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Dreamville 2019

Dreamville 2019

2 ヶ月 前

KOD Tour

KOD Tour

年 前

FIENDS in Tokyo


3 年 前

  1. Okey

    Okey8 時間 前

    Whenever the bass drops on these songs the live chat goes crazy.

  2. Aiden

    Aiden10 時間 前

    I have always had a feeling that j. Cole is just a homeless dude.

  3. James Simkins

    James Simkins10 時間 前

    Corona!. Fuck!! I love this...old ass walls and shit

  4. MC .zsone

    MC .zsone10 時間 前

    Nobody :.... My brain before listening this track:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. D-V of First Class

    D-V of First Class11 時間 前

    Dreamville= modern day outkast Ahead of their, time after their time, greatness none the less!

  6. BladedFlame1396

    BladedFlame139612 時間 前

    JID can barley look over the steering wheel

  7. Jasmine Bester

    Jasmine Bester12 時間 前

    J. Cole’s verse and the beat is everything

  8. Pharxoh

    Pharxoh12 時間 前

    Songs fire

  9. Joshua Barr

    Joshua Barr12 時間 前

    Straddle my steed like it’s 1893🤣🤣🤣 JID da GOAT

  10. Dopeschool Graduate

    Dopeschool Graduate13 時間 前

    Coooole!!!! Come the fuck on man geeeze!!!!!

  11. Soad Alam

    Soad Alam13 時間 前

    I’ve been waiting almost 4 years for the song at 25:41

  12. Italo Solarte

    Italo Solarte13 時間 前

    24 million?!?! This song HIGH KEY SLEPT ON !!!!!


    SNKR WRLD14 時間 前

    This song is slept on. this is a hit that im still bumpin in 2020

  14. Greg Simpson

    Greg Simpson14 時間 前

    Kinda never make it Baby’s part.

  15. Noah Hunt

    Noah Hunt14 時間 前

    i watch this video at bare minimum once a week

  16. Black Supreme

    Black Supreme15 時間 前

    m.soundcloud.com/black-supreme-207393120. 🙏🏿 would really appreciate a listen

  17. ToneyRTurner

    ToneyRTurner15 時間 前

    CHECKOUT MY MUSIC www.bandlab.com/toney_r_turner

  18. Danny Jones

    Danny Jones16 時間 前

    How does a song like this only have 10 million views people don't know real music 🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂

  19. Heriberto Morales

    Heriberto Morales17 時間 前

    This is literally history being made this will be im the books for years you guys don't realize this... it's incredible to evem watch through a screen

  20. Kaaron Clark

    Kaaron Clark17 時間 前


  21. kyptx XODIA TFO

    kyptx XODIA TFO17 時間 前

    lute spit fire

  22. Saiyan Brother Henrry

    Saiyan Brother Henrry17 時間 前

    Dam dababy really getting alot of recognition now why is that and how he got there?

  23. Sergio A

    Sergio A18 時間 前

    mannnnn, if this shit was on on rotd3 when it first dropped this would have gone nuclear

  24. Im Batman Bitch

    Im Batman Bitch19 時間 前

    This is a great song on earphones ❤️



    🔥 Is this listentnig in march This performance is fascinating 1:22 💚 👇👇👇💟

  26. Im Batman Bitch

    Im Batman Bitch19 時間 前

    Gadaaam this hard

  27. Im Batman Bitch

    Im Batman Bitch19 時間 前

    Bro this song is perfect for cruising with a shorty on a Sunday

  28. theofficaldayv1d

    theofficaldayv1d19 時間 前

    lets rob wells fargo

  29. Im Batman Bitch

    Im Batman Bitch20 時間 前

    My nigga maxo featured on this fire ass song 🙌

  30. Im Batman Bitch

    Im Batman Bitch20 時間 前

    Fuck this pussy ass bitch nigga dababy

  31. Eminem Comments

    Eminem Comments20 時間 前

    Yall dumbasses thinking its kendrick...you know it's not right?

  32. karamel macchiato

    karamel macchiato22 時間 前

    Them white pants showing all the goods... 😋...

  33. Cranked K.I.A

    Cranked K.I.A23 時間 前

    Saba is a different breed.

  34. Queen B

    Queen B23 時間 前


  35. Krooked Cash

    Krooked Cash23 時間 前

    Aye j cole and da baby went hammers bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Telma Carina Oficial

    Telma Carina Oficial23 時間 前

    Omg 🔥❤

  37. ヅEman

    ヅEman23 時間 前

    Where did he go on that bicycle tho?

