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  1. sun dareo

    sun dareo2 分 前

    Dah gila ceweknya ini

  2. Mia Sorre

    Mia Sorre4 分 前

    when it comes at rapping. ... well, Its moonbyul guys.

  3. razanfly ٰ

    razanfly ٰ4 分 前

    فشلتنا تنغف

  4. Amor Mia

    Amor Mia5 分 前

    Thats sweet!😍❤️

  5. Hương Trần

    Hương Trần7 分 前

    Haru❤Dan oh

  6. Ehra Opiana

    Ehra Opiana7 分 前

    Iloveyouuu jk

  7. Hương Trần

    Hương Trần7 分 前

    Dan oh❤Haru

  8. Rojwaa, Nz.

    Rojwaa, Nz.9 分 前

    Kyung being sweet to Danoh and even address her as her fiancé now, I CAN'T SHSHAJSHS 😭

  9. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross10 分 前

    R.I.P. sulli

  10. Sokhiba Abduganieva

    Sokhiba Abduganieva12 分 前

    Which website are you guys watching that movie

  11. Andrea Chen

    Andrea Chen12 分 前

    Magical towel😂

  12. Nae g

    Nae g13 分 前

    Rowoon is really a great actor.. he’s getting all flustered and being pure and innocent i just love him as Haru..

  13. Leora Leo

    Leora Leo13 分 前

    ommo ommo ,poor him. but he to handsome to stop loving🙈🙈.



    13:42 tell me I'm not the only one notice this 😂 I missed him 💔

  15. Breezy Mango

    Breezy Mango17 分 前

    Please writers let Haru and Dan Oh end up together happily!!🙏🙏

  16. around the world with kpop

    around the world with kpop18 分 前

    1:57 chaeyoung is taller than irene

  17. Sone2539

    Sone253918 分 前

    In my country's culture, foot is considered "low" and shouldn't be used against higher body parts (e.g head) because it's rude and highly inappropriate, so if Kyung did that (in my country or to a person of my country), he'd immediately be hated nationwide lol

  18. Breezy Mango

    Breezy Mango19 分 前

    "Regardless of the price I have to pay"... Oh no. What is going to happen to my Haru?

  19. Thalia Viotama

    Thalia Viotama19 分 前

    They're so cute 💖

  20. Maria Von

    Maria Von20 分 前

    Dan oh dresses up, oh u look good Haru comes in a sweater and jeans, you’ve never looked better 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰(he has😂)

  21. nuuramalinaa

    nuuramalinaa21 分 前

    sorry haru but I really want danoh and baek kyung together pleaseeeeeeeeee

  22. Jimin Lover

    Jimin Lover22 分 前

    98%of comments about joy 1% comments about tzuyu 1% comments about sowon

  23. Maria Von

    Maria Von22 分 前

    Awww Haru, his reaction is so innocent as if he doesn’t do this to Dan oh too lol best couple

  24. lirasphere

    lirasphere22 分 前

    Okay but let's talk about how soft Baekkyung talked here UWU

  25. lirasphere

    lirasphere22 分 前

    Baekkyung: "my fiancé" me: fiance my a$$.

  26. Adeline Le Luyer

    Adeline Le Luyer25 分 前

    I am still so obsessed with this choreo ! It’s crazy ! I don’t know how they can be that synchronized :O ! Good job guys !

  27. dagny

    dagny26 分 前

    why y'all want kyung with dan oh 😭😭😭 like i know that he doesn't want be like that but girl likes Haru,,, and Haru is the cutest

  28. MaJoGuMiHo

    MaJoGuMiHo26 分 前

    best part of the episode xDDDD

  29. lirasphere

    lirasphere26 分 前

    Rowoon's clothes are made out of boyfriend material.

