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  1. Derek Lawrence

    Derek Lawrence17 時間 前

    K.K. And Isabell should have been in different brackets.

  2. VYNLT

    VYNLT17 時間 前

    hoes mad

  3. GoPro Sonic

    GoPro Sonic17 時間 前

    Nintendo, please put back WFC for Wii, I never played online in Mario Kart Wii before and it looks fun😓😪. Please, please bring it back!

  4. Everything Android Pro 23

    Everything Android Pro 2317 時間 前

    1:06 show someone looking like Littlesiha Avery

  5. Thejawsomekid300 Porter

    Thejawsomekid300 Porter17 時間 前

    If they made a show about sonic mania there had to b a movie

  6. Lolita Splash

    Lolita Splash17 時間 前


  7. War Before christ

    War Before christ17 時間 前

    Can yall put this on store already dam

  8. Ruben_Brown

    Ruben_Brown17 時間 前

    Remember to get like 20 years worth of Nintendo switch online

  9. some guy on the internet

    some guy on the internet17 時間 前

    Bruh we want animal crossing and not fortshite

  10. シlilly bell

    シlilly bell17 時間 前

    ive been playing acnl for 7 years and i was 8 when it was released. im 15 now and i cant afford this and it hurts so much. it looks so amazing but im just :(( bc i cant afford it

  11. notyourpotato

    notyourpotato17 時間 前 smash reveal?

  12. Robert Fierce

    Robert Fierce17 時間 前

    WHERE IS MYTHRA !!?!?!?!??!!!

  13. Windshield laugh

    Windshield laugh17 時間 前


  14. FoxSickness

    FoxSickness17 時間 前

    KK SLIDER AT 24:07 Top left corner

  15. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa17 時間 前

    YuB better play this. I swear to the bald eagle.

  16. UmbreonTwinkle

    UmbreonTwinkle17 時間 前

    Not going lie, I actually want to try some sausage curry

  17. Alex Meg

    Alex Meg17 時間 前


  18. s3cr3tpassword

    s3cr3tpassword17 時間 前

    Wilbur gets 5/5 because it’s a dodo bird

  19. Stony

    Stony17 時間 前

    No Nintendo fan cares about Fortnite

  20. Goldford [Xioneers]

    Goldford [Xioneers]17 時間 前

    well this was a weird reupload

  21. Shiba Shine

    Shiba Shine17 時間 前

    Damn so all the funny comments from the original upload are now.... gone...😢

  22. Fire Dragon Alchemist

    Fire Dragon Alchemist17 時間 前

    Dang KK Slider was there since the first game giving you his sweet jams for FREE while trying to make a living off the streets. Meanwhile Isabelle’s here one game and suddenly SHES the best cause she says “hi, welcome to the game, mayor.” My boi KK didn’t deserve that kind of DISRESPECT 😩

  23. Kulin Oak

    Kulin Oak17 時間 前

    Yo I cannot wait to pay for my insolence

  24. Freddy Mekhtikian

    Freddy Mekhtikian17 時間 前

    Tails is uhh... is she uncomfortable? Or is it just me? Ray is just trying to become friends with Tails! Knuckles and Mighty are best friends!... That's all! Sonic looks like he is saying... "This is fine"

  25. RARA TV

    RARA TV17 時間 前

    Why not bring it on???!!!!?????!!!😫😫😫😫

  26. The cutest Furret

    The cutest Furret17 時間 前

    I get anthropologist vibes from blathers.

  27. Nicole Schubert

    Nicole Schubert17 時間 前

    22:32 peep at Mortimers grave in the top right corner 👀 rip my dude

  28. Min Min

    Min Min17 時間 前

    So where is Brewster. I was excited to see him at direct!!!

  29. Anna Orekhova

    Anna Orekhova17 時間 前

    They all got crowns - please, stop. And don't bully Celeste. ;_;

  30. Uros Kesic

    Uros Kesic17 時間 前

    When are we going to get a Nintendo direct please just give us a direct

  31. Cally Zw

    Cally Zw17 時間 前

    I'm so excited☺☺ I love animal crossing!!

  32. Isabel Villalobos

    Isabel Villalobos17 時間 前

    I can't believe how beautiful and perfect the game is. I'm freaking out, I'm so happy. Even though I can't afford the switch, it makes me so happy that this game exists. I mean, God.. It's so perfect.

  33. UrBoiDLC

    UrBoiDLC17 時間 前

    Isabelle is an icon. Prove me wrong

  34. McKenzie Thomas

    McKenzie Thomas17 時間 前

    Are we aloud to swim in this game???

