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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.

The Garden - Sink
The Garden - Dumpster
Greer - "Song For Me"
Raised Fist - "Venomous"
Teenage Wrist - "Mary"
Culture Abuse - "Calm E"
Remo Drive - "Romeo"
Save Face - "Bummer"
The Menzingers - "Anna"
  1. Dulahmomma

    Dulahmomma日 前

    Wow I still listen to this song definitely reminds me of my Rawr days Nostalgic af!

  2. Marc 188

    Marc 188日 前

    sounds like a linkin park type track .

  3. JayRacoOn

    JayRacoOn日 前

    Hey im here in 2020 and im alone

  4. Rak

    Rak日 前

    my dad told me to listen to this song not knowing this is just a different version, and then i showed him the original and woowee was he shocked

  5. animeloverr1998

    animeloverr1998日 前

    I felt the whole song but then the end dahm that hits me really hard *goosebumps*

  6. Eve Of Spring

    Eve Of Spring日 前

    My favorite Lotus song.

  7. Fernsauce Diaz

    Fernsauce Diaz日 前

    This song makes me wanna cry so many good memories as a teen thank you MCS 🙏❤

  8. Angel C

    Angel C日 前

    Oh shit~ that got awkwardly good..

  9. Nindroidgamer110

    Nindroidgamer110日 前

    The original was full of anger, this is full of despair and sadness. Both reflecting the lyrics beautifully.

  10. Disaster_Rae

    Disaster_Rae日 前

    Holy shit. I didn’t know Ronnie could even play piano, THIS IS EPIC!!

  11. Kinky Cupcake

    Kinky Cupcake日 前

    I just cant even it's so beautiful. I can relate to this song at this moment in my life. This is a beautiful masterpiece. I'm going through a hard time at the moment and this song relates to it at the moment, its getting me through some shit

  12. Laura C. Trespalacios

    Laura C. Trespalacios日 前

    could've hired a better actress though.

  13. kwood14023

    kwood14023日 前

    I died when I saw Corey Taylor. This song is everything! Seriously 😍❤😍👐

  14. Jessica Gonzalez

    Jessica Gonzalez日 前

    Edward Scissorhands vibe ✂️😯

  15. monika chia

    monika chia日 前

    iamx vibes

  16. Phanic! with the yeEmø

    Phanic! with the yeEmø日 前

    I love this !!!!

  17. Ceth Senpari

    Ceth Senpari日 前


  18. Teresa Evans

    Teresa Evans日 前

    I love it

  19. Max

    Max日 前


  20. David Wheeler

    David Wheeler日 前

    I like how they put the girl from the original album cover in the video.

  21. Vilified

    Vilified日 前

    Can we get Situations next?

  22. Zero_Thenik

    Zero_Thenik日 前

    So good up until the screaming FeelsBadMan

  23. MrsGrimcredible caceres

    MrsGrimcredible caceres日 前

    I wish I could go back to this time. I’ve been listening to him since escape the fate

  24. Ali Pie

    Ali Pie日 前

    Maybe he went to "prison" because he was being reprogrammed into this guy. All new material and image. MKultra y'all.

  25. w0ddle

    w0ddle日 前

    Am I the only one who learned this song from their older emo sister when they were a kid

  26. Il Tech lI

    Il Tech lI日 前

    The courtroom scene is the same courtroom as the drug in me is you

  27. Andrew Moses

    Andrew Moses日 前

    FBI got fucked up

  28. Juana Cardoza

    Juana Cardoza日 前

    I love how he re did this it’s so touching and he’s such a talent and he can pull songs off like no other especially wen he mixes rap into heavy rock he’s so badass!! He’s coming back even harder

  29. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat日 前

    2k20 Anyone ? 🎵 2k20 Alguém? 🇧🇷🎵

  30. Shaggy23

    Shaggy23日 前

    I really love this! I love how you can take a song and change the style and make it both work. I bet it was really fun to mess around with this project. I wrote a song years ago and always heard it in a popish style, but this year I changed the style to a grunge song.

  31. Connor Woods

    Connor Woods日 前

    This version reminds me of Blue October. I don't know why.

