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  1. khjfreddy

    khjfreddy19 秒 前

    Mercedes: We have the best car on the grid which we massively upgrade every race and our strategies are perfect Ferrari: UNO REVERSE CARD

  2. saeed atenzi

    saeed atenzi分 前

    Driver of the day: safety car

  3. Jan-Tim Harder

    Jan-Tim Harder2 分 前

    RacingPoint: We need to stop on track, we need to stop on track. Perez: Were is the worst position possible? 🤯

  4. Acerbane

    Acerbane2 分 前

    So Charles believes only he is allowed to win races now? He is easily the most unlikeable person in F1 today.

  5. MrRagusa76

    MrRagusa762 分 前

    Is an F1 race or a tyre endurance challenge?

  6. khjfreddy

    khjfreddy2 分 前

    Mercedes: We have the best car on the grid which we massively upgrade every race and our strategies are perfect Ferrari: *UNO REVERSE CARD*

  7. James Riley

    James Riley3 分 前

    Happy to see Gasly back on it. I think this shows however that he’s an incredible midfield racer but isn’t suited to the top team cars.

  8. trife86

    trife864 分 前

    I down vote everything that is not good for daniil kayviat

  9. Tinyboss

    Tinyboss4 分 前

    Glad to see them focusing on the midfield battles a lot more

  10. [aluminium panther]

    [aluminium panther]4 分 前

    Grosjean tried to shut the door on Russell from behind, Russell tried to kick it down from inside. It ends predictably. Grosjean should have backed off though.

  11. Mike Makboul

    Mike Makboul4 分 前

    Why is there people talking shit about leclerc? He did what Vettel could not do for a long time and that thing is WINNING. DUH

  12. Luan Gaspar

    Luan Gaspar5 分 前

    Por que Singapura está no calendário da F1 e imola não está?

  13. syakugannoikamusume

    syakugannoikamusume5 分 前

    The school child who shows a hot temper

  14. Sgefreaky Frankfurt

    Sgefreaky Frankfurt5 分 前

    Why didnt you show the blistering restart from Vettel after the third safety car? Was like kind of race deciding because there was immediatly the one second gap.

  15. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman6 分 前

    #42 on trending

  16. Rafael Oliveira

    Rafael Oliveira7 分 前

    If leclerc with an alfa romeo was strong, imagine this year with a Ferrari.

  17. Connor Moroney

    Connor Moroney7 分 前

    Forza Ferrari!

  18. Ryel Banfield

    Ryel Banfield8 分 前

    Antonio 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  19. Hatchepsut

    Hatchepsut8 分 前

    what a boring race, the race was set up by the pit stops, and then after the pit stops we get 3 safety cars and no racing. When are we gonna bring up the safety car problem when we talk about good racing and passing, that was a joke of a race. zero fights at the front wtf.

  20. Oscar Egbogu

    Oscar Egbogu8 分 前

    Seb had a quick out lap and nailed the under cut to Lewis but also to Leclerc. Please tell me, what does Leclerc expect to have happened? For a fast car not to go fast? He is such a big baby. Its not like Ferrari pitted Seb when Lclerc was pacing from the front. Just what does leclerc expect to have happened?? Its not even like he is fighting for the title or any such. Why does he feel he should be prioritized for the win? He even had a quicker pit stop than Seb. He just expected a 4 times WDC to park up and wait for him? On a human level, Seb has been trying to find form, however he still helped Leclerc in Monza and Spa. And in Monza where Leclerc was supposed to return the favour, he ruined Seb's hot lap in order to maintain pole. But here he somehow expects everything to be stacked in his favour. Lost a lot of respect for Leclerc. The media will do all his bidding of course, but Seb's victory is thoroughly deserved and Leclerc simply needs to grow up.

  21. Fel24 Smash Bros

    Fel24 Smash Bros8 分 前

    Just a question, when was the last time an Italian led a Grand Prix

  22. Vale Ventu

    Vale Ventu9 分 前

    Finalmente il cazzone Vettel ha vinto una gara.spero sia la prima e l ultima,per questo scherzo di pilota.forza Charles.

