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9 ヶ月 前

  1. Katatonic

    Katatonic時間 前

    This is probably the best video game opening I’ve seen

  2. Mommy Demeter

    Mommy Demeter時間 前

    this isnt smt v atlus

  3. ちちプー

    ちちプー3 時間 前


  4. Canım Türkiyem

    Canım Türkiyem4 時間 前

    Damn, Ami looking gorgeous as always🇯🇵😍😍My second favorite seiyuu/ voice actress of all time, she gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. That's a nice cosplay of her as Yuki, the character she voices in this game and the one I'm most interested in. She voices so many great character in so many anime and games like DR2, P4, ToB, KLK, CG and so many more so you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to her voice acting in this game, her voice is so beautiful❤️

  5. Doe John

    Doe John5 時間 前


  6. G L G L

    G L G L10 時間 前

    個人的なベスト7 2:25:51 最後の戦い(真・女神転生Ⅲ - NOCTURNE マニアクス) 2:42:10 東京受胎(真・女神転生Ⅲ - NOCTURNE) 2:44:11 東京(真・女神転生Ⅳ) 2:55:01 カテドラル(真・女神転生) 3:02:02 敬虔な恐れ(真・女神転生 STRANGE JOURNEY) 3:12:40 タイトルループ2(真・女神転生Ⅲ - NOCTURNE) 3:14:14 通常戦闘(真・女神転生Ⅲ - NOCTURNE)

  7. キルカキルカ

    キルカキルカ15 時間 前


  8. れい

    れい16 時間 前


  9. 不遇なフグ氏

    不遇なフグ氏16 時間 前


  10. potatoman8790

    potatoman879019 時間 前

    Yeah this is nice but when are you putting it on *switch*

  11. Sylvan Glazowski

    Sylvan Glazowski日 前

    I will get this video to 1 million views...

  12. マガイザ

    マガイザ日 前


  13. りつ

    りつ日 前


  14. dragonball4ever

    dragonball4ever日 前

    1:23 The 3 protagonists all triple T-pose to establish *MAXIMUM DOMINANCE*

  15. JSRhedgehog 99

    JSRhedgehog 99日 前

    This reminds me too much of Scooby-Doo

  16. パスタ先輩

    パスタ先輩日 前


  17. Platinum_Strawhat

    Platinum_Strawhat日 前

    Coming back to this 3 years after I beat it, my heart can't help but ache. Very few games are capable of doing this to me, thank you atlus

  18. Thea S

    Thea S日 前

    I love how beautifully gross and grimy this intro is.

  19. Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake日 前

    I don’t know, man. This animation feels kinda stiff in comparison to the original persona 5’s opening.

  20. 式姫

    式姫日 前


  21. ☆Joey☆

    ☆Joey☆日 前

    This is the best persona spinoff of them all and you can’t change my mind

  22. UNIK 90

    UNIK 90日 前

    Sexy cute

  23. UNIK 90

    UNIK 90日 前

    I hope they let us record and stream persona 5 the royal

  24. UNIK 90

    UNIK 90日 前

    Dear atlus please care about your English speakers fans as well our money is just as valuable as your Japanese ones.

  25. Joker

    Joker日 前

    1:28 Yall want something?

  26. 奈布.薩貝達

    奈布.薩貝達2 日 前

    (•ө•)♡(•ө•)♡(✿ ♡‿♡)

  27. さくら

    さくら2 日 前


  28. TheNervousGamer !

    TheNervousGamer !2 日 前


  29. Josh Kong

    Josh Kong2 日 前

    Funny scene with the twins XD

  30. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo2 日 前

    this is exactly like the meme of the security guard pushing aside the mascot and busting sick moves.

  31. ズミ

    ズミ2 日 前


  32. V2ごま団

    V2ごま団2 日 前


  33. nathan lyon

    nathan lyon2 日 前

    Persona 5 is really and boring

  34. xxx kasu

    xxx kasu2 日 前


  35. Yamsthepotatoking

    Yamsthepotatoking2 日 前

    7 fuckin years already......

  36. 森川心羽

    森川心羽2 日 前


  37. Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    Pennywise The Dancing Clown2 日 前


  38. SuperMarioDude

    SuperMarioDude2 日 前

    so like do you want to switch or no?

