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  1. Donagh The Irishman

    Donagh The Irishman日 前

    Anakin was a good person, what made him a monster was that he cared too much.

  2. Seven Heaven

    Seven Heaven日 前


  3. Rodney James Diesta

    Rodney James Diesta日 前

    What if the version of batman here is the one who became the batman who laughs?! It would be awesome!!

  4. Rodney James Diesta

    Rodney James Diesta日 前

    It will be great if the version of batman is the one who laughs

  5. Koushik Bhattacharya

    Koushik Bhattacharya日 前

    Toni was back in mcu?

  6. Isabel Ralph

    Isabel Ralph日 前

    Chandler and Monica ARE NOT MARRIED

  7. the extream g.o.a.t TV

    the extream g.o.a.t TV日 前

    He is going to be the best batman period.

  8. Hamza Haidari

    Hamza Haidari日 前

    TEAM KONG strong ass motha FUCKING APE

  9. Divorjïçk Găsperack

    Divorjïçk Găsperack日 前

    Finally they got rid of Ben Cantact. Robert Pattinson will be much better

  10. Roaring Lion

    Roaring Lion日 前


  11. gamesilove

    gamesilove日 前

    Hipster Batman confirmed!

  12. Champion Kulbacki Racing Pigeons Brieftauben

    Champion Kulbacki Racing Pigeons Brieftauben日 前

    Top 2 part

  13. ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ

    ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ日 前

    Oscar is coming...

  14. ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ

    ᴠᴀɴʜᴇʟsɪɴɢ日 前

    Oscar is coming...

  15. Iron Gamer

    Iron Gamer日 前

    Que geniaaal , se bien la temporada 4 de Daredevil

  16. John Smith

    John Smith日 前

    kong vs godzilla = batman vs superman = krillin vs vegeta unless dumb plot comes into play its obvious who will win

  17. Andrew Stanley

    Andrew Stanley日 前

    What background music is that?

  18. Against_All Odds

    Against_All Odds日 前

    Looks like some skinny nerd went shopping in party city for Halloween.



    I wish Ben aflek was steel batman

  20. youll get your rent when you fix this damn door!

    youll get your rent when you fix this damn door!日 前

    It’s sad for daltonic people who won’t be able to see the batsuit because everything’s shaded red. Also this sounds nothing like Imperial March.

  21. Wish Studio

    Wish Studio日 前

    ohhhhh cool thatbawesome

  22. Raven

    Raven日 前

    Kong: *Aye bro can I be the king?* Godzilla: *No.* **Starts fighting**

  23. Yhan Idah

    Yhan Idah日 前

    I am hoping this is for real!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

  24. Michael H

    Michael H日 前

    I want a dark movie! Blood! Guts!

  25. kimberly williams

    kimberly williams日 前

    I almost believed this was real...such a cruel joke 🥺

  26. Galih Candra

    Galih Candra日 前

    Ben Affleck's batman is da best IMHO

  27. Random Unicorn

    Random Unicorn日 前

    Vanessa hudgens doesnt look any different tbh

  28. U R A L

    U R A L日 前

    He's an actor ladies and gents, a good one at that. So can people shut the fuck up, and let him do his job lol

  29. Sidney Morelia

    Sidney Morelia日 前

    el primer batman puto....

  30. Linda Vega

    Linda Vega日 前

    Que sea verdad por favor no me mientan

  31. Keilah Grace

    Keilah Grace日 前

    But instead we got hsmtmts. THANK YOU GOD

  32. LoveToSpootch

    LoveToSpootch日 前

    Meh.. The mask looks more like DearDevil then Batman..

  33. Jazzy Outro

    Jazzy Outro日 前

    When America makes movies, they always focus on happy endings, and they won't focus making any of the fans of each of these angry. So easiest way is to add a third contender, they are are both forced to collectively fight in order to win. So we'll just see a small fight that shows both of them equally powerful.

  34. Happy Guy

    Happy Guy日 前

    Thor 4 better be about Gorr.

  35. Divyanshu Raj

    Divyanshu Raj日 前

    Eeerily similar to Netflix Daredevil...

  36. InVader

    InVader日 前

    Is it me or does the music at the beginning sound like Darth Vader's theme?

  37. Legohero12 Gaming

    Legohero12 Gaming日 前

    This really touched me rn like honestly

  38. amir kiko jaramillo

    amir kiko jaramillo日 前

    Se cagaron a batman

  39. Elô Silva

    Elô Silva日 前


  40. Thor Gamer

    Thor Gamer日 前

    R.I.P Batman

  41. RAGExHOMEx

    RAGExHOMEx日 前

    if this was real i would fugin buy a ticket asap it looks fugin DOPE!!!!!!!

  42. Jennifer Waldron

    Jennifer Waldron日 前

    I swear, if this is a movie, I will watch it every single night to fall asleep

  43. Chandra Anugrah Pratama

    Chandra Anugrah Pratama日 前

    fuck so ugly

  44. Rick Rodappa

    Rick Rodappa日 前

    His mask looks like dare devil. Just sayin.

  45. Tiago Camata

    Tiago Camata日 前

    ok, im in

  46. Gregorio Alcantara

    Gregorio Alcantara日 前

    🗑 🚽

  47. Diana Prince

    Diana Prince日 前

    what a shitty trailer, seriously has nothing to do with Interstaller. Some burk moaning about humans.

