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Meme👏 Review👏 4
Trying To Make My Own Wig
My Dogs Eat Pupsicles
Let's Paint With String
I'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

4 ヶ月 前

Meme👏 Review👏 3
I Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

6 ヶ月 前

2 Week Bunny Update
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A Tour Of My Plants
Let's Abstract Paint
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I Want To Be Tall

10 ヶ月 前

Mr. Marbles Is Toothless
Let's Acrylic Pour
We Bought A House
My Dogs Meet A Cat
Shaving My Face
  1. Dajiyah Mcae

    Dajiyah Mcae2 秒 前


  2. Nirelle

    Nirelle13 秒 前

    Julian is SUCH a yes man in this one haha

  3. Rose Oswin

    Rose Oswin14 秒 前

    Why is the video not monetised jenna?

  4. Blue River Bane

    Blue River Bane17 秒 前

    ilu Jenna I’m replaying Skyrim again

  5. Anika Wiebe

    Anika Wiebe21 秒 前

    13:11 HAHAHAHAAHA I was already laughing when Julien made eye contact with the camera 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm intimidated but having an absolute ball

  6. Paul Weiner

    Paul Weiner38 秒 前

    Snatch me like one of Liam Now son’s daughters 😂

  7. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith49 秒 前

    To me, this is what lady Gaga sounds like.

  8. benjamin ireland

    benjamin ireland54 秒 前

    ive always thought the thing where if you pull your eyes or stretch your skin it will form wrinkles, because if that were the case wouldn't your chest have wrinkles from expanding all day evey day? or like your mouth moves a hundred times more often than you stretch out your eyelids, even if you did it to put on make up every day, and even then there are no wrinkles around your mouth?

  9. Georgia Kalpidou

    Georgia Kalpidou56 秒 前

    Kermit crying in the background is me

  10. Art Enthusiast

    Art Enthusiast分 前

    Ngl among my favorite yt's namely pewdiepie jenna is definitely in my top 3 list i just love she can make a video anything she feels like and still be family friendly avoiding demonetization all while still being entertaining.

  11. shynox

    shynox分 前

    The more things Julien wears the more he looks like the pedophile from the Lovely Bones.

  12. Row Jig

    Row Jig2 分 前

    We love a demonetised queen

  13. Felicia

    Felicia2 分 前

    “I mean you look beautiful, but that just could be you looking beautiful” Julien gives me unrealistic expectations of what to look for in a man 😭😭

  14. Kylee F

    Kylee F2 分 前

    “You look beautiful but that might just be you looking beautiful” that was heckin cute

  15. Jae Ortiz

    Jae Ortiz2 分 前

    I love that you’re still beautiful without the fake shit unlike 99.98% of females on JPgo

  16. Natalie Abel

    Natalie Abel2 分 前

    Notice the cute gargoyle in the background right before the outro

  17. Laura Lee Roberts

    Laura Lee Roberts2 分 前

    Mr. Potato Head, lol, yes! 🤣

  18. Reg Hodder

    Reg Hodder2 分 前

    It helps you look less stoned... lol but that's what I like about you....

  19. TrucyTrue fake

    TrucyTrue fake3 分 前

    "I watched a video online" ooooh this is gonna be a good one

  20. Siobhán K.

    Siobhán K.3 分 前

    Julian is very good for a females self esteem. I need a Julian. 😉

  21. Amy Garcia

    Amy Garcia3 分 前

    You guys are so silly ♥️♥️

  22. evlqueen

    evlqueen3 分 前

    Professor Julien

  23. Myshonok

    Myshonok3 分 前

    Oh my god please wash your fucking hair

  24. Jay

    Jay3 分 前

    “your neck looks SICK”

  25. vanna isamonster

    vanna isamonster3 分 前

    Julen is so sweet 😭

  26. Gavin Brophy

    Gavin Brophy4 分 前

    “Snatch me like one of Liam neeson’s daughters” I AM DECEASED

  27. Rachel Raanan

    Rachel Raanan4 分 前

    I'm on a bus and can't stop laughing. I'm getting looks but fuckit I don't care

  28. Fi

    Fi4 分 前

    You look like a Vulcan

  29. Hannah Toutge

    Hannah Toutge4 分 前

    “Don’t emote.” -Julien 2019

  30. Sam Miller

    Sam Miller5 分 前


  31. NotSoNormal

    NotSoNormal5 分 前

    when she said where's somewhere nice I would go, I 100% thought she was gonna say her bASKETBALL GAME TOMORROWWW

  32. Mapesho

    Mapesho5 分 前

    Moral of the story- youre not ugly, you just need a face lift

  33. Ratka Mari

    Ratka Mari5 分 前

    Holy shit, her hair is really greasy in this video. Yuck.