  30. crownxoxo

    crownxoxo27 分 前

    Im so confused!! i hope they all get happy endings tho

  31. Micha Acopiado

    Micha Acopiado27 分 前


  32. Leehee Liu

    Leehee Liu27 分 前

    mina mina mina

  33. Crazy Kanmani

    Crazy Kanmani27 分 前

    I loved this drama 😀

  34. lirasphere

    lirasphere27 分 前

    Hyeyoon better have awards this year or ELSE I WILL FIGHT

  35. Anna Jung

    Anna Jung29 分 前

    Innocently flirting.. 😏😏😏

  36. lirasphere

    lirasphere29 分 前


  37. Zuzanna Wieczorek

    Zuzanna Wieczorek29 分 前


  38. BBYUtiful Soo Young

    BBYUtiful Soo Young30 分 前

    For the love of all that is holy and right, just give this woman the best actress award. I really love how she's giving life to her character as Dan Oh specially when shifting emotions on and off the stage. She's very good. 😍😍😍 just look at 0:30

  39. lirasphere

    lirasphere30 分 前

    altogether... SANA ALL.

  40. little_ dreamer

    little_ dreamer31 分 前


  41. Tyas 26

    Tyas 2631 分 前

    Oh nooo, i get second lead syndromeeee... kyunggg😢😢😭

  42. bestchild7

    bestchild732 分 前

    Movie scene... kill me Plsssss

  43. lirasphere

    lirasphere33 分 前

    Are we getting kiss scenes 👉👈 soon?....

  44. Micha Acopiado

    Micha Acopiado33 分 前

    This is going to be a heartbreak series to me. I can see it coming though

  45. Breezy Mango

    Breezy Mango33 分 前

    YES!!! YES!! YES!! Yes!!🎉 You go Haru!! ( fist pumps in the air)😁🤗💪🎉 I love this scene. I felt a bit sad for Baek Kyung with the towel thing, but he totally DESERVED to be pushed into the pool. Yes!!💪🤘 He needs to learn that he can't always get his way at school etc by bullying, being domineering and controlling.

  46. #IRAH 1727

    #IRAH 172733 分 前

    who miss ioi??

  47. Suzieveca Gulaman

    Suzieveca Gulaman34 分 前

    Omo...omoo...cutieee....wow she acting is sooooo deabak..

  48. Ernesto Reina

    Ernesto Reina34 分 前


  49. datinzil cendrawasih

    datinzil cendrawasih36 分 前

    Haru... Ilove you ... Hahaha.. I love haru part in here.. So... Sweet.. But wy... 😭😭 i cannot accept the last haru is gone???? Writer... Please...

  50. Black Paradise

    Black Paradise38 分 前

    I'd love to hear Yuqi's voice getting higher 🥰 she can do it!

  51. Ainz sv

    Ainz sv39 分 前

    Best drama

  52. Ada SD

    Ada SD39 分 前

    Is even legal to perform this 2 songs together?

  53. Shan Karlo

    Shan Karlo39 分 前

    Scenes like this really shows how amazingly quick-witted HaHa is. My ultimate bias in RunningMan ❤️💯

  54. Novita Sari

    Novita Sari40 分 前

    Kim sang kyo you take responsibility bring back my great seungri bring him back 😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Fatin Alam Indah

    Fatin Alam Indah40 分 前


  56. PTdoubleOT

    PTdoubleOT40 分 前

    The best part is how they both immediately knew. He dropped his hand from his face so fast and she just walked right over hahahaha

  57. Stefany Irigoyen

    Stefany Irigoyen40 分 前

    Hyunjin= dead me

  58. mav

    mav40 分 前

    i feel like a Team Haru but Team Kyung

  59. allabout

    allabout41 分 前

    This choreo must be so hard to learn I guess

  60. Anna Jung

    Anna Jung41 分 前

    This is making me so confused, yesterday I want to ship danoh ang Kyung but today I want dahoh ang haro...😍 😍 😍 😍

  61. BINNI빈니

    BINNI빈니43 分 前

    Aaaaaa~ neomu joahae Brooke-a

  62. Lamia Islam

    Lamia Islam44 分 前

    Haru team😍

  63. Rona Magbanua

    Rona Magbanua44 分 前

    editor's pay attention to Gunhoo's babble... he can say alot of german words probably than korean?

  64. datinzil cendrawasih

    datinzil cendrawasih48 分 前

    😫😭😭😭 wae...wae... Wy haru is gone... Sweet2 than gone.. No animnida!!

