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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. ShawN ReivZ

    ShawN ReivZ11 時間 前

    i have lot of fan made champ that are original and fresh skills but my work dosent appreciate by others its always like this "oh man that is complicated and all that"

  2. Angerra Truong

    Angerra Truong11 時間 前

    1:39 is dat thanos???

  3. MeMonic TV

    MeMonic TV11 時間 前

    wild rift pls

  4. Alfred Rosalia

    Alfred Rosalia11 時間 前

    Wow league of legend your the best amumo your my idol.

  5. Danken Donuts

    Danken Donuts11 時間 前

    Here after Warriors 2020?

  6. Okay Boomer

    Okay Boomer11 時間 前

    Don’t judge me, but I’m drawing while listening to music. I really like my drawing.

  7. Explorer of life

    Explorer of life11 時間 前

    Poro is finnish and means reindeer. Feels weird

  8. Izzy Jardine

    Izzy Jardine11 時間 前

    I’m not even kidding when I say I’ve watched this 5 times in a row now

  9. Sweaty Wyjee

    Sweaty Wyjee11 時間 前

    Your ads are annoying 😡

  10. Андрей Олодронь

    Андрей Олодронь11 時間 前

    Очень впечатляет

  11. Devlin Nipper

    Devlin Nipper11 時間 前

    We only got this login for ONE DAY, because Kayn released in the same patch as the Urgot rework. Thankful I can relive this any time

  12. Shylo Ruka

    Shylo Ruka11 時間 前


  13. Adem Lin

    Adem Lin11 時間 前

    I really really want to watch the movie of league of legends!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Phát Thành

    Phát Thành11 時間 前

    I came here again for sylas smile

  15. PrinceofBB

    PrinceofBB11 時間 前

    I love how straight forward his kit is, and at the same time good in a way that wont keep him from being out of meta

  16. chloe wong

    chloe wong11 時間 前

    I is so good! LoL!

  17. Clyn Gatbonton

    Clyn Gatbonton11 時間 前

    The tournament cancelled

  18. John Marcell S. Peñaverde

    John Marcell S. Peñaverde11 時間 前

    As a Mobile legend gamer his skill looks like from the heroes mentioned here Passive:Karina/Gord 1st skill:Odette(2nd) 2nd skill:Terizla(1st) 3rd skill:Kadita(2nd) Ult:Gord(Ult) And no,im not hating nor bashing this game,im not a kid fighting about ml copying lol or vice versa

  19. Samero4

    Samero411 時間 前

    This song will be the anthem of league of legends

  20. Cherry Shadow

    Cherry Shadow11 時間 前

    When will lol released in ph?

  21. Bundle of Nonsense

    Bundle of Nonsense11 時間 前

    This is the best ad ever

  22. Jaira Luevanos

    Jaira Luevanos11 時間 前

    No puedo cree mi nombré en una canción de k pop woow Jaira

  23. Explorer of life

    Explorer of life11 時間 前

    Teemo getting kicked was just too satisfying xD

  24. ??? XD

    ??? XD11 時間 前

    When League was actually fun

  25. mr butts

    mr butts11 時間 前

    jesus christ enough with the cringe i just want to see his abilities

  26. chomp ps

    chomp ps12 時間 前

    We Are Korea.

  27. Sam

    Sam12 時間 前

    every time I watch this the first thing I think of is how badly made those chains must be to break with just a rumble

  28. Kiozo Oko

    Kiozo Oko12 時間 前


  29. Gerry Garcia

    Gerry Garcia12 時間 前

    So Dio Brando?

  30. Alex Guilbaud

    Alex Guilbaud12 時間 前

    Please never do that fake acting voice again Riot, a normal monotone explanation is encouraged.

  31. Maggy

    Maggy12 時間 前

    Que paquete

  32. Fubjub

    Fubjub12 時間 前

    Jojo :Dio dat u?