  38. ヅEman

    ヅEman23 時間 前

    IB snores be wildin lmaoo

  39. Cássio Ferreira

    Cássio Ferreira日 前


  40. Levan The Melon

    Levan The Melon日 前

    So we gonna Ignore that Jcole said "She call me daddy like gramdmamma baby if its Sunday dinner my hand on the gravy " That verse hit me bro

  41. M. Morgan

    M. Morgan日 前

    Bruh, this is my song

  42. Mike Luch

    Mike Luch日 前

    New 🔥 jpgo.info/bideo/kZV6p3qK1mrGqHo.html

  43. Tanner Case

    Tanner Case日 前

    Is this not relevant as fuck in 2020.. It's like he told us about the corruption at the highest levels. False prophets.

  44. DanielDaniel1

    DanielDaniel1日 前

    Baby's verse was some fire

  45. Cole Tetso

    Cole Tetso日 前

    Mumble rappers false prophets like ones who represent 666 like c'mon but such big trend everyone digs it idek what makes someone a legend

  46. Ra Shun

    Ra Shun日 前

    I swear I fucking love this man #Coleworld

  47. KamMan 7878

    KamMan 7878日 前

    ima need these shorts

  48. Theo Walker

    Theo Walker日 前

    DaBaby needs to switch up his flow

  49. Your_Daddy •

    Your_Daddy •日 前

    I find that “dun” beat distracting

  50. ntethelelo ngcobo

    ntethelelo ngcobo日 前

    At 2:34 J Cole impressed with DaBaby

  51. Joshua Sizemore

    Joshua Sizemore日 前

    [Intro: Johnny Venus] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Johnny Venus] That nigga back from the dead, yeah I don't know, I don't know, I don't know Nigga almost lost his head, yeah Try to run, try to fly, try to float Candles on top of the dresser Baby, you down, need to bless up Better watch how you address us Playing no games, no dress-up I got an idea Let's shoot Wild 'N Out in my hood, talkin' right here Academy Award nominated performance, yeah Let the AK spray straight for four minutes, yeah That's a monologue, talking to the fog, fuck an ordinance, yeah [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices Cutthroat, rabbit's toe, I suppose Maybe that's what life is [Verse 2: Johnny Venus] Ayy, man, cavemen Two drinks, cave in Few blunts, ease up Ooh yeah, please up Who cares? Who there? Do what? Wake up The hell, heaven We want, heads up Hey you, yeah, you Mother fuck, brother fuck Sister fuck, family fuck The system, get some Hey you, day two Yeah, you, you, you You a vege', do the dance Table, get low Chopped cheese, knot knees Boy, please, whatever You next, to death To go, ooh, oh Who's that? Ring ring Your number, bling-bling Call it up, chalk it up Move over [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices Cutthroat, rabbit's toe, I suppose [Verse 3: Smino] See a nigga in all red from the North with the pole It ain't Santa Claus Brought my gifts to Atlanta, I'm Atlanta Claus I can smell you pussy with the panties off, I Been gettin' to the bread, tryna keep this shit low But it ain't workin', my Circle on fire like a circus now Around the same niggas I been around, so Of course, I (Of course, I), endorse my (Endorse my) Ratchet ass nigga from the North Side (North Side) It's astigmatism, you got poor sight (Poor sight) Let the bitches forget it, I do it Alzheim' Of course I (Of course I), gotta voice my (Voice my) Opinion on that ass when you walk past (On bro, that shit groovy, ayy) Niggas pull strings like a guitar, guitar G-Star jeans on my sneakers I'm a real soulful nigga, collard greens inside your speakers (Yeah, yeah) Ferguson days on Castro, wasn't no cash flow But I'm good for the arch, I'm Dr. Scholl's I'm good for your heart, let me snatch your soul, soul, soul [Chorus: Johnny Venus] Bloody sacrifices [Verse 4: Saba] Yeah, ayy Look at what a motherfucker do for the cash intake They'll be right across your head like it's Ash Wednesday You got to just get off your ass like your ass is fake You can't sit, and if we ain't siblings, then I can't relate To they shit, I'm Asic, I run shit, I got it jumpin' like pump fake I don't need nothing but one take I'm from the part of the city where young nigga keep him a nine like one plus eight Our politician a fuckface Corrupt like a Dogg Pound Gangsta We duel like a small town wager How I'm the dropout major Success stories, I favor Used to cover my scars, out here tryna cover The Fader Yeah, Pro Tools, knobs, and the faders Tell pigs as-salamu alaykum You ain't 'bout static like AM radio, ain't even play him I put my heart and my all in my art, I'm alternate All of them are the same, it's harder to tell 'em apart some days I thought I'd call 'em out altogether Rather than waste the amount of bars it'll take for me to call 'em out by name Caught a glimpse of the alternate world I've introduced to you Via the studio, got 'em studying our mixtapes I'm from the hood like my mama, put that on my mama I lay the law down like parliament, all just with a pen and page [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices [Verse 5: J. Cole] You can't be everything to everybody I wanna be your lover, your best friend Your Batman, Spider-Man Fighter pilot shooting down your rivals and I wanna damn near kill you to be the one that heal you up I wanna be the one that feel you up On nights when you need good dick to cheer you up I wanna be the one to build you up A wall worth five billion bucks to keep out the rah-rah And the blah-blah-blah so nobody try to steal your thunder Pull you under Toss my hopes out, Royal Rumble We done moved out to the boondocks Built a big house, there he wonders How somewhere along the way He went from Huey to Eddie Wuncler I been so disconnected, my perspective is ignorant When you rich, niggas don't wanna correct you Say something crazy, they won't interject Do every drug that you want, they gon' let you Dangerous when it's nobody to check you I be havin' to check myself Nigga, stop holding that money, you know you got plenty I be havin' to spread my wealth I used to be at the crib myself 7 years old, off of Bragg Boulevard Where they bag up the raw They gon' stand on the corner, one hand on they balls And they ran when the cops come, there go the laws Then I packed up a bag and I trapped it up north on the path of a star And I ran into you like I met you before Now damn, me and you goin' half on a boy, sing [Verse 6: J. Cole] Huggin' the block, huggin' the block all day I had nowhere to go, she gave me a place to stay She gave me her heart to hold, I still got that shit to this day She ridin' with me on the road, she ridin' with me in the A Huggin' the block, huggin' the block, okay She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way She gave me a family to love, for that, I can never repay I'm crying while writing these words, the tears, they feel good on my face, hey [Refrain: J. Cole] And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah If I don't love you how I'm supposed to And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah If I don't love you how I'm supposed to [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I make sacrifices, bloody sacrifices

