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  1. jjoy 조이

    jjoy 조이8 時間 前

    “Seventeen meets Seventeen” - Boo Seungkwan, 2020

  2. AngelBeatz92

    AngelBeatz928 時間 前

    This should have been a Jubilee video.... like literally what kinda guys u picked for these beautiful poor souls to choose from??

  3. Maggie Lovely

    Maggie Lovely8 時間 前

    She killed that.. she def deserves a higher rating.. she’s so humble.. jojo is my girl.. has always been.. her drive is incomparable.. she never gives up and always perseveres.. I want her to have all that she deserves.. keep going 🌟

  4. Queli Kingz

    Queli Kingz8 時間 前


  5. moreofmin

    moreofmin8 時間 前

    hi guy! i’m jun! I AM SOBBING

  6. Valarie Janessa Ho

    Valarie Janessa Ho8 時間 前

    You guys are adorable and I love you all as you are. Thank you for sharing. Please always be there for me and all your fans. (*^_^*)

  7. Annabella Carter

    Annabella Carter8 時間 前

    Um I used one when I was 13 and I felt left out as everyone was in the pool and I started crying because I was left out and it is uncomfortable

  8. Bonnie

    Bonnie8 時間 前

    When woozi says best hair, wow, that little voice crack .........xncbfbdjdjejekfnebejeo e hrbrheowj4jrjr

  9. LifeeWith Kiraa

    LifeeWith Kiraa8 時間 前

    I miss JoJo so much ugh she deserves a lot of awards her voice is heavenly

  10. - weirdfelixbutok -

    - weirdfelixbutok -8 時間 前

    “who has the best hair?” jungwoo waking up in cold sweat: *woah*

  11. Jack Parks

    Jack Parks9 時間 前

    Imagine including flops but not "Lana Del Rey" huhhh

  12. FangirlRy

    FangirlRy9 時間 前

    AhH their English 😍😍😍

  13. - weirdfelixbutok -

    - weirdfelixbutok -9 時間 前

    hoshi: *happy high voice* ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛᴇᴇɴ!! vernon: *deep ass demonic almost voice* 𝗵𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼 𝘄𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘀𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗻

  14. Chandra Chhetri

    Chandra Chhetri9 時間 前

    Her: *does it perfect* Me: *does it like a chicken wrote it*

  15. Madhopper Santana

    Madhopper Santana9 時間 前

    Kelz was talking about the Boy Challenge...even I was shook with that

  16. 민아김

    민아김9 時間 前

    Wow I like how SEUNGKWAN described himself 😂😻

  17. Cíťa

    Cíťa9 時間 前

    Those people have waayy too much free time...

  18. hanadi Lawyer

    hanadi Lawyer9 時間 前

    What if your teachers wont allow you to get the 1 notebook for all your subjects thing

  19. Mandy Yang

    Mandy Yang9 時間 前

    schools about to start and i know im going to come out of school at the end of the year with a broken back. in new zealand schools, we dont have lockers so we have to carry our stuff in our bags everywhere. rip to my back..

  20. :D

    :D9 時間 前

    8:14 Yooo same I hate it! 😭

  21. Olivia Hendricks.

    Olivia Hendricks.9 時間 前

    Why is she here?

  22. Maria Dieppa Morales

    Maria Dieppa Morales10 時間 前

    What did you listened when you was young? You dont know any song, from now and from the past

  23. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    Ok so I hate it when these guys get out and they act so depressed like? DID YOU THINK THAT THE RELATIONSHIP WOULD HAVE LASTED?!?!

  24. Crystal E.

    Crystal E.10 時間 前

    10:27 he is very cute

  25. :D

    :D10 時間 前

    2:24 Wait that was his video? 😂

  26. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    “OmG iTs ZaCh HeRrOn”

  27. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    When the spider man kid started singing: My brain: OUCH THAT HURT

  28. Crystal E.

    Crystal E.10 時間 前

    4:23 that one was kinda clever

  29. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    When the weird spider man guy said he had kissed over 10 girls My brain: WHY YOU ALWAYS BE LYING

  30. Who Cares

    Who Cares10 時間 前

    So to Hoshi Woozi is romantic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    Some of these guys were interesting......😬😳

  32. Lana Del Ray

    Lana Del Ray10 時間 前

    Ava isn’t a Pop Icon! Duh

  33. Kenneth Stravers

    Kenneth Stravers10 時間 前

    I think Daniel got scared of the creepy spider man guy😂

  34. KaliDreamin 88

    KaliDreamin 8810 時間 前

    She sleeping on Ella Mai 😡

  35. dontjudgeme20

    dontjudgeme2010 時間 前

    She'll never be able to take the D , if she cant deal with alil "jabbing"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  36. I V Y V I N E

    I V Y V I N E10 時間 前

    Hello I need Seungkwan and Hoshi collab cover of Halo

  37. fatguylungs

    fatguylungs10 時間 前

    I wish i got my nose done just like her..

