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  1. xd_ Coolix

    xd_ Coolix18 秒 前

    Just wish to change the law duhhhhh

  2. Steelride Productions

    Steelride Productions22 秒 前

    Arabia... I believe a song in Aladdin: king of thieves sings about Arabian nights... Doesn't say what region but ya

  3. Jeremy Woo

    Jeremy Woo分 前

    this is so far off

  4. Mr. Meme Bucket

    Mr. Meme Bucket2 分 前

    How to be not hungry for years: Eat 20 billion calories or 1 gram of uranium.

  5. Nikini defonseka

    Nikini defonseka4 分 前

    People of JPgo, we must now come together for one purpose, and one purpose only, which is to get diet Coke to sponsor MatPat, whatever it takes

  6. Eryk Steele

    Eryk Steele5 分 前

    Honestly I just sat around waiting to hear mat sing and wasn’t disappointed! :3

  7. Backup Stuff

    Backup Stuff7 分 前

    Im only in the second episode, but isnt it strange, she never talks, shes not a mute, she makes an almost satisfied hm! Sound, when the food replenished itself. And we hear her sing extrodinarily well in the shower. So why does she use titles to comunicate? why does she never talk? The thing is, she does. Just never during the day, and never to us.

  8. draco89123

    draco891239 分 前

    Only problem is that all complications of Aladdin getting to power would be for Jasmine too. Assassinations, etc. etc. Also there's a lot of patriarchy going on in that history so minor examples may not completely refute the rule. And if she was sultan, she would probably marry a major nation for the same reason they all did back then, political alliance. And she could have Aladdin as a "concubine" on the side.

  9. Polysphere & Music

    Polysphere & Music11 分 前

    Maybe Moana is a god. Now 3 magic princesses

  10. Drawx

    Drawx13 分 前

    Hello Indian fans !!🇮🇳

  11. calvin cosplay

    calvin cosplay16 分 前

    wouldnt jafar just try to assassinate her though? or she could just refuse it as she didnt wanna stay cooped up in the palace? thus doing nothing to actualy change the uselessness of the third wish? as you said they can just flat up refuse her as saltan ?

  12. GhostDrow

    GhostDrow16 分 前

    Your summer thing near the end of the video makes zero sense, Mr PBHs home dimension is clearly just at a different point in time than C-137. R&M has done this kind of "time travel" before. Also it would make no sense for your theory anyways because Mr PBH would have to travel back in time to see C-137 smiths...which as you just said wouldnt happen. An entire 22 minute video wasted going absolutely no where because of flawed logic..what else is new with you though? Every single video you do has massive miss-steps and flawed logic. No idea how you became so popular.

  13. Lea B

    Lea B18 分 前

    The second demon could in theory pass since his victims become unhinged... da dum tisss

  14. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda19 分 前

    I see what type of person you are

  15. Yul Tube

    Yul Tube19 分 前

    Can't he just say "I wish for jasmine to be my wife"

  16. Alvin Singh

    Alvin Singh19 分 前

    How much money does Tywin Lannister have?

  17. Evn Landty

    Evn Landty21 分 前

    I can only hear green needle

  18. rintubably bably

    rintubably bably21 分 前

    The intro is probably my favourite in the series

  19. StaR Bounty

    StaR Bounty23 分 前

    The origin of Shreks donkey, Squats?

  20. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie32 分 前

    palpatine does not have the power to create life, i reckon anakin was born shortly before plagues death

  21. Blue Panda

    Blue Panda32 分 前

    This is late but is anyone else just really depressed now

  22. Ela Yu

    Ela Yu34 分 前

    Is it weird that I named my 4 pet turtles after the tmnt? 😅

  23. Heath unothadrill

    Heath unothadrill34 分 前

    u forget that crime rates went wayyyy down in lights world so 32% killings of muderers would be way different

  24. vanguard takeover

    vanguard takeover36 分 前

    hang on if the love rule is that he couldn't wish to make someone fall in love but technically you can wish to marry her

  25. Evn Landty

    Evn Landty37 分 前

    I have night shade in my neighborhood!

  26. Thomas B.

    Thomas B.40 分 前

    When you started talking about Sultanates you got the map wrong... Why did you leave Egypt out? I don't want to be nitpicky, but that's one very well known region where they had sultanates (ie. the famous Saladin)

  27. calvin cosplay

    calvin cosplay43 分 前

    so saltans/saltinates are goveners?

  28. Koro

    Koro44 分 前

    Genie: "Alright master what would your wish be." Me: "I wish to have more-." Genie: "You can't wish for more wishes." Me: "F*ck, then I wish for-." Genie: "You can't wish for more genies that grants wishes." Me: "Then-." Genie: "Sorry Master you can't wish to have no rules on wishing." Me: "Damnit.... 🤔💡.... Then I wish to have the power to perfectly Duplicate anything and any living being." Genie: "Your wish is granted." Me: " *Duplicates the genies.* " Genies: ".... *Wait that's Illegal.* " Me: "But I didn't wish to have more wishes, genies and/or have no rules on wishing 😎."

