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  1. DocUno1

    DocUno138 秒 前


  2. Big B Swayn

    Big B Swayn分 前

    Not gonna lie, I want their job

  3. Mikey122

    Mikey1222 分 前

    Are they actually outside or is that a green screen?

  4. RobinDoggy

    RobinDoggy4 分 前

    Nintendo's Kinect adventures. Noice. ;)

  5. Cup O Noodles

    Cup O Noodles5 分 前


  6. Keith Snaer

    Keith Snaer9 分 前

    Can someone please tell me the video/joke about the “blease blay dmc2 best gaim im dey wowld” i dont get it...

  7. Gamer Games

    Gamer Games10 分 前

    This was so great love this lol

  8. CEO Of Racism

    CEO Of Racism14 分 前

    Dante for Smash.

  9. Guilherme Torres Barboza

    Guilherme Torres Barboza15 分 前

    My favorite............................................

  10. Skull Kid Channel

    Skull Kid Channel15 分 前

    I have to admit I LOVE NINTENDO MINUTE 💕

  11. TravisB

    TravisB16 分 前

    "Lite"...that will describe you stepping on the scales after a week of eating cereal because all your $$$ went to pay for yet another nintendo console.

  12. A Random Person

    A Random Person17 分 前

    don’t let this distract you from the raid tomorrow

  13. ماجد Majid_q8

    ماجد Majid_q819 分 前


  14. Leland Jr Good Striker

    Leland Jr Good Striker19 分 前

    Anybody up for a game? My code is SW-7262-6839-5983 Hella bored playing this alone!

  15. James Faffler

    James Faffler20 分 前

    I liked the style of editing this video had!

  16. Doppelganger D

    Doppelganger D20 分 前

    Well, time to go sell my body for money.

  17. gamerplayz10

    gamerplayz1022 分 前


  18. Doppelganger D

    Doppelganger D22 分 前

    Eww. Eww. Eww. DMC2 😖

  19. Hayden Dresel

    Hayden Dresel24 分 前

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yoshiaki Koizumi stole a nintendo switch lite I am calling the popo on Nintendo.

  20. LIA

    LIA25 分 前

    Now add Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. The true DMC2

  21. Ricardo Valdovinos

    Ricardo Valdovinos27 分 前

    Cool Super Mario Odissey'blanket for picnic

  22. Owain Dark

    Owain Dark28 分 前

    I'm actually temped to buy a Lite, I have my original one, but I play mostly handheld. If the Lite would just be cheaper here... It's like 50 bucks difference for a lite and the new normal switch. Guess I'll keep my normal one til the lite is on sale, and then i bury the cons, drifting earth. *Yay*

  23. Zero2XSammy

    Zero2XSammy28 分 前


  24. MarcelAusHamburg

    MarcelAusHamburg29 分 前

    Still waiting for Part 2!!!!!

  25. Spartan Q201 Dexter Brother

    Spartan Q201 Dexter Brother30 分 前

    Underrated videogame Overrated console/tablet

  26. Zero2XSammy

    Zero2XSammy30 分 前

    performance issue's ahoy!

  27. LucasQ Quirino

    LucasQ Quirino32 分 前


  28. LucasQ Quirino

    LucasQ Quirino33 分 前


  29. claudia phi

    claudia phi35 分 前

    I want the amarillo one!

  30. Jack The stRipper

    Jack The stRipper35 分 前

    It's like Twilight Princess all over again. I can't wait.

  31. Fatalizer808

    Fatalizer80836 分 前

    I don’t know how they could unbox a new Switch without freaking out

  32. TonyCR1975

    TonyCR197537 分 前

    its this geometry dash for the switch?

  33. Shadowblade 247

    Shadowblade 24740 分 前

    This is cool but u want to know something cool the fricking starter evolutions for sword and shield just an idea Nintendo just an idea

  34. kemuael

    kemuael41 分 前

    Will never understand why people like this series.