  32. ROXAS

    ROXAS日 前

    this is the most beautiful thing i ever seen in my life

  33. Phil Cleal

    Phil Cleal日 前

    A reimagined album would be so good, this version is unreal


    INADAZE日 前

    Nice... INADAZE \m/

  35. Karina Balam

    Karina Balam日 前

    Creo que a Ronnie le gusta alguna artista del kpop jajajaja

  36. Mars2Marissa

    Mars2Marissa日 前

    Ahhh, I'm in love... The vocals, lyrics, backing track, visuals, everything! Thank you Falling in Reverse, words can not express:'-)

  37. Tuel Xplore

    Tuel Xplore日 前

    Jason Thrisk I miss and love you bro! Sorry things went south

  38. Dragy Chu EX

    Dragy Chu EX日 前


  39. Desirexxdarkxvon

    Desirexxdarkxvon日 前


  40. Jeffrey Natasha

    Jeffrey Natasha日 前

    In the song Popular Monster when Ronnie sings "where the fuck is your God now" the answer is right here. Ronnie is a fucking music God!

  41. HeavenHasEvanesced

    HeavenHasEvanesced日 前

    To think this band started in the late seventies.

  42. Aspynn Schroeder

    Aspynn Schroeder日 前

    Anyone else notice the fake teeth, prob from Popular Monster?

  43. Nicole

    Nicole日 前

    E adesso mi faccio scoppiare le orecchie

  44. benjo carmona

    benjo carmona日 前

    Now he sung like Lucifer Morningstar hahahaha

  45. MixxinBittz

    MixxinBittz日 前

    oh how ronnie's voice has evolved..

  46. aaron jackson

    aaron jackson日 前

    I’m in love with this version

  47. Walter Ω Omegael

    Walter Ω Omegael日 前


  48. jorwin Muñoz

    jorwin Muñoz日 前

    El men del principio tiene la voz de lolito xdxdxd

  49. David Evan

    David Evan日 前

    The new version is better in my opinion but i still love this one too

  50. Pure Blood

    Pure Blood日 前

    I'm banging H nd blasting a boulder to this song 😍

  51. Mélodie Meunier

    Mélodie Meunier日 前

    Wow! The meaning of the song totally changed with this new way of singing it 👌🏻

  52. No Cover Charge

    No Cover Charge日 前

    Real Punks are not communist leftist... they are for freedom ...freedom to be who you want ...The left hates Freedom

  53. Salem D.

    Salem D.日 前

    This is so fucking great. I'm 55 but now a fan. Hope you guys come to Germany sometimes 🎸😝

  54. Brandon Machin

    Brandon Machin日 前

    When is Radke going to get some recogfuckingnition? Who else is doing what he’s doing? This and he is what’s left and what’s best of the artistic soul of rock/poppunk/metal. Great fucking respect.

  55. Elizabeth Stuhlreyer

    Elizabeth Stuhlreyer日 前

    Here are a few replay buttons 0:00 4:50 4:10 Youre welcome

  56. eu_hyejin7

    eu_hyejin7日 前

    NO!!! Ronnie, please don't give in!! Have you heard of Skillet?? They went through similar attacks. Please.. I doubt that you'll ever read this but I pray that you do. You and I both know this song is much more than it seems. There is ALWAYS hope as long as you breath, you CAN be free.. please don't give in. If you have no strength to fight for yourself then find the strenght to fight for your daughter!

  57. leadhesh

    leadhesh日 前

    I cried at the ending. emotional performances

  58. Tristan S.

    Tristan S.日 前

    Oh my fucking god...

  59. James Macri

    James Macri日 前

    Ronnie you are a musical genius you will never be forgotten

  60. Lanny Bxtch

    Lanny Bxtch日 前

    Sing this song like the original over Ronnie’s voice in this and it sounds like bootiful harms 😍

  61. Tronald Dump

    Tronald Dump日 前

    It’s a me-a, Mario

  62. Andrielle Soares

    Andrielle Soares日 前

    Sisu, universidades para todos..

  63. Stephany Arguelles

    Stephany Arguelles2 日 前


  64. Jasheh West

    Jasheh West2 日 前

    Bro really like 3 diffrent music genres

  65. Frenesí

    Frenesí2 日 前


  66. Ivan: cosas de metal rock

    Ivan: cosas de metal rock2 日 前


  67. Kat Pick

    Kat Pick2 日 前

    I've been listening to this since it came out...I still get goosebumps every time

  68. ryan martin

    ryan martin2 日 前

    2 things: 1. Hatebreed is opening for THESE GUYS?! 2. This has to be one of the most boring songs I've ever heard in my entire life.

