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Top 10 Pixar Heroes
Top 10 Disney Lions
Top 10 Disney Burps
  1. Heather Whitten

    Heather Whitten9 時間 前

    in the wild it looks like his father is mean to his son

  2. Girl Forever

    Girl Forever日 前

    My top 10 favourite couples are: 1- Aladdin and Jasmine 2- Rapunzel and Eugene 3- Peter and Wendy 4-Ariel and Eric 5-Anna and Kristoph 6- Belle and the Beast 7- Tiana ans Naveen 8- Nala and Simba 9- Shang and Mulan 10- Lady and clochard

  3. Girl Forever

    Girl Forever日 前

    Nombre one: Rapunzel and Eugene 💕💕🧡💖💖💖 Number two: Aladdin and Jasmine 😘😘❤



    I wish i would have someone to kissed. Like lady and the tramp



    Lady and tramp Kiara and kovu Simba and nala Walle(or not) and eva

  6. penn penn

    penn penn2 日 前

    This list is perfect Louis from the princess frog is number one

  7. Angel Bae Grande

    Angel Bae Grande2 日 前

    7:10 crying

  8. Emily Sharp

    Emily Sharp2 日 前

    Thanks for putting some Lion King characters high on the list and Aslan, but other than Mufasa and Aslan I disagree.

  9. SavaBavaGacha

    SavaBavaGacha3 日 前

    Is it just me or am I the only one who had a crush on prince Naveen?

  10. Susana Esparza

    Susana Esparza3 日 前

    Pocahontas, Beauty and the beast and the lion king are the best ones 🤚🏼

  11. Spark Quirante

    Spark Quirante3 日 前

    Aladdin and princess jasmine is the best😍😍😍

  12. areen rarg

    areen rarg4 日 前


  13. NicknamedoubleA's

    NicknamedoubleA's5 日 前

    Why Mulan at #31 ???

  14. Daniele Lunardi

    Daniele Lunardi5 日 前


  15. Harshini Punukollu

    Harshini Punukollu6 日 前

    Okay I ain’t gonna take no shit if no one talks about tangled

  16. Srijoni Miraculous. ladybug and catnoir

    Srijoni Miraculous. ladybug and catnoir6 日 前

    My favourite Disney Princess couple is Rupanzel and Ugin

  17. Bonks49G K

    Bonks49G K6 日 前

    I love that you had the Snow White ending In the Top Ten. Though the movie is kind of mocked in today's age, the movie was a beautiful representation of what Disney is all about. The Ending projected such magic and love. It set a truly high bar for every other film creator and became the foundation to the incredible timeline of Disney animated films.

  18. ednalva barbosa

    ednalva barbosa6 日 前

    10. Spirited away 9. Tarzan 8. Ratatouille 7. Surf s up 6. Happy feet 5. Cars 4. The Lion King 3. Shrek 2. Ice age 1. Toy story 3

  19. Raishapradu Icha

    Raishapradu Icha7 日 前

    Why the is No maleficent there?

  20. Iqra Waseem

    Iqra Waseem7 日 前

    Spoiler! 2 dogs won the 1st spot with a noodle kiss.

  21. SuperOthaniel Pokemon

    SuperOthaniel Pokemon7 日 前

    Bing Bong is in a Pixar Movie

  22. Dalila Esposito

    Dalila Esposito7 日 前

    3 nala 2 kovu 1 kiara

  23. Melih Sefa

    Melih Sefa7 日 前

    My best is Mufasa

  24. Drixenol86

    Drixenol867 日 前

    Shame on Disney for removing Lady and Tramp’s pups in the remake.

  25. janice acosta

    janice acosta8 日 前

    My favorite couple is Aladdin and Jasmine and Aurora and Phillip Cinderella and prince charming

  26. Kirbo Wifi

    Kirbo Wifi8 日 前

    My List, including Live-Action Movies! 1937 - 1947 5. Baby Mine - Dumbo 4. One Song - Snow White 3. When I See an Elephant Fly - Dumbo 2. I've Got No Strings - Pinocchio 1. Heigh-Ho - Snow White 1948 - 1957 5. You Can Fly! - Peter Pan 4. I'm Late - Alice in Wonderland 3. Work Song - Cinderella 2. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo - Cinderella 1. He's a Tramp - Lady and the Tramp 1958 - 1967 5. Let's Go Fly a Kite - Mary Poppins 4. Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty 3. I Wan'na Be Like You - The Jungle Book 2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Poppins 1. The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book 1968 - 1977 5. Oo-De-Lally - Robin Hood 4. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 3. The Phony King of England - Robin Hood 2. Thomas O'Malley - The Aristocats 1. Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat - The Aristocats 1978 - 1987 i havent really heard 5 songs from this decade,, 1988 - 1997 5. Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast 4. Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame 3. Why Should I Worry - Oliver and Company 2. I Won't Say I'm in Love - Hercules 1. Hakuna Matata - The Lion King 1998 - 2007 5. We're All in This Together - High School Musical 4. We Are One - The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride 3. Upendi - The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride 2. Son of Man - Tarzan 1. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan 2008 - 2017 5. Almost There - The Princess and the Frog 4. Love is an Open Door - Frozen 3. You're Welcome - Moana 2. I See the Light - Tangled 1. Dig a Little Deeper - The Princess and the Frog 2018 - Present 5. Some Things Never Change - Frozen II 4. Speechless - Aladdin (Live-Action) 3. What a Shame - Lady and the Tramp (Live-Action) 2. Lost in the Woods - Frozen II 1. A Cover is Not the Book - Mary Poppins Returns