  34. Sierra Cindrell

    Sierra Cindrell5 分 前

    I miss when there were actual comments and not just people repeating the same 3-5 quotes from the video 😔

  35. Metaloid Husky

    Metaloid Husky5 分 前

    Julien looks like my Abusive Ex step father.... 😂

  36. Jer

    Jer6 分 前

    You two are hilarious.

  37. Sierra Cindrell

    Sierra Cindrell6 分 前

    I miss when there were actual comments and not just people repeating the same 3-5 quotes from the video 😔

  38. Abbie Landry

    Abbie Landry6 分 前

    Spac vibes

  39. Melissa Moussa

    Melissa Moussa6 分 前

    *instantly thinks of miss fame*

  40. BlueberryArts

    BlueberryArts6 分 前

    Elf makeup tutorial

  41. Shelby Pere

    Shelby Pere6 分 前

    Peach at 15:02 is me when I want attention

  42. Naomi Lawson

    Naomi Lawson7 分 前

    Jenna pulled her eyebrows up and instantly became T'Pring. A whole Vulcan. I'm deceased.

  43. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith7 分 前

    So crazy to see this old video!! Your Boston accent!

  44. Just Connie

    Just Connie7 分 前

    Julien looked like he was at a surprise party and they were continuously shouting SURPRISE!

  45. California Cobra

    California Cobra7 分 前

    Why would you want flat eyebrows?!? I've spent 20+ years trying to get the "bitch brows." Y'know, that super arched look, but apparently flat brows are "bitch brows" and I've already got those 😑 Jenna: How do you feel? Julien: Like I've had 10 cups of espresso! 😂

  46. Benny Peralta

    Benny Peralta8 分 前

    Jenna always makes my day better when she uploads a new video.

  47. colorofcrazy

    colorofcrazy8 分 前

    Julien being the most encouraging and supportive boyfriend!

  48. Mackenzie Carlson

    Mackenzie Carlson8 分 前

    I love Jenna marbles

  49. Alyssa Muir

    Alyssa Muir8 分 前

    I love how much they lift each other up and support each other through the silliness

  50. Horrorlover97

    Horrorlover978 分 前

    Julien looked like nightmare fuel 😂

  51. Kayla Kirby

    Kayla Kirby8 分 前

    Me: Jenna: No one: First 5 mins of video : "The video jenna watches telling her shes doing everything wrong "

  52. Mackenzie Carlson

    Mackenzie Carlson8 分 前


  53. Madison Brooks

    Madison Brooks8 分 前

    Jenna looks like a bad bitch

  54. alaysia pickett

    alaysia pickett8 分 前


  55. Karishma M.

    Karishma M.8 分 前

    Hrush seems depressed... or atleast, not ok. Is she ok? I don't know anything about her... I know nothing about her or her life - but seeing her video (at least next to Jenna's lightheartedness) makes her seem depressed... and I'm concerned for her. I know you can't diagnose depression/people's issues over videos (hell, people physically near me can't tell I have chronic depression!) - but something feels off. People who are Hrush fans or like... actually understand the beauty community... is she ok?

  56. Carmen Austins

    Carmen Austins8 分 前

    Bunny's on the couch!!!

  57. Karlee Knudsen

    Karlee Knudsen8 分 前

    Best Moments 2:36 2:54 2:59 3:08 4:03 4:09 4:43

  58. Jovana Kocić

    Jovana Kocić8 分 前

    She looks damn awful, I mean Hrush... sorry but that's my gut reflex, I had to type it down. Do they know when to stop with fillers??? Jenna .... your too much genes are nothing compared to booty gurus filler genes 🤣 But then again, without the tapes she/Hrush looks much better. I'm only at the 2nd minute of the video and I have so much to say... Will be editing throughout.

  59. Amanda

    Amanda8 分 前

    the best/most normal her eyebrows have ever looked?

  60. Jaidyn Fernandez

    Jaidyn Fernandez8 分 前

    That fist bump really solidified that their relationship is what i strive for 😂😂

  61. AwkwardAF

    AwkwardAF9 分 前

    Julien got that thicc stache. Damn.

  62. Alaina Mathew

    Alaina Mathew9 分 前

    “You look so cute anyways, that it barely makes a difference” AWE

  63. Rebecca Bishop

    Rebecca Bishop9 分 前

    Julian: just don’t emote 😶

  64. FrozenRoxas

    FrozenRoxas9 分 前

    I wonder if you can do your cheeks with this?

