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  1. Gianni.i N

    Gianni.i N分 前

    I think I will import this cause I will not wait 9 months for Atlus to think about thinking about thinking to consider localizing this game and then wait 18 months for a US release

  2. watch beyblade burst stan kensuke midorikawa

    watch beyblade burst stan kensuke midorikawa21 分 前


  3. 김타쿠

    김타쿠40 分 前

    Amamiya Ren? Kurusu Akira? Fuck that... Haremfucker249 is the real p5 protagonist

  4. Lewis

    Lewis52 分 前

    Ha Ha! Coming 2015. _{inhales}_ *REMEMBER THAT STRUGGLE?*

  5. Evans _008

    Evans _008時間 前

    まだかよ おせーよ

  6. JAMES Gaming LV2

    JAMES Gaming LV22 時間 前

    1:08 People find it questionable when Mona is called a legend despite the fact he unintentionally makes an insane trickshot and just casually does smash 5 Ken's up taunt after

  7. Sophia C.

    Sophia C.3 時間 前

    I have my doubts if this is coming out internationally (or at least in North America) But this still looks good nonetheless

  8. 救世主ベロニカ

    救世主ベロニカ4 時間 前


  9. せれすてーぬ

    せれすてーぬ5 時間 前


  10. Taki

    Taki6 時間 前


  11. あららぎつきひ

    あららぎつきひ6 時間 前


  12. ひざうら

    ひざうら7 時間 前


  13. david alejandro mejia moreno

    david alejandro mejia moreno7 時間 前

    Man, hat music... It is so subarashi.

  14. Kyle Dutrow

    Kyle Dutrow7 時間 前

    God damn it this really is anime Scooby Doo.

  15. AK

    AK8 時間 前

    I love how Joker is always portrayed as very suave and stylish, then here we him absolutely _throwing down_ and hitting himself in the head with a cue ball I love him

  16. コッシー

    コッシー9 時間 前


  17. Snake7

    Snake710 時間 前

    Why is Futaba called Navi instead of Oracle in this

  18. かびまん

    かびまん11 時間 前

    うわやばめっちゃおもろそう…(´ρ`) で、明智は?(ないです)

  19. Pedrogonzalez

    Pedrogonzalez13 時間 前

    Imagine getting both Royal and Scramble before the west gets either

  20. Alejandro Lopez

    Alejandro Lopez13 時間 前

    Black joker type beat

  21. Ikcatcher

    Ikcatcher13 時間 前

    Seems like it was a good time for me to pick up original Persona 5 before this comes out

  22. Mukhlis Royhan

    Mukhlis Royhan13 時間 前

    so february 2020 for japanese version or western version too ?

  23. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim14 時間 前

    English port when...

  24. todd

    todd14 時間 前

    dio is back

  25. SpookTunes

    SpookTunes14 時間 前


  26. Mildred Tan

    Mildred Tan15 時間 前

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy Birthday To You (repeat)

  27. The Nerf Kid

    The Nerf Kid15 時間 前

    im gonna just ya know, try my best to dodge spoilers for this for once

  28. houmukyou2001

    houmukyou200115 時間 前


  29. ポッポ

    ポッポ17 時間 前


  30. P5 Joker

    P5 Joker17 時間 前

    Persona 5 has already crossed over with alot of other games like if agree

  31. P5 Joker

    P5 Joker17 時間 前

    All atlus's persona 5 scramble trailers are in Japanese... But all the comments are only filled with English people. *LOL*

  32. 勇者のタクシー

    勇者のタクシー17 時間 前


  33. heiro

    heiro18 時間 前

    Feels weird that Joker put the fake glasses back on.

  34. Nanaha Tales

    Nanaha Tales19 時間 前


  35. Jordan Roehling

    Jordan Roehling19 時間 前

    I would actually have liked this a lot more if they hadnt started pushing it as P52. It just seems...weird.

  36. Lucen

    Lucen19 時間 前

    A lot of people don’t like this opening as much as wake up get up. I gotta say I highly disagree. Animationwise the first one is definitely better. Although, I find this as a way better upgrade musically and it introduces more characters

  37. XenowaveZz

    XenowaveZz19 時間 前

    Damn bro, whos that weird looking cat? I wonder what his name is?

  38. French Burrito

    French Burrito20 時間 前

    Im still hoping that p3 gets a remake

  39. Fluffikens

    Fluffikens21 時間 前

    I mad at myself for not playing the persona franchise MUCH earlier

  40. Lewis

    Lewis21 時間 前

    0:03 Why did I think this was some sort of Cross over with Persona 5.

  41. yeşil kalem

    yeşil kalem日 前

    2:48 2?????

  42. SolvNia

    SolvNia日 前

    Pointless observation: You can catch a glimpse of Zenkichi in Phantom Thief attire at 1:48 (on the very left). You only see one arm though, but he's the only one who has those "ribbon-things" on his sleeves.

  43. おはぎ

    おはぎ日 前


  44. ❰❬ せとし・クンン ❭❱ seto

    ❰❬ せとし・クンン ❭❱ seto日 前

    *_Who was the idiot who threw Joker's phone to Mona? Mona has cat paws, not human hands._* 💀💀💀

  45. ヨウスケ

    ヨウスケ日 前

    ゴリゴリ昭和アイドルソングって感じの曲なのにあのシチュエーションで流れたとき滅茶苦茶燃えた 2019年にプレイしたゲームの中で1〜2位を争うぐらい好き フルプライスでもなんでもいいからDLCお願いします

  46. dj ZIGG

    dj ZIGG日 前

    Morgana dropped my phone and it broke? BUTTON MASH TIME.

  47. Daniel Pedersen

    Daniel Pedersen日 前

    I'm guessing this is Persona 5: Scramble. I just saw this in my recommended, for some reason.