  27. LEGO Kid 101

    LEGO Kid 1019 日 前

    Would of bin better if they all in order

  28. Sengmeritha Marak

    Sengmeritha Marak9 日 前

    Lovely Rafungel n Eugine wedding

  29. Noah Chun

    Noah Chun9 日 前

    Hold the FUCK UP! How Dare you put Ellie at NUMBER FOUR?! She's NUMBER 1!!!!!

  30. sonic and Disney fan videogame player YouTube fan

    sonic and Disney fan videogame player YouTube fan10 日 前

    Captain from 101 Dalmatians🤔

  31. Po Omega

    Po Omega10 日 前

    Tug and Koda are my fv Bears. Tug even tough he has few screen-time he is a very benevolent ruler who deeply cares about big and small bears even accepted Kenai in his community and help him into Bear lifestyle. Koda has been a playful cub and free spirit, he even risked his life for saving Kenai from Denahi, although he knew that he killed his mother.

  32. Po Omega

    Po Omega10 日 前

    Aslan is the Best

  33. Someone New

    Someone New10 日 前

    Now that I saw Iago betray Jafar, I wanna watch Aladdin 2 now.

  34. Po Omega

    Po Omega10 日 前

    How about Poppa Henry, Bing Bong and Aslan

  35. CєƖєѕтιαƖ Mσση

    CєƖєѕтιαƖ Mσση11 日 前

    List: *includes two lions with no physical lips* Also list: *doesnt include Flynn and rapunzel*

  36. Dragon S

    Dragon S11 日 前

    I think beauty and the beast should be higher on the list

  37. Maria fanta

    Maria fanta11 日 前

    1 nala e Simba 2 Alladin e Jasmine 3dama e o vagabundo

  38. Maze4D

    Maze4D11 日 前

    So all this time, Lady Cluck was an Orangutan?

  39. Isti Qomah

    Isti Qomah12 日 前


  40. Maini Is

    Maini Is13 日 前

    Me:WHO IS THE FIRST KISS?! I hope its human *A DOG*

  41. Zoe Stewart

    Zoe Stewart13 日 前

    The Lion King isn’t sad to me anymore it just shows me how your OWN family can do something as shady and evil your own blood as anyone else

  42. TheLejonell

    TheLejonell14 日 前

    There's a toplist for everything...

  43. MrWhatdafuBOOM

    MrWhatdafuBOOM14 日 前

    My top 5: #5 Bullseye #4 Khan #3 Frou-Frou #2 Pegasus #1 Maximus

  44. Ilovethecatmarioshow

    Ilovethecatmarioshow15 日 前

    Clayton’s death is freaking horrifying

  45. sonic and Disney fan videogame player YouTube fan

    sonic and Disney fan videogame player YouTube fan16 日 前

    You made me feel bad Because I haven't seen monsters' inc

  46. Guilherme Nascimento Santos

    Guilherme Nascimento Santos16 日 前

    Simba,li shang ou John Smith

  47. Lily Jazz

    Lily Jazz16 日 前

    What a voice what a song what this singer the best I Saw him 3 weeks ago un Paris just fabulous !

  48. Miriam S.

    Miriam S.16 日 前

    By Number 12: His real name is Eugene not Flynn.

  49. Avery Ratqueen

    Avery Ratqueen17 日 前

    Georgette is a queen she deserves #1

  50. Anju Tony

    Anju Tony18 日 前

    1.Belle and beast 2.Rapunzel and eugene 3.Ariel and Prince Eric

  51. Matt King

    Matt King18 日 前

    Where is the enchantress at, you know she is crazy

  52. Winnie - Ces mondes bizarres

    Winnie - Ces mondes bizarres19 日 前

    What a shame lmao

  53. Valentina Zacaroli

    Valentina Zacaroli20 日 前

    Mi viene un forte brivido sulla pelle quando sento la musica e le immagini della disney specialmente la bella e la bestia e la sirenetta

  54. Princess Esmeralda

    Princess Esmeralda20 日 前

    I love the music at the end of the hunchback of Notre Dame and Pocahontas

  55. Matt King

    Matt King21 日 前

    Yo man what about the enchantress, shes a crazy villain too, you know that right

  56. Laxmi Nayak

    Laxmi Nayak21 日 前

    Jafar very intersed

  57. Laxmi Nayak

    Laxmi Nayak21 日 前

    Gothel is my favorite

  58. Laxmi Nayak

    Laxmi Nayak22 日 前


  59. Laxmi Nayak

    Laxmi Nayak22 日 前

    Series hans is a villain

  60. Laxmi Nayak

    Laxmi Nayak22 日 前

    Prince jonh is a villain not a prince

  61. pups_roblox :3

    pups_roblox :322 日 前

    Clayton’s death to this day gives me chills. I’ll never forget the way the vine struck straight and seeing his shadow in the background of his hanging. His machete piercing into the ground makes me shiver. Tarzan tried to warn him not to cut the vines, but the storyline was to touching, even if Clayton was a bad man. Imagine how Jane would feel if she was there...oh wait she was...😢

  62. Mhmmed Abdrabo

    Mhmmed Abdrabo22 日 前

    Iloved the princess and frog and the little mermaid and tangled

  63. Pauline Johnson

    Pauline Johnson23 日 前

    Does ANYONE remember Bambi and Faline?!?!