  33. Dalek Sek

    Dalek Sek12 時間 前


  34. adrikros350 alv

    adrikros350 alv12 時間 前

    empezando fuerte el 2020 con lol

  35. Jack Woelper

    Jack Woelper12 時間 前

    I’m sure the team that made this cinematic got a good nut tap and fast to the face by a riot exec

  36. Arma Arashi

    Arma Arashi12 時間 前

    that intro beat kinda remind me of song used by mkhbd intro (20syl - Ongoing Thing) but of course its a different.

  37. ModaMax

    ModaMax12 時間 前

    this was the last time riot made me hyped i still sometime play this game becuz of how guud the character design is

  38. Mark Joseph Arguelles

    Mark Joseph Arguelles12 時間 前

    i excited to LOL Wild rift

  39. Professor Aids

    Professor Aids12 時間 前

    it's time to portal jump out of this game

  40. Humble Diligence

    Humble Diligence12 時間 前

    Fun fact : when Baron Nashor is revealed in this cinematic , most of the players don't know what that thing was . so they thought it was a new champ .

  41. Demon Nor Angel

    Demon Nor Angel12 時間 前

    Okay but like... Why is everyone white?

  42. marvin metellus

    marvin metellus12 時間 前

    XD this man i swear "kleds ult is big " "it hits hard and fast" and it Alows you to go deep

  43. Devon Westwood

    Devon Westwood12 時間 前

    The puns in this video made me terminally I'll.

  44. Nicholas Hartle

    Nicholas Hartle12 時間 前

    This video: Rated T for tobacco use Me: *cries in Graves's cigar*

  45. Edwin Lara

    Edwin Lara12 時間 前

    Fantasy + Mecha Is this the Bionicle revival?

  46. M.ihsanul Hakim

    M.ihsanul Hakim12 時間 前


  47. M.ihsanul Hakim

    M.ihsanul Hakim12 時間 前


  48. TheGreatNerd

    TheGreatNerd12 時間 前

    Has anyone realized that Garen and Darius both have jumping and coming down with their weapon, spin attack, and something crashing on their enemy? For Garen it's a golden shard, for Darius it's his weapon.

  49. Belxior19

    Belxior1912 時間 前

    Sett is the only furrie i will ever respect

  50. ツL ů c ä s

    ツL ů c ä s12 時間 前

    Nice 2019 Bronze I 2020 Ferro III NICE LOL

  51. Kpo Max

    Kpo Max12 時間 前

    La R de lux fue para activar a galio ya que este es una estatua que se activa con la magia y su funcion es defender demacia :)

  52. wiwgames killergames

    wiwgames killergames12 時間 前

    Name game

  53. Kane [AMV]

    Kane [AMV]12 時間 前

    essa música dá vontade sair na rua e qritar RISE RISE RISE

  54. Sarubotai

    Sarubotai12 時間 前

    ahh yes, Rengar jumps into 4 man team, one shots the adc and is still gets out alive. Just like ingame :')

  55. Sawyer did Something

    Sawyer did Something12 時間 前

    Omg was not expecting that

  56. XiaoLongg

    XiaoLongg12 時間 前

    I’ve never cringed harder



    worst game ever

  58. ASCII Skull

    ASCII Skull12 時間 前

    When you have infernum and gravitum Za warudo

  59. Hàn Chủ Tịch

    Hàn Chủ Tịch12 時間 前

    Hay vc

  60. chase-su sama

    chase-su sama12 時間 前

    Dio jotaro

  61. Legendary Wolf Gaming I Legendary Productions

    Legendary Wolf Gaming I Legendary Productions12 時間 前

    Legends never die.....They Respawn

  62. Xuan Bach Lai

    Xuan Bach Lai12 時間 前

    Ez jg be like chicken too stronk, leash pls

  63. Chris H

    Chris H13 時間 前

    this made me want to play,

  64. Hazzah King

    Hazzah King13 時間 前

    It’s really unlucky that he dosent have a dash. He is so cool but he gonna be crappy in any meta with Camille qiyana, akali, Irelia, etc running around. A simple dash like Aatrox could have been cool.

