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  1. SoaPuffball

    SoaPuffball5 分 前

    0:54 but why does nintendo not acknowledge the existence of rhythm tengoku even if it should’ve been there

  2. Awesome Angel

    Awesome Angel15 分 前

    Hopefully SNK releases kof 15 or the next metal slug game on switch.

  3. lockedowng

    lockedowng21 分 前

    Omg omg omg

  4. 汪宁屿

    汪宁屿23 分 前

    f**k GameFreak

  5. Spaghetti boi

    Spaghetti boi34 分 前

    Am i must pay if i have using Nintendo wi-fi?



    Is that a new part or from xbox one?

  7. Life Fruit

    Life Fruit41 分 前

    We All Came For This: 1:03

  8. Jesse Kaunismäki

    Jesse Kaunismäki48 分 前


  9. Trini1984

    Trini198449 分 前

    Got mines last year June and I love it!

  10. Thomas McCormack

    Thomas McCormack53 分 前

    Best RPGs of that generation were Xenoblade Chronicles and Dragon Age

  11. The Snazzmaster

    The Snazzmaster時間 前

    snk relevant again because of smash

  12. David Ka Wai Chan

    David Ka Wai Chan時間 前

    so can we buy a physical copy ? dont mind to pay more

  13. dezo kun

    dezo kun時間 前

    no blood? What is this game? Certainly no samurai showdown.

  14. Thunderheade Danno

    Thunderheade Danno時間 前

    Are we getting a physical edition?

  15. Hardcore Bunny

    Hardcore Bunny時間 前

    I won’t buy this game unless there is a little green goblin with a Freddy Krueger glove.

  16. Timic83tc

    Timic83tc時間 前

    awesome, but please, when will this finally come to steam?

  17. Patrick Andrei Catbagan

    Patrick Andrei Catbagan時間 前

    Welp, considering that Nintendo's games are for kids.....totally reasonable

  18. PineAppleFlavour

    PineAppleFlavour時間 前

    I literally only came here to hear toads voice

  19. Doggieworld3

    Doggieworld3時間 前

    Galford! Ukyo!

  20. goblin slayer

    goblin slayer時間 前

    Zelda : so ganon are you dead yet Ganon : well yes but actually no

  21. Day May

    Day May時間 前


  22. Armando Salazar

    Armando Salazar2 時間 前

    Samurai, please give me halo for smash bros.

  23. Flarebiz V.

    Flarebiz V.2 時間 前

    switch pro release window, anyone?

  24. Kyle Gaebrielle

    Kyle Gaebrielle2 時間 前

    If only switch lite supports remote play

  25. Alex E

    Alex E2 時間 前

    Good Job 👏 but now we need a remastered version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom on switch.

  26. dansegful

    dansegful2 時間 前

    Its coming without the dlc. Nice done snk, screwing your fans

  27. breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc

    breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc2 時間 前

    You know I've been thinking. Since all 3 Legendarys have a story. The might not be a third game. Instead it seams more likely for it to be the generation 4 remakes

  28. one piece

    one piece2 時間 前

    Remastered all game please

  29. Beepy. He’s Tiny, but Stupid

    Beepy. He’s Tiny, but Stupid2 時間 前


  30. Elementdestroyer

    Elementdestroyer3 時間 前

    After so many years a new wii game :o

  31. Jariru Tabirizu

    Jariru Tabirizu3 時間 前

    Is this going to be a physical copy?

  32. Adam Bardugo

    Adam Bardugo3 時間 前

    Where is the blood ?

  33. Lee Compton

    Lee Compton3 時間 前

    Very simple. Diffrent time line botw.

  34. Lee Compton

    Lee Compton3 時間 前

    @keyac I agree making a darker timeline alot like loz mm and lozTP Just rattle my brain a little Nintendo.

  35. Persona Boi

    Persona Boi3 時間 前

    Now I can't unhear Homura coming from Edelgard

  36. Melker Nordén

    Melker Nordén4 時間 前

    i will play it now!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tristan

    Tristan4 時間 前

    Less than 3 day ;)

  38. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez4 時間 前

    Samurai Showdown for the super Nintendo was the first video game I ever played 🔥🔥🔥

  39. davidevoid

    davidevoid4 時間 前

    I love love love the NGPC, please SNK, more of these ports!!

  40. Mister K

    Mister K4 時間 前

    Nintendo: Smash Bros is for good boys and girls of all ages Also Nintendo:

  41. Buphido

    Buphido4 時間 前

    Hey Nintendo I think you misspelled showdown

  42. kimo the fun genius

    kimo the fun genius4 時間 前

    Came here for the dislikes

  43. Ibrahim Shelton

    Ibrahim Shelton4 時間 前

    Am I seeing a new echo fighter?