  35. Norma Carbajal

    Norma Carbajal17 時間 前


  36. El Nino Son

    El Nino Son17 時間 前


  37. Zachary Alejandro

    Zachary Alejandro17 時間 前

    Nintendo: *Uploads a Nintendo Direct* Nintendo a day later: *Wanna see me do it again* There a reason why I don't get at least 1,000 likes. I mean, I'm not the first comment that pops up. I haven't received a thousand likes ever since JPgo started

  38. that one guy

    that one guy17 時間 前

    I love this of my fav sonic games, i wish it was on nintendo switch

  39. Siri Davenport

    Siri Davenport17 時間 前

    Wtf are those trees

  40. pikakin 23

    pikakin 2317 時間 前

    I would play with my brother Andre #Sweepstakesentry #nintendominute

  41. That Guy Named Tyler

    That Guy Named Tyler17 時間 前

    3:46 it’s mkleo vs mkleo

  42. Fait Kitsune

    Fait Kitsune17 時間 前

    22:31 top right corner What is that?!

  43. Lucas

    Lucas17 時間 前

    Oh how far we’ve come.

  44. Matheus santos Fernandes

    Matheus santos Fernandes17 時間 前

    I love wii u

  45. Kolchian

    Kolchian17 時間 前

    I feel so relaxed just watching this

  46. JayFeather

    JayFeather17 時間 前

    Anyone Here In 2020?

  47. Luis Elias

    Luis Elias18 時間 前

    Comentario en el español pasando... Se ve espectacular! sobre todo para los que amamos este tipo de juegos y AÚN MAS, si es posible, para los que alguna vez jugamos Megaman Battle Network... es una mezcla entre nostalgía y ricura.

  48. Alyssa Mae

    Alyssa Mae18 時間 前

    im too excited :D

  49. Lola Bevens

    Lola Bevens18 時間 前

    Nintendo: *Posts Animal Crossing Direct* Nintendo: *Posts it again* DoN't Be ShY pUt SoMe MoRe

  50. Mr.Compress

    Mr.Compress18 時間 前

    The first 2 of these directs were taken down, so it looks like Nintendo is just spamming JPgo with these directs lol

  51. Juliet Njoku

    Juliet Njoku18 時間 前

    Is it really worth paying money for a 20 minute game

  52. Dawson

    Dawson18 時間 前

    Unpopular Opinion: Isabelle is overrated and that allows her to win a bunch

  53. MasterXYZ

    MasterXYZ18 時間 前

    This will be my first animal crossing game, I'm so excited because I've wanted an animal crossing game forever, but never got a game😁

  54. Time To Restle with Suplexis!

    Time To Restle with Suplexis!18 時間 前


  55. santy tube 710

    santy tube 71018 時間 前

    nintendo i want a super smash bros movie to come out

  56. Dawson

    Dawson18 時間 前

    Blathers! _Blathers!_ *B l a t h e r s !*

  57. Jason

    Jason18 時間 前

    I had asked this on the last video and didn’t t an answer what’s the story? This is my first animal crossing game I want to get into is there anything from other games I should know?

  58. Jared Alesia

    Jared Alesia18 時間 前

    I have never played an animal crossing game before but I do like stardew valley. Are these games similar?

  59. Brantley Thompson

    Brantley Thompson18 時間 前

    KK has to be at the top no matter what lols! EDIT: He didn't make the top.... Maybe Tom Nook paid off the host lols

  60. Rpu4

    Rpu418 時間 前

    If there would be a bundle with the game colored controllers I would buy this game.

  61. Blazi 64

    Blazi 6418 時間 前

    Yes the museum looks amazing and that terrain feature is mind-blowing, but... Daisy Mae just stole my heart.

  62. styven Catagua Fortiz

    styven Catagua Fortiz18 時間 前


  63. leozar69

    leozar6918 時間 前

    The Dodo a #1. ok?. I have a little Dodo farm in ark. They are extinct, But i will always love them. Therefore, the Dodo gets a Solid 10/10 rating. With 5 stars, and a badass seal of approval. Not a big fan of the Nook Family. I give them a solid 1. They are thieves. With masks. I'm just walking through the forest one day, and out pops Nook. Nook: You owe me one hundred million bells. Me: frantically tries to wake up. lol Between KK and Isabelle, i gotta go with Isabelle. Cause we always see her work hard, she's always sweet, and she does her best.

  64. Maddux Brown

    Maddux Brown18 時間 前

    why is there ruins in the zelda world???

  65. Venus Kogane

    Venus Kogane18 時間 前

    I like how the added a co-op ability to run in how alone I am...

  66. iteachvader

    iteachvader18 時間 前

    I'm just happy our precious little pupper won. I need my daily dose of Isabelle!

  67. Liz :D

    Liz :D18 時間 前

    I know this might sound like a silly question, but I'm gonna ask it anyways. Don't roast me. But I'm just making sure. Is the Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition of the Switch gonna come with the game? I would assume so, because that's what the other games did right? Because I have the Splatoon 2 edition. Edit: It doesn't come with the game, that kinda sucks.

  68. Lord Rayken

    Lord Rayken18 時間 前

    why do I think these two hate each other sometimes

  69. Sans Nom

    Sans Nom18 時間 前

    No Dotty, no deal.

  70. Doot

    Doot18 時間 前

    can i time travel so i can get to march sooner

  71. dark_shirez

    dark_shirez18 時間 前

    So about that spider.......