  65. Kevs Espi

    Kevs Espi13 時間 前

    The way he talks, he has Jhin vibes for some reason....

  66. I wonder why you'd want to know my name

    I wonder why you'd want to know my name13 時間 前

    this was a good way to spend 2 minutes and 20 seconds

  67. Adele Dazeem

    Adele Dazeem13 時間 前

    To anyone who doesn't play league of legends and is watching this video... This game is NOTHING like the cinematic And the community is probably the worst community out of any game I've ever known Highly Recommended to NOT GET THIS GAME

  68. Enrique Pillaca

    Enrique Pillaca13 時間 前

    me dieron ganas de jugar lol un ratico :v ire a fedear un rato, ya vuelvo :v

  69. Matias Gonzalez

    Matias Gonzalez13 時間 前


  70. Josh C.

    Josh C.13 時間 前

    1.11 - 1.14. Coolest part. Like an actual movie trailer effect

  71. I wonder why you'd want to know my name

    I wonder why you'd want to know my name13 時間 前

    this is art in its purest form

  72. Cat Daddy

    Cat Daddy13 時間 前

    I remember when JPgo comments weren't calendars.

  73. Khada Jhin

    Khada Jhin13 時間 前

    Is this the same voice actor as tsukasa from dr stone

  74. Chumi Paz

    Chumi Paz13 時間 前

    Hermoso ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  75. Paulo Catanghal

    Paulo Catanghal13 時間 前

    Kratos: ATREUS!!!

  76. Hallyson Henrique

    Hallyson Henrique13 時間 前


  77. ᄋ'

    ᄋ'13 時間 前

    와씨 존나소름돋았어..

  78. This Yellow Face

    This Yellow Face13 時間 前

    Senna: i only like u as a friend now

  79. José Anderson

    José Anderson13 時間 前

    LOL I just noticed, but Rengar got a hit on Darius at 5:16, there is even blood dropping from the wound!

  80. This Yellow Face

    This Yellow Face13 時間 前

    Braum in the background: it's time for me to leave

  81. Pierce Villamor

    Pierce Villamor13 時間 前

    Goosebumps everywhere 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Baron Moork

    Baron Moork13 時間 前

    Wait a minute... I thought Urgot was reworked recently....


    RADIOWEB13 時間 前

    beautyful song

  84. Hiago Pereira

    Hiago Pereira13 時間 前

    why nobody is talking about ekko going back in time in the end? I can't stop replaying that part

  85. Pewds 1

    Pewds 113 時間 前

    Well... I'm still waiting for mobile legends to make one of these

  86. Alice De Medeiros Severino

    Alice De Medeiros Severino13 時間 前


  87. Memory Story

    Memory Story13 時間 前


  88. Adam Iskandar

    Adam Iskandar13 時間 前

    Lux : ults to the sky *Garen signals that enemies are missing*

  89. elitevirus123

    elitevirus12313 時間 前

    Dude looks like an egg

  90. Victor Ludorum

    Victor Ludorum13 時間 前

    Quinns brother!!

  91. El Mundo De Zirox

    El Mundo De Zirox13 時間 前

    The feels man :')

  92. Pablo Henriquez

    Pablo Henriquez13 時間 前

    youtube me lo recomendo como nuevo ._.

  93. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna13 時間 前

    Hmm I see...

  94. Storm Bringer777

    Storm Bringer77713 時間 前

    Every time I see this ad, it makes me wanna strangle an orphan.

  95. 최현진

    최현진13 時間 前


  96. Explorer of life

    Explorer of life13 時間 前

    Balance is weakness!

  97. GPT Leader

    GPT Leader13 時間 前


  98. Victor Luigi

    Victor Luigi13 時間 前

    "Hey! Wanna play some video games? I know i do! *I haven't seen the sun in Y E A R S .*" -Nevercake,2018.

  99. Loc Pham Phu

    Loc Pham Phu13 時間 前

    league now is just a mess ...lol

  100. Brandon Frost

    Brandon Frost13 時間 前

    1:14 was that a jojo reference