  44. LapaTrust

    LapaTrust4 時間 前

    Guys calm down I think that there is a solution for the drift other than buying another console. You can buy the Nintendo switch pro controller, and for some people it fixes the problem, for some it doesn't, but you should at least try.

  45. 223limo

    223limo4 時間 前

    Can't wait!

  46. Mina MemesKpop

    Mina MemesKpop5 時間 前

    Link: Have I killed ganon yet? Nintendo: well, yes but actually, no

  47. Umbrus

    Umbrus5 時間 前

    I wasn't told about this port and now that I know about its existence I can rest easy.

  48. Sergio el PRO los zombies Dominguez

    Sergio el PRO los zombies Dominguez5 時間 前


  49. D太郎

    D太郎5 時間 前

    Mai Waifu mai (´;ω;`)

  50. Ghost L

    Ghost L5 時間 前

    Mina and Iroha please!

  51. Royyeuh !

    Royyeuh !5 時間 前

    Why not at the same time as japan tho ? They're getting it december 12th

  52. Fat Yoshi

    Fat Yoshi5 時間 前

    This got announced exclusively for Japan a few months ago, wondered if it was gonna come to the rest of the world

  53. さSuper Mario Bros

    さSuper Mario Bros5 時間 前

    Nintendo 3DS

  54. Glen Joseph

    Glen Joseph5 時間 前

    I want this in Sydney NYE (and other cities) and launch a game in midnight

  55. bernd das brot

    bernd das brot5 時間 前

    challenge??? it`s so easy that it`s not even funny and again no options whatsoever to change that difficulty thats why nuzlocke is so popular the fans are investing more time in the game than gamefreak did

  56. ChaoticdriveZX

    ChaoticdriveZX5 時間 前

    Why do I feel like the trailer is yelling at me like a fanboy

  57. MegamanvolnuttX

    MegamanvolnuttX5 時間 前

    Imagine pulling up to a tournament and everyone has fight sticks and one guy brought their joycon

  58. Goatman NiteSPOOK

    Goatman NiteSPOOK5 時間 前

    I miss this game

  59. original_akainu

    original_akainu6 時間 前

    Aaaaw, yes.

  60. 堀井 雄二

    堀井 雄二6 時間 前

    3:36 head👧 mouse cursor.

  61. Ivan Dude

    Ivan Dude6 時間 前


  62. Duck #7

    Duck #76 時間 前

    As my boy would say... Ahem YOSHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  63. Sporkinator

    Sporkinator6 時間 前

    Should... should we tell them? Should we tell them they misspelled "showdown"? No? OK, carry on.

  64. Shooting Dio

    Shooting Dio6 時間 前

    Sugiyama at it again. He doesn't wanna let Sakurai stream the DQ music for Smash.

  65. josh spears

    josh spears6 時間 前

    next king of fighters

  66. Mohamed Al Shaiba

    Mohamed Al Shaiba6 時間 前

    I’ve played this game so many times, spent so many hours, and I only finished it once 15 years after the first time I got it on PSone

  67. Speed Demon

    Speed Demon6 時間 前

    The switch lite isn’t a switch! Change my mind.

  68. кирилл беспрозванцев

    кирилл беспрозванцев6 時間 前

    Надеюсь в этой игре будет русский язык

  69. Douglas Stewart

    Douglas Stewart6 時間 前

    I bought Samurai Shodown V Special about 3 months ago. This is great news for me.

  70. hey hey

    hey hey6 時間 前

    Title: Stay active together! Other players: Stay in home to active together! Nintendo: We will release it to handheld soon. Other players: Awwwwww man

  71. Luther DePapier

    Luther DePapier6 時間 前

    Winter is still winter, but it's unfortunate that it's on Nintendo and not SNK to made a video that might as well be called "Delay Announcement."

  72. Rock Roche

    Rock Roche7 時間 前

    Day One Purchase. SNK just needs to drop KOF XIII & XIV on Switch... then I won't need another fighter ever... until KOF XV.

  73. vffvx

    vffvx7 時間 前


  74. ErosLikesGames

    ErosLikesGames7 時間 前

    I wish they kept adding updates to this game like CTR does!

  75. Jerry Bot

    Jerry Bot7 時間 前

    Period accurate.

  76. Angelblade717

    Angelblade7177 時間 前

    0:18 am I the only one who heard police sirens behind the schoolbus

  77. jacob drolet

    jacob drolet7 時間 前


  78. Soldier _76

    Soldier _767 時間 前

    I’ve got Callie in my sights.

  79. Sinistar

    Sinistar7 時間 前

    Port all of the neo geo pocket color games!!! I'm buying samurai showdown just for the preorder bonus

  80. pecobro 64

    pecobro 647 時間 前

    Definitely something to get but could we please get World Heroes 3?

  81. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki7 時間 前

    Poltergeist g00