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Top 25 Rookies of 2019
  1. kicker2511

    kicker2511日 前

    Stop cutting to the DBs. Leave view from QB perspective the whole time



    Keenan Allen a bum

  3. Ethan Allen

    Ethan Allen日 前

    I'm disappointed with the lack of diversity in this pro bowl.

  4. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life日 前

    Dam he can throw

  5. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama日 前

    Way to set up that first clip 🥴

  6. Troy Haskins

    Troy Haskins日 前

    Well he got released from the Seahawks aaaand was picked up by the Niners. See facts short and to the point without all the yapping!!

  7. Mike Hockertz

    Mike Hockertz日 前

    i hope san fran lose tbh

  8. sebastian carvajal

    sebastian carvajal日 前

    Definitivamente el nivel de espectáculo de los estadounidenses está en otro mundo! Que cracks!

  9. Talan Mcdonald

    Talan Mcdonald日 前

    These refs suck

  10. Matt Laskey

    Matt Laskey日 前

    Darius Slay short armed Lamar and let him hit that three point hole.

  11. Terry Garcia

    Terry Garcia日 前

    All white peeps. Say jeeze louis

  12. Marc Ingram

    Marc Ingram日 前

    Truth be told.... dodge ball is the best game ever created. Turns boys into men.

  13. Bucky

    Bucky日 前

    Man they should just make all the all stars from nfl nba nhl and mlb just play a big high stakes dodgeball tournament for charity that’s all I care about anyway

  14. Kevin Reid

    Kevin Reid日 前

    What a great superbowl

  15. NPowers47

    NPowers47日 前

    Hmmm.....this commentary is a bit awkward in hindsight



    12:32 who let this guy be an announcer. he’s so trash and annoying jesus christ.

  17. Steve T

    Steve T日 前

    5:20 - Jarvis is thinking, "I've got these suckers right where I want them."

  18. Bucky

    Bucky日 前

    Man they should just make all the all stars from nfl nba nhl and mlb just play a big high stakes dodgeball game for charity that’s all I care about anyway

  19. Leo Sarlija

    Leo Sarlija日 前

    this still hurts me

  20. Dre Walton

    Dre Walton日 前

    Nice I like this

  21. Michael Deisler

    Michael Deisler日 前

    Lamar: misses almost every single throw Also Lamar: NoT bAd FoR a RuNiNg BaCk

  22. pqpqpq pqpqpq

    pqpqpq pqpqpq日 前


  23. Justin Piper

    Justin Piper日 前

    Bring dodge ball back to PE

  24. The UnTouchable Girl CrazySexyCool

    The UnTouchable Girl CrazySexyCool日 前

    Way to go AFC! 💜🏈💜🏈Ravens Big Truss #8....Way to go Jarvis😍❤

  25. M Wurm

    M Wurm日 前

    Imagine losing 4 straight Super Bowls😂😂

  26. Jaguar 2208

    Jaguar 2208日 前

    Davante Adams Made cord Derulo

  27. josepgutierrez22

    josepgutierrez22日 前

    These QB games really exposed LJ Hahahaha

  28. Rob Farris

    Rob Farris日 前

    CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA news: and yes i did not see the half African-American White male brother of Kobe Bryant, born August 23rd 1978, on these coliseum floor at this big event game at the FedEx Forum, in Memphis, Tennessee. and yes children and adults Isaiah Maurice, born April 1st 1996, were sitting out of this Southern Methodist University, but their is another half brother of Kobe Bryant that play pro basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers, and yes Ben Simmons, born July 20th 1996, is a superstar and a oscar winner player with his head coach Brett Brown. and yes Maurice, head coach Penny Hardaway, has sit him out on three big event games. and yes Isaiah Maurice, made a 99.9 by sitting on bench at this game against Southern Methodist University. but special this game were the only one wasn't on the air in the bluff city. coming soon the SUPER BOWL in Miami, Florida, next Sunday February 2nd 2020, directors.

  29. Jack Renner

    Jack Renner日 前

    Just watch lamar Jackson throw. Cringey

  30. M Wurm

    M Wurm日 前

    Wait the bengals made it to the Super Bowl?? Twice?????

  31. Dre Walton

    Dre Walton日 前

    Landry did better than jackson

  32. AsueaSZN /

    AsueaSZN /日 前

    So we not gonna y’all about Kyle Shanahan calling the flag

  33. Skeety Pop pop

    Skeety Pop pop日 前

    It’s sad Jarvis got more than Lamar

  34. AK74

    AK74日 前

    "This event was really to showcase DBs" Tre White, the best corner in the NFL: "..."

