 前

    1:56 she clearly used autotune

  17. Mariana Barreiro

    Mariana Barreiro23 時間 前

    15:18 isnt this skz dorm

  18. Mariana Barreiro

    Mariana Barreiro23 時間 前

    all i want is stray kids itzy and got7 to appear

  19. Shanti Bosque-Hamilton

    Shanti Bosque-Hamilton23 時間 前

    Me watching just to see Nina being a baby!!

  20. Hilla Aguil

    Hilla Aguil日 前

    Izones nako should've participated in nizi project❤❤

  21. BitterSweet 0413

    BitterSweet 0413日 前

    Okay. That's it everyone! Just by looking at Miihi's performance .. we already know that she's going to debut.

  22. Pandore

    Pandore日 前

    OMG Rima has a Chimmy head band !!! Love you little ARMY I purple you 💜

  23. Ruyon

    Ruyon日 前


  24. Yoonmin :3

    Yoonmin :3日 前

    rima is an armyyyyy🥺

  25. Warpath

    Warpath日 前

    miihi so good that i wished she wouldve debuted in a korean kpop group instead like under jyp or big hit or something. Shed be more popular in kpop instead of this hybrid thing nizi is doing, but she's gonna pop off regardless

  26. aleb renlo desss

    aleb renlo desss日 前

    Their performances were cut, if you want to watch the full version just search on JPgo

  27. ななみ

    ななみ日 前


  28. Charlemagne-샤를마뉴

    Charlemagne-샤를마뉴日 前

    요즘 공식 트위터에 영상이 올라 오는데.. 일본 AKB48 헤어스타일 좀 대충 따라해라.. 비슷하기만 하면 되지 완전히 똑같이 할 필요가 있는지? 일본에서만 앨범 팔거면 모르겠는데, 일본말로 부르는 노래로 유튜브 조회수 천만넘는 영상을 거의 보지 못했다. 그리고 아야카 코맹맹이 소리도 좀 고치라고 하고.. 이런 소리 내는 사람치고 갈매기 떨리는 소리만 내지 노래를 그나마 그럭저럭 하는 사람을 못봤다.. 일본어의 특징같더라..

  29. Charlemagne-샤를마뉴

    Charlemagne-샤를마뉴日 前

    니지 계속 보고 있는데.. 이번 팀 미션 영상에서 연습하는 거 보니 마야가 마코와 리오의 반대 반향으로 리듬을 타고 의견도 많고 주장도 많은 것 같던데??!! 리더가 가장 힘든게 뭔 줄 아니? 실력은 낮은데 나대는 팀원과 마음을 맞추는 거란다. 내가 잘 못 본것이길 바란다... 마야는 보고 있으면 마음이 우울해 지는 인상인데 거기다 나중에 팀에 분란이르키는 성격은 아니길 바란다..

  30. PirateShinobi

    PirateShinobi日 前

    I miss Suzu so bad :< how will it be if Suzu was there

  31. Razel Dionio

    Razel Dionio日 前

    I miss nina and mako💗

  32. Razel Dionio

    Razel Dionio日 前

    Go Nina Hillman💗

  33. kyle cho

    kyle cho日 前

    제왑이 괴물을키웠음 일본데뷔가아니라 한국데뷔를 했어야할친군데? 좀더 큰물에서 놀아야할 인재임

  34. niko smile

    niko smile日 前

    ユナ応援してるよ🥰🥰🥰 こんな性格よくてラップうまいのに デビューしないわけないですよね。??

  35. Yadira G

    Yadira G日 前

    JYP is correct Miihi is so talented literally any agency would try to steal her she’s too talented I’m just speechless 😳😳

  36. mckanas

    mckanas日 前

    Mayuka her visual reminds me of "Solar" from Mamamoo.

  37. Bonnibel Polun

    Bonnibel Polun日 前


  38. Kou Sawada

    Kou Sawada日 前


  39. Jake Banquer

    Jake Banquer日 前

    Will the groups name be Nizi? I feel like it’s too close to Itzy, but then again the survival show for Twice was sixteen so I’m guessing no?

