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My Bad Makeover Nightmare
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Meet Our Goats!

Meet Our Goats!

5 ヶ月 前

Addressing The Rumors
New Furniture House Tour!
Our New Golf Cart Tour!
Our New House Tour!
We messed up
We made a mistake
we're moving.
My Cat Is Missing
Why I Left BuzzFeed
  1. Nicoleva

    Nicoleva5 分 前

    25:50 same

  2. Samantha Gambill

    Samantha Gambill6 分 前

    “WE DON’T KNOW KNOW” That whole mini conspiracy theory rant was so amazing 😂😂😂

  3. X-Jose X

    X-Jose X8 分 前

    9:53 your not slick Shane is there lol in the window reflection

  4. Heath Martin

    Heath Martin8 分 前

    Sorry ryland not ment it sound like it did was meant show ppl that took your pix ppl not going look dwn on you i wish you not have go thru this its sad me myself i do respect ppl bodys so should others yet again im sorry bout that comment i like your channel the ppl that did it i hope thy get it 10 x worse back

  5. Adrianna Vargas :3

    Adrianna Vargas :311 分 前

    “We are connected through our moles” -Morgan Adams 2019

  6. Can't draw straight lines Cause I'm not straight

    Can't draw straight lines Cause I'm not straight21 分 前

    They're so cute together

  7. Cathy Abril

    Cathy Abril24 分 前

    Your momma's dress is actually absolutely beautiful. There are not many, actually none, dresses that I've seen from that long ago that actually are totally gorgeous. that really is a timeless dress, I would for sure wear that if I ever get married.. again.. lmao

  8. Maham Ahmed

    Maham Ahmed32 分 前

    I loveee the editing of this video❤️❤️😍

  9. Dave Marsilio

    Dave Marsilio38 分 前


  10. FlutterPie Emo

    FlutterPie Emo49 分 前

    We need more puppet video! Omg

  11. Ryleigh Pease

    Ryleigh Pease時間 前

    Can anyone hear slows hands playing in the background in the first store they were in 7:07 to 7:20

  12. Liz Izza

    Liz Izza時間 前

    Love watching your old videos!! I live in Salt Lake City it’s great to know you grew up here💙💙

  13. kajsa And princess the dog

    kajsa And princess the dog時間 前

    GARRETTgegvwysgwy whaaaaaa

  14. Araceli Moreno Loa

    Araceli Moreno Loa時間 前

    Come to Portland Ryland!

  15. _.Earth_.Is_.Precious :3

    _.Earth_.Is_.Precious :3時間 前

    I go to L.A because I’m 2 hours away from there so we go there to visit family.

  16. Jayden Saavedra

    Jayden Saavedra時間 前

    Lol these cars are driving like ZERO MILES an hour, I’m gonna lose my apples!

  17. Meagan Reed

    Meagan Reed時間 前

    The second time he pooped is hilarious you chased him out and his poop just streeked arcoss the floor

  18. Cassidy Mason

    Cassidy Mason時間 前

    I'm a little biased, but I LOVE Idaho! You guys could always visit southeast Idaho and make a trip to West Yellowstone in the summer. :)

  19. Kaisa Krull

    Kaisa Krull時間 前

    I used to live there snd all my family lives there, it is really pretty and very fun place

  20. Mary Madancy

    Mary Madancy2 時間 前

    Shane "I wanna ride you like a skateboard"

  21. Cobra

    Cobra2 時間 前

    Fucking gay

  22. Maggy Lucero

    Maggy Lucero2 時間 前

    6:04 Whoever is editing rylands videos... You had one job

  23. hanna is lame

    hanna is lame2 時間 前

    1:43-2:09 im dying ohmygosh

  24. Gia Bebe

    Gia Bebe2 時間 前


  25. venus14

    venus142 時間 前

    Is that Joey Buttafuoco's daughter?

  26. Kayli Jackson

    Kayli Jackson2 時間 前

    Drew fixing her titties in the outro is meeeee 😂

  27. lil heartling

    lil heartling2 時間 前

    I would love to see the vidcon puppets idea actually 💜💜💜💜

  28. Shannon Marguerite

    Shannon Marguerite2 時間 前

    One day I'm going to learn not to eat watching these videos

  29. Greyson Anderson

    Greyson Anderson2 時間 前

    Flattered that Morgan wants to go to Georgia but why? It sucks here LMAO

  30. Ivy b

    Ivy b2 時間 前

    I wish I had a inn and out I'm in Springfield Missouri and food sucks balls

  31. BritanaLiamsMama14 -

    BritanaLiamsMama14 -3 時間 前

    Their date night involves checking into a SUPER fancy bougie hotel, having drinks there, & a nice dinner there. Oh & they stayed for TWO nights. Now THAT'S a date night! :)

  32. Caleb Baleanu

    Caleb Baleanu3 時間 前

    i thought ryland’s seattle jacket was new shane mercy for a sec..