  48. SAMMY1970ish

    SAMMY1970ish日 前

    Can't get past the stupid face he makes,that side grin is not sexy please bring Christian Bale back

  49. Justin West

    Justin West日 前

    I hope they make this dark and gritty. Like I want to see him break bones and shit not just the old punch and dude goes flying, I want to see that shit snap lol

  50. Rhys Tuala

    Rhys Tuala日 前

    Now that is an amazing suit, looks like Arkham Knights plated armour!

  51. Rhys Tuala

    Rhys Tuala日 前

    He looks more like a Nightwing tbh, but lets hope he does well.

  52. Rhys Tuala

    Rhys Tuala日 前

    I'm gonna give him a chance, this could be a diamond that everyone is deciding to leave in the dirt.

  53. Raijin

    Raijin日 前

    Love the fact that the symbol is made out of gun parts.

  54. Bryam Jimenez

    Bryam Jimenez日 前

    My everything is tight right now.

  55. Walgreens27richmond

    Walgreens27richmond日 前

    An i the only one who can't wait to see this

  56. Gloria Cotton

    Gloria Cotton日 前


  57. Timspider tim

    Timspider tim日 前


  58. Dakestoel Music

    Dakestoel Music日 前

    mascara malaaaaaardiiiiuuuum!!!

  59. Rob

    Rob日 前

    Looks like an Alien.

  60. Cocaine Mitch

    Cocaine Mitch日 前


  61. S M

    S M日 前

    when it comes out?

  62. Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez日 前

    Solo vengo a ver cuantos se creen esto

  63. Michal Ratner

    Michal Ratner日 前

    WAIT is that sharpeys BABY!!!!



    People: DareDevil? Me:Carnage?

  65. Angel GA

    Angel GA日 前


  66. Charles De Rosas

    Charles De Rosas日 前

    To be fair, he would be a better replacement for daredevil.

  67. xman42

    xman42日 前

    Can you link us the last song

  68. northspack

    northspack日 前


  69. Jango Fett

    Jango Fett日 前

    Hugh Jackman in his logan role would be perfect


    MaARTINPRO XD2 日 前

    Like por las esenas de titans

  71. Sophie Static

    Sophie Static2 日 前

    Wait..... this isn’t real, right? Because Monica and Chandler is always gonna be together! 😭

  72. Milagros Ramirez

    Milagros Ramirez2 日 前

    Me encantó!!!! Es hermoso!!!! Todo el traje, como se ve el Actor, la música

  73. AlwaysFollowGod

    AlwaysFollowGod2 日 前

    Deathstroke season

  74. Einstien And Enfield

    Einstien And Enfield2 日 前

    Dude is rocking that underbite! Hell yea batman!

  75. Jr Leyva

    Jr Leyva2 日 前

    Edward: I'm not a vampire, I'm BATMAN!!!! WTF!!!! JAJAJAJA

  76. Chris Toussaint

    Chris Toussaint2 日 前

    Minderwertig hoch 10

  77. Florian Kirschner

    Florian Kirschner2 日 前


  78. Mr ZeroX710

    Mr ZeroX7102 日 前

    O god

  79. Jackson Zirkle

    Jackson Zirkle2 日 前

    This is what happens when you listen to the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise

  80. Erik Malkavian

    Erik Malkavian2 日 前

    #MakeItSo #FalloutMovie

  81. Vincent Silva

    Vincent Silva2 日 前

    5 things you didn't notice about the batsuit 🤣

  82. Joni Ofark

    Joni Ofark2 日 前

    Yawn another gay film

  83. Ricch Gamez

    Ricch Gamez2 日 前

    It’s awful and his voice ain’t even near a Batman voice plus he looks more like doctor Crain than Batman

  84. Brown otto

    Brown otto2 日 前

    we are going back and forth with the concepts that are clear-cut.

  85. doritão games

    doritão games2 日 前

    É real?

  86. GeT RekT

    GeT RekT2 日 前

    RED??? Really???

  87. Maria Gandara

    Maria Gandara2 日 前

    I Don't know about the Light House because I have not watched it but I Do know a movie that ROBERT PATTINSON WAS IN AND IT'S WORTH WATCHING ITS CALLED REMEMBER ME😍😘

  88. khondamir imamnazarov

    khondamir imamnazarov2 日 前

    Daredevil much?

  89. David Wolton

    David Wolton2 日 前

    Riddler returns!

  90. Hamzah Baig

    Hamzah Baig2 日 前

    I just hope his hair is black

  91. Rao

    Rao2 日 前

    This looks dark and gritty, it's also ironic because Robert pattinson said that batman was never a hero

  92. KnightSmoke20

    KnightSmoke202 日 前

    Everyone knows the villain creates the hero - who’s the villain here?

  93. lrey87 87

    lrey87 872 日 前

    That mask looks like it was ordered from wish

  94. Hjernespreng

    Hjernespreng2 日 前

    A bit too bulky, but I'm really looking forward to Pattinson!

  95. David Simon

    David Simon2 日 前

    que te paso batman? antes eras chevere..

  96. عماد احمد

    عماد احمد2 日 前


  97. John Salcedo

    John Salcedo2 日 前

    Um the batman is supposed to have ears on his chest logo,all of them

  98. Trey Roberts

    Trey Roberts2 日 前


  99. Zion

    Zion2 日 前

    Godzilla and King Kong gonna be friends and defeat other villains

  100. antho keilan

    antho keilan2 日 前

    Like:Kong Comment: Godzilla