  29. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma45 分 前

    Howard the alien was just tuttin and accidentally pressed some10. Oops, he apologizes.

  30. blackwolfz21

    blackwolfz2145 分 前

    Genie: "there's only one rule, you can't wish for more wishes." me: "I wish for no rules."

  31. Clark Reyes Dy

    Clark Reyes Dy49 分 前

    Spoiler: Elsa and Anna didn't sail. They were on the same country as arendelle. They were just veeery far. Like enchanted Forest far

  32. JokerzPrincezz

    JokerzPrincezz52 分 前

    Me waiting for the next F2 theory

  33. Mr. Meme Bucket

    Mr. Meme Bucket58 分 前

    Just dress a dog in a cat costume or a cat in a dog costume.

  34. Pedro Nobile

    Pedro Nobile59 分 前

    What if... The genie fulfill the wish at the END of the movie when the Sultan make him his son-of-law, making Aladdin a prince then, not at the beginning... All the movie is the making of that wish

  35. Noc Turnal

    Noc Turnal時間 前

    vulture still has people to protect,like her daughter. its not a surprise if they force him to be an enemy of Spidey. but what "if" , venom and spidey working together in a 3 way war against carnage and the sinister 6?

  36. Theodore Howell

    Theodore Howell時間 前


  37. FoxOfSky 5

    FoxOfSky 5時間 前

    5:31 the dude on the right looks kinda like the mayor..

  38. AIDEN 162007

    AIDEN 162007時間 前

    Sorry to break it to you Mathew, but Razia was assassinated by the Nobles because she succeeded Iltutmish as Sultan

  39. Hassan Wageeh

    Hassan Wageeh時間 前

    I loved the song

  40. Majd Giledi

    Majd Giledi時間 前

    tbh now I dont blame him for being so angry, I would too if I had to sweat that much if I wanted to beat the kid who can control ice and fire with no consequences besides the occasional frost bite

  41. Boogrbear

    Boogrbear時間 前

    Be amazed still your Donkey Shrek idea

  42. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie時間 前

    how about "i wish to marry pricess jasmine"

  43. happi pineapple

    happi pineapple時間 前

    what happened to matt saying 'annnnd CUT'

  44. HamiOne

    HamiOne時間 前

    mattpat made yet another character creepy disney we didnt know they were creepy u should make a list of Disney character's death or horror and gorey meaning about what their saying

  45. Rashmi Shanker

    Rashmi Shanker時間 前

    Frozen 2 has explained

  46. SavvyTrout

    SavvyTrout時間 前

    Sighs hard and picks up the phone "Yes SCP Foundation. The ailens are fucking with us again..."

  47. Lilith Henry

    Lilith Henry時間 前

    This would be very easy... just wish for the law to be changed. I feel like anything else is over complicating things lol

  48. noone

    noone時間 前

    1 ask for the strongest army

  49. coolcat7011

    coolcat7011時間 前

    My biggest issue with this movie was the wasted opportunity here. Live action meant they couldn’t go as far with the visuals as the animated version could. What they should have done was make the whole thing play out like a Bollywood film. Instead, we got this…

  50. yeet_ ing

    yeet_ ing時間 前

    The worst that could happen is a pretty lookin stranger saying no to a date GET OVER HER ALADINN GET OVER HER

  51. sam manchester

    sam manchester時間 前

    "I wish Jasmine wasn't a princess"

  52. orlando velich

    orlando velich時間 前

    there was 2-3 more yoda spaces in stad of Yoda, yaddle and the child

  53. Eagle 367

    Eagle 367時間 前

    Sultan isn't an islamic title though? Yeah it really isn't

  54. incog nitor

    incog nitor時間 前

    Matpat should wish for lifetime supply of diet coke



    Creators of frozen: “we approved that the parents was alive” *and then one scene show that they literary died on frozen 2*

  56. AnonyScott

    AnonyScott時間 前

    But why does shades Prevent it?

  57. sirEthereal

    sirEthereal時間 前

    Wow, you actually had it right on

  58. VB Vids

    VB Vids時間 前

    Great idea

  59. SavvyTrout

    SavvyTrout時間 前

    sees vids and grabs phone "SCP Foundation hello. Id like to file a report."

  60. Lilhedgehog 857

    Lilhedgehog 857時間 前

    Aaaaayyy osmosis jones

  61. Marquise Duran

    Marquise Duran時間 前

    Came for a Rick break down. 👍🏽 Subbed for your Disney Murder expertise.

  62. GreenDayFanMT

    GreenDayFanMT時間 前

    Only metric units please

  63. Scribble

    Scribble時間 前

    I instantly disliked the video as soon as I heard the first pun And the second I unsubscribed

  64. Kaan Septicher

    Kaan Septicher時間 前

    Yo i learnt Turkish history. I am Turkish.

  65. Akir Megarz

    Akir Megarz時間 前

    Nala and Simba would be cousins. That's ok, right?

