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  1. Leif Kroeger

    Leif Kroeger分 前

    Which games will have cross-play support?

  2. j c

    j c3 分 前

    Are the skins cool? Yes Is it a shitty event? Also yes

  3. Dazed

    Dazed4 分 前

    They could've easily made this a terrorist hunt event and had it be a real heist

  4. Avac

    Avac9 分 前

    Thanks Ubisoft for just giving us hostage again

  5. AnimeDude

    AnimeDude13 分 前


  6. Quantonian Gamer [U-FUR]

    Quantonian Gamer [U-FUR]15 分 前

    For a good few seconds from start of 0:29 sounds like the sort of music youd hear in the old Modern Warfares

  7. Dany Lepage

    Dany Lepage17 分 前

    Oh look! Another timed event that i wont be able to experience!!

  8. Major Tom

    Major Tom59 分 前

    Am i the only one thinks ne theme park lost original feelong? new one looks like abandon chinese restaurant

  9. SUPREME Weeder Snoke

    SUPREME Weeder Snoke時間 前

    Plastic grenades Boom

  10. StahliBoi

    StahliBoi時間 前

    So when can we build custom maps.

  11. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos時間 前


  12. veretx nerd

    veretx nerd時間 前


  13. theshining endereye

    theshining endereye時間 前

    No packs No special game mode And you have to buy the event things This is just hostage something that would have been better is if they have to plant a drill on the safe and steal money that would be like better

  14. •김정은

    •김정은時間 前

    This event is so bad tho u like only play hostage with trash casuals and the hostage has a mask lol

  15. Revqn

    Revqn時間 前

    So basically hostage with a reskin

  16. BlackLister

    BlackLister時間 前

    Lol who cares if he can hold his breath underwater.

  17. Lazarcorn

    Lazarcorn時間 前

    I gotta question if you have hibana elite and you get mvp in this mode do you do the elite animation

  18. Jamel George

    Jamel George時間 前

    So, Ubisoft made Black Manta and ol girl from the Mercenaries games? I like it. A lot.

  19. Chernobyl the wolf

    Chernobyl the wolf時間 前

    South Koreans but they are actually Italian partisans

  20. Swampy Bogard

    Swampy Bogard時間 前

    Making of the new theme park and operators: Recyled assets.

  21. drink bleach

    drink bleach時間 前

    Another uncessacary rework that no one asked for

  22. Eagle Animations

    Eagle Animations時間 前

    When are you gonna make another free weekend because i really want to play this game

  23. Game Machine

    Game Machine時間 前

    Just one word : trash

  24. mayonez 5757

    mayonez 5757時間 前

    When the are we gonna get israel ?

  25. Scardonyx

    Scardonyx2 時間 前

    Everyone either TKs or shoots the hostage, terrible mode with somehow more toxicity than casual or ranked. Anyone else find the menu music 10x louder than the game music as well?

  26. Reinhart Jed

    Reinhart Jed2 時間 前

    Yeah been rework pls

  27. Z L M

    Z L M2 時間 前

    2:53 RIP the lord 😭😭

  28. Volvic Natürliches Mineralwasser

    Volvic Natürliches Mineralwasser2 時間 前

    Kali most o.p OP in ranked. You should not peek her if she is holding an angle. We all know what will happen in ranked.

  29. ToxicSkull0

    ToxicSkull02 時間 前

    Ubisoft really likes their red dots

  30. Nick Sparrow Studios

    Nick Sparrow Studios2 時間 前

    Lol... my grandma loves that show...showed her the event and now she approves R6S lmao



    Me sees event without watching video . Oh nice . Plays one match . Oh ... Back to modern warfare till the new operation comes out

  32. YoyoChin B

    YoyoChin B2 時間 前

    Some parts of this doesnt look animated, its amazing

  33. Gabo Vnzla

    Gabo Vnzla2 時間 前

    lazy event... just a skin and hostage clothes..

  34. basic

    basic2 時間 前

    legit how old do u have to be to watch dis?!

  35. ToastyCat Toast

    ToastyCat Toast2 時間 前

    Excuse me Ubisoft can I please get some free renown I really want Mozzie

  36. Svide

    Svide2 時間 前

    " we want alternatives for ops" "so we went with Wamai for jager and Kali for Thatcher" >Kali an alternative for thatcher Someone wanna tell them who she really replaced?

