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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.
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The End Of LTAT.
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We Respond To Hate Mail
We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)
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Vegan Cheese Taste Test
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  1. Okonkwo, The Great

    Okonkwo, The Great2 分 前

    This was cool until the fortnite tard got involved......

  2. Hannah Soule

    Hannah Soule3 分 前

    i think creaminess can be a texture and a taste

  3. Aboli Pitre

    Aboli Pitre4 分 前

    Where do these guys get these foods from?

  4. DrawTaken

    DrawTaken5 分 前

    Rhett looks like Jim Root from Slipknot! I JUST NOTICED THIS!

  5. Aleks Daskalov

    Aleks Daskalov5 分 前

    What's chijis Edit:I only just realized its chilis bec I live in England-britain

  6. Ty Paulhus

    Ty Paulhus6 分 前

    Hey wanna go to a play

  7. Saint Goon

    Saint Goon6 分 前

    Ah. Nothing like watching a GMM Halloween video from 2014 in January 2019.

  8. kashew 1011

    kashew 10119 分 前

    Link 100% lost that first round. And Rhett should of been given the point

  9. Shadman Shahriar

    Shadman Shahriar10 分 前

    Why would you eat a sausage from the MIDDLE, LINK NEAL??? WHY??

  10. Madilyn Jane

    Madilyn Jane11 分 前

    I love ya sillys

  11. 1divemaster1

    1divemaster112 分 前

    The price is right guy got the price from Theodore that was in the audience. It’s on a Netflix video. Theodore knew all the prices.

  12. Capitate Cab

    Capitate Cab15 分 前

    Once you start watching GMM, you can never go back to watching channels like Team Edge

  13. Ian Deyo

    Ian Deyo18 分 前

    Pigeons make milk.

  14. Richard Brill

    Richard Brill21 分 前

    Zombies? ... *faints*

  15. Jess Basta

    Jess Basta21 分 前

    Outback cheese fries and theee salad

  16. Mystic potato

    Mystic potato22 分 前


  17. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss22 分 前

    Does anybody else get slightly irritated that anytime link has a lead he does anything, even choosing a country that’s not an option, to lose?

  18. Luke Middletom

    Luke Middletom23 分 前

    I lost it at "sloptarts"

  19. The meme Team

    The meme Team24 分 前

    My moms boy friend has OCD

  20. Jaeden Monks

    Jaeden Monks25 分 前

    8:00 the word is SATED Rhett 😂

  21. Kaysen Barnett

    Kaysen Barnett26 分 前

    Did you guys know that testicles have taste buds? It’s true. Look it up

  22. Skylar Noire

    Skylar Noire29 分 前

    I actually like Dots

  23. Monique Hiltz

    Monique Hiltz31 分 前

    I feel like you should *never* get a love tattoo, what if you brake up?

  24. Sir HazelNutz

    Sir HazelNutz35 分 前



    NATETHEMAN2236 分 前

    Bruh what thiccs are a thing already lmao

  26. Richard Brill

    Richard Brill38 分 前

    4:32 (wrote that in for NO REASON AT ALL)

  27. Neilas Stancikas

    Neilas Stancikas38 分 前

    Makes me jealous, Wish I could have those memories. I have really awesome memories from my oldestate where I had all sorts of friends, with a forest, abandoned construction site, multiple estates. I remember even having a war between group of kids of one estate and another. When I moved to a suburban estate on the outskirts of town there was none of that, no friends, nowhere to go, nothing to do. Now I sit on the computer all day everyday cause people my age only drink and go to clubs, which is not my thing.

  28. Bill Zardus

    Bill Zardus42 分 前

    I'm not following how law enforcement would get involved in enforcing the rules of game shows. Do they also enforce game rules like bingo games, if they are not on TV, or is it only games on TV that matter ? This seems like a civil matter to me. I suspect a lot of NFL referees are betting on games and I now wonder why law enforcement is not questioning some of the ridiculous referee calls and non-calls that I see on a weekly basis. And all of them are on TV. Half the time they don't even get the plays that are challenged right after reviewing them over and over. And now that we know the Astros were cheating in MLB for multiple years why isn't law enforcement involved ?

