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5 ヶ月 前

I MOVED (again lol)


9 ヶ月 前

i went to tanacon
thank you

thank you

年 前

  1. amy barsegyan

    amy barsegyan17 秒 前

    she’s not saying she hates LA to be quirky ... LA is genuinely *shitty*

  2. Phanic! at the Disco

    Phanic! at the Disco7 分 前

    it would be better for the nature if u didnt get a real tree

  3. Hands of Stone

    Hands of Stone9 分 前

    That 7/11 Brazilian bold will have you fucked up!!

  4. Nouran Fathy

    Nouran Fathy9 分 前

    It's better not to get another cat because they will fight and both will ruin your things..but if u really want to then get a female cat..2 male cats will like fight like crazy

  5. Chloe Feather

    Chloe Feather11 分 前

    is it just me or do those pants & sweatshirt combo give Emma major elf vibes

  6. briannna gury

    briannna gury12 分 前

    skip to 9:54 fora mf laugh

  7. Chad Gilmore

    Chad Gilmore15 分 前

    Star bucks coffee tastes like your drinking charcoal

  8. P_

    P_16 分 前

    a five year old kid won't probably be watching this video

  9. Shannon Richardson

    Shannon Richardson17 分 前

    Us in the UK having days were its 3,4,5°😂🤦‍♀️

  10. morg __

    morg __19 分 前

    “Parents shouldn’t lie they should tell you about the deep sea creatures that exist” I felt that shit

  11. Nicole Mosley

    Nicole Mosley21 分 前

    Me:thinks im watching one of her old vids bcuz shes wereing a school girl shirt The comments: 8HOURS AGO,10HOURS AGO emma:talks about her school girl clothes

  12. Jumana Al tabtabaie

    Jumana Al tabtabaie21 分 前

    Everyone: talking about Emma saying santa is not real Me: EMMA GET ANOTHER CAT😂💖

  13. mo yo

    mo yo24 分 前

    wAiT...SANta's nOt REaL 😱

  14. Zara Dania FAROOK

    Zara Dania FAROOK24 分 前

    what’s the time stamp for when declan jumped on the table

  15. Kelsey Dosey

    Kelsey Dosey25 分 前

    Idk if it’s just me but her outro music >>>

  16. Aimy Candy

    Aimy Candy26 分 前

    ashley aka best dressed also hate LA and she’s moving to NY next month lol idk I just find it funny that both of you are ranting about the same stuff

  17. Sela P.

    Sela P.27 分 前

    I never thought Santa was real, but I still love Christmas!

  18. Charli Butler

    Charli Butler28 分 前

    You should name him bingo!

  19. LittAxx B

    LittAxx B29 分 前

    The cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 9:55

  20. Baby Bokchoy

    Baby Bokchoy29 分 前

    The slurping is driving me insane

  21. Leena Heikal

    Leena Heikal31 分 前

    I love that someone shares my intense passion towards coffee. I absolutely love this girl. Also, *Declan pounces* Emma: "dEcLAn!"

  22. verronicaah

    verronicaah33 分 前

    *cries in Vancouverite where we only have Starbucks to compare anything to*

  23. Desi Paz

    Desi Paz33 分 前

    Who else is here bc they saw Emma's mom laughing at this video in a different video 🤣

  24. Let’s talk tea

    Let’s talk tea34 分 前

    Declen is going to destroy that tree

  25. am cr

    am cr34 分 前

    did that last “bitch” sound kinda like Jesse pinkman or is it just me

  26. alacarteno

    alacarteno34 分 前

    "it's literally winter now so i won't be able to wear these for a whole year" ????? huh hAHAHAHAHA

  27. Sheyanne Barton

    Sheyanne Barton37 分 前

    Wtf who uses yahoo anymore?

  28. noducking clue

    noducking clue40 分 前

    You hate LA so much and can easily afford to move, why haven't you?

  29. Feeling Good

    Feeling Good44 分 前

    "what else is going on in my life " me ranting to my bestfriend on the smallest thing that happens

  30. Vegemite_user

    Vegemite_user44 分 前

    Americans: complaining about winter Australians: Summer is so great

  31. Sarah Ahmed

    Sarah Ahmed47 分 前

    Wait what? Santa isn’t real?