    I love Rupanzel's,Ariel's and Brother bear's weddings

  65. Psychedelic Visionary

    Psychedelic Visionary25 日 前

    Music sucks, you missed several, (horse charging also from wind and the willows) and the rescuers date is wrong. Wtf

  66. Nicholas Liu

    Nicholas Liu25 日 前


  67. Nicholas Liu

    Nicholas Liu25 日 前


  68. MATT TAM

    MATT TAM25 日 前

    Matthew Tamayo Dies like this!!!

  69. Dawn Yeates

    Dawn Yeates25 日 前

    Honestly my fav is the black couldron



    I'm crying these happy endings do cheer me when U'm sad and depressed



    None of these characters are stoned 😂😂😂😂 their drunk

  72. Jeff Sturgeon

    Jeff Sturgeon26 日 前

    Disney should be collectively sued by everyone who ever paid money for a 'new movie' and got an old movie disguised as new. Flat out scam on a massive scale.

  73. King Of Animals

    King Of Animals26 日 前

    Disney Villains: The protagonists can't kill me Physics: So here is the thing....

  74. Al Graham

    Al Graham26 日 前

    Hey any chance you could a part 2?

  75. Dena Spohn

    Dena Spohn26 日 前

    Seriously? Winnie the Pooh should have been #1 and Baloo #2.

  76. Elijah Cole

    Elijah Cole26 日 前

    0:59 zurg isn't a bad guy

  77. Vanessa Eckmann

    Vanessa Eckmann27 日 前

    Can someone please explain to me how tf prince phillip is not out of breath running up all those stairs!? Lmfao i would be dead before i reached the top 😂😂

  78. Alyssa Jones

    Alyssa Jones28 日 前

    Beauty and the Beast hands down! 🌹

  79. Phoebe 101

    Phoebe 10128 日 前

    I actually screamed with laughter when the guy from ratatouille was talking randomly and the lady took out her mace 😆

  80. Evelina Firanescu

    Evelina Firanescu29 日 前

    neuxbd uebneibrbu



    Nice !

  82. Adam Jung

    Adam Jungヶ月 前

    What about Gurgi from The Black Cauldron. It's not as well known but I think it could make the top ten.

  83. Annie C

    Annie Cヶ月 前

    Roo, Tod, Dumbo are my top 3

  84. Twilight

    Twilightヶ月 前

    3:49 The guard be like, wtf, Bro?!

  85. Hilary Lyall

    Hilary Lyallヶ月 前

    12:20 Genie: "Made ya look!"

  86. HøneyBêar ‘

    HøneyBêar ‘ヶ月 前

    I can assume your search history might be strange...

  87. Nicholas Blaschke

    Nicholas Blaschkeヶ月 前

    "Put Me Down Brutus Creepy Old Dragon"

  88. TuMama En4

    TuMama En4ヶ月 前

    Why nobody talkin bout number 1, up had me in tears 😪☹️

  89. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smithヶ月 前

    Or thinks hades Pokemon should be charizard X because he has blue fire and hades hairs is blue fire and charizard x has the same colour they both black and blue and a little grey.

  90. Nesstalgia

    Nesstalgiaヶ月 前

    i love how it reused other sound effects 1:22 2:51 1:53 2:01

  91. Tiny Neal

    Tiny Nealヶ月 前

    All the sad animal ones it me hard😭😭😭😭

  92. Lyra Kotone Crystal

    Lyra Kotone Crystalヶ月 前

    Cruella De Vil doesn’t die in her film

  93. Lila Mottram

    Lila Mottramヶ月 前

    Pooh has a gun?

  94. Shoumy.

    Shoumy.ヶ月 前

    For me, The Lion King, Mulan, Pocahontas, Bambi and Peter Pan 2 have the greatest endings i mean, the music makes the ending incredible!

  95. Portia Bryant

    Portia Bryantヶ月 前

    Anyone else bawling

  96. Kasey Lewis

    Kasey Lewisヶ月 前

    What about Destiny from Finding Dory?

  97. PrehistoricLEGO

    PrehistoricLEGOヶ月 前

    That scene from walle should’ve been higher

  98. EW Walker

    EW Walkerヶ月 前

    What about Mulan 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  99. Acnolon KingoftheDragons

    Acnolon KingoftheDragonsヶ月 前

    1:43 that was some pretty good smelting of magical item made of item scene... but Return of the King did it better.

  100. Rosemar Ramos

    Rosemar Ramosヶ月 前

    I don’t see any kisses in up