  35. Mateo Holcombe

    Mateo Holcombe41 分 前

    i loved playing this game with my brother on our ps3 back when we were younger. it was probably our favorite game back then and we played it nonstop. i’m so happy to see they’re finally remastering it because i’ve been WAITING for soooo long ! to any of you who haven’t played this game, you won’t regret getting it it’s so fun to play especially with friends.

  36. kemuael

    kemuael42 分 前

    Looks Gay, I'll pass.

  37. Gdashfan145 GD

    Gdashfan145 GD42 分 前

    This is the best Zelda game :D Excited for Zelda botw 2 !!

  38. Jaydin Ushishir

    Jaydin Ushishir45 分 前


  39. Mike Metcalf

    Mike Metcalf47 分 前

    Eh I would play it but I wasn't a huge fan of danganrompa 3s story

  40. verde gusta

    verde gusta47 分 前

    the grey one looking real sophisticated to me ⚡

  41. Diego Juan

    Diego Juan47 分 前

    Rosalina? :''c

  42. xxnike629xx

    xxnike629xx48 分 前

    1:56 LOL So it's not just me who does this. Though honestly, I wonder if it's okay to smell that; that new electronics smell. I really like the gray color of the Switch Lite. The colors of the Switch Lite looks like they're going with a pastel color scheme. I think they color matched the bezels to make the screen look less noticeably smaller; even though the screen is smaller on the standard version. I think I'd like a Switch Pro, please. * bigger screen * more powerful CPU & GPU * more internal storage * thinner bezel on the screen * JoyCon Pro controllers * bigger battery * UFS 3.0 storage * HDD/SSD support through the dock * gigabit ethernet built on dock * WiFi6 support

  43. LucasQ Quirino

    LucasQ Quirino50 分 前


  44. NuclearEsat

    NuclearEsat50 分 前

    Why hulu but not netflix?

  45. ConvoBreaker

    ConvoBreaker50 分 前

    Don't buy this

  46. xxnike629xx

    xxnike629xx55 分 前

    One of the not-so-popular entries. I presume that on the Switch there's going to Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, and Devil May Cry 5 eventually as well? What about the Onimusha series? Speaking of which, Capcom needs to hurry up with the rest of the Onimusha remasters.

  47. shadhog01

    shadhog0156 分 前

    ah yeah, size comparison with kit and krysta

  48. Silver Pootato

    Silver Pootato56 分 前

    I feel my soul being sucked out of me

  49. SpiderBat AJ

    SpiderBat AJ57 分 前

    Dante for Smash. Only a matter of time now.

  50. Matthew Bermudez

    Matthew Bermudez57 分 前

    "This is very well thought out!" brought to you by the masters of cardboard.

  51. Kyungcumber

    Kyungcumber58 分 前

    No one: Absolutely no one: Kit and Krysta: ahh yes *_sNifF_*

  52. The Hero

    The Hero時間 前

    Person:* walks up to kit and krista *oh hello how is your day? Kit and krysta:*sniffing switch lite's*

  53. Allie Grant

    Allie Grant時間 前

    When the matches start - 1:22 9:20 16:45 23:39 31:47🦑

  54. Leanne.exe

    Leanne.exe時間 前

    5:17 did you just *ASSUME THE ANT'S GENDER??!!*

  55. Weebhut Jr

    Weebhut Jr時間 前

    We tried to play. We honestly tried, but had to stop after 30 minutes of shooting a posessed helicopter. You should have skipped 2 and went straight to 3 lmfao.

  56. Clon Blurmin

    Clon Blurmin時間 前

    Good job Nintendo for including the option change VA languages, that matters a lot to lots of people. Now release Valkyrie Profile on switch with that option and we’re golden!

  57. Popular YouTubers

    Popular YouTubers時間 前

    Put on socks

  58. SpikeTheWolf

    SpikeTheWolf時間 前


  59. Arjanator

    Arjanator時間 前

    2:00 The editor(s) deserve a raise for that.