  33. Cody Perez

    Cody Perez3 時間 前

    I pass this hotel everyday I go to school. Shook.

  34. Saduro

    Saduro3 時間 前

    why not haha

  35. Sophie Adams

    Sophie Adams3 時間 前

    Follow me on Tik tok sophieadams04

  36. Azeneth Solano-sigo

    Azeneth Solano-sigo3 時間 前

    Wish i could take you guys around the city

  37. mia xoxo

    mia xoxo3 時間 前

    Nooooo I love bouji ryland, it is really funny and we know (or at least the real ones know) it’s all just a it of a joke

  38. celeste andrade

    celeste andrade3 時間 前

    11:35 RELATABLE!

  39. Sophia Waldow

    Sophia Waldow3 時間 前

    I called it, in the beginning when the flashed the beach I was like that’s my home!

  40. Azeneth Solano-sigo

    Azeneth Solano-sigo3 時間 前

    Its not even about the building its literally the land i live here and seattle was literally built on top of a old burnt down city, its haunted af you just have to find it

  41. Taylor Veenendaal

    Taylor Veenendaal3 時間 前

    You should go to Chicago and try the Sky deck:')

  42. BritanaLiamsMama14 -

    BritanaLiamsMama14 -4 時間 前

    I think it would've been a better idea if Ryland dressed up as a woman (like he has a done numerous times) & THEN seen who would smash or pass him. :)

  43. Mrs. Péro

    Mrs. Péro4 時間 前

    Am i the only one who thinks Garrett and James would be powerful couple??!!

  44. Caroline Lutey

    Caroline Lutey4 時間 前

    Please come to Memphis, TN. I would love to meet y'all

  45. Greg Pitts

    Greg Pitts4 時間 前

    I did that for the first time 20 years ago. Only 1 dart. It landed on Portland.

  46. ayn ledina

    ayn ledina4 時間 前

    i love how confident you are in your own skin, ryland ☹️❤️

  47. Shana Ishikiriyama

    Shana Ishikiriyama4 時間 前

    Omgggg you guys were in SEATTLE☔️ Come back again and do meet ups please!!!

  48. Bryn Diesel

    Bryn Diesel5 時間 前

    I wish Ryland realized how nauseating his bougie shit is 🙄🤦‍♀️

  49. lauryn Katherine

    lauryn Katherine5 時間 前

    I live in seattle and I'm so upset I didnt run into you guys 😭😂

  50. Megan Gilbert

    Megan Gilbert5 時間 前

    Half of the time I feel like the names of his videos should be different lol.

  51. Dakota Kline

    Dakota Kline5 時間 前

    “I literally just stepped in wet water”

  52. Shelby Burris (LHS 2016 Alumni)

    Shelby Burris (LHS 2016 Alumni)5 時間 前

    Andrew clutching onto the puppet for dear life in the corner was a whole ass mood 😂😂

  53. Kayleen Leighton-Vaughan

    Kayleen Leighton-Vaughan5 時間 前

    I love how happy he is!

  54. evgenevich100

    evgenevich1005 時間 前

    Interesting and where did these dresses go

  55. ami snow

    ami snow5 時間 前

    i miss Andrew so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. evgenevich100

    evgenevich1005 時間 前

    He would still have to try to swim in the pool or in the sea in these two dresses, in the second with hands it would be, I think, generally beautiful !!

  57. Bryn Diesel

    Bryn Diesel5 時間 前

    RYLAND!!!! SHAVE!!!! PLEASE!!!!! ITS GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  58. Ashley Coalson

    Ashley Coalson5 時間 前


  59. evgenevich100

    evgenevich1005 時間 前

    How lucky he was to try it on himself, I would also like that, but unfortunately my relatives, unlike this man, will never support this !!!

  60. still hanging in there lmao

    still hanging in there lmao5 時間 前

    Bunny’s a bitch lol

  61. Stacy Nicole

    Stacy Nicole6 時間 前

    Poor Shane. He should talk to someone about his fears. It’s abnormal and not healthy and he shouldn’t have to live his life so scared all the time :(

  62. Julia Depalma

    Julia Depalma6 時間 前

    I just started a youtube channel, it's pretty amateur because I don't have an audience to give good content to yet. Come check it out and give me ideas of what I should film. Thank you!!