  69. Ivy Stewart

    Ivy Stewart2 日 前

    Didn’t really feel it until “I’ve lost my goddamn mind...” ❤️

  70. Merida_66

    Merida_662 日 前

    It's like magic 💚💚💚

  71. Fromasta 500

    Fromasta 5002 日 前


  72. Tyler Wcislo

    Tyler Wcislo2 日 前

    hey just a retired scene kid passing through reflecting on the past

  73. Nitrous_dash

    Nitrous_dash2 日 前

    why am I crying T_T

  74. sue smith

    sue smith2 日 前

    You one hell of a demon and that tired my ass out ✌️

  75. King Fargo

    King Fargo2 日 前

    I remember buying the dolphin shirt with the intestines on it. Didn’t know anything about them lol.

  76. Beer Adventure Diaries

    Beer Adventure Diaries2 日 前

    I know it's the same song lyric wise, even sung by the same person, But everything about it is different. If I didn't know...i wouldn't know its the same. I really like the lyrics, they speak to me now, but the original felt so much different. It's like growing up with a song , you're both older now. more mature. You're the same person but nothing about you is the same. You had a message all those years ago, but now you can actually express the depth behind the words.

  77. Bilbo T Baggins

    Bilbo T Baggins2 日 前

    Why is andy dick in this video lmao

  78. Kalli Smith

    Kalli Smith2 日 前

    this is everything ive ever wanted and didnt even know it

  79. Sean Milligan

    Sean Milligan2 日 前

    Damn .... I fuckin love this🖤

  80. Tanasmom

    Tanasmom2 日 前

    This is AMAZING !!!! He's so talented !!!

  81. reilly roberts

    reilly roberts2 日 前

    This version send shivers Down my spine even more than the original

  82. fortnite boomer

    fortnite boomer2 日 前

    Ronnie is a LEGAND.His songs are a work of ART.

  83. KISHIXD •

    KISHIXD •2 日 前

    Una epoca perfecta para hacer la cancion con la modelo del album Ya que Ronie ya le pega a los 36 años (creo) Y me imagino que la modelo igual o un poco menos (Pero a lo que me refiero es mejor ahorita que cuando esten viejos xD) Y si para los niños ratas 36 a 40 es estar medio joven todabia

  84. Abigail

    Abigail2 日 前

    Me encantó la del 2011, pero está la amé

  85. Jaidon Ontiveros

    Jaidon Ontiveros2 日 前

    Is that son doobie?

  86. Tim Leslie

    Tim Leslie2 日 前

    I love the 808 so much

  87. Steezy bleezy

    Steezy bleezy2 日 前

    I randomly met Jeremy waking down the street at Pomona On my way to the venue to go see Joyce manor, such a chill dude . He was just walking all alone all casual and shit i think I scared him a little when I asked for a picture cuz I got too excited 😂

  88. Black Bird

    Black Bird2 日 前

    Too sick

  89. Tasty Toast

    Tasty Toast2 日 前

    on fucking repeat

  90. Katherine Holtz

    Katherine Holtz2 日 前

    I am continually surprised by his ever evolving talent.

  91. Diana G

    Diana G2 日 前

    haven't been a fan for too long so I don't have memories linked to the original version, but i do have memories linked to similar songs made by similar bands. and this feels like just adulting. it's knowing the lyrics, being happy that you still remember, but you know you have changed. you look at yourself and think how happy those times were. it's remembering who you were. and singing along, sweetly, because even though you love the present time, you somehow feel nostalgic about those "glory days".

  92. Matty Green

    Matty Green2 日 前

    funny that the kid is like 14 but all his classmates are in their 20s lol

  93. Emily Payne

    Emily Payne2 日 前

    Who else remembers it “meant to be helped” instead of here?

  94. jennyfer o'banion

    jennyfer o'banion2 日 前

    If there were ever a song to describe my personality this is it

  95. JOHNNIE Boyyyz

    JOHNNIE Boyyyz2 日 前

    I love this song👌

  96. JOHNNIE Boyyyz

    JOHNNIE Boyyyz2 日 前

    Did Ronnie just say he is a Child rapist? 😂

  97. Fatalactions67

    Fatalactions672 日 前

    Fucking yes!

  98. Crystal Moore

    Crystal Moore2 日 前

    i must admit most of these views... are mine

  99. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee2 日 前

    His "future daughter" is sooooooo fucking sexy!! 🤤

  100. Nurve Damage

    Nurve Damage2 日 前

    Kylo Ren read Anne Rice then wrote this tune...I'm digging it...