  35. Jeff Kane

    Jeff Kane日 前

    Happy 100th season nfl

  36. Rick S

    Rick S日 前

    😂😂 Man I’m crying laughing at Patterson, is he on the practice squad. His hands were trash.

  37. ThatDamnedYankee

    ThatDamnedYankee日 前

    Lord almighty...what a Swan Song!

  38. Robin Weber

    Robin Weber日 前

    Can't wait to see Samuel truck Matthews

  39. blaz.

    blaz.日 前

    To all the fans that's too young Fwi Patriots play this game with a hurt Edelman 3 back up oline Etc what a game

  40. Bryochemical Intuition

    Bryochemical Intuition日 前

    AFC weak af

  41. Danny Fleck

    Danny Fleck日 前

    You know all of them had those flashbacks of being a complete middleschool dodgeball badass back in the day. 😂😂😂

  42. Smoking Joe

    Smoking Joe日 前

    Can you dodge a wrench?

  43. dennis bryan

    dennis bryan日 前

    Look at all the under privileged people in this video I feel so sad for them

  44. Joel Moreno

    Joel Moreno日 前

    49ers code 1303 make it to the Superbowl ha good joke buddy

  45. Dre Walton

    Dre Walton日 前

    Lamar sorry as f guess the NFL is rigged this is Jackson true talent 🕸😱

  46. Bryson Park

    Bryson Park日 前

    If they made a running competition for quarterbacks, Lamar would’ve done a lot better

  47. Joel Mosley

    Joel Mosley日 前

    It was supposed to be Godwin for the NFC on the best hand challenge but he blew his hamstring.

  48. SaTiN ’

    SaTiN ’日 前

    I am a pats fan and I forgot this game existed it was that boring

  49. Jordan Hernandez

    Jordan Hernandez日 前

    AFC should have chose Edelman

  50. dan chill

    dan chill日 前

    Tyrann Mathieu is a beast!

  51. The Switz

    The Switz日 前

    This is an example of what the Raiders need to do: Draft great players (no more DJ Haydens and other busts) and continue to make savvy free agent acquisitions (avoid the nut jobs like AB). Jacobs is a complete RB. If he doesn't hurt his shoulder he probably leads the league in rushing. Nice work Mike Mayock! Keep those picks coming. Also, keep up the awesome videos Baldy!

  52. Jason Stewart

    Jason Stewart日 前

    Why wasn't Michael Thomas and D Hop in the competition?

  53. Edis Marin

    Edis Marin日 前

    It is going to be a good game. Red and white v.s red and white uniforms. These men have been on the same ball for ages. They instinctively know who is on their side. So it is okay if they both gear up in red and white. It

  54. Justin Piper

    Justin Piper日 前

    Lamar need a redo lol

  55. Bjorn Yesterday

    Bjorn Yesterday日 前

    Maybe if he wins the Super Bowl this time, he'll make it to number 3

  56. Ozzy Bones

    Ozzy Bones日 前

    26:28 Announcer: He moves the ball so that means loss of control Referee: He moves the ball but that doesn't mean loss of control Announcers=Paid

  57. mrbbradify

    mrbbradify日 前

    Alright player. Think he could be a little better than Alex Smith in a few years

  58. Atiba Wallace

    Atiba Wallace日 前

    Moss change the game Calvin didn't if you change how dbs and safeties cover a team and make special packages for you with over the top help 🤷‍♂️ he's the freak the man got a catch name after him ..what more is there to debate

  59. Davion Kinard

    Davion Kinard日 前

    Adam Rank cursed my falcon season

  60. OG Baby Simba

    OG Baby Simba日 前

    Where's the Accurate throws from the Kirk, BTW Happy Pro Bowl.

  61. aveo 26

    aveo 26日 前

    Devin Bush got 10 even splitting snaps with Mark Barron who is practically the starter

  62. james lesperance

    james lesperance日 前

    Tears acl

  63. unityisthekeytostrength

    unityisthekeytostrength日 前

    What? Is this some kind of joke? I can throw better than that with a torn RC. Someone please explain..... thnx.

  64. CannaHeaven

    CannaHeaven日 前

    Thats my all time strategy right there.. no throwing, just dodging and catching

  65. The Machine

    The Machine日 前

    Chiefs fan since I was a kid, crying they made it to the Super Bowl. I'll be a bawling like a baby if they win it. So long, so many heartbreaks... so glad to be in it.

  66. Micah Stuart

    Micah Stuart日 前

    Super Bowl 34 still makes me cringe and feel bad for the Titans. He did everything he could just to come up a yard short of winning the ultimate prize in the NFL...

