佐藤 健 / Satoh Takeru
佐藤 健 / Satoh Takeru
佐藤 健 / Satoh Takeru

公式JPgoチャンネル【佐藤健/Satoh Takeru】

■A!SMART 佐藤 健 オフィシャルグッズ

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  3. Jo jo

    Jo jo8 時間 前

    I'm just listening to you guys without understanding but still I wish you guys good health and happiness

  4. bxrried

    bxrried8 時間 前

    IM SHOOK! Takeru has a JPgo channel! Now international fans can have more contents from him. It was hard being a fan when I was in high school I couldn't really access updates and stuff

  5. 東都洋絶

    東都洋絶10 時間 前

    特撮イケメン俳優を一気に4人も観れる幸せが…すごいありがたかった 佐藤健…野上良太郎(仮面ライダー電王) 桜田通…野上幸太郎(仮面ライダーNEW電王、良太郎の孫) 渡邊圭祐…ウォズ(仮面ライダーウォズ) 神木隆之介…ケラト(爆竜トリケラトプスの人間態)

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  7. Anong Latest ?

    Anong Latest ?13 時間 前

    Present! 💗 I was already in the middle of the video when i realized that it doesnt have any eng sub. Nyikes. Too good to pass... Please put the eng sub soon. Thank you.

  8. Reddean Austine Canave

    Reddean Austine Canave15 時間 前

    😂 funny

  9. Reddean Austine Canave

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  13. Angelo Fran

    Angelo Fran18 時間 前

    Ryunosuke Kamiki is the voice of Taki Tachiban in the animation movie Your Name

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  16. Nam Gonzales

    Nam Gonzales日 前

    Dori Sakurada with Takeru Satoh in one frame/ trip?! I’m wondering how they kept their trip free from fans? If I was one of the fortunate bystanders to see them together, I would have been dumbstruck. 🤯 PS. Did they hide/block all the places they will be in? I’m still perplexed at not hearing some random squealing/exclamation after seeing these 4 in one place.

  17. earthen lei

    earthen lei日 前

    helllo Satoh-san...hope you are well..and you take notice of me 🥰 i think you are a really good actor, the way you convey your emotions, your voice, the persona..wishing to see you in person.but until then, ill be here supporting you💋 lovelots

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    良いメンバーと✨☆^ ^🎵良い光景ですね✨☆↑^ ^💫

  20. Дина Сомова

    Дина Сомова日 前

    Hi Satoh,take off your glasses,ot herwise your gorgeous eyes cannot be seen! You have a charming smile! Smile more often,it suits you like that)))).Do you just reply to your subscribers? It wouldbe great to get an answer from you))).I had to write to you in English,since you don't know Russian.I hope that your friends are with you help with the analysis of comments? Japan is a beautiful country,especially in the spring.Do you have sakura blossoms beautifully and smells probably very smeet?)))).I have never seen this miracle,sorry...but l want to look at this beauty.

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  25. Tammy Finnemore

    Tammy Finnemore日 前

    I am going to have to pick up a lot more of the language if I am ever going have the chance of understanding what was said, but I still watched all way through lol

  26. 牧原ゆい

    牧原ゆい日 前

    佐藤健くん、カッコイイ!みんなイケメンでかっこよすぎて キュン死にしそうだぁ〜(//∇//)

  27. Lori C.

    Lori C.日 前

    É uma da manhã. Eu não sei como vim parar aqui. Não sei o que está acontecendo. Só sei que tenho uma queda gigantesca por esse homem e o destino me trouxe até aqui

  28. 久常安子

    久常安子日 前

    自粛生活の中でも、自然と😄になり気持ちを明るくさせてくれた神企画でした。愉快クイズのやり取りや、トランポリンで無心に遊ぶ姿だったり、素の魅力を発見したり、健さんだけでなく、皆さんも癒されたんじゃないかなぁ😊🎶神木さん桜田さん渡邉さん ありがとうございました。