  63. Whitney Leonard

    Whitney Leonard6 時間 前

    you guys always make my day :)

  64. Gracelynn Snider

    Gracelynn Snider6 時間 前

    7:42 peep rylan woah🥵

  65. Breanna Schmoldt

    Breanna Schmoldt6 時間 前

    13:10 Shane fighting global warming

  66. Mayra Portillo

    Mayra Portillo6 時間 前

    Omg he just put dawn dish soap for his bubble bath lol

  67. Emily Doble

    Emily Doble6 時間 前

    I'm guessing this is the France of America

  68. BrieannaKeogh

    BrieannaKeogh6 時間 前

    This is exactly how I'm thinking about flights. I would love to do random flights that start the same day to go to different trips. Of course I got this thought when I ended up sick and will probably die in 5 years, but until then I want to do a lot of trips and travel to many places. Can spend all my money that I had in retirement funds too...maybe...unless I have to quit work soon and not get paid anymore. Oh well, maybe Hawaii!

  69. Teresa Fernandez

    Teresa Fernandez7 時間 前

    This video is so underrated 😂

  70. lixy mixy123

    lixy mixy1237 時間 前

    I am so happy for ya guys but I haven't seen a new video yet are they ok?

  71. Teresa Fernandez

    Teresa Fernandez7 時間 前

    I love how unbothered he is to be in public like that

  72. Alyx Wolf

    Alyx Wolf7 時間 前


  73. Sara M

    Sara M7 時間 前

    “That’s why we have telepathy, because we’re connected through our moles” omg lol

  74. tea _

    tea _7 時間 前

    29:56 is that a UFO Conspiracy theory!!!

  75. SunshineQueen Spenc

    SunshineQueen Spenc7 時間 前

    I live in tn you would love it!!!

  76. Lil Guay

    Lil Guay7 時間 前

    If anyones wondering what movie that exploding lady clip is from its from (Slither) directed by James gunn

  77. Lpssunny Official

    Lpssunny Official7 時間 前

    Lol can Shane post

  78. Riyan Koto

    Riyan Koto7 時間 前

    Oh god Ryland is so dumb I love it

  79. Twisted Glam

    Twisted Glam8 時間 前

    The Fairmont in Banff is legit haunted. Go there next!

  80. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch8 時間 前


  81. Samantha La Rue

    Samantha La Rue8 時間 前

    Fun Fact I know exactly where you were because Seattle is my city!!!! I'm glad y'all got to have an adventure there.

  82. Ella Sally-Jayne

    Ella Sally-Jayne8 時間 前

    Ryland: *nearly gets hit by car* Morgan: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  83. Michaela Henley

    Michaela Henley8 時間 前

    Ryland is a queen

  84. Datnigacyf

    Datnigacyf9 時間 前

    how do you have followers cause I cant believe it your so fucking boring

  85. Andreasmc1

    Andreasmc19 時間 前

    Ένα εξειδικευμένο αλλά εγώ είμαι ο Αντρέας και άλλο να σε πω πόσο φλώρος είσαι

  86. UnapologeticallyJay

    UnapologeticallyJay9 時間 前

    You are a independent woman hahahaha I love Shane

  87. elegantly_wasted

    elegantly_wasted9 時間 前

    omg im dying lmfao

  88. Alina Kolousowa

    Alina Kolousowa9 時間 前

    That thing you said about wanting attention but not birthday/on stage attention, I highly relate to that

  89. Shannon Staley

    Shannon Staley9 時間 前

    She put his mustache on crooked and I cannot see past it

  90. Kaitlin Shaw

    Kaitlin Shaw10 時間 前

    Why not The Bell Tac-hotel? Seems like a missed opportunity

  91. wiggle sniffer

    wiggle sniffer10 時間 前

    Shane better than you

  92. elegantly_wasted

    elegantly_wasted10 時間 前

    LMFAO yall need to drink in your videos more often

  93. Jan V.

    Jan V.11 時間 前

    I feel like Andrew's there to keep things sane 😂



    soo when Shane asked how much you can hang on the fan did anyone else think of bdsm instead of suicide or..

  95. Ileana Silva

    Ileana Silva11 時間 前

    I love when you cook for Shane!!! Would Definitely want to see more of this!!!

  96. Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa Butter11 時間 前

    So much was happening after ryland opened the champagne bottle lmao

  97. ayn ledina

    ayn ledina11 時間 前

    why is this whole vlog ORANGE

  98. Shelby Grover

    Shelby Grover11 時間 前

    how much would you pay me to eat a piece of gum off the wall? 100 dollars. Thats all?? lmao I love this video

  99. Meagan Reed

    Meagan Reed11 時間 前

    Your just not scared your gonna get demonized because you showed Cheetos poop and pee

  100. Miett Domonkos

    Miett Domonkos12 時間 前

    Aww Garrett is so sweet