  38. Arina

    Arina10 時間 前

    OMG in first, I thought she was Cat Valentine

  39. Lele A.

    Lele A.10 時間 前

    Eventhough Jun was quiet most of the time he still made my day❤❤❤

  40. Creamy •

    Creamy •10 時間 前

    Why nobody is gonna talk about how cute is Emmett?

  41. Kelvin Burgos

    Kelvin Burgos10 時間 前

    My babe 🥰 I love you Tinashe

  42. baby hamshark do do do do do

    baby hamshark do do do do do11 時間 前

    The world: "You can be whatever you want to be." Hoshi: "I'm a tiger." The world: "No, a hamster." I'm sorry Hoshi, you can't change facts.

  43. Deštivá Kukuřice

    Deštivá Kukuřice11 時間 前

    In step 2 l do it but I don't like any word ( my word )

  44. victoriBOY

    victoriBOY11 時間 前

    This girl aint a singer at all. She doesnt know what songs are out there

  45. S

    S11 時間 前

    This one is the worst part. I don't hate her but that was so awkward.

  46. John Felixx

    John Felixx11 時間 前

    Omg her egebrow is brown That makes she look more cute 😍😍

  47. coco bork

    coco bork11 時間 前

    joshi: beautiful vernon: its bOOTIFUL

  48. Marky Mark

    Marky Mark11 時間 前

    She needs to release more songs that actually show her voices true talent because the girl can SANNNG but these lil poppy tracks aren’t showing her true potential

  49. Cecilia Trevino-Beas

    Cecilia Trevino-Beas11 時間 前

    Jojo should be bigger her voice is up there with JLo, Adele etc She’s everything!!!

  50. Sofiangjji

    Sofiangjji11 時間 前

    That labooly boy

  51. Sofiangjji

    Sofiangjji11 時間 前

    4:23 mingyu on the corner this is ugh

  52. Meera Narudin

    Meera Narudin11 時間 前


  53. Crown Me

    Crown Me11 時間 前

    I love Jojo!! She’s so underrated!!

  54. Itz Icykurtgaming

    Itz Icykurtgaming11 時間 前

    Maggie is so much better than lizzy

  55. Anindividual

    Anindividual11 時間 前

    I didn't watch the video but was correct on who she picked after seeing the introductions.

  56. Maddy T.

    Maddy T.11 時間 前


  57. Nick Curleo

    Nick Curleo11 時間 前

    so are we saying i have to ask what pronoun to use before referring to "that person over there"?

  58. Michelle Historia

    Michelle Historia11 時間 前

    bootiful word of the day

  59. Lex Marie

    Lex Marie11 時間 前

    listened to her music for years and just realized.. I’ve never actually seen/heard her do an interview .. and she’s even more gorgeous 😭

  60. Emily December

    Emily December12 時間 前

    Yo.... Seventeen is hella shady to bring up Beyonce. Tinashe almost got blacklisted for saying that the industry only has Bey and RiRi as the main people in R&B. I like the three of them though.

  61. Todo Deku

    Todo Deku12 時間 前

    They put One punch men instead of One punch man..

  62. Michelle Historia

    Michelle Historia12 時間 前

    seventeen guesting on seventeen is what i need ...

  63. marithe dpaule

    marithe dpaule12 時間 前


  64. Alexiel

    Alexiel12 時間 前

    26:49 26:49 26:49 😂😂😆🤣🤣

  65. K.R. Sprnova

    K.R. Sprnova12 時間 前

    Her tour is AAAAMAAAZING. I will not recover!

