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Piccolo Had A Good Day!?
Old Dragon Ball Road!!?
Saiyan Mode (Dbz Parody)
Mo Bulma (DBZ Parody)
SSJ9K Clothes!!?
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  1. Ludseann 13

    Ludseann 1310 時間 前

    It sound like kyyngg rapping 😂😂

  2. hollow erased mind

    hollow erased mind10 時間 前


  3. mike fire

    mike fire10 時間 前

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  4. mike fire

    mike fire10 時間 前

    Veagta the red nose vs Santa jiren

  5. Eliazar Martinez

    Eliazar Martinez10 時間 前

    What the real song

  6. MasteredTheUniverse

    MasteredTheUniverse10 時間 前

    2:39 18 got a phatty 🍑🤖

  7. Andre McKenzie

    Andre McKenzie10 時間 前

    "There was booty juice everywhere bruh" Lol piccaFRO has his big toe on the right of both his feet 😂

  8. Daniel kakaroto

    Daniel kakaroto10 時間 前

    Cell: I know you are not the real Goku and vegeta your skin is to dark!!! Bro you are so racist 😂

  9. Mohamed Abdinoor

    Mohamed Abdinoor11 時間 前

    Pause the video at 0:27 and read Froku’s tweet. It had me rolling 😂😂😂

  10. culer O'connor

    culer O'connor11 時間 前

    Iremember when your videos where funny

  11. C Hi

    C Hi11 時間 前

    The Kame-Playa! I'ma dead nappy, PLZ WISH ME BACK TO LIFE!

  12. Breno Wellington.Sempai

    Breno Wellington.Sempai11 時間 前


  13. Silhouettedasixth VI

    Silhouettedasixth VI11 時間 前

    2:48 'Yeah I'm rich now, might flex on your bitch now'.

  14. Harold's Random videos

    Harold's Random videos11 時間 前

    That's too funny

  15. C Hi

    C Hi11 時間 前

    Omega Sean John got that tail swag slapped like a bih!

  16. diamond crafter Chin Kung Chew

    diamond crafter Chin Kung Chew11 時間 前

    Goku win give him energy

  17. Dane Harris

    Dane Harris11 時間 前

    One of ya best

  18. Rock Peigan

    Rock Peigan11 時間 前

    This is how many people went to see kakashi face after he died

  19. Jamar Martin

    Jamar Martin11 時間 前

    These bars are over 9000 You will not wear me like a scarf lol

  20. Jamar Martin

    Jamar Martin11 時間 前

    These bars are over 9000

  21. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez11 時間 前

    “Put that iron man to your heart, call me tony stark .” 🔥 🔥 BARS:!!

  22. Harold's Random videos

    Harold's Random videos11 時間 前

    That's funny

  23. C Hi

    C Hi11 時間 前

    Why did my man say on Martin Luther King Piccolo!

  24. kings Chronos

    kings Chronos11 時間 前

    4:30 broly lookin' kinda thicc man

  25. Nicholas Mcnealey

    Nicholas Mcnealey11 時間 前

    Is Slim Thug doing the voices😂

  26. Super sayin 3 Gokuuu

    Super sayin 3 Gokuuu11 時間 前

    Almight-I gave him all for one and he’ll take your girls thong Yung midory- Y-yea

  27. Shockhorn 317

    Shockhorn 31711 時間 前

    Bulma vs Chi chi rap battle needs to happen

  28. Mr John KNIGHT GAME Z

    Mr John KNIGHT GAME Z11 時間 前


  29. Dyson Vaarnold

    Dyson Vaarnold11 時間 前


  30. Darkninja494807 Playz

    Darkninja494807 Playz11 時間 前

    Tell me why dende sounds like rae srummerd

  31. Juan camacho

    Juan camacho11 時間 前

    Dende won this rap battle.

  32. arrow flech

    arrow flech11 時間 前

    Sut the hell up poop

  33. SYG TermlessSea

    SYG TermlessSea11 時間 前

    Yo what song is that from o know theres a song that has that beat

  34. draganeel 20 gen

    draganeel 20 gen11 時間 前

    Thats crazy your already on 1.15 million

  35. Timothe Harris

    Timothe Harris11 時間 前

    Dende got with both their asses😂

  36. Nobody’s Hero

    Nobody’s Hero11 時間 前

    Porunga got that weak sauce

  37. Malik King

    Malik King11 時間 前

    Black guy vs goku black. That wou be nice

  38. Lu Bu

    Lu Bu11 時間 前

    Dende 🔥

  39. obito uchiha

    obito uchiha11 時間 前

    that was amazing ubut u need to do one on dat good boi obito

  40. RootBeard Survivor

    RootBeard Survivor11 時間 前

    dende is the real G

  41. Davon Adams

    Davon Adams11 時間 前

    Shenron and Porunga: We spitting heat Dende: Pulls out the heat

  42. cyan

    cyan11 時間 前

    shenron, whats your anaconda looking ass doing on my planet?! that part had me dead already😂😆

  43. Rock Peigan

    Rock Peigan11 時間 前

    Say Fam!!!!!!