  39. shaq430

    shaq4302 日 前

    I'm looking forward to this so much. My ultimate dream would be for Atlus to make a Samurai themed RPG though. There has never been a Samurai RPG and I think it would be amazing.

  40. shaq430

    shaq4303 日 前

    When is more information about this going to come out? I want to see gameplay so bad

  41. Oli END

    Oli END3 日 前

    haru is my favourite characters so I'm happy

  42. いりえ_

    いりえ_3 日 前


  43. 武中太樹る

    武中太樹る3 日 前


  44. Oli END

    Oli END3 日 前

    haru bae

  45. SWK isn`t god.Because GO is god.

    SWK isn`t god.Because GO is god.3 日 前


  46. Princess X of Silverdale

    Princess X of Silverdale3 日 前

    1:20 Pause at the moment the ‘snowball’ collides with Ryuji’s face Is it just me or does Yusuke look like a ghoul here?

  47. Kae

    Kae3 日 前

    Haru got more screen time in this I think...

  48. ネオンメフェラム

    ネオンメフェラム3 日 前


  49. DomHyrule

    DomHyrule3 日 前

    Does joker let go of a rope and fucking die

  50. 0Laggy_

    0Laggy_3 日 前

    I love how in the trailer Kasumi was blown away by Joker’s moves, but she does some trippy spinning in the trailer

  51. Omega

    Omega3 日 前

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i don't have a goddamn ps4.

  52. Fusion Afterburner

    Fusion Afterburner3 日 前

    To the people who think this intro is too lively and cheerful for a game like Persona 5, I just wanted to let you know that the OST for this opening is *literally* called "Colors Flying High". You can't tell me that title isn't supposed to sound like it's related to anything happy.

  53. Diego Mahoney

    Diego Mahoney3 日 前

    Ann got TAKEN OUT by Futaba’s tackle. But how tf did that happen?!?!? FUTABA IS A STICK AND ANN IS THICC FUTABA ISNT HEAVY ENOUGH TO TACKLE ANN

  54. Black Mask

    Black Mask3 日 前

    I'm excited that they are keeping Akechi but I wonder will you be able to change his looks from Crow to Black Mask whenever you want or can you only choose at certain times? Also will he get a better second codename or will it stay black Mask?

  55. NewbTacticianMark

    NewbTacticianMark3 日 前

    Can we still kill Akechi in this game?

  56. Gianni.i N

    Gianni.i N3 日 前

    I want to marry akechi

  57. Vaporweeb95

    Vaporweeb953 日 前

    Tired of getting these games late while they get their shit early. Not fair at alll

  58. Bth- Portugal

    Bth- Portugal3 日 前

    It has been 20 days and I still listen to this video everyday

  59. Otaku San

    Otaku San3 日 前

    0:40 *Attack On Titans spoiler without context*

  60. 泉チン子

    泉チン子3 日 前

    0:54 2倍速推奨

  61. EchoesAmalie

    EchoesAmalie4 日 前


  62. PJ Sprite Animations

    PJ Sprite Animations4 日 前


  63. 黒桜。たぐえんリスナー

    黒桜。たぐえんリスナー4 日 前


  64. Harry Thar

    Harry Thar4 日 前

    To be frank this intro's art style looks more like an in-game one rather than the original's

  65. Brenton Taylor

    Brenton Taylor4 日 前

    1:18) The Entire fandom: *_I diagnose you with gay_*

  66. Cesar Aguilar

    Cesar Aguilar4 日 前

    Go Haru!

  67. MrSaturnPK

    MrSaturnPK4 日 前

    Let's just pray for Kasumi not to be another Marie

  68. JCPenguindrum

    JCPenguindrum4 日 前

    Amo este juego y su opening <3

  69. Infinyx

    Infinyx4 日 前

    Why dose this looks like Persona 5 the Animation

  70. Toad’s Mixtape Factory

    Toad’s Mixtape Factory4 日 前

    This is not P5S which will be the superior persona 5

  71. Lost Legend

    Lost Legend4 日 前

    Can we talk about how long Joker's neck is in the thumbnail

  72. ZB77

    ZB774 日 前

    Still no news. Let's hope they show something by November...

  73. Grimm Knight

    Grimm Knight4 日 前

    0:07 You’re welcome

  74. lecaprine GL

    lecaprine GL4 日 前

    Why a lot of people cry over a switch port? When the game came out nobody wanted it on Nintendo but now they do because its popular? Funny it's almost like what happened to the phantom thieves themselves isn't it?