  66. Massimo Rosales

    Massimo Rosales12 時間 前

    he did not just get rid of the red head omg

  67. nunu

    nunu12 時間 前

    not at them missing the point in the flirt question... 😳

  68. Rishika Garg

    Rishika Garg12 時間 前

    SEVENTEEN on Seventeen ? Sign me up! Edit : Okay, so this was posted on Seungkwan's birthday and he made me smile the the most in this video 😂💜

  69. Rebecca yo

    Rebecca yo12 時間 前

    first time i think the bestie did a good job

  70. kiersten cash

    kiersten cash12 時間 前

    how do I sign up for this? This looks like so much fun

  71. 996kyun

    996kyun12 時間 前

    me: absolutely no one: mingyu: CuTe AnD KiNd BoY

  72. Chloe Harrington

    Chloe Harrington12 時間 前

    i wanna blind date with ruel omggggg

  73. Adeola vsco

    Adeola vsco12 時間 前

    Her “ make sure to be very deliberate about how you write your letters and do it slowly” Her also writes every new step in her old way of writing including cursive g’s

  74. Jess Alsot

    Jess Alsot12 時間 前

    Where are the other 7?

  75. Tony Stark Edward

    Tony Stark Edward12 時間 前

    who is the most romantic? seungkwan: *chooses himself * seungkwan: who did you choose vernon? vernon: myself seungkwan:😯

  76. Munes Talebi

    Munes Talebi12 時間 前

    okay but I can recall the exact video that Caden filmed lol.

  77. Tania

    Tania12 時間 前

    I know yall hate her for mumbling and all but tbh she is me. We know all the songs but we never know the lyrics. I just realise i was this annoying. Hahaha am i??

  78. C

    C13 時間 前

    they should look up au revoir simone - they are three girl musicians and they are tall and willowy and long haired

  79. C

    C13 時間 前

    im 30 and i thought they were older than me. wtf lol

  80. Solange

    Solange13 時間 前

    i'm so happy to have seungkwan this time, the interviews are way funny with him. i love my baby❣

  81. Aiden Riley

    Aiden Riley13 時間 前

    Just do it girls! It’s not that bad but if you go in thinking it hurts and your tense it’ll make the process harder than it has to be. Deep breath in and relax... you got this!

  82. Mic Drop x3

    Mic Drop x313 時間 前

    "Not beautiful...bootiful. Uhh, that's..that's kind of weird." -Vernon 2020, he does not agree with that term. XD

  83. 최배나

    최배나13 時間 前

    When the title says “Seventeen reveals the biggest flirt”, I clicked faster than the light

  84. espi

    espi13 時間 前

    lmfaoo hannah was acting as if the boy was for her the whole time

  85. chelle zhang

    chelle zhang13 時間 前

    i knew who the last two would be... they were eliminated on looks completely lmao (beauty is subjective tho! but i knew it would be down to 2 white boys)

  86. Lavenia Pili Roboh

    Lavenia Pili Roboh13 時間 前

    look at that shy boy woozi saying thank you uaaaa 4:11

  87. Te Hani

    Te Hani13 時間 前

    I knew they should have chosen the unicorn girl sorry josh

  88. Green Lifeless

    Green Lifeless13 時間 前

    I'm glad Alejandro was eliminated. He had a very rude vibe about him, just the way he looked at the grandmother and acted towards her comments. Then towards the end he said goodbye to only the girl and gave such a weird look to the girl, almost as if he was saying "Good luck with your grandmother"

  89. Alexa Richardson

    Alexa Richardson13 時間 前

    I love when that one dude said that the show that's on his laptop rn is victorious bro listen I watch that show still to lol

  90. Se Do

    Se Do13 時間 前

    They’re actually blondes, not natural reds Check their channel out- idk if anyone cares or not ☕️

  91. Ben Walker

    Ben Walker13 時間 前

    The older dude was wayyyy out of her league

  92. XxBlushinHerronxX

    XxBlushinHerronxX13 時間 前

    Zach Herron from Why Don’t We

  93. Amelie Fernando

    Amelie Fernando13 時間 前

    I can’t tell when he’s kidding or not but that’s the good thing

  94. Emilia Radosavljevic

    Emilia Radosavljevic13 時間 前

    Bro she looks 14 and she is a year younger then my brother SHE IS 17

  95. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jennifer Gonzalez13 時間 前

    Swifties have entered the chat 👇🏻

  96. Victoria Simpson

    Victoria Simpson14 時間 前

    ok, but can someone tell me why Michael looks like a mix of penn badgley, shawn mendes, and freddie highmore?!

  97. 사람

    사람14 時間 前

    Some translates are so wrong

  98. Ken Seals

    Ken Seals14 時間 前

    this was a bad episode, the winner had not chemistry with her

  99. Ken Seals

    Ken Seals14 時間 前

    I was freaked out bc he said he was 6’1 but she was taller then I saw she’s wearing boots with heals

  100. Ken Seals

    Ken Seals14 時間 前