  32. Sophie

    Sophie48 分 前

    9:13 and 10:02. Mood

  33. Sophie

    Sophie48 分 前

    9:13 and 10:02 😔

  34. king urmothersringhole

    king urmothersringhole49 分 前

    I need a new babysitter

  35. Rebekah Hunt

    Rebekah Hunt50 分 前

    Nobody: Not a soul: Not a single living organism: Emma: I don't know if i like eggnog.....maybe i liked it as a kid or something???? Lol love u Emma❤

  36. Marlee Harrison

    Marlee Harrison54 分 前


  37. Adna H

    Adna H54 分 前

    I think the reason why everyone loves Starbucks is because they like sugar

  38. Hannah Avas

    Hannah Avas55 分 前

    I want you to live your New York fantasy but 40 degrees is like 70 to us in the winter you would simply not survive -5 degree mornings with a wind chill, I’d say wait til spring but our spring is basically 20 degrees until we wake up one day and it’s just 80.

  39. Sean Rei O'Rorke

    Sean Rei O'Rorke55 分 前

    Yo girl u listen to Abraham?? “I prefer the path of least resistance” I KNOW WHATS UP

  40. Amelie Li

    Amelie Li56 分 前

    oh god, i love these accessories 😍

  41. Samantha Dotson

    Samantha Dotson56 分 前

    i’m actually so worried that there’s a little kid watching this who still believes in santa & she just ruined it for them 😥

  42. sabhumaira

    sabhumaira58 分 前

    emma : SAnTa Is Fake!! also emma : bought a santa decoration

  43. Jahy Edits

    Jahy Edits58 分 前

    She tried 😂🎄 I love it

  44. Mickylene Delgado

    Mickylene Delgado59 分 前

    No one: Emma: I liVE IN An ApARtMenT

  45. Kayla Crow

    Kayla Crow59 分 前

    idk abt anyone else but emmas hair looks so good

  46. Kaira

    Kaira時間 前

    i want Emma to move to New York lol

  47. Diogo Vieira

    Diogo Vieira時間 前

    I love emma, but that tree is an INSULT to Christmas. Its soooooo bad

  48. Grace Matilda

    Grace Matilda時間 前

    Emma there is no reason you can't move to NYC. You are your own boss!! anything that you need to come back for is just a plane ride away. Seriously do what will make you happy. After all, it doesn't have to be forever

  49. No, It’s me

    No, It’s me時間 前

    Put some lights on the tree!,!

  50. Kyla Knudsen

    Kyla Knudsen時間 前

    10:15 deklyn eats the Christmas tree 😂 I mean if Emma doesn't feed him there is a 5star meal awaiting

  51. Loi Nguyen

    Loi Nguyen時間 前

    wow how I found an image that would shock everyone

  52. Lily Arwen

    Lily Arwen時間 前

    I didn't believe in Santa putting gifts under the tree because I always saw my parents putting the presents under the tree throughout December. Although I did always think he filled the stockings. I have no idea why lmao

  53. NerdyEquinox

    NerdyEquinox時間 前

    I related to this video to a full 100% Like dang. Oof. I hate myself for that one. Hope you have a nice holiday! You look great as usual. Stay awesome. Am I high right now? This is way too sweet to be coming from me. It must be because of how cute Emma is. I’m just saying... She ate that cookie elegantly 😂

  54. Olivia Towson

    Olivia Towson時間 前

    wow she would expose that santa isn’t real, that ruins so many little kids days

  55. Evolving

    Evolving時間 前

    Youre so boring

  56. Marine Wronski

    Marine Wronski時間 前

    Does she confuse celsius degrees with fahrenheit? Just wondering

  57. Cloudystarvvv

    Cloudystarvvv時間 前


  58. Sim Poole

    Sim Poole時間 前

    emma’s turning into a crazy cat lady

  59. Spicy Salami

    Spicy Salami時間 前

    emma: “maybe it’s because the weather never changes” also emma: “it’s been so cold in california, it was like 40 degrees in southern california!”

  60. To me love!

    To me love!時間 前

    That`s in Fukushima`s.

  61. semanntha shpeley

    semanntha shpeley時間 前

    i feel like emma is just getting lazy now ):

  62. To me love!

    To me love!時間 前

    Might you gonna ate raw ca〇!!LOL

  63. Jarryd Stancombe

    Jarryd Stancombe時間 前

    I'm an Emma Chamberlain fan, but to be honest could she put a little more effort into her videos, like cool be relatable but if you make a Christmas video you could at least properly decorate a Christmas tree

  64. Siggy idk idc

    Siggy idk idc時間 前

    your videos are SO funny.

  65. Sarah Sunshine

    Sarah Sunshine時間 前

    Cat scratching posts. Go snowboarding. Vitamin D helps. Glad you found the vegan egg nog! I think that you’re adulting very well! Happy holidays!