  40. ELLI Y

    ELLI Y日 前

    あやかちゃんの歌、、、 音が合ってなさすぎ‼️ 可愛いだけで優位性があるのは不思議。 リリアちゃんまゆかちゃんの方が歌もダンスもずっと安定してて良いと思う😰 彼女達は順位は下だし、 次回予告動画でも、限られた人しか映らない点、東京合宿でもよく映ってた人がデビューしたように、、、 何となく分かってくる気がする。 とりあえず、あやかちゃんは写りすぎて JYPのお気に入り感が出てて観るには耐えれない。

  41. Scionic J

    Scionic J日 前


  42. Cobalt

    Cobalt日 前

    Hurry up and upload the other episodes damnit

  43. gorilla gorilla

    gorilla gorilla日 前

    ミイヒパクさんのお気に入りじゃん絶対、 どう考えてもひいきされてるやん

  44. itsmedoree _

    itsmedoree _日 前

    14:59 chimmy headband right there. Is Rima an ARMY?

  45. Melooo

    Melooo日 前

    7:21 does anyone know what jacket she’s wearing?

  46. Melooo

    Melooo日 前

    Omg I literally fangirled when she said she was gonna perform Yubin - Lady 😍❤️

  47. LIZ YT

    LIZ YT日 前


  48. MagicBins

    MagicBins日 前

    Can we have the full version of Miihi's performance? I want to listen to it all day ♥

  49. LIZ YT

    LIZ YT日 前


  50. Chocolate Blink

    Chocolate Blink日 前

    This is the official channel right?

  51. xDamiz

    xDamiz日 前

    Miihi’s blowed my mind. I returned to this fragment today 5 times and I am still unsatisfied...

  52. PP Farmer

    PP Farmer日 前

    1:55 was that autotune or was she nervous? I am talking about the word "Your"

  53. modnaraed

    modnaraed日 前

    Highlight of the tour : ✨✨ORGANIC FOOD ✨✨

  54. reverie

    reverie日 前

    I already watched this but I’m still giving this views lmao

  55. Michaeng 4ever

    Michaeng 4ever日 前

    I need nina in the group❤❤❤❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  56. momoSIGNAL

    momoSIGNAL日 前


  57. Michaeng 4ever

    Michaeng 4ever日 前

    I think nina is a next lisa...❤❤❤❤

  58. Justine Mamaril

    Justine Mamaril日 前

    papa jewaypi proud na proud!!!

  59. Justine Mamaril

    Justine Mamaril日 前

    first line palang,,, u got me babe HAJAHAHSHHAHAHHA

  60. Justine Mamaril

    Justine Mamaril日 前

    pota miihi ang galing!!!!!!!

  61. Michaeng 4ever

    Michaeng 4ever日 前

    I like nina and mako🇵🇭❤❤❤❤

  62. Michelle Buitrago 10b rodabogota

    Michelle Buitrago 10b rodabogota日 前

    I want momoka debut but she is insecure

  63. JamieJames

    JamieJames日 前

    Where are my english or spanish subs? :(

  64. 日本の猫Japanese cat

    日本の猫Japanese cat日 前

    Miihi is so cute 😭 she's my bias already 🖐🏻🥺

  65. booming bomb

    booming bomb2 日 前

    Is miihi a trainee or an idol? I mean wow the way she sang nobody

  66. チロルチョコ

    チロルチョコ2 日 前



    SIN WOOK DO2 日 前

    18:54 아이고~ 박진영 목 뒷쪽에 아토피가 아주 심하구나...

  68. Lost jam of Jimin's

    Lost jam of Jimin's2 日 前

    Will this be a new JYP group?

