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  1. Krushn Pathak

    Krushn Pathak4 分 前

    So wrong centrifugal and centripetal forces can never act together

  2. Thiago Sturiale

    Thiago Sturiale12 分 前

    There was a very cool program called chaoscope, that simulates the Lorenzo effect. Very nice. Thanks

  3. Hexproof Anarchist

    Hexproof Anarchist13 分 前

    Yes, the nature of reality is a paradox.

  4. Marvin Kitfox

    Marvin Kitfox16 分 前

    My off-the-cuff take on the questions: 1) Cylinder contains a second cylinder (or even just a ballbearing). The "sloshing" of the inner roller is what upsets the outer. 2) Depends on the gear. Anything from move(drag!) backwards to move forward, depending on how much wheel movement is caused by crank movement. 3) Second lap speed needed to *double* first lap speed? Fast. Very fast. Warp factor Plaid speed. And even then only if your stopwatch is slow. 4) Train: Any part of the wheel that extends past the rolling surface, i.e. the flange on the wheel. (plus anything mechanical int he engine that rotates fast enough...)

  5. Stam Garonda

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    The process of detecting is dificult to understand. There should be animation to help us to undersand it

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    He's back! This episode reminded me of your older videos <3

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    What seems like common sense to a genius is revolutionary to us commoners.

  8. ProfWildcard

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    Unless you’re talking about climate change. That future can be predicted with certainty beyond scientific discussion.

  9. Abhinav Is

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    How do we know which particles are entangled

  10. John Riley

    John Riley51 分 前

    Between 4:16 and 4:29 (at 0.25x speed, of course), look to the left half of the chain to understand the phenomenon. This is because the beads on the right side bunch up to make it look like two interlocking parts of the chain to offer a distorted perspective. You'll waste a lot of time if you look to that side. Just FYI.

  11. Chelment Christie

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    Can we make art with aerogel ?

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    Artificial intelligence solved the tree body problem

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    What do solar batteries do in zero gravity?

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    Funny how much "simple" experiments can teach you a lot ! Thank you :)


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    What if someone hacks your LastPass?

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    1 - can't be bothered to test which liquid it is, but it's a liquid 2 - surely it depends how hard you pull the string, how grippy the tyres are, how heavy the bike is... 3 - I would assume (1+3)/2 = 2 means you'd have to go 3 times faster, but I'm expecting I'm wrong 4 - the wheels, I reckon this was the easiest

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    this is the greatest life story i've ever watched

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    This is beyond science

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    8:47 it's technically misleading to say it's under 1atm of gauge pressure upon uncapping, but rather only 4E-4 atm. because in this case only the partial pressure of CO2 in the atmosphere is relevant. opening a soda bottle into our atmosphere is as good as opening the bottle into outer space where the drink going flat from CO2 loss is concerned. you can confirm this by opening the bottle, recapping it, pumping atmopheric air into the headspace back to 3atm, then shaking the bottle. gauge will rise to 6atm despite the dissolved CO2 being only 3atm.

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    I clicked this thinking you could actually use it as a table

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    Oo he's using matlab I use that a bit 😮

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    Origin of the name "Butterfly Effect" is from "A sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury (1952), surely? And apologies for calling you Surely.

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    Lies repeated often enough becomes the Truth.

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    6:30 should have just Schlieren imaged the melting ice in both cases to compare :)

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    I head to the comment section instantly to see if anyone else was confused

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    If you read YiJing , a very old Chinese book, and have mastered its essence, your understanding of the world and everything you’ve learned will be overthrown. Two weeks ago, my wife let a Shifu, who is a master of YiJing read about her life. He asked her for some information like her birthday, birth place and so on. After a few minutes, that Shifu asked my wife if her dad had already passed away. My wife was like shocked cuz it is true that her dad died three years ago....after this experience, I changed my mind and attitude of YiJing and what a Shifu does. I used to think all those stuff are superstitious, but now....

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    Yes he was correct.

  36. Nathan Hazout

    Nathan Hazout2 時間 前

    Can you clarify? Does it mean it is impossible to predict, or very hard with today's technology? Going back to the theory of a system that knows everything, and assuming a future computer that can compute to infinite precision. Would we then be able to predict even chaotic events?

  37. steve Paul

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    This is the first convincing "thing" I have ever seen on the possibility of climate change. A very good case was made however I do believe the role of water vapor was down played. Also the cause of climate change was blamed on a small amount of Carbon Dioxide. The cutting of the rain forest is playing a bigger role in changing of the climate. The rain forest produces water vapor and reduces Carbon Dioxide.. NOT addressed in this presentation. IF global warming was real problem we would be looking at alternatives to reduce the temperature of the planet. To fight the ice age there was a plan in the 70's to drop coat dust on the snow in the plains. I am sure it would have worked. Spread some ashes on the snow in your yard sometime and watch the snow melt. If it is getting too hot reflect the suns rays back into space.

  38. Marc Sainte-Marie

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    More falsehood, never ending maistream lies, Newton did not make laws, he was no happy with his 4% math success of Gravity. Einstein showed Newton was wrong about gravity. Now ... › mach › science › einstein-showed-newton-was... Aug 3, 2019 - Albert Einstein can explain a lot, but maybe not black holes. ... there has to be something that is more comprehensive that allows ... The orbits of planets shift over time, and Mercury's orbit shifted faster than Newton predicted. NASA uses Geocentric model to create its predictions. Isaac Newton predicted the world will end in 2060 › 2018/09/01 › isaac-newton-predicted-the-world-will-e... Sep 1, 2018 - Isaac Newton was a legendary scientist best known for establishing the ... “He was convinced that the true god is present everywhere, not only in ... some fundamental part of matter that would allow the transformation from ...

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    1. Its roll with different centre of mass. 2. I think it will go backwards. 3. Infinite ( there a formula that) 4. I have no Idea. I am from India. I have not seen the solved video. I am doing Engineering in IIT-D. Lol my studies did not help in the last ques. Edit( after watching the solved video) : 1. ans was correct. 2 I should have said it depends as I knew about Torque. 3. I actually solved it in 15 sec. 4. I didn't knew train had grails in them. I just thought that the bottom point is stationary.

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    Promoting services like LastPass with many exploits is dangerous. Unsubscribed

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    bottle geysers for the same reason boiler explosions are so deadly. As soon as a small openiong in bottle or crack in boiler occurs the adjacent compressed liquid can immediately flash into vapour and then the next and the next until a chain reaction of flashing occurs right through the liquid until all the pressure has dropped to atmospheric. With hot water in boilers obviously more of the liquid will flash off. This is the reason why shaking a can of pop then trying to cut it open will cause a mini explosion that rips the can open.

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    Kilometers per hour?

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    Does the view of a black hole always look the same no matter your orientation bc of how it bends light around it? Still trying to wrap my head around a 2d object in a 3d space..

  48. Alan Malcheski

    Alan Malcheski3 時間 前

    you could put magnetos in it and try to run it like an alternator or something. This array seems to utilize the natural magnetic flow by compounding the fields, it uses the natural toroidal dynamic in a type of broken symmetry, i guess. If you're creating heat you're wasting energy. Couldn't it take up the energy it gives off, if it alternated current? I still don't understand wireless energy transfer.

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    Veritasium: I read sometimes things like "this moon was probably a small planet captured my this giant planet". I may missunderstand the slingshot effect, but wouldn't this result in retrograde orbit? If the flyby was prograde, wouldn't this accelerate the object out of orbit?

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    8:20 Funny how we can't predict the weather 7 days from now, but we can supposedly predict the climate 7 decades from now...


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    Watch professor eric laithwait videos

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