  60. Malik Meriweather

    Malik Meriweather時間 前

    So, I just want to know.... Why DMC2? Why not DMC1 or 3? Both stories take place before DMC2's story, so why?!

  61. Super H Gaming

    Super H Gaming時間 前

    Honestly cloud save data is the best part of this because people actually like it

  62. Senae

    Senae時間 前

    Can't wait any longer😥

  63. perualonso

    perualonso時間 前

    I wonder what the Luigi's Mansion 3 commercial will be like. Maybe they could use a dark background, add fog, and give the announcer a spooky voice.

  64. Allie Grant

    Allie Grant時間 前

    When the match begins - 13:16 (Deadbeat - B) (Dynameu - TW) (Rising moon - BP) Blue ringed octolings - OR)

  65. Renzo Fernandez

    Renzo Fernandez時間 前

    I'm guilty of "Nintendo package sniffing"... and now I live in an alley... but at least it's in a Nintendo box, so it's pretty awesome.

  66. Burney Burney

    Burney Burney時間 前

    Why is this rated TEEN it should be EVERYONE 10+

  67. katerina650

    katerina650時間 前

    I hope the beehive doesn’t fall from the tree still... I still get an anxiety attack when the bees chase me and I need to be quick and find a place to hide 😂

  68. PowerupLink

    PowerupLink時間 前

    First Fire Emblem 3H and now this game! Keep them coming Nintendo!!!!!

  69. Psychotic Meister

    Psychotic Meister時間 前

    Nintendo please, I beg of you, put Dante in smash brothers!

  70. The Dog Guy Universe

    The Dog Guy Universe時間 前

    I hate that Nintendo is genuinely trying to RIP people off with this

  71. PãoDeBatata

    PãoDeBatata時間 前


  72. samuel 64

    samuel 64時間 前

    This video I can feel is the best Nintendo video ever !!!😁

  73. Birds Rule

    Birds Rule時間 前

    *ant walks off with Nintendo Switch lite*

  74. LemonStrike111

    LemonStrike111時間 前

    Challenger pack #5

  75. Speedgamer785 Offical

    Speedgamer785 Offical時間 前

    Good job hyper potions 😇🥳

  76. J-R

    J-R時間 前

    Cool, put him in smash please.

  77. D1XONZ

    D1XONZ時間 前

    ‘ I know, let’s give them the worst one’ - genius Capcom execs

  78. Aureo

    Aureo時間 前

    Just a reminder for y’all that PlayStation store has DmC 1-4 bundled for less than the total price of DmC 1&2 on Switch and it gets even better when it’s on sale on PSN as well. Save your money, and buy the bundle with more content for less money.

  79. RadJacob 04

    RadJacob 04時間 前

    The editor went to TOWN on this one! 😂 These units look clean tho might pick up one for portable play.

  80. Caolan Robinson

    Caolan Robinson時間 前

    "We got a new system get out and do a picnic video!" "But sir that doesn't make any-" "Would you rather do a roof party with 1-2 switch?"

  81. The Dog Guy Universe

    The Dog Guy Universe時間 前

    Nintendo needs to stop focusing on games and updates, but the continuing issue of joy con drift

  82. FallBackSquadUp

    FallBackSquadUp時間 前

    Yooooo lets go! So many bosses in this game, the worst dmc but still so fun utilizing all the diff devil trigger amulets!

  83. GameCube Gamer

    GameCube Gamer時間 前

    Very slick looking! But I’m content with my original switch prefer playing in dock mode.

  84. cactus

    cactus時間 前

    I pre ordered this, so hyped

  85. Datboi 5922

    Datboi 5922時間 前

    3d world porttt

  86. Bran Brandebury

    Bran Brandebury時間 前

    I was hoping for a Dad N' Me cameo.

  87. The ever t-posing cactus of doom Mc cactus face

    The ever t-posing cactus of doom Mc cactus face時間 前

    Do they get to keep one that would be amazing