  66. Kayla McGrath

    Kayla McGrath時間 前

    7:31 WoDeRn FoRkS

  67. Caron Hernandez

    Caron Hernandez時間 前

    Can you please buy Declan a cat tree/scratcher? Then he'll stop destroying your shit. And as much time spent on JPgo, you can learn how to cook and bake, HELLO. Also, "I live in CA and the weather doesn't change". Then complain about it being 40° in LA, WTF Em.

  68. Lee Symbol

    Lee Symbol時間 前

    I love Emma

  69. samantha emily

    samantha emily時間 前

    it was so cute when declan tried playing with the tree

  70. maka rosee

    maka rosee時間 前

    I think Emma is going down a bad fashion pathway again rip

  71. Amber Pereira

    Amber Pereira時間 前

    i’m 15 and still genuinely believe santa is out there, somewhere. idk where, probably the north pole. idk. you tell me.

  72. Jesus Diosdado

    Jesus Diosdado時間 前

    You should try Tierra Mia coffee!!! I go there everytime I fly to LA 😋

  73. Maitree

    Maitree時間 前

    **minor inconvenience happens** Me: 9:13

  74. Peanut Butter Wolf

    Peanut Butter Wolf時間 前

    Merry zits!

  75. not on this

    not on this時間 前

    how does she know what urine taste like?

  76. Jane

    Jane時間 前

    Is she driving with her leg up?

  77. jenna rayne

    jenna rayne時間 前

    Jesus is the reason for the season! Don’t look for Santa, look for Jesus then you will have true Christmas spirit 🎄 ❄️

  78. To me love!

    To me love!時間 前


  79. To me love!

    To me love!時間 前

    When you got 20XX Food crisis<super >you gonna hunger and strike his head.And Eat it as how tasty to SAY.You know?What a True ?hehehe

  80. Soso Ti

    Soso Ti時間 前

    Emma should get herself an apartment in NYC this Christmas and then have a NY’s resolution to move in it soon in 2020.

  81. Julia Drury

    Julia Drury時間 前

    i needa “ i MOVE TO NEW YORK”

  82. To me love!

    To me love!時間 前

    Why you need da?hit by stick <Very thick by and kiill it>

  83. Sarah Castelar

    Sarah Castelar時間 前

    I did not expect a yahoo ad at all

  84. Gabby Evans

    Gabby Evans時間 前

    liberal bastard

  85. Alicia Lopez

    Alicia Lopez時間 前

    Me: **breathes** The Santa that jingles a bell in front of Savemart: 0:01

  86. Joe Johnson Vlogs

    Joe Johnson Vlogs時間 前

    Is this a hint to Ethan Dolan? Or has that all pasted

  87. SoulArtChicago

    SoulArtChicago時間 前

    My own mom and dad now 😂..move to chicago... u should move for a few years to each city😁🖕

  88. TeaDub _

    TeaDub _時間 前

    I deadset lost it when she said that Yahoo mail sponsored her 😂😂

  89. Alicia De Clercq

    Alicia De Clercq時間 前

    Anyone think this sweater really brings out her eyes 😻

  90. rock roll

    rock roll時間 前

    _part of the holidays is buying into the fun, you kindof have to make the choice, "I am going to participate in celebrating the holidays."_ some deep stuff I needed since I am not feeling festive at all.

  91. Liah

    Liah時間 前

    4:34 your welcome

  92. Vi Truong

    Vi Truong時間 前

    no one: emma: is tHat sucH a CriMe

  93. MissXX94

    MissXX94時間 前

    Try the So Delicious eggless dairy free nog It is better than regular egg nog Ps get a cat tree before Declan claims your Christmas tree 🎄

  94. Miracle Lynnette

    Miracle Lynnette時間 前

    I will never love anything as much as i love cats and Declan is a reminder

  95. Keighley Allred

    Keighley Allred時間 前

    “(the cat) tears my shit to shreads. but it’s ok because I signed up for that” QUEEN. THERE ARE SO MANY CATS IN SHELTERS FOR THAT EXACT REASON. WE STAN AN ANIMAL LOVER. ❤️

  96. Lil Yazz

    Lil Yazz時間 前

    2 years later = millionaire

  97. Robbie Schroeder

    Robbie Schroeder時間 前

    i think it is a crime to not have a trash bag in your car... but many ppl do not have the bags. just to put that out there. may not be a crime may just be an offense.

  98. Vi Truong

    Vi Truong時間 前

    anyone realises she dresses like aaron now ?? like lowkey they’re like the boy n girl versions of each other and im so here for it

  99. Esmé Riikonen

    Esmé Riikonen時間 前

    what was that bottle in the back seat of the car?

  100. Nighslee

    Nighslee時間 前

    Any Christmas gifts for Declan?