  29. Bilqis Melly

    Bilqis Melly日 前

    Waiting for ur movie kenshin 😍😍😍. When the new movie will be release ??? Its already 2020

  30. ジェラちゃん

    ジェラちゃん日 前

    元々は恋つづ経由で佐藤健のyoutubeみとったのにいつのまにか通くんの人柄に惹かれて桜田通沼に片足突っ込んでる。 FODとかで通くん見漁ってる

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  37. Raghad Alashoor

    Raghad Alashoor2 日 前

    English comment anyone? He showed up in the suggestions and I just clicked out of curiosity but idk who is he at all 😂 Who is he ?like for real? Enlighten me

  38. Carla Palmera

    Carla Palmera2 日 前

    Please add english subtitles. Thank you! 😊 Keep safe!

  39. Trish M

    Trish M2 日 前

    Still no subsssss

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    やっぱり桜田くん面白い ユーモア満載の桜田くん、お笑いをありがとうございます。☺️

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  44. koala belle

    koala belle2 日 前

    ossan please stop being cute i don't understand a single thing but i was smiling through the whole video

  45. Shirotora

    Shirotora2 日 前

    I’m melting just watching Takeru run around in that sweater 😮🥵 Love watching them have so much fun though!

  46. Shirotora

    Shirotora3 日 前

    This is just so wholesome to watch. I hope he does decide to make more JPgo series after all.

  47. ちみーくん-.-choco

    ちみーくん-.-choco3 日 前

    8:15 8:15 からリピw ガチでおもろすぎて腹痛いww

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    aaaah qué lindos!!! ♡

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    通くんかっこいいー! コーヒーアンドバニラを見た後にこの動画を見たので、深見さんが無邪気だと思ってなんか、にやけました! 友達とワイワイ楽しむのっていいですよね!なんだか、幸せな動画でした!ありがとうございます!

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  62. emily su

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    このゆるい感じが何ともたまらない…!これを無料で見れて本当に良いの!?って。 第2弾あると嬉しいな〜

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    there'a no english sub huhu

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  68. Succubuz Nah

    Succubuz Nah3 日 前

    Takeru-sa move on the game just like in the Kenshin😂😂😂😂😂

  69. トイプードルのラテ

    トイプードルのラテ3 日 前

    桜田通って、仮面ライダー電王で佐藤健の孫役で出てたよね? 電王ファンには嬉しすぎます😭

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  71. morning blossom

    morning blossom3 日 前

    Is this his really his own channel... can anyone tell what's his Insta... bcz I have searches a lot but couldn't find i really like his dramas and his acting....

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    Такэру Сато, ты вдохновляешь меня. Спасибо.

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    Вот бы еще понимать что-нибудь...

  75. Ayumi San

    Ayumi San4 日 前

    Like always,even there is still no English Sub,I keep on smiling when they smile or laugh though I don't understand what are they laughing for😅😆still waiting for the english sub🙂😃

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    何度も繰り返しみて癒されて笑ってしまう! 今日も朝からずっとみて癒されてます!

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    Thank you so much for English sub!!! 😄

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    今日JPgoなくて残念な人 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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    今日は最初からずっとみて癒されて、笑ってます! 何度も繰り返しみてまーす! まだまだ自粛して頑張ります!又楽しい企画お願いします🤲

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    I was a fan of Takeru... until i saw Hyun Bin from Korea. GADDAMN. Matured men age like wine.

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    モンハンみたいの来たよはしぬ 笑笑

  89. Rhia Cabusao

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    That thought of you'll only laugh when they laughed. Hoping for the availability of English subtitles

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    黄色い所踏んじゃダメねって言った瞬間から踏んでるのしんどい 笑笑

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    海ほたるのプリクラとる 笑笑笑笑笑笑

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    all my favorite actors in one carrrr ahhh the fanservice is foreaaalssss