  65. Alyssa Chavez

    Alyssa Chavez51 分 前

    I'm in tears 😭😭

  66. noana 's

    noana 's52 分 前

    Can i have another haru, i want haru too 😭

  67. Meli Army

    Meli Army53 分 前

    I got u girl same here 😍

  68. Arini Fatmayana arifin

    Arini Fatmayana arifin53 分 前


  69. Hanah Sal

    Hanah Sal55 分 前

    Dan Oh will die not because she has a weak heart but because of Haru's moves. Haru-yah please be careful, our Dan Oh is having mini heart attack everytime you do that 😂 It's like you always want to kiss her 🤣🤣🤣

  70. nuuramalinaa

    nuuramalinaa55 分 前

    I really want baek kyung and danoh together:(

  71. Melissa Sardjo

    Melissa Sardjo57 分 前

    Her voice is so beautiful.

  72. Bembly5

    Bembly558 分 前

    People will start showering love only when it's too late.....

  73. Veronica Oliveiro

    Veronica Oliveiro時間 前

    She’s so talented. She can tailor, paint and make dolls. She can cook too. What a mum!

  74. ติง'ง ลี่

    ติง'ง ลี่時間 前


  75. Ethereal Iris

    Ethereal Iris時間 前

    His zero marks on english, ability to play flute, drawing that you can see in historical drama, and foreshadowing from Sae Mi remark "are you from joseon?". Kinda confirm the theory that Haru and DanOh are from another Manhwa, the historical one. I can't wait for next episode. Even the webtoon doesn't fully translated yet. The raws are 200Won each episode. 😭😭😭😭

  76. AngelZOZ ZO

    AngelZOZ ZO時間 前

    How many times did eun dan oh dropped the towel..

  77. ary1st styowati

    ary1st styowati時間 前


  78. Christian Añasco

    Christian Añasco時間 前

    SongSong days in Descendants of the Sun....

  79. miia bms

    miia bms時間 前

    The 3 first episodes were really something I really thought that I found so rare golden show but then it's started getting really complicated..

  80. ติง'ง ลี่

    ติง'ง ลี่時間 前


  81. Fransiska Febiana

    Fransiska Febiana時間 前

    Please i want full episode too in my country 😭

  82. Rawihah Halim

    Rawihah Halim時間 前

    Don't know whether I should watch this episode. Can already feel the heartbreak.

  83. VJ Ve

    VJ Ve時間 前

    Take back... Take back what? I dont understand...

  84. Jinky Panaligan

    Jinky Panaligan時間 前

    WOW!!! 😯😯😯

  85. Uli Ru

    Uli Ru時間 前

    Dino's smile is brighter than my futute😭😭❤❤

  86. jihoon's wink

    jihoon's wink時間 前

    behind the scenes of this now

  87. yo-priki jeongin

    yo-priki jeongin時間 前

    haechan looks so good here wowww im living

  88. MaryJ

    MaryJ時間 前

    I love this drama😍

  89. Samantha Keys Alfar

    Samantha Keys Alfar時間 前

    R.i.p replay button 0:02

  90. Ancel Farcers

    Ancel Farcers時間 前

    oof wet Lee jae wook 👌

  91. neko1004

    neko1004時間 前

    why does this feels like it's gonna be a sad ending........... *praying for a good one*

  92. eliza makarim

    eliza makarim時間 前


  93. Stella Fantasia

    Stella Fantasia時間 前

    Rowoon keeps giving me heart attacks!!! 💓

  94. jihoon's wink

    jihoon's wink時間 前

    need the behind the scenes of this

  95. Edo Wilfridus

    Edo Wilfridus時間 前

    can someone explain to me why in the last refrain he repeated 'dangsinui hansum' ? the real lyrics should be 'nugungaui hansum'

  96. peachgummy

    peachgummy時間 前

    she just need someone to talk and listen to her..

  97. neko1004

    neko1004時間 前

    Both of them are TOO ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~

  98. Jeon maru Channel

    Jeon maru Channel時間 前

    Kang daniel hwang minhyun❤️❤️❤️❤️

  99. Stephone Cloud

    Stephone Cloud時間 前

    omg...hahahhaa...when 2 funny people in front of our tiger... hahaha

  100. Ain 97

    Ain 97時間 前

    Somin jungkook 😳😳😍