  75. nintenx123

    nintenx1234 日 前

    Atlus I get it I really do shin Megami Tensei is what you put on Nintendo but why not give us Nintendo fans a port of persona 3 fes or p4 golden at least even if you can’t put p5 or p5r on switch at least give us something mainline or persona to play while we wait for SMT5 (I really hope you guys make smt5 better than P5. mainline SMT really deserves more attention and care and if it’s not at least as good as persona 5 you really will lose all the new Potential SMT fans to the spin-off game persona and neither of us want that)

  76. Plank

    Plank5 日 前

    Why does Atlus never makes thicc anime girls? They always B or pancake size.

  77. Draaxus

    Draaxus5 日 前

    I wonder how they're gonna get us to forgive Akechi after he's commited dozens of murders.

  78. Ren Elsi

    Ren Elsi5 日 前

    Hmm 3 summon persona with gun 4 summon persona with tarrot card 5 summon persona rip the mask What else? P6 (MC wear headphone and play music for summoning persona?)

  79. 橘イツキ

    橘イツキ5 日 前


  80. 和白wasiro

    和白wasiro5 日 前


  81. Galear Grimoire

    Galear Grimoire5 日 前


  82. Nicky Penn

    Nicky Penn5 日 前

    Good, now I can fulfill my fantasy of kicking Akechi's ass out from his _insane_ funk, _slap_ his face few more times for good measure, and then *hug* him. If that's no good, then tie him up and haul his ass like a sack until we all jump out from his daddy's cruise boat.

  83. 月夜野歌羽

    月夜野歌羽5 日 前


  84. ズミ

    ズミ5 日 前


  85. Stinger Redshock

    Stinger Redshock5 日 前

    My reactions on P5 characters: Joker: Why is he so badass? Ryuji: Why is he so good? Ann: Why is she so sexualized? Morgana: Why do I need to sleep? Yusuke: Why is he so cool? Makoto: Why is she so hot? Futaba: Why is she so illegal? Haru: Why is she so fluffy? Akechi: Why do I want dElICIouS PAncaKES? Kamoshida: Why is his chin so Minecraft? Madarame: Why is he so fabulous? Kaneshiro: Why is he so cartoonish? Wakaba: Why are you so mad? Okumura: Why doesn’t he fight? Sae: Why is she so ho...? Like lil sis like big sis i guess Shido: Why is he so like Putin-sama? Lavenza: Kiss-shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade, is that you? Kasumi: Why is she so GREAT?

  86. KuzunohaXIV

    KuzunohaXIV5 日 前

    Yeah nice Atlus now guess I'll seat here and grow roots waiting for something about SMT V

  87. Lima Sierra

    Lima Sierra5 日 前

    J'ai tellement hâte !!! C'est si magnifique ! ❤❤❤❤❤

  88. mktb

    mktb5 日 前


  89. GamesTracker

    GamesTracker5 日 前

    Wait wth did crow have a change of heart? And joined them cus i see him in his loki outfit

  90. Trương Đức Hiếu

    Trương Đức Hiếu5 日 前

    Did this man just sketch and do the line work on 1 freakin layer

  91. Remilton Sousa

    Remilton Sousa5 日 前

    Please, Atlus. Bring VanillaWare games to PC. We need those gems in there!!!

  92. Fedorasaurus Rex

    Fedorasaurus Rex5 日 前

    0:54 Best Part Free

  93. SuperKomboy

    SuperKomboy5 日 前

    The poor bitrate...

  94. Sydny Man

    Sydny Man5 日 前


  95. Weebus Christ

    Weebus Christ5 日 前

    Nobody is talking about headless joker

  96. Hugo Reque

    Hugo Reque5 日 前

    Translate to spanish, please!!

  97. taccos101

    taccos1015 日 前

    I wonder if we’ll be able to switch between Loki and Robin Hood during battle

  98. Croz Raven

    Croz Raven5 日 前

    the combat gameplay kinda confused me here. is it like a tower defense or something?

  99. Mega Flare Studios

    Mega Flare Studios5 日 前

    This is hella spoilers rn

  100. M .K

    M .K6 日 前

    早くやりたい! ペルソナシリーズめちゃくちゃ好き😘