  23. Carlos Oruna

    Carlos Oruna9 分 前

    Vettel is historia. F1 is bullshit. Advanced cheating. No rules. Displacement or fuel consumption limits. That's it. I would say fuel limits. That's it.

  24. OAKs AONP

    OAKs AONP9 分 前

    I predicted this result yesterday after qualifying. If only I had out money in it .

  25. Orange Buffoon

    Orange Buffoon9 分 前

    Yawn... Little too late Ferrari!

  26. Ryel Banfield

    Ryel Banfield10 分 前

    Pierre really looked so happy 😄

  27. Yusof Sarangani

    Yusof Sarangani11 分 前

    Serves you right, Leclerc. In the last race, you refused to tug Vettel, when he did for you, just because you wanted pole position so bad. Instead, you went along with that shambolic qualifying in Italy, because you were so petty.

  28. Mitchell-Wallis Force

    Mitchell-Wallis Force11 分 前

    Dude outdoes himself and doesn't even make a scene about it and yet he still gets hated on. Also, Charles HAS to understand the circumstances. If Seb did as Seb usually does nowadays (bottles it), then Leclerc would be out front, win, and the circlejerk would continue. But Seb, after disappointing the team and himself so many times, flipped a switch and just drove. Hard. His Gasly overtake did it for me. He was determined to prove that those 52 wins and 4 championships weren't flukes or down to car pace. He wanted to show he IS a champion. This might be the first step Vettel takes to full recovery. Real talk tho, Hamilton should have won that race. The fact that Merc didn't IMMEDIATELY box him when Vettel pitted, and (I'll get a lotta flak for this, but hey-ho) Lewis didn't have that 'killer instinct' everyone bashes Bottas for not having, were what cost both Merc and HAM this race. HAM could have assaulted Leclerc about 6-7 laps in, when nobody would be expecting it. If it works, he gets to ride around at the point and build that gap to the midfield that was needed to safely make a stop. If not, pit when Vettel did and come out ahead of Hulk (this is where Merc themselves screwed the pooch. HAM was only just in front of Seb, so it WOULD have worked, no question). Utter choke by both HAM and Merc, and somehow we're all bashing Ferrari for not letting Leclerc win.

  29. Nelson Thoo

    Nelson Thoo11 分 前

    Sebastian Vettel finally brought back his confidence. Congrats to Vettle

  30. Luca Sousa

    Luca Sousa12 分 前

    We get a 1-2 Ferrari and people all worried about the pit stop thing? Man, i guess i am simple person and can fully enjoy the results.

  31. Hector Fabio Ruiz Gomez

    Hector Fabio Ruiz Gomez13 分 前


  32. cr2nr

    cr2nr13 分 前

    Go Honda!!!!!

  33. Pro Turtle

    Pro Turtle13 分 前

    Sand they contact

  34. Raiders

    Raiders14 分 前

    Will said Ricciardo's Quali advantage was 1 millionth of a second, it's actually a 1000th of a second.

  35. Grumzz

    Grumzz14 分 前

    Bring back refuelling . all this slow racing to maintain tire wear is fucking boring.

  36. Maksim 88

    Maksim 8815 分 前

    Well Vettel didnt do much he won not because of he's driving skills he didn't do any mistakes and the big part of it was undercut better pit strategy. All he had to do was manage normal pace to not let Lec. close where he did play he's role werry well. + Merc. Fucked up with strategy what made them leave the pits 4th and 5th. Anyway at the end of the day Vettel: lucky + bit of skill Leclerc: for me!! Todays race winner Max: Max always to the Max Hamilton: Rip strategy. Bottas: Valtteri this is James Albon: doing well Norris: best of the rest. Gasly: not 12-16 place Hulk: Smash Gio: my driver of the day Gro: ... Sai: a bit of comeback Stroll: + 2 000 000 $ today Ric: shit happends Kvjat: shit happends Kub: ahead of Haas Mag: shit happends Raikkonen: mwoah Perez: engine happends Russell: Grosjean happends Anyway this was fun race to watch 3 safety cars wow.