  29. Keith Mossey

    Keith Mossey42 分 前

    I should remember to not watch the alternate dimension episodes during lunch. And wait for some other activity during the day in which I watch JPgo during lol.

  30. Monique Hiltz

    Monique Hiltz43 分 前

    "Good Mythical Morning!" *me watching this at night*

  31. Sarah Feher

    Sarah Feher44 分 前

    Most competent guessing I’ve ever seen on GMM

  32. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly45 分 前

    Those shoes legit look like my old grass stained shoes I wear when I'm gardening

  33. Nethao Simonsquest

    Nethao Simonsquest46 分 前

    i need to try this lol

  34. Zain Khaled

    Zain Khaled49 分 前

    10:28 link’s eyes 😍

  35. Annie Rose

    Annie Rose51 分 前

    So nobody's gonna talk about Trent??

  36. Becky&Michael

    Becky&Michael53 分 前

    We still have doritos in the UK too and who opens a packet that way? 🤣

  37. TDawg YO

    TDawg YO54 分 前


  38. TDawg YO

    TDawg YO54 分 前


  39. Sonny G

    Sonny G55 分 前

    Get on with it!!! SHOW ME THE ET’S!!!

  40. Happy Genics

    Happy Genics56 分 前

    They’re so short compared to the interviewers.

  41. TDawg YO

    TDawg YO57 分 前

    Munching on a rose lol

  42. Computer Chick

    Computer Chick59 分 前

    I take my son to my childhood town every so often to show him where I grew up Memories

  43. TDawg YO

    TDawg YO時間 前

    This is hilarious guys! Lol

  44. Ciaran Sweet

    Ciaran Sweet時間 前

    Link - "I actually feel like I can smell a book right now" Rhett - "No, that's just me!" *surprise pikachu face*

  45. TDawg YO

    TDawg YO時間 前

    I love coca cola

  46. Firefox 1990

    Firefox 1990時間 前


  47. Queen

    Queen時間 前

    I'd actually love this pill because there things where sweet should not exist but do . So I'd finally like to eat them without the sweet flavour

  48. KingCookie 30733

    KingCookie 30733時間 前

    Sick Richard Pryor joke Link

  49. Musical

    Musical時間 前

    Tbh I think this was pretty obvious... microwaves heat up the water molecules in food, an oven cooks the food it's pretty obvious which is better imo...

  50. Iso specs

    Iso specs時間 前

    Rhett was full of low blows this video 😂

  51. Dylan Day

    Dylan Day時間 前

    When he said blaat blaat blaat i felt that

  52. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly時間 前

    My friends and I have been doing don't flinch challenges since grade school xd

  53. Masked -

    Masked -時間 前

    “Is wet food better than dry food wet” Me: h o l d u p

  54. Neilas Stancikas

    Neilas Stancikas時間 前

    0:50 I guess it's true what they say, Criminals always return to the scene of the crime.

  55. Donut

    Donut時間 前

    Nobody: Link: *whebelehlello*

  56. Moises Del Mundo

    Moises Del Mundo時間 前

    All that effort slurping it up. Hahah

  57. Hash Sew

    Hash Sew時間 前

    hahahahahha dey so punnnyyyy

  58. Fishing is life everything else is irrelevant

    Fishing is life everything else is irrelevant時間 前

    He ate it and said he liked it so they would stop using blood as his weak point 😂

  59. Gordon Ramsey 2

    Gordon Ramsey 2時間 前

    12:50 has confused the crowd I wonder if their kids watch the show

  60. Delaney Rose

    Delaney Rose時間 前

    Fact: Tomato is a fruit

  61. Penn HMWiatt.

    Penn HMWiatt.時間 前

    Anytime there’s a food taste test, Link takes one tiny squirrel bite and Rhett eats the whole thing

  62. CarlyVega

    CarlyVega時間 前


  63. macey falls

    macey falls時間 前

    this just showed up in my feed. great video! i need that camo shirt in my life. love camo. my fav is chao. so so good.