  66. Platypus

    Platypus時間 前

    Y'know, that would explain Rey's instant mind control

  67. sirprintalot

    sirprintalot時間 前

    Game/Film Theory just jumped the shark. Unsubbed after all these years. Poor. Go back to theories about how fast Sonic can run.

  68. XxDa PsYChOoxX

    XxDa PsYChOoxX時間 前

    JPgors: "Subscribe to me!" "Subscribe to me!" Viewers: *Subs* JPgors: "Oh this is a surprise, thanks for the subs guys!" "You didn't have to do that" We don't sub to your channel because you begged us to, we're here only because of the videos you make.

  69. osama alsayed

    osama alsayed時間 前

    I live in sauid Arabia and the way you say the sites kinda pissis me off

  70. ReeceAUS

    ReeceAUS時間 前

    But Aladdin is selfish and a thief, but by the end of the film he changed so his last wish wasn’t for himself it was to free the genie. The reboot was more about Jasmine, which is why Mena isn’t getting any offers, his role was swept aside and people have easily forgotten about him. That and his acting was not stand out.

  71. Zakwan Shah

    Zakwan Shah時間 前

    i never liked toy story. only watched the first one.

  72. MasterGG

    MasterGG時間 前

    This theory is viable, assuming Aladdin took place in the past or in our universe. We all know Aladdin is set in the future or an alternate universe.

  73. Eliane scribbles

    Eliane scribbles時間 前

    In all honesty I've had nightmares inspired (for lack of better words) by these videos

  74. Enclair

    Enclair2 時間 前

    This feels like SCP-Wiki but video

  75. Farras Suwono

    Farras Suwono2 時間 前

    I hear green strom

  76. Akir Megarz

    Akir Megarz2 時間 前

    You kinda get things mixed up. The man does not need the consent of his parents, but the woman (virgins only, not widows nor divorced) does. At least in the Islamic Law. I don't know about Ottoman (traditional) Law.

  77. A living Microwave

    A living Microwave2 時間 前

    Didn’t know hitman was the Sequel to Minecraft

  78. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent2 時間 前

    What would happen if film theorists (matt patt) got 3 wishes

  79. thicc tac

    thicc tac2 時間 前

    Imagine how much it would cost if it was made with beskar steel

  80. I have a tiny penis, but

    I have a tiny penis, but2 時間 前

    Why did you include West Bank and Gaza when you highlighted map of Israel?? That is rightful Palestinian land

  81. 117 JoeysWorldENT

    117 JoeysWorldENT2 時間 前

    "I Wish That Rule Didnt Exist" ????????

  82. CrystalGVmations

    CrystalGVmations2 時間 前

    It’s been 2 years BUT IM NOT GIVING UP!!!!

  83. Elly Valentini

    Elly Valentini2 時間 前

    I like your life itch waaaaaay better. Disney should really get themselves some nerds to overthink plot lines. #PowerToTheNerds

  84. Dontlolmeplz

    Dontlolmeplz2 時間 前

    So bill gate can make 200 SAO -_-

  85. Griff

    Griff2 時間 前

    this totally made me think of archer and his tinnitus. I am glad you mentioned it.

  86. Marc Dragon

    Marc Dragon2 時間 前

    ILL BE THE ROUNDABO- To be continued

  87. legend kupal

    legend kupal2 時間 前

    stop this pls

  88. Florian Matel

    Florian Matel2 時間 前

    I wish for an underground cave, with chains....

  89. Zegichiban

    Zegichiban2 時間 前

    hehe sultanas..... hehe grapes.

  90. Man Afro

    Man Afro2 時間 前

    Why couldn't he wish that the Genie make another genie fall in love with Jasmine? The second genie would make Jasmine fall in love with him, Aladdin's Genie would not break the law, the second genie would.

  91. Marki Mo

    Marki Mo2 時間 前

    Penny loses the pillowfight HAHAHAHAHA nice

  92. PredatorExoc 4409

    PredatorExoc 44092 時間 前

    I wish to get more wishes



    You should have add what ultron said 'YOU'RE ALL KILLERS'

  94. Neleh Rivera

    Neleh Rivera2 時間 前

    I first thought soup not soap. I think I’m hungry

  95. Ml Sneaky_Assasin

    Ml Sneaky_Assasin2 時間 前

    I cant see my shadows, help

  96. ThunderToast97

    ThunderToast972 時間 前

    Or, you know, he could just wish for the law to change...

  97. Jack Mullane

    Jack Mullane2 時間 前

    Or the simplest option: Wish for omnipotence.

  98. Endarire

    Endarire2 時間 前

    What about Aladdin wishing himself to be a god able to decide the fate of this entire reality?

  99. J South

    J South2 時間 前

    I love this theory, mainly because I loved L3-37, and thought she didn’t have nearly enough screen time. Moving Rei away from Mary Sue territory is nice too.

  100. Mineryhb6

    Mineryhb63 時間 前

    Yes, i know how big both billion and octillion are as numbers. (Actually, i know up to novemquadragintillion)