  37. Grumzz

    Grumzz16 分 前

    Looks like we found another cry baby on the track. some people just dont know when they have a good thing.

  38. kevin Guo

    kevin Guo16 分 前

    I can taste the salt all the way from Canada

  39. Random Task

    Random Task16 分 前

    Well done Seb. But you should buy compliant Gasly a few beers. Could have easily been disastrous headlines...

  40. Юлия Аманда

    Юлия Аманда16 分 前

    "Is good to see him BACK!" Yeeesssss 😍🏆😍🏆😍🏆

  41. Alex Navarro Iñesta

    Alex Navarro Iñesta17 分 前

    fuck you Ferrari

  42. diksha chugh

    diksha chugh17 分 前


  43. Xawesomw

    Xawesomw17 分 前

    Why does JPgo consider this gaming?

  44. GMC

    GMC18 分 前

    How Vettel Secured Victory Over Leclerc Maybe mention that Vettel made up over 4 seconds of deficit to Leclerc through his in-lap, pit lane negotiation and out-lap. The undercut was considerable, but Sebastian exploited it to the fullest, even with a slower stationary time in the pits, when compared to Charles.

  45. Pirata Sports

    Pirata Sports18 分 前

    Hey Charles, remember Monza qualifying?

  46. Marcelo Espinola

    Marcelo Espinola18 分 前

    And some people want Ocon in Mercedes... if they do this to Bottas, imagine with Ocon...

  47. Scott W04

    Scott W0418 分 前

    I guess you could say Magnussen was had the sand(wich) bags on

  48. Roy Batty

    Roy Batty19 分 前

    14:12 You're welcome :)

  49. GamerGeddon02

    GamerGeddon0219 分 前

    that fucking front wing was such an improvement. even able to fight in the corners now. ferrari is very lucky.

  50. Ramir Duria

    Ramir Duria19 分 前

    Haas need to be held accountable as well if Grosjean ends up killing somebody.

  51. Momen Zaki

    Momen Zaki20 分 前

    Valtteri It’s Bottas

  52. Robert Emerson

    Robert Emerson20 分 前

    I love Ferrari and dislike Racing Point and Williams so this was a stupendous day! LOL

  53. Aldo Oviedo

    Aldo Oviedo21 分 前

    Do you listen to hard bass

  54. speed racer 69

    speed racer 6921 分 前


  55. Dirk Strickland

    Dirk Strickland21 分 前

    The level of maturity displayed by Charles and Max is incredible. They are still so young. Again, unbelievable!

  56. speed racer 69

    speed racer 6922 分 前

    great show Vettel, awesome drive!!! ich liebe Deutschland!

  57. Pallonaado

    Pallonaado23 分 前

    Its James: you need to slow down... Bottas: For tire life? No "teamgame"

  58. Nuno Salvaterra

    Nuno Salvaterra23 分 前

    Baku: I am stupid. Singapore: I won't be stupid for Ferrari.



    And now he is a monster at Super GT

  60. magknight

    magknight23 分 前

    Singapore 2019 but everyone is a torpedo.

  61. Mayhem Mouse

    Mayhem Mouse23 分 前



    BRASIL MG24 分 前


  63. James Crampsey

    James Crampsey24 分 前

    At the end does he not say "I won't be stupid don't worry" ???

  64. BoxerEngineSounds

    BoxerEngineSounds24 分 前

    the 'karting years' you mean like 2 years ago? lol

  65. 루하

    루하24 分 前

    Nice Seb!

  66. Autoroom21

    Autoroom2126 分 前

    Seriously fuck Vettel

  67. Akio M

    Akio M26 分 前


  68. Hpesoj Ogladih

    Hpesoj Ogladih27 分 前

    Thank God finally Seb won a race and a 1-2 Ferrari.

  69. Thyassasin99

    Thyassasin9927 分 前


  70. Louis Browne

    Louis Browne27 分 前

    The scrap in F1.5 was so fascinating to watch, the top 6 barely had any action

  71. Graham Sowerby

    Graham Sowerby27 分 前

    Where have Ferrari got all this extra speed recently or why have mercedes suddenly got slower?