  72. Robby Jefferson

    Robby Jefferson18 時間 前

    Tom Nook is my dad. 5s across the board.

  73. Slated

    Slated18 時間 前

    Honestly I like Isabelle but as an og player from GC days, I don't get why people put her over KK or Blathers!

  74. Blu,Lani,&VictoriaFTW FortuneStreetFTL

    Blu,Lani,&VictoriaFTW FortuneStreetFTL18 時間 前

    I hate Super Smash Bros Ultimate in World of Light

  75. Liam McCoy

    Liam McCoy18 時間 前

    Well, we finally got a direct, at least? Did we?

  76. Ryan Austin Dean

    Ryan Austin Dean18 時間 前

    We deserve an answer... WHY ARE CLOUD SAVES NOT SUPPORTED? We’re paying for features that are constantly excluded.

  77. Ale Animations

    Ale Animations18 時間 前

    I’m really excited about the customization of New Horizons; I’m definitely gonna preorder it!

  78. klara /

    klara /19 時間 前

    They changed information about the cloud service

  79. jomppi 123

    jomppi 12319 時間 前

    14:03 Tarantulas can now appear in winter too instead of just summer and early fall!

  80. NasikaSakura

    NasikaSakura19 時間 前

    9:15 SHINY SPOTS FROM GAMECUBE REVIVED. Look just left of the apple tree when the scene turns to night. Today, user JT Gaffe posted this information on GameXplain's new Animal Crossing Direct analysis.

  81. Mason Doyle

    Mason Doyle19 時間 前

    For anyone wondering, they changed the cloud save bit. They reworded it, which hopefully means they're taking criticism into account.

  82. Tosty

    Tosty19 時間 前

    i was wondering where the heck the clouds were on charizard before remembering they were on the tail

  83. Jake Plummer

    Jake Plummer19 時間 前

    Hmmmm. Was hoping to see something about excursions like New Leaf w/ the island mini-games. Fingers crossed for that update

  84. Scoobert Doobert

    Scoobert Doobert19 時間 前

    Pikmin 4 next pleassse

  85. Kellie Davis

    Kellie Davis19 時間 前

    Tell that to Star Fox 64 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D.

  86. Felixio88

    Felixio8819 時間 前

    This is the 5th time I’ve watched this. This isn’t healthy

  87. insurance_ muncher

    insurance_ muncher19 時間 前

    Doom Eternal looking good

  88. hexuan

    hexuan19 時間 前

    别抽烟 sb 如果你爱我,不要抽烟

  89. Kyndal Irene.

    Kyndal Irene.19 時間 前

    Tell me why I tried to “tap” the screen when Nook would stop talking so that I could go to the next slide then I realized I’m watching a video on JPgo. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  90. Gracie Renee Giraffe

    Gracie Renee Giraffe19 時間 前

    Thinking about you Getting ready ready ready ready For what? You say you love me How can I be I be I be I be sure? I’ve lost I’ve lost myself; no memories Oh it’s all DJ controlling my thoughts Do I really really need Your rescue Help Me find my own mind I don’t know if I should But I will Fight you fight you fight youu Not my decision You say that You know me But trust you? I can’t see you! I’ve lost all my true sight And now I do what I’m what I’m what I’m what I’m programmed to do It’s not my Decision I’m not the girl you once knew

  91. Otakumichibi

    Otakumichibi19 時間 前

    Interesting that Nintendo reuploaded the direct to edit the Cloud Save info. I wonder how it'll go. I commented on the first upload that: the only sour part is the unneeded barriers to cloud saving and save transfer. I know they plan to implement the damage transfer but it would have been simpler to let use our paid cloud service.

  92. poi

    poi19 時間 前

    ((buff isabelle in smash))

  93. Matthew Eubank

    Matthew Eubank19 時間 前

    Nintendo is by far the best game company. Some people out there only hates nintendo because they don't have anything better to do.

  94. Mr. Spock

    Mr. Spock19 時間 前

    It's scary to think that it feels like it was here just a year ago then you realize that actually were just all old.

  95. BoN BoN

    BoN BoN19 時間 前

    Can we PLZ!!! Get a Switch Pro with BOTW2, got 500h into BOTW and the only thing bugging is the hardware it’s on, BOTW 2 needs to be the best game and outdated hardware shouldn’t hold it back from being that

  96. Fluffenheim

    Fluffenheim19 時間 前

    24:00 dang Grandpa, you got some kind of taste we don't know about?

  97. Riana Domingo

    Riana Domingo19 時間 前

    This might be a stupid question but can you still get the free updates if you buy the physical copy of the game?

  98. Narwhale

    Narwhale19 時間 前

    I really want to play this, but honestly the weird local multiplayer where you have to stay together is a complete deal breaker for me :/

  99. Snekkerdoodles

    Snekkerdoodles19 時間 前

    I don't even know how many times I've watched this now, but I JUST noticed the ocarina??

  100. Breecex gaming

    Breecex gaming19 時間 前

    G hate que le jeu sorte😄😄😄😄😄😄