  37. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat2 時間 前

    Now let’s talk about kali gun skins

  38. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg2 時間 前

    Very underwhelming

  39. NICHI

    NICHI2 時間 前

    Siege needs another permanent mode. Game is dying and boring

  40. LILKASTOR_13

    LILKASTOR_132 時間 前

    What part is the heist? All I see is hostage

  41. AlphaLeader772

    AlphaLeader7722 時間 前

    they just reskinned the hostage and called it an event.

  42. Leon Eriksson-Arnautovic

    Leon Eriksson-Arnautovic3 時間 前

    the game semes pretty nice hope to see more gameplay soon

  43. Kyoukoo

    Kyoukoo3 時間 前

    This may have had a negative effect for the show

  44. bananaphoneguy

    bananaphoneguy3 時間 前

    This would be way better as a dlc expansion for Payday 2, it looks pretty pathetic for an "event" in R6S

  45. AlphaLeader772

    AlphaLeader7723 時間 前

    Wish they could make bulgarian operators, our country aways gets left out. Wouldn't like our crisis and tough life make a good soldier out of it? My country ain't big, but it used to be really powerful.

  46. Shadow night 226

    Shadow night 2263 時間 前

    Is this a new game

  47. Timo Rizzo

    Timo Rizzo3 時間 前

    why exactly is rainbow marked with "drug reference" in esrb?

  48. Orderis

    Orderis3 時間 前

    Theme park is not a Theme park anymore.

  49. Jeremiah De La Fuente

    Jeremiah De La Fuente3 時間 前

    They should make a defensive operator that has 10-15 rounds of armor piercing bullets as a "gadget" for attacking shield operators

  50. pandoras box

    pandoras box3 時間 前

    You imported part of a casino map from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for that rework

  51. Anchan Mario

    Anchan Mario3 時間 前

    ok let's pretend like hunted part removal was not for Chinese censorship

  52. brice3397

    brice33973 時間 前

    I haven't played Assassin's Creed since Black Flag. Is Odyssey or Origins worth it and which one is better?

  53. 1Ry Ve

    1Ry Ve3 時間 前


  54. FrazZe So2

    FrazZe So24 時間 前

    Mexican ?

  55. DanPH77

    DanPH774 時間 前

    0:37 this woman is an example of one of the many to why the game is terrible now..."writer" huh...sure

  56. DanPH77

    DanPH774 時間 前

    "The magnet system" truly a redefining and unique term for a gadget *wipes tears away* bravo devs BRAVO... -___-

  57. A N G E R Y SlavPotato

    A N G E R Y SlavPotato4 時間 前

    So many missed opportunities The mode is LITERALLY hostage But vigil and hibana wear skins epic wow thanks ubi

  58. Mepert Gaming

    Mepert Gaming4 時間 前

    Is it free permently?

  59. Julle Jjjuu

    Julle Jjjuu4 時間 前

    Cant wait to start banning new ops for the first 2 weeks

  60. Slimee SLATTT

    Slimee SLATTT4 時間 前

    I’m prolly gonna go back to wild lands now

  61. Il vlxzti lI

    Il vlxzti lI4 時間 前

    1:27 1v9?

  62. Abyss Walker

    Abyss Walker4 時間 前

    0:04 Sam Fisher wants to know your location.



    So just hostage and literally zero changes? You have really lost your quality control.

  64. Dicuim

    Dicuim4 時間 前

    Man if y’all really want to have a heist game mode just go play payday

  65. mhYw A

    mhYw A4 時間 前

    I don’t feel like I have a crew. I’m hoping with Ps5 instead the crew 2 the name change to The crew Edition. Mixing the 1st and 2nd together.

  66. znox l

    znox l4 時間 前


  67. Devon Guthrie

    Devon Guthrie5 時間 前

    We not gonna talk about how this guy used red dot instead of acog on hibanna

  68. Cape

    Cape5 時間 前

    Okay soooooo when does it drop ❗️❗️❗️🤷🏾‍♂️

  69. Ivana Buccinna

    Ivana Buccinna5 時間 前

    I have love money heist

  70. Ghost X

    Ghost X5 時間 前

    Ubisoft I'm not gonna lie. I love every event that you launched in siege but this event is nothing special. It's just a hostage mode with only cosmetics of 2 operators that we can't even purchase using renown. I always preferred bomb mode so it might be my first ever event that i doesn't like. Or more like it doesn't even feel like an event. But i understand that it's just a sponsor partnership with Netflix.