  44. The Behemoth

    The Behemoth11 時間 前

    Use Heaven Shaking Event for Part 2 PLEASE

  45. Jimmy Wright

    Jimmy Wright11 時間 前

    3:21 “That flute tho”

  46. Brendon J

    Brendon J11 時間 前

    Dammmmmmn this shit firrrrrrrre lol

  47. Alivfd

    Alivfd12 時間 前

    Dende is a damn monster in this video

  48. MorszBG_

    MorszBG_12 時間 前

    2:28 Thought Goheezy was about to pull up an drop some lyrics😂

  49. Prince Alex

    Prince Alex12 時間 前

    O.o *dies*

  50. Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill12 時間 前

    I'm sorry I'm late this can't happen again D: this stuff was to fire

  51. christian anderson

    christian anderson12 時間 前

    Porunga was 🔥 AF

  52. XXXSuperLone Z

    XXXSuperLone Z12 時間 前

    Wait y’all tryna jump CAUSE I DO NOT PLAY THAT SHIIIIT!!! XD

  53. XXXSuperLone Z

    XXXSuperLone Z12 時間 前

    You are the best at making paradies

  54. Jack Sparow

    Jack Sparow12 時間 前

    Can someone edit this from 2:00 till 2:40 I want to set it as incoming call

  55. Urban Lifestyle

    Urban Lifestyle12 時間 前

    Dende sounded like a baby Lil Wayne

  56. Leon Rolle

    Leon Rolle12 時間 前

    Me: This lit Brain: Bro, play this in 1.25x speed, lets experiment. Me: Sure. *Becomes so lit, my house burn down*

  57. Dillon Dalton

    Dillon Dalton12 時間 前

    When Dende said: * Bleh, Bleh Bleh...CHIT CHIT......BLEH BLEH BLEH BLEH* I felt that 💯

  58. Angelo Adorno

    Angelo Adorno12 時間 前

    At least shenron gets more screen time than Porunga

  59. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello12 時間 前

    It’s him the black one lol

  60. Reversekami

    Reversekami12 時間 前

    Dende surprised me tho was not prepared

  61. Njideka Jack

    Njideka Jack12 時間 前

    Porunga studies bars me wishes for bars 😎

  62. Md Mangwendeza

    Md Mangwendeza12 時間 前


  63. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello12 時間 前

    Hinata playing you Nintendo switch

  64. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello12 時間 前

    Naruto Yooous a bittchhh

  65. Ayoup Hassen

    Ayoup Hassen12 時間 前

    You made cause your dende wont grow lol

  66. the moon gamer

    the moon gamer12 時間 前

    Those bars where over 990000000000000

  67. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello12 時間 前

    The Gokage of the village hidden in the bars

  68. Goku Red hair

    Goku Red hair12 時間 前

    Gohan:now she gonna grow up and be a thot I am weak😂😭🤣

  69. Nomex Prod.

    Nomex Prod.12 時間 前

    SSJ9K can you upload or maybe send me this but as an acapella, I want to make a remix

  70. Ayoup Hassen

    Ayoup Hassen12 時間 前


  71. Daniel Philabaum

    Daniel Philabaum12 時間 前

    Damn Dende

  72. Mandela Francis

    Mandela Francis12 時間 前

    Plz make a part 2

  73. UniversalBip

    UniversalBip12 時間 前

    I feel bad for naruto his wife calling Goku and Vegeta fine


    SAD BRAINZ12 時間 前



    SAD BRAINZ12 時間 前

    Veggie girl looks like a crack baby XD

  76. TheXavierClark1

    TheXavierClark112 時間 前

    Black guy and beerus about to spit next

  77. NPA anims

    NPA anims12 時間 前

    Damn chi chi got a BOOTY!

  78. Deadly Raver

    Deadly Raver12 時間 前

    damn man. Why Dende have to come in and step on both of them like that?

  79. Death 1

    Death 112 時間 前



    SAD BRAINZ12 時間 前

    I feel bad for lord beerus


    ULTRA INSTINCT Zack12 時間 前

    Ight nexted up super shenron vs black smoke shenron

  82. Silver Strider413

    Silver Strider41312 時間 前

    Not gonna lie I thought super shenron was going to stop the two but I was wrong bruh

  83. Tbs_Sora

    Tbs_Sora12 時間 前


  84. Melissa Watson

    Melissa Watson12 時間 前

    Shenron won

  85. LanceChang808

    LanceChang80812 時間 前

    Yeah, ima go back and watch ERB.


    RICKYOG12 時間 前

    *YOU AINT BOUT THAT LIIFE* One of the funniest shit I've heard all day XD

  87. Manorbaby Boi

    Manorbaby Boi12 時間 前

    Dende is on fire🔥

  88. Kemgaming YT

    Kemgaming YT12 時間 前

    The voices are so identical to the real character's

  89. Nikola Pavlovic

    Nikola Pavlovic12 時間 前

    Tf, thats all Imma say

  90. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith13 時間 前

    Dende for the win

  91. Livingdead898

    Livingdead89813 時間 前

    Nice very nice

  92. DreamBig319

    DreamBig31913 時間 前

    that opening actually scared the shit outta me for a sec.

  93. Ultra Instinct Koffee

    Ultra Instinct Koffee13 時間 前

    Ok, who taught them how to spit fire!?

  94. Sakariya Ahmed

    Sakariya Ahmed13 時間 前

    I was dead when he said imma wear you like a scarf 🤣😂

  95. RR Unbreakable

    RR Unbreakable13 時間 前


  96. Micheal Sinclair

    Micheal Sinclair13 時間 前

    now that was some barssssssssssssssss🤯

  97. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith13 時間 前

    AWESOMENESS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. April Brown

    April Brown13 時間 前

    I’m thug life gohan

  99. Lil Junkies Greasy Hustle

    Lil Junkies Greasy Hustle13 時間 前

    this one was good

  100. Bliss Productions

    Bliss Productions13 時間 前

    "Tell me why chi chiana just punched frohan in the chest and now he gonna get his niggas to jump his own moma"😂 the fuck