1. Byron Hearns

    Byron Hearns分 前

    The way he threw that rock after them niggas jumped him..😂....the acting skills on key Glock. A-1

  2. Eric Sanders

    Eric Sanders12 分 前

    Glock Dis Dope

  3. 2Tan Quan Lloyd

    2Tan Quan Lloyd21 分 前

    Yeah I like that. 😂😁with the rock

  4. Jay Lew

    Jay Lew39 分 前

    The way he threw the rock as a nerd took me out 😂😭

  5. Vlonemafia

    Vlonemafia40 分 前

    came cause it was on recommended, i ain’t even mad 😳🔥

  6. Anthony Long

    Anthony Long50 分 前

    Motha fucka key urkel in the video

  7. 2liv33 Ja

    2liv33 Ja51 分 前


  8. Just Clas

    Just Clas時間 前


  9. SmokedOutMuzik!

    SmokedOutMuzik!時間 前

    yuhhh! Yuh!

  10. Nik P.

    Nik P.時間 前

    Yellow Tape finna be crazy, can't wait for it man



    ?? 1:07 ??? ?

  12. Wazmo La résistance

    Wazmo La résistance時間 前


  13. EastEastTip RR

    EastEastTip RR時間 前


  14. Elliott Davis

    Elliott Davis時間 前

    Man he’s so Memphis his new stuff has been reminding me of 3six

  15. Tyler T-Raw

    Tyler T-Raw時間 前

    This song needs 100,000,000 views no 🧢🧢🧢🧢NNNn

  16. lex187

    lex1872 時間 前


  17. 100 Proof Juice

    100 Proof Juice2 時間 前


  18. Da Head Coach

    Da Head Coach3 時間 前

    This def bang harder than Da Baby.

  19. Gee Dee

    Gee Dee3 時間 前

    That beat sick

  20. Paper Route Frank

    Paper Route Frank3 時間 前

    this song so good it made me mad 😡🔥

  21. Don Lee

    Don Lee3 時間 前

    Up next?


    ALUMINTINE4 時間 前


  23. Jessica Sammys

    Jessica Sammys4 時間 前

    good song gay asss gucci shirt

  24. CKM OGGY

    CKM OGGY4 時間 前

    Shit fire 💪🏾🌍

  25. D Medley

    D Medley5 時間 前

    this bitch flames

  26. brandley kingston

    brandley kingston5 時間 前

    What a crap men were is da real music

  27. Jordan King

    Jordan King5 時間 前

    Melted 🔥 🔥 🔥 headphones🔊💣🎧🎶

  28. NoOneYou Need2Know

    NoOneYou Need2Know5 時間 前

    Bruh I was wondering why u where wearing that goofy ass fit the other day now it in the music video✅🐐🐐🤣

  29. EpicSTAR Derf

    EpicSTAR Derf6 時間 前

    Заебумба нахуй

  30. Tony Grant

    Tony Grant6 時間 前

    Damn. Hoping for something fresh and original for 2020, but its just more of the same.

  31. Young星

    Young星6 時間 前

    Next DOLPH

  32. Outlet

    Outlet6 時間 前

    Common man you shoulda hierd some one to play that loooooser LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  33. DJ Donka

    DJ Donka6 時間 前


  34. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml7 時間 前

    I saw the thumbnail and thought 'That looks like Memphis'. I skimmed the comments and now I know. There's no place like home. Good day

  35. Rayne Run

    Rayne Run7 時間 前


  36. Ossie Jackson

    Ossie Jackson8 時間 前


  37. Kieyanu Schwartz

    Kieyanu Schwartz8 時間 前



    I YAM WHITE8 時間 前


  39. Bella Pooda

    Bella Pooda8 時間 前

    Dat mane aint playing this yr 💪

  40. Str8tothepaper Music Group

    Str8tothepaper Music Group9 時間 前

    good shit 🔥💪🏾

  41. GEST

    GEST9 時間 前

    I’m from da raq but these Memphis beats be killa fr 🔥💯

  42. Alton khosi

    Alton khosi9 時間 前

    Yeah yeah

  43. Malcolm Zone1

    Malcolm Zone19 時間 前


  44. Raid Shadow Legends Ad

    Raid Shadow Legends Ad10 時間 前

    Isn't It Supposed To Be " Their " Face ?

  45. Dongle 420

    Dongle 42010 時間 前


  46. v8smate

    v8smate10 時間 前

    WTF is this garbage?

  47. WidmoCiała

    WidmoCiała10 時間 前


  48. Brad Hoffer

    Brad Hoffer10 時間 前

    They got me FUCCED UP BIG SPEAKER KEY yea yea

  49. Gerald Walker

    Gerald Walker11 時間 前

    I been getting bag after bag after bag 💯


    X SHAHRUH X11 時間 前

    My Bro

  51. Larry Drake

    Larry Drake11 時間 前

    Mane hard as hell

  52. Muma Valz

    Muma Valz12 時間 前

    He has mastered his craft..and now he spitting straight fire 🔥

  53. Carlitoss

    Carlitoss12 時間 前

    Low key look like 21 savage 🤔


    EASTA KING12 時間 前



    EASTA KING12 時間 前

    Glysoop aka the 🐐

  56. Nicholas Alvarado

    Nicholas Alvarado12 時間 前

    Hard fasho

  57. Wally Wu

    Wally Wu12 時間 前

    I don't understand why all these cats with all this money could just put the shit in a damn debit card" just stupid!

