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  1. I am the Goat

    I am the Goat13 秒 前

    3rd view

  2. squidbirb

    squidbirb21 秒 前

    Go pack go

  3. Kiefer Gibbs

    Kiefer Gibbs27 秒 前

    Thanks for the fantasy points

  4. Evil Duck

    Evil Duck41 秒 前

    I'm surprised the Dolphins are still in the game

  5. Striker 56

    Striker 5643 秒 前

    And last game as a patriot

  6. Derpceus

    Derpceus48 秒 前

    Remember, guys. This is why the super bowl of 2019 didn't give us sweet sweet victory.

  7. Suzanne Magnotta

    Suzanne Magnotta分 前


  8. khairul azhar

    khairul azhar分 前

    Dak needs to get paid!!

  9. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 28分 前

    Well don't worry Giants fans you'll be battling the Redskins for 3rd and 4th place in the division this season.

  10. Ryan Damon

    Ryan Damon分 前

    Aaron Rodgers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Just Jenn

    Just Jenn分 前

    So we're going to sit here and act like Brady's arm isn't looking trash under throws and shaky passes

  12. Will TheSuperW

    Will TheSuperW分 前

    1 view, 32 likes

  13. 7Poke FoX7

    7Poke FoX7分 前

    He needs to stop running it

  14. squidbirb

    squidbirb分 前

    Two views two likes nice

  15. Smokey Bubble97

    Smokey Bubble972 分 前

    Another blowout incoming

  16. Rene Reyes

    Rene Reyes2 分 前


  17. Fernando Briceno

    Fernando Briceno2 分 前

    Oh man we suck.. We have no heart.

  18. Ryan Damon

    Ryan Damon2 分 前

    Let go Kirk cousins 💜💜💜💛💛💛

  19. Owen Raefield

    Owen Raefield2 分 前

    That should be the Dolphins #2 play of the year behind the qb kneel.

  20. Obinna Nwakwue

    Obinna Nwakwue2 分 前

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Antonio Brown is quitting the NFL

  21. yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon2 分 前

    I'm here so I don't get fined😎

  22. Ryan Damon

    Ryan Damon3 分 前


  23. Owen Raefield

    Owen Raefield3 分 前

    The dolphins are a bigger threat to Miami then hurricane Dorian.

  24. Ryan Damon

    Ryan Damon3 分 前


  25. Travis Campbell

    Travis Campbell4 分 前


  26. Krazie

    Krazie4 分 前

    I think the word she has said most is " twenty ".

  27. Rene Reyes

    Rene Reyes4 分 前

    Bench Carr Gruden put in next back quarteback now, Carr needs a wake-up call Now Gruden get rid of Riley Conley go get Ramsey at all cost go Narravo Bowman

  28. maid2124

    maid21244 分 前

    Our D Line sucks ass

  29. Billy Ray Valentine

    Billy Ray Valentine4 分 前

    Miami Minnows 0-3

  30. James Grinstead

    James Grinstead4 分 前

    Brady: Move over Drew Brees! Also Brady: Heads up Peyton Manning, I’m coming for ya!

  31. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 284 分 前

    Dolphin fans do you actually think that this team will win more than 2 games this season? You are worse than the Giants.

  32. Jroc2k Beats

    Jroc2k Beats4 分 前

    Texans 27 Chargers 21

  33. Dominic49 Powell

    Dominic49 Powell5 分 前


  34. Boi Is cool

    Boi Is cool5 分 前


  35. Mimi Belibasakis

    Mimi Belibasakis5 分 前

    Nice play

  36. Dixie Normas

    Dixie Normas5 分 前

    Is he unable to throw the ball?

  37. Robert Solorio

    Robert Solorio5 分 前

    What is NFLN ? Is this pro or semi -pro football ? Looks ok

  38. Tre Jones

    Tre Jones5 分 前

    Wish we had Jack Del Rio again

  39. Cozad45

    Cozad455 分 前

    Cake walk schedule for the pats

  40. Matthew Silva

    Matthew Silva6 分 前

    C'mon falcons. Atlanta is probably the most up and down team in the NFL every single year.

  41. yo daddy

    yo daddy6 分 前

    Jets are hot garbage. East theres no competition for NE. NE and KC in AFC championship game. No doubt

  42. Muz Kamal

    Muz Kamal6 分 前

    Bills gonna be good



    The raiders defense is ass

  44. P Nis

    P Nis7 分 前

    Cant wait till Peterman gets his MVP

  45. jason anderson

    jason anderson7 分 前

    Why go for it on 4th down

  46. gillespie2482

    gillespie24828 分 前

    We didn't need AB in the first place

  47. jagan palreddy

    jagan palreddy8 分 前

    Uniforms 👌

  48. Ashlee Russell

    Ashlee Russell8 分 前

    LINK DO JOGO: Assistir Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills En Vivo

  49. R S

    R S8 分 前

    Who Dat! get em’ Mark! 💪

  50. Thrilling Productions

    Thrilling Productions8 分 前


  51. Samantha Perez

    Samantha Perez8 分 前

    Wish I was at met life rn

  52. WorthyBurger

    WorthyBurger8 分 前

    What’s new

  53. Ahmedjafar Hopson

    Ahmedjafar Hopson8 分 前

    Let's go CHIEFS

  54. MasterMatt72

    MasterMatt729 分 前

    Great fans but the fans needs to be quiet when the offense is out on the field 😂

  55. MaxTheBuccaneersFan

    MaxTheBuccaneersFan9 分 前


  56. khairul azhar

    khairul azhar10 分 前

    Josh allen is not a bust!!