  64. RoboSplaat-Official Channel Is Back!

    RoboSplaat-Official Channel Is Back!時間 前

    Mac and Cheetos are back

  65. buckbumble

    buckbumble時間 前

    Me: thing in video Me: thing in video Also Me: thing in video. Aren’t I funny lololololol

  66. Bcool 6699

    Bcool 6699時間 前

    Rhett is funny

  67. alissadeanne

    alissadeanne時間 前

    I feel like Randy and Dandy might need to have a talk with HR

  68. Curious Cornucopia

    Curious Cornucopia時間 前

    Aw, they weren't even engaged yet. 😍 I totally forgot Bout this episode till JPgo recommend it

  69. IncredibleDrone

    IncredibleDrone時間 前

    Pizza hut has flavoring for the crust . Its way better than Dominos.

  70. Jeff Duque

    Jeff Duque時間 前

    What's the song reference?

  71. unspokenrespect

    unspokenrespect時間 前

    3:31 "claw arhggg"

  72. Leteric parker

    Leteric parker時間 前

    Would be better if they werent in on it

  73. flury 98

    flury 98時間 前




    ????? 0:48 ? ?????

  75. Emma Tuta Kadric

    Emma Tuta Kadric時間 前

    ' Did somebody loose an eahyr ???'

  76. Sam Kiefer

    Sam Kiefer2 時間 前

    my fingers started smelling like garlic tho!

  77. Tee Jay

    Tee Jay2 時間 前

    I lost it when the Furby said "Gimme more" hahahahahaha omg!



    ???? 0:37 ???? ??????

  79. Ket D.O

    Ket D.O2 時間 前

    We always loved Pizza hut for there PAN pizza.........nothing else.

  80. The Other side

    The Other side2 時間 前

    *no not behind the school*

  81. Spongebob Squarepants

    Spongebob Squarepants2 時間 前

    1:30 oh that hurt my foot just by looking at it

  82. Seanathon

    Seanathon2 時間 前

    rhett cheated with the alexis thing

  83. sans undeman

    sans undeman2 時間 前

    Whom fav is link better than rhett



    Oh my god did you play in jumji you were so funny

  85. Kitana T

    Kitana T2 時間 前

    Where's Cristine with her nail polish cake when you need her? 😂💕

  86. Jordan Tran

    Jordan Tran2 時間 前

    Get Kobe on this challenge please

  87. Charlotte Schone

    Charlotte Schone2 時間 前


  88. CringyKidSings

    CringyKidSings2 時間 前

    I leave for two years and Rhett becomes a greasy rat?

  89. eldur hugi einarsson

    eldur hugi einarsson2 時間 前

    2014: umm no 2015: no 2016: NO 2017: OMG, NO 2018: fine I'll think about it 2019: hmmm interesting 2020: Hipity hopity

  90. imaybejacoborbob

    imaybejacoborbob2 時間 前

    6:29 official captions say "Oh no, no, I'm gonna get all over your ass, I say, here we go, it rolls right there and it's gone!

  91. Fancy G.

    Fancy G.2 時間 前

    Kni don’t want to preach, but I’m a ballerina and those are most definitely not ballet shoes😂 love you guys though

  92. John Labus

    John Labus2 時間 前

    Y'all will never transition completely away from North Carolina, and nor should you.

  93. Eric MacPherson

    Eric MacPherson2 時間 前

    All rookie scores

  94. Trithical Joey

    Trithical Joey2 時間 前

    This is there best vid yet the topic is so interesting

  95. I am a cat

    I am a cat2 時間 前

    Hi I am a cat