  69. SURI Lee

    SURI Lee2 日 前

    mako, miihi, maya, rima, rio, ayaka는 프로그램의 핵심 멤버로 자리 잡았고 데뷔각 멤버라고 봐도 무방할 듯.. [email protected]로 누가 되느냐의 문제인데ㅋㅋㅋ 아직까지의 스코어로는 riku가 가장 유력하고 나머지는 엎치락 뒤치락 하는 듯.. 때에 따라 불분명해 보이며 바뀔 수 있다... nina도 중위권이긴하지만 글쎄.. 6명에서 많게는 9명까지가 그룹인원이 될텐데 보컬은 miihi, riku에 mako까지 대체 인력이 있으니 차라리 다른 매력이 있는 akari나 mauka yuna를 선택하는게 합리적이지.. 개인적으론 riku까지 7명으로 데뷔가 젤 괜찮을 것 같음

  70. Ashley

    Ashley2 日 前

    Miihi's performance was so moving... I cried... Keep up the great work girl!

  71. LoliNope

    LoliNope2 日 前

    i can sense Sana in Ayaka

  72. N Siri

    N Siri2 日 前

    *Roommates:* Mako & Nina Riria & Akari Mihii & Ayaka ---------------------- Rima & Maya & Riku Rio & Momoka & Yuna & Mayuka

  73. 12

    122 日 前

    マヤちゃん本当に謙虚過ぎる…😭 応援してます!!

  74. なる推しボンボンTV大好きマン

    なる推しボンボンTV大好きマン2 日 前


  75. Olivia Aurellia

    Olivia Aurellia2 日 前

    I'm almost forgot about Suzu but remembers her again. Ahhh... although I really root for her I wish her the best with every path she choose

  76. Shaira Salsabil

    Shaira Salsabil2 日 前

    Mako and Nina gave killer expressions !!

  77. Jeri

    Jeri2 日 前

    My mouth hung open for a couple of minutes straight from Miihi's performance. Her talent is now miles away from Part 1 and she was already good back then! Great performance!

  78. ᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋ2 日 前


  79. バナナチョコ

    バナナチョコ2 日 前


  80. Jeri

    Jeri2 日 前

    Yuna helping out Rio is so nice :)

  81. Jeri

    Jeri2 日 前

    Rio's visuals jumped out!

  82. Haters gonna hate

    Haters gonna hate2 日 前

    Rima’s hairband😂

  83. welljustguess

    welljustguess2 日 前

    Miihi is just too good

  84. welljustguess

    welljustguess2 日 前

    I'm also disappointed in Akari this time TT

  85. Kou Sawada

    Kou Sawada2 日 前

    1:05 リオちゃんかわいい

  86. Say Louder

    Say Louder2 日 前


  87. welljustguess

    welljustguess2 日 前

    Rio is so so pretty. With her dance skill alone she deserves to debut tho

  88. Hwang Eunbi is an amazing dancer

    Hwang Eunbi is an amazing dancer2 日 前

    I'm one year older than Miihi and she's already a star while I don't know what I'm doing in my life.

  89. April Kim

    April Kim2 日 前

    Mihiii surely she's too perfect peformance

  90. marjoy dadula

    marjoy dadula2 日 前

    whoaaaa mihiii! you have a angelic voice! you will be the 1st rank this time! so nice!

  91. Kou Sawada

    Kou Sawada2 日 前

    0:23 ここのリオちゃんかわいすぎる

  92. Gia V

    Gia V2 日 前

    Akari has such a good voice though!!! I’m rooting for her!

  93. What is My life

    What is My life2 日 前

    Miihi’s voice is unbelievably good for a trainee,JYP should just put her in the group already!

  94. Mirielle Auctus

    Mirielle Auctus2 日 前

    miihi never disappoints 😭❤️🥰

  95. lets get this bread uwu

    lets get this bread uwu2 日 前

    i freaked out when rima pulled out a chimmy headband ;(((

  96. 六花

    六花2 日 前


  97. What is My life

    What is My life2 日 前

    They are all so cute🥺They were really happy when they saw the bunk beds and the moving camera❤️

  98. inspiritbabyvstar

    inspiritbabyvstar2 日 前

    Akari is one of my faves but her health keeps hindering her...poor girl.

  99. Iris Hernandez

    Iris Hernandez2 日 前

    I hope to one day to debut in a girl group! My role model would be rima and nina

  100. Carolyn Kookie

    Carolyn Kookie2 日 前

    lets be real we all wish we had amazing voices like them.