  71. Sometimes Saucy

    Sometimes Saucy5 時間 前

    Solo queue playlist

  72. Ion Woja Woja

    Ion Woja Woja5 時間 前

    I wish this had more tbh its just skins

  73. Game Freak

    Game Freak5 時間 前

    Kassandra I LOVE YOU

  74. Nasty Tigerstyle

    Nasty Tigerstyle5 時間 前

    so what is this event? video gives no information. it's just hostage mode on bank.

  75. Revan The No-Life Demon

    Revan The No-Life Demon5 時間 前

    *R1 and Square mashing intensifies*

  76. R3tr0Sp4ce YT

    R3tr0Sp4ce YT5 時間 前

    I heard that South African servers are coming for console this operation because people found them in the Test Servers

  77. Pratdogg's gaming

    Pratdogg's gaming5 時間 前

    Kali doesn't look indian

  78. Dark_Raz3r

    Dark_Raz3r5 時間 前

    Ubi if you read comments, I have an idea for console leaning without ads. You can double click the joysticks and it can make people lean without ads so then every gaming console has a fair advantage of each other. 100 likes and uni has to do it

  79. Everiil Hiroshi

    Everiil Hiroshi5 時間 前

    I think ubi just want to make this an "event" just to thank the movie for letting them use the skins.

  80. Zhydyn Wallace

    Zhydyn Wallace5 時間 前

    Ha age restricted

  81. mynameismatt//firered

    mynameismatt//firered6 時間 前

    Womai reminds me of raiden in mgs2 lol

  82. Swanky

    Swanky6 時間 前


  83. Blurryfeiz Hazard

    Blurryfeiz Hazard6 時間 前


  84. cannedbav

    cannedbav6 時間 前

    This is probably the first time I’ve seen two events in one season

  85. Soggy Pizzas

    Soggy Pizzas6 時間 前

    My Disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

  86. Dark Paladin

    Dark Paladin6 時間 前

    Man what a letdown

  87. НИКОЛАЙ 2-ОЙ

    НИКОЛАЙ 2-ОЙ6 時間 前

    Сделайте нормальный вид а не стриптизёров это не серьёзно бегает мужик в костюме дайвинга и всех убивает и девка в лахмотьях

  88. ItzDJB_123

    ItzDJB_1236 時間 前

    Only two characters with outfits

  89. Louie Serrano

    Louie Serrano6 時間 前

    I kinda regret buying the vigil bundle 🤦‍♂️

  90. o-rly

    o-rly6 時間 前

    ok boomers.

  91. Rovak

    Rovak6 時間 前

    I see that some people don’t read that it’s a promotional event and don’t even know that it’s a Netflix promo and expect it to be a fully developed and separate game mode with tons of skins, it’s just a simple event, as long as they sponsor, they get their payment. Also, you have to watch the series to understand why the objective is to retrieve the hostage instead of a money bag.

  92. Seraphina91

    Seraphina916 時間 前

    It's disapointing... Same stuff as usual... No rewards. You have to pay real money to have cosmetics on 2 operators only.. Welp that sucks

  93. Lauty

    Lauty6 時間 前

    Me: man it's boring Payday gang: HEYA Also me: *CONFUSED MANLY SCREAM*

  94. the Rogue assassin

    the Rogue assassin7 時間 前

    Wu lin weren't the best heroes but damn this is a great fucking trailer


    BRAZYxGODDESS 2037 時間 前

    Fuckin 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    UNKNOWN7 時間 前

    a g g r e s i v e l o o k i n g m a n i n a w e t s u i t


    KIMZ AUTO7 時間 前

    As a Kenyan love that ubi , picked an OP from us❤️

  98. J6Y xx

    J6Y xx7 時間 前

    please have single player option...

  99. Abhijit Zankat

    Abhijit Zankat7 時間 前

    Is this the voice of Altair?????

  100. Supremefrey

    Supremefrey7 時間 前

    WAMAi is not human