  52. Joshua Sizemore

    Joshua Sizemore日 前

    With... Lol

  53. your gay if you have an anime picture

    your gay if you have an anime picture日 前

    I'm only Christian because j Cole looks like hood Jesus

  54. Lucid Kay

    Lucid Kay日 前

    12:30 it's a hindi version of some song

  55. Romeo peter

    Romeo peter日 前

    DaVionne and Mez . Are they signed to Dreamville? This colab was good. Omen at it with the lyrics🔥

  56. Armaan Mohamed

    Armaan Mohamed日 前

    That smooth switch at 1:05

  57. caspien huff

    caspien huff日 前

    T.I is jid n jid is t.I y'all kno jid wrote that shi for ti cuz he was flowin betta then t.I -facts-

  58. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave日 前

    Da baby verse hardee then Jcoles idgaf what yall say

  59. bigdap100

    bigdap100日 前

    I remember when Cole was just a youngen, a young prodigy....and now he's a legend. wow.

  60. Nikhil Kumar

    Nikhil Kumar日 前

    This video calms me down.

  61. Smile Huge

    Smile Huge日 前

    Johnny Venus sounds like that dude from Spongebob saying Ta-ta-tee-tah in the burger cutscene

  62. Jesus Santana

    Jesus Santana日 前

    Who else is watching during the quarantine? This is going down as one of the best rap documentary in history

  63. saturn

    saturn日 前

    Im gonna give my two cents on the Kanye vs Jcole perspectives. Kanye clowns in public and acts like a person with no roots or respect, but thats his way of staying relevant. It sets a bad example for the kids to act that reckless, sure I agree. But at the end of the day he has to make that dough to feed his people. To the close people in his life he is down to earth and average. Its just in public he morphs into a completely different person, should check himself on that thats for sure. Jcole got it all figured it out. He even posted that bob marley video : "I handle fame by not being famous". Its always best to be calm cool and collected. Dont embarrass yourself and your people. Be a cold one. He's an Aquarius he gets it

  64. Alejandro Guzman

    Alejandro Guzman日 前

    I am gonna do a remix of this song and release it in April..... Look me up, Alpha-G on Souncloud. Yeah yeah don't worry bout the platform. Just listen to the music youngins!

  65. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless Pizza日 前

    One of the most underrated artists

  66. Samuel Sagisi

    Samuel Sagisi日 前

    “I’m trying to get beside like the number 9 dime” 🐐

  67. Baldev Singh

    Baldev Singh日 前

    Was this man in India?

  68. Alexbro

    Alexbro日 前


  69. Rocio Molina

    Rocio Molina日 前

    This is the music I’ll be introducing my little boy when he gets older 🙋🏻‍♀️😁💖🙏 Thank God for talented people.

  70. Cloud9 StrivePJ

    Cloud9 StrivePJ日 前

    Wells Fargo music would be lit af

  71. Refo Ilmiya

    Refo Ilmiya日 前

    No cap imo this is one of the best label artists collab, might be on those same shelf with tupac's hit 'em up

  72. Jonathan Taylor

    Jonathan Taylor日 前

    Baby snapped this song is 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Ιlias Theodore Skordas

    Ιlias Theodore Skordas日 前

    baby murdered the beat