  58. anthony dillard

    anthony dillard12 時間 前

    Hella bass

  59. Javon Battle

    Javon Battle12 時間 前

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 too no cap

  60. chuy maserati

    chuy maserati13 時間 前

    This nigga way harder den da baby! On god

  61. Cheese Please

    Cheese Please13 時間 前


  62. Ricki Bobbi

    Ricki Bobbi13 時間 前

    Key Glock is funnnkneee 🤣🤣🤣👌🏾

  63. Antoino Dixon

    Antoino Dixon13 時間 前


  64. Leo Gonzalez

    Leo Gonzalez14 時間 前

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 PR mutha fuckin E🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Jordan Love

    Jordan Love14 時間 前

    Was that mike Epps

  66. Daniel Louis charles

    Daniel Louis charles14 時間 前

    Call me Mr Glock🙏

  67. thomas chambliss

    thomas chambliss14 時間 前

    It's a no for me no originality sounds like Young Dolph little brother energy is lacking as well

  68. Brandon Rodriguez

    Brandon Rodriguez14 時間 前

    Remix con el Lil pump

  69. Jonathan Pineda

    Jonathan Pineda14 時間 前

    2020 gotta be glock year forsure

  70. Brandon Burnside

    Brandon Burnside15 時間 前

    Key Glock hard as fuck

  71. MusicCharts TV

    MusicCharts TV15 時間 前

    🔥 Key Glock - Mr. Glock 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  72. Wxlfgang

    Wxlfgang15 時間 前

    Someone give key glock the academy award already

  73. Abdiaziz Farah

    Abdiaziz Farah15 時間 前

    Shhh ay be quiet your life is a disguise. You rap nothing but lies 💯

  74. Montalvo Monteka

    Montalvo Monteka15 時間 前

    Key Glock is the future of this Real Rap Trap shit

  75. Christian 781

    Christian 78115 時間 前

    Its ok i gues

  76. James Williams

    James Williams15 時間 前

    The Ja Morant of the rap game---#memphisshit

  77. FaygoGaming

    FaygoGaming15 時間 前

    Who watch till the end "Look out , Look at they face ☹️"

  78. Cru

    Cru15 時間 前

    Key my guy fwm check this out

  79. Vante Ellison

    Vante Ellison15 時間 前

    The End Was Fucking Dope.💯🐐

  80. D Stress

    D Stress16 時間 前


  81. Rollakk Royal

    Rollakk Royal16 時間 前

  82. Jimmie Sosa

    Jimmie Sosa16 時間 前

    Glock grew on me... shout out to his grind..🤝🏾💯🔥🔥🔥

  83. Ar Folks

    Ar Folks16 時間 前

    Everybody that like this song gone blow in they on way💯💪🏾.

  84. NoChill Tracks

    NoChill Tracks16 時間 前

    Let Them Hating, They Wont Change For The Next #Decade

  85. vic kennedy

    vic kennedy16 時間 前


  86. Icey X

    Icey X16 時間 前

    Glock better than Dolph

  87. Jordan Tyrese

    Jordan Tyrese16 時間 前

    🐐. Faxxxxx

  88. robron fro

    robron fro16 時間 前

    Too hard


    CEO COTEBOI16 時間 前

    Glock really mad 💯 🔥

  90. The Life Of Alexis

    The Life Of Alexis17 時間 前

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  91. Elijah Grass

    Elijah Grass17 時間 前

    Knew dis shit was gona blow om

  92. Gregory St Elmire

    Gregory St Elmire17 時間 前

    Do you thing Glock!!! The Future!!!

  93. 5iveTimeEnt

    5iveTimeEnt17 時間 前


  94. Bernard Jemison

    Bernard Jemison17 時間 前

    Glock got swagger. His rapping skills has changed dramatically. He's getting better.

  95. Crystallynn Nicodemus

    Crystallynn Nicodemus17 時間 前

    I can have no love within non of you ok got that

  96. Crystallynn Nicodemus

    Crystallynn Nicodemus17 時間 前

    The city wind not Loyd I like gays that is a palyares not no Loyd that that at

  97. Stack Party TV

    Stack Party TV17 時間 前

    I fuck with key glock i can see he actually putting in effort and keeping it real💯 my nigga building a career keep keep my G on God....

  98. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones17 時間 前


  99. Jay LocZ Reality ShowZ

    Jay LocZ Reality ShowZ17 時間 前 💻No Engineer‼️🥁No Producer‼️📹No Cam Crew‼️💪🏾 #SelfMade #Independent #JPgor #SoleCustodyDaddy

  100. South

    South17 時間 前