  72. Jay Tee

    Jay Tee27 分 前

    P1 Sebastian.. P1! Whoot

  73. athalah caesar khalfani

    athalah caesar khalfani28 分 前

    Gasly is more competitive with toro rosso unlike when he on red bull

  74. Vee A.

    Vee A.28 分 前

    Charles shouldn’t expect Seb to do him any favors after that Spa qualifying...🤷🏽‍♀️

  75. M M

    M M28 分 前

    Grosjean is just so bad

  76. Schlomo Shekelsteeler

    Schlomo Shekelsteeler29 分 前

    Forza Ferrari!!!! Vaffanculo Mercedes!!! :P

  77. kinder mount

    kinder mount29 分 前

    i want to trigger merc fans boy , but i think they already triggered with the result tho, so thats enough for me. LOL

  78. Mark Dooley

    Mark Dooley29 分 前

    Lewis now coasting? Just doing enough to get his 6th? Hmm. Won't go down as a great championship if he does that for the rest of the season. He was timid today behind Max.

  79. Max Filip

    Max Filip29 分 前

    FUCKING SPOILER NOOOOOOOOOOOO! "How Vettel bested Leclerc" or something would have been 10000% better since I was just about to sit down and watch the race :/ Why did I click the goddamn bell...

  80. Marcos Marques

    Marcos Marques30 分 前

    Tava torcendo por vc!

  81. Splashzyy

    Splashzyy31 分 前

    leclerc is just so fast what is going on with this man

  82. Marcos Marques

    Marcos Marques31 分 前

    Valeu Sebastian é nós!👍💥

  83. Unbekannter User

    Unbekannter User31 分 前

    Rambo 5/ Dedektiv Pikachu Full movie English/German🔥🔥🔥

  84. Rafael Lima

    Rafael Lima32 分 前

    I hope Vettel gets even more motivated after tasting victory again. It will be good for the sport and the public plus a top driver competing for victories.

  85. Ruggero Piazza

    Ruggero Piazza32 分 前

    I hope Bottas gets extra money every time James call him on the radio...

  86. Rye 1986

    Rye 198632 分 前

    Settle your kettle, Vettel fanatical.

  87. LimerKs

    LimerKs34 分 前

    0:50 because of their sitting position I thought Russel is holding the other guy in a very romantic way ;)

  88. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower34 分 前

    WOW really? It was also because he moved through the track WAY faster than LeClerc did. Vettel's a beast overtaker and he showed it!!!

  89. Vicious Fluffy

    Vicious Fluffy34 分 前

    Everybody: wow amazing ferrari Mercedes engineer's: working on 2020 car since two months.

  90. Benjamin Vivian-Smith

    Benjamin Vivian-Smith34 分 前

    Looks like it was a good race.

  91. Jackie Tang

    Jackie Tang35 分 前

    Sebastian got the pee wan!

  92. Davon Mulder

    Davon Mulder35 分 前

    That midfield tho!

  93. Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack35 分 前

    Good to hear Will doing the interviews again, not that 10year old child from last time

  94. Ego adiuvabo te

    Ego adiuvabo te35 分 前

    nobody in the comment section talks about 3 place for max! he did a great job to you know!

  95. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower35 分 前

    STILL Hilfiger Hamilton advertisements....

  96. Ryzo Fi

    Ryzo Fi36 分 前

    Vet so selfish

  97. Mugshot Marley

    Mugshot Marley37 分 前

    George had the line and was infront of Grosjean. Grosjesn's defense of no where to go because of a wall to his left is incorrect. He couldve gotten off throttle and backed off. He didn't have the line and was behind

  98. Vince D.

    Vince D.37 分 前

    I will only say ferrari got their shit together if they become competitive in russia. But I know this was no fluke.

  99. Ralonso

    Ralonso37 分 前

    I'd liked to have seen Toto Wolff's face with 2 Ferraris on the podium and NO Mercedes on it.

  100. haifishtime

    haifishtime37 分 前

    Didn't Stroll or someone lead for a lap or two in Germany?