  67. Brayden RAMS 5 yt

    Brayden RAMS 5 yt日 前

    Greatest comeback in NFL history

  68. Donny Darkoh

    Donny Darkoh日 前

    Eli played a good game but people really give him too much credit(in 2011 he was great but in 2007? He was alright). His team Held the 9-7 Buccs to 14 points, 13-3 Cowboys to 17 points, the 13-3 Packers to 20 Points, and the 16-0 Patriots to 20 points. In 2011 they held the 10-6 Falcons to 0 Points(only the offense giving up a safety) the 15-1 Packers to 20 Points(and that was garbage time af) And the 13-3 49ers to 17 Points and the 13-3 Patriots to 17 points.

  69. Colty

    Colty日 前


  70. Wavy JX1

    Wavy JX1日 前

    Y’all need to chill on Lamar ,his throwing will improve eventually

  71. Wavy JX1

    Wavy JX1日 前

    Y’all need to chill on Lamar ,his throwing will improve eventually

  72. Colty

    Colty日 前

    If it was precision running Lamar would of done a lot better

  73. PzYcHo KINGS

    PzYcHo KINGS日 前

    made a comment on this video a year ago roasted the 49ers but little did I know.....

  74. Zillery

    Zillery日 前

    There was always that one sweat at dodgeball in your school

  75. Derek Gustafson

    Derek Gustafson日 前

    In the pro bowl, they need to have players be the commentators..

  76. Puchito puchito

    Puchito puchito日 前

    Lamar is a running back not a quarterback 💀

  77. Zoul125

    Zoul125日 前

    I wanna see Jameis Winston do this, he could end up with 30 points or -30 points you never know

  78. Omar Jamal

    Omar Jamal日 前

    the question is why was he number 4 when he is obviously the best player in league. don't make no sense.

  79. Jay McBride

    Jay McBride日 前

    Its official...browns should start Jarvis Landry at QB 😂

  80. Blinks

    Blinks日 前

    They said Jarvis made it look easy whole time Watson was throwing dots

  81. Logan Dupre

    Logan Dupre日 前

    refs suck



    no hopkins to jump and save his ass! yeah it's legit

  83. PGK 1

    PGK 1日 前

    The 49ers seem like a pretty solid team. Beat the Packers on a running game strategy alone. Wonder what would happen if they went all out offence, on an unsuspecting team!!!! Still not sure who to pick for the Super Bowl win, but we'll see.

  84. eric saferstein

    eric saferstein日 前

    NFL = WARNING: extremely graphic content

  85. Hayden The Meme

    Hayden The Meme日 前

    Jarvis is the goat at dodgeball I remember when he won it for the afc a few years ago too

  86. Skümmtööns '66

    Skümmtööns '66日 前

    So, after watching this, San Francisco has a far more superior team. It will be a good game none the less. As long as New England is pouting at home, is a good thing! Prediction: 49ers 28 KC 17

  87. Armando Benavidez

    Armando Benavidez日 前

    Larry o the strongest n Reggie white truck him like nothing so either technique is key or white can't bench it 50

  88. Colty

    Colty日 前

    Quenton Nelson is a grown man!!!

  89. Caleb’s Hour

    Caleb’s Hour日 前

    Why wont denver take jeudy when they have a big receiver already when they could get ruggs III and he would ad some me speed

  90. EJS88

    EJS88日 前

    Playing surface is way too big. Players have zero incentive to approach the middle line, or even throw a ball for that matter. Whichever team has the best receiver will win, because they can just hang on the back line and catch the final balls.

  91. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith日 前

    At his best, I'm sure you could run a 4th and 10 with just a simple inside zone.

  92. Max Ax

    Max Ax日 前

    Refs gave the Packers all those line decisions. Shameful. At least they got embarrassed later.

  93. Kev

    Kev日 前

    This could be called called every Daniel Jones fumble

  94. Vincent

    Vincent日 前

    The biggest moment of the eagles and pats was he strip sack at the end not foles catching a td

  95. Velociraptor Champion

    Velociraptor Champion日 前

    5:15 peep the juggle tho

  96. ree three

    ree three日 前

    Was hoping hopkins was in this one with watson

  97. Bones12x2

    Bones12x2日 前

    Lets remember that Marcellus Wiley thinks Lamar is as good Mahomes.

  98. Mack McCoy

    Mack McCoy日 前

    Von and Cam were good, but Minkah... that boy look like he was escaping from Alcatraz. Lol

  99. Jose Leal

    Jose Leal日 前

    It would be fair if carr wasn't wearing a button up, you ever tried throwing in a shirt like that? It's restricting

  100. Cohemotgus

    Cohemotgus日 前

    They gotta replace the pro bowl with more of this kinda stuff. Make it like a mini Olympics of nfl players.