  57. TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan

    TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan10 分 前


  58. iMennu ___

    iMennu ___10 分 前

    I’m glad I started josh Allen over Carson Wentz on my fantasy

  59. Aries Anderson

    Aries Anderson10 分 前

    That defense just watching Jackson 😂

  60. Cartman Power

    Cartman Power10 分 前

    Bills or Ravens? Who wins that game?

  61. clout chaser

    clout chaser10 分 前

    I knew the patriots would win today.......i ask 69

  62. Austin Ahern

    Austin Ahern10 分 前

    Nice touchdown!!! Let's go Phillip!!! Let's go Patriots!!!

  63. Carson Page

    Carson Page10 分 前

    Lmao the beach ball at the beginning

  64. 12MAN NATION

    12MAN NATION10 分 前

    People stay sleeping on buffalo just like us .

  65. Zarwin

    Zarwin11 分 前

    Here comes bills d rider

  66. kassabi 101

    kassabi 10111 分 前

    Smh bills will lose to patriots anyway

  67. Colton the god 17

    Colton the god 1711 分 前

    Why is he so good at throwing?? #GOPACKGO

  68. Drail

    Drail11 分 前

    Don’t be surprised if the Bills go 9-7 or 10-6. That defense is legit and josh Allen is getting better

  69. Go Gators

    Go Gators11 分 前

    3-0 against shitty teams - Buffalo Bills 2019

  70. Aries Anderson

    Aries Anderson11 分 前

    Have Brady on fantasy points idk ifs its enough tho

  71. TrueErasedYou _

    TrueErasedYou _11 分 前

    Give me a sub

  72. Billy Ray Valentine

    Billy Ray Valentine11 分 前

    I love to see good football cause i cant get any in Atlanta. Who else sucks???

  73. drsavage_7

    drsavage_711 分 前


  74. Untouchable Buffalo

    Untouchable Buffalo11 分 前

    Boom Boom Boom Booooooooooom - WSG

  75. richard escobar

    richard escobar12 分 前

    Patriots are a lock to get at least 6 easy W'S That division is a joke

  76. Isaac Nelson

    Isaac Nelson12 分 前

    Don't raid on the Minnesota Vinings 💪

  77. Josh Dupee

    Josh Dupee12 分 前

    Pats defense will hold KC to 10 points. Pats offense will score 75

  78. qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp

    qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp12 分 前

    lions might be a surprise this season the nfc north will be a blood bath

  79. Darran Butler

    Darran Butler12 分 前

    Let's go Patriots 🔥🔥🔥

  80. yoboi ac

    yoboi ac12 分 前

    10 reasons why the raiders we go 2-14

  81. Nathan Dreger

    Nathan Dreger12 分 前

    Go pack Go

  82. Heidi Lewis

    Heidi Lewis12 分 前

    Goodjob boys👏👏 now lets step it up on defense

  83. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 2812 分 前

    Come on Bills fans everyone knows that the Patriots will ONCE AGAIN win the division easily and everyone knows you will lose to them TWICE like you ALWAYS DO.

  84. Owen Raefield

    Owen Raefield13 分 前

    Predictions for Bills record: 7-9

  85. Team Oplex

    Team Oplex13 分 前


  86. Corey Playz

    Corey Playz13 分 前

    3:00 a sinner was born

  87. Josue Tejada

    Josue Tejada13 分 前

    Damn Bills about to be 3-0

  88. MaxTheBuccaneersFan

    MaxTheBuccaneersFan13 分 前

    who's hyped for tampa?

  89. travel er

    travel er13 分 前


  90. 49ersFaithful Jake

    49ersFaithful Jake13 分 前


  91. chase best

    chase best13 分 前

    Block in the back

  92. travel er

    travel er13 分 前


  93. Johnny Bernard

    Johnny Bernard14 分 前

    i feel like Dorsett is one of the most underrated players in the nfl

  94. travel er

    travel er14 分 前


  95. Elektra Sparks

    Elektra Sparks14 分 前

    Packers 10-7!!!!

  96. Muhammad Afzal

    Muhammad Afzal14 分 前


  97. Armando Larsen

    Armando Larsen15 分 前

    LINK DO JOGO: Assistir New York Jets vs New England Patriots En Vivo

  98. Troy Da Boi

    Troy Da Boi15 分 前


  99. Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career15 分 前

    gotta love Kevin Harlan. That "OHHHHH He's got it!"

  100. Jack Walsh

    Jack Walsh15 分 前

    The drum line was better then the whole performance