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Rip Ohio

Rip Ohio

12 日 前

You Laugh You Bad
Area51 Happened

Area51 Happened

25 日 前

Adressing the Rumours..
FaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

2 ヶ月 前

Minecraft Skyblock #1
  1. Lida Mousavi

    Lida Mousavi4 秒 前

    Pewds is the biggest fortnite hater in world(i hope i was him)

  2. -itz Angel -

    -itz Angel -8 秒 前

    name the anothere cat ummmmm... what if rita blasta

  3. Anonymous_Pinapple

    Anonymous_Pinapple17 秒 前

    I have an infuriating story: Once I was playing Minecraft, and I had heaps of diamonds, and there was a creeper, and as it was about to explode, my laptop decided to tell me that it was on critical battery... I died in Minecraft, my laptop died, and then I watched Pewdiepie so it doesn't matter

  4. Siim Kuusik

    Siim Kuusik18 秒 前

    Keegi siin eestlane ka? 🇪🇪

  5. Meows

    Meows19 秒 前

    So where did Dinnerbone go?...

  6. SPRING.T 51108 UWU

    SPRING.T 51108 UWU25 秒 前

    He didn’t pick up the disk when the creeper got shot the arrow

  7. Activecyber Techz

    Activecyber Techz27 秒 前


  8. Jasonic

    Jasonic34 秒 前

    Fox name: Mergen

  9. Andrew Gan

    Andrew Gan50 秒 前

    Wait hold up what happened to Ulla Britta

  10. CommanderOfTheSun

    CommanderOfTheSun54 秒 前

    Does anyone recall what video it was that Pewds told Marzia to make him a sandwich and she said 'thats never gonna happen'? It was a VS video i believe.

  11. Shawny

    Shawny分 前

    This video is #2 trending istead of #1

  12. definitxon

    definitxon分 前


  13. niki inge

    niki inge分 前

    3:05 is correct, it’s used in chemistry

  14. Steve Thorpe

    Steve Thorpe分 前

    Mildly demonetized 😂

  15. Vvx

    Vvx分 前

    Is that orange juice merch Leeds I swear it is

  16. Ayang Hortelano

    Ayang Hortelano2 分 前

    did felix just revert back to his edgy (slightly cringey) 2016 days?

  17. someone you might know

    someone you might know2 分 前

    You an tell them AND shane them on internet so people get inspired NOT to do it

  18. Hakita Lidya

    Hakita Lidya2 分 前

    "I don't like the crust" *angry Italian noises*

  19. Hannah Weaver

    Hannah Weaver2 分 前

    We told me math teacher this joke and now big brain is written across her white board.

  20. Qiu Andreas

    Qiu Andreas2 分 前

    Thanks, we are all for Hongkong, for freedom . The communist party is the source of evil.

  21. Koki Joestar

    Koki Joestar2 分 前

    Thats pizza in the thumbnail looks like a play button

  22. in so

    in so3 分 前

    The bed/couch/chair is lava in 5 4 3 2 1 Like if u dont move

  23. 2020 0000

    2020 00003 分 前

    Stand with Hong Kong! Thanks for your support.

  24. Sapling

    Sapling3 分 前

    Lingon is my favourite flavour g fuel, precedes to cut the film for every sippy sip.

  25. Dylan owzlerdevsk

    Dylan owzlerdevsk3 分 前

    Has anyone else noticed whenever Felix asks for a specific number of a certain thing he gets more of it?

  26. Nurry Ben

    Nurry Ben3 分 前

    Pewds: Is it hard?

  27. nebojsa djukanovic

    nebojsa djukanovic3 分 前

    21:55 Forgot to censor there

  28. David Ortega

    David Ortega4 分 前

    I don't like pizza

  29. DBD With Friends

    DBD With Friends4 分 前

    I’m mildly infuriated that this is on trending for gaming!

  30. Memes In The Tux

    Memes In The Tux4 分 前


  31. Tom Astwood-Cave

    Tom Astwood-Cave4 分 前

    Pewds reads 1478 as 1945 then as 1948. Dyslexia 100

  32. Shuko Blueneck

    Shuko Blueneck4 分 前

    Omg an ad

  33. Eli Candy

    Eli Candy5 分 前

    👏 meme review 👏

  34. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment5 分 前

    This is just a video of first world problems.

  35. Cool Gacha

    Cool Gacha5 分 前

    Is that keyboard a screenshot I mean is that keyboard yours?

  36. اياد دودو

    اياد دودو5 分 前

    اشنو هذا

  37. Legendary Lemonzz

    Legendary Lemonzz5 分 前

    Little did that anime know was that she had been hugged by the most famous youtuber in the world

  38. Okami

    Okami5 分 前

    0:00 its sub2pewdiepie12 Minecraft pewds

  39. Lindy伶伶岏岏

    Lindy伶伶岏岏5 分 前

    In order to design the plot, you killed many friends who had worked hard to protect before... I think this channel has changed since the water sheep was killed.

  40. Rithush Digital Dreams

    Rithush Digital Dreams5 分 前

    If pewdiepie has 1 billion subs then t series have to make a song for pewdiepie

  41. Maxmilian Schönbäck

    Maxmilian Schönbäck5 分 前

    this is worse audio quality than tyler1

  42. George Ford

    George Ford5 分 前

    “thank you guys for watching, smash like if you did” -felix kjellberg

  43. 염따팬

    염따팬6 分 前

    ⋌༼ •̀ ⌂ •́ ༽⋋

  44. stressedboi

    stressedboi6 分 前

    8:18 why did you say that lmao

  45. Tuna Fish

    Tuna Fish6 分 前

    *Felix's comments turned into a yearbook* Me -2019

  46. CartoonCorporations 99

    CartoonCorporations 996 分 前

    Pewdiepie eating pizza wrong is not infuriating...... it’s outright enraging


    UHUY GAMING6 分 前

    Can you play roblox plis BTW Im Indonesian sorry if my english is bad

  48. Dylan owzlerdevsk

    Dylan owzlerdevsk6 分 前

    You did it, you crazy son of a bitch, you did it

  49. I only created this so that I can comment !

    I only created this so that I can comment !6 分 前

    8:19 like Michael Jackson?!

  50. Nicolai Alexander Schwarz Agger 9Zc Ans Skole

    Nicolai Alexander Schwarz Agger 9Zc Ans Skole6 分 前

    “ “2019” “ Pewdiepie 2019

  51. KÎMØ

    KÎMØ6 分 前

    15:50 This is why I would not move to UK

  52. Karlsupmite

    Karlsupmite6 分 前

    To be honest you can