  65. Xxx Xxx

    Xxx Xxx9 分 前

    Girl that hair looks DAMP

  66. Matthew Bettencourt

    Matthew Bettencourt9 分 前

    Is it just me or have Jenna and Julien been extra cute with each other lately? I find myself smiling/gushing while watching these past few videos. (More than usual anyway. 😅)

  67. kereth lewis

    kereth lewis9 分 前

    She kinda have a spock look

  68. HeyIt'sBaert

    HeyIt'sBaert9 分 前

    Hrush's face is so bloated with fillers. It's so sad to see.

  69. Pugg

    Pugg9 分 前

    11:48 is the reason why my mom told me never take candy from a van

  70. renxai

    renxai9 分 前

    botox can be used to get rid of wrinkles but- doing this gives you wrinkles so what’s the point

  71. the cat isn't maybe dead

    the cat isn't maybe dead10 分 前

    get u a man who'll call u snatched and poppin

  72. Esl Summer

    Esl Summer10 分 前

    Julian looks like bad grandpa

  73. Midgeridoo

    Midgeridoo10 分 前

    Can someone please do a mash up of every time jenna says “subscribe”. THROUGHOUT THE AGES

  74. Luna3141

    Luna314110 分 前

    "but more power to you for whatever you do to your own body and your own face. Whatever makes you happy. You live your life." Jenna, I fuckin love you. <3

  75. Letsalltakeawalk

    Letsalltakeawalk10 分 前

    Julien: looks like an angry dad on vacation Jenna: It looks G💛💛D

  76. Lacey Morgan Music

    Lacey Morgan Music11 分 前

    Am I the only one who thinks wrinkles are beautiful? 💜

  77. Dumble Dore

    Dumble Dore11 分 前

    Can you safely temporarily dye your teeth?

  78. Esl Summer

    Esl Summer11 分 前

    She looks like a simease cat after

  79. Renee Huston

    Renee Huston11 分 前

    Jenna: I won’t cry Me through tears: good for you Jenna, I’m not that strong. I love an appreciative child.

  80. StarOfMyCity

    StarOfMyCity11 分 前


  81. Lyn

    Lyn11 分 前

    I was having a crappy morning and then I watched this. The dynamic between Julien and Jenna always makes me laugh. :)

  82. Kat

    Kat12 分 前

    Petition for Jenna to do straight brows every day

  83. Becky Schoko

    Becky Schoko12 分 前

    I think you look so much prettier without the tape. You such a beutiful and wunderful person and even without makeup you're so pretty!

  84. sama cote

    sama cote12 分 前

    i feel like you guys gotta be as baked as me when you do these vids.

  85. Kenzie

    Kenzie12 分 前

    Jenna is my spirit animal ❤️

  86. Sydney Goodwin

    Sydney Goodwin12 分 前

    me whenever Julien told Jenna she was beautiful and cute: "OW MY HEART!!!"

  87. Meg Weiss

    Meg Weiss13 分 前

    Miss Fame invented face tape.... everyone knows that

  88. Samantha Bradley

    Samantha Bradley13 分 前

    Anybody else feel like jenna missed her calling as a kindergarten teacher?

  89. Eliza Carrabine

    Eliza Carrabine13 分 前

    “like you look beautiful, but that might just be you looking beautiful.” awwww 🥰 true love at its finest...

  90. samantha notxe

    samantha notxe14 分 前

    she’s so beautiful 🥺 she doesn’t need any work done like at all

  91. unimpressed

    unimpressed14 分 前

    the video should've been called 'Me Becoming Snatched n' Poppin' 😂🤙🏻

  92. Ashleigh Ann

    Ashleigh Ann14 分 前

    "just act natural" Slightly bobbles head and looks around 😂

  93. Aino Astrid

    Aino Astrid14 分 前

    I liked this video for the last 15 seconds.

  94. Kiwi puff

    Kiwi puff15 分 前

    jenna looks like a high elf from elder scrolls now

  95. Fiona McGee

    Fiona McGee15 分 前

    “You look beautiful, but you might just be beautiful” *MY HEART*

  96. Miss Gen

    Miss Gen15 分 前

    Holly shit Merry Christmas to me!!!! Funniest thing I have seen in a while!!!!!!

  97. Miranda and Amber

    Miranda and Amber15 分 前

    This is burning. I don't care 😂😂

  98. MargaritaMolly

    MargaritaMolly15 分 前

    My hooded eyes and I are ready

  99. FindingAnna

    FindingAnna15 分 前

    Jenna has such a soothing energy. I love her.

  100. Esl Summer

    Esl Summer15 分 前

    That girl has so much filler in her face she barely can talk