  48. ダンテ

    ダンテ日 前

    2:16 これ明智の像?

  49. Kamilla Tamara

    Kamilla Tamara日 前

    but when does it come out in the west

  50. こばこた

    こばこた日 前


  51. エドワードエルリック

    エドワードエルリック日 前

    今このゲームが評価一位なのが分からんそれやったら龍がんばれ如く か  ドラゴンボールZカカロットの方やろw

  52. 田中太郎

    田中太郎日 前


  53. ポーンズ

    ポーンズ日 前

    楽しみすぎる 楽しみすぎて‥ 杉になったわね‥🏝

  54. ツインテールラブ

    ツインテールラブ日 前


  55. Tony Nes'

    Tony Nes'日 前

    Could someone tell me what music is playing near the end of the video ?

  56. なな

    なな日 前


  57. BarKnock

    BarKnock日 前

    Why does it say Navi for Futaba instead of Oracle?

  58. ネク桜花

    ネク桜花日 前


  59. Small Fry

    Small Fry日 前

    Is this jojo part 6

  60. Mushroom Balloon

    Mushroom Balloon日 前

    The lyrics at the end break me... I guess The Phantom Thieves plan to “RIIIISE UP” just like the GAMERS did back the days of yore.

  61. ポッポ

    ポッポ日 前


  62. ポッポ

    ポッポ日 前


  63. ポッポ

    ポッポ日 前


  64. ポッポ

    ポッポ日 前


  65. Will

    Will日 前

    Atlus please. My wallet can’t take this much p5

  66. Nicodemus Edwards

    Nicodemus Edwards日 前

    I hope there’s a secret ending for the game where you finally get a date with Sae. Like... with some insane requirements

  67. Leiyah Ong

    Leiyah Ong日 前

    Fuck now i have to decide if i should save up for scramble or royale

  68. inkiidonut

    inkiidonut日 前

    take my heart? more like take my wallet

  69. Cardinal

    Cardinal日 前

    WOW so much better than royal op.

  70. Veemo Persona-Fived.

    Veemo Persona-Fived.日 前

    I've been looking at the trailer. And there are some pretty cool things going on in it. Like where the PT are, somewhere behind them before they point to their codenames, you can see it spray-painted onto the wall. The only exception to this is Morgana, because there's Alibaba's symbol instead, and behind that, it says "Persona 5 Scramble". Also it's pretty obvious that the guy with two guns is Zenkichi. I mean, com on, people

  71. Sammy SawShank

    Sammy SawShank日 前

    Still waiting on that US release

  72. Archangelous3003

    Archangelous30032 日 前

    What is that sick guitar from that kicks in at about 3:22???

  73. ひざうら

    ひざうら2 日 前


  74. クラユキ

    クラユキ2 日 前


  75. Ender

    Ender2 日 前

    I'm actually scared, Mona didn't get an introduction in the OP and instead of being introduced he hits a sign and drops dead-

  76. ReviewЩик

    ReviewЩик2 日 前

    2:10 Did he just stealed Vergils JUDGEMENT CUT!?

  77. jdewfiez

    jdewfiez2 日 前

    youtube is weird

  78. まだま

    まだま2 日 前


  79. Tut Kk

    Tut Kk2 日 前

    1:13 who is that black pirate???

  80. Xion

    Xion2 日 前


  81. DIO Brando

    DIO Brando2 日 前

    They baton passed joker's phone

  82. アブ信者あーう

    アブ信者あーう2 日 前


  83. Sean Desvarro

    Sean Desvarro2 日 前

    0:34 im not gonna lie the gun mechanics look awful

  84. ポッポ

    ポッポ2 日 前


  85. ポッポ

    ポッポ2 日 前


  86. ポッポ

    ポッポ2 日 前


  87. Blade Bolt

    Blade Bolt2 日 前

    0:17 morgana fucking dies.

  88. Salvation

    Salvation2 日 前

    Makoto is best girl! That's it, that's the comment.

  89. 屋根裏の英雄

    屋根裏の英雄2 日 前




    Life will change

  91. えいたる

    えいたる2 日 前


  92. senpaitorri

    senpaitorri2 日 前

    Singing this everyday until I learn the lyrics before the game comes out. ❤️

  93. Gizemli savaşçı

    Gizemli savaşçı2 日 前

    Joker kills all enemies with a one persona move Navi:Omg Panther:What Skull:FOR REAL?! Fox:This is... Queen:Huh?! Noir:Unbelieveble! Voilet:Nani?!

  94. Gizemli savaşçı

    Gizemli savaşçı2 日 前

    Why only we are seening name first of phantom striker version?

  95. Raul CA

    Raul CA2 日 前

    This game looks great. I will definitely buy it.

  96. eligamerman

    eligamerman2 日 前

    Atlus, you are champions at making these title screen openers!

  97. Jared Alonso Casco Cruz

    Jared Alonso Casco Cruz2 日 前

    So... This means Joker is actually Sho Minusaki from that Persona 4 Fighting game?

  98. Not Doodle

    Not Doodle2 日 前

    The live replay is just the American and Japanese audience rejoicing over the new game

  99. Kawsay

    Kawsay2 日 前

    * Aún recuerdo cuando terminó siendo este juego el que llegaría a Nintendo Switch en lugar del Persona 5 Royal. * Sin embargo, por lo mostrado, terminó por llamarme la atención más que la primera entrega. * Me gustan bastante los RPG; pero... en estos últimos años... le he agarrado más gusto a los ARPG. Debido a ello, veo a esta entrega como si fuera la anterior solo que tiene un cambio en la jugabilidad xD.

  100. Whitley Johnson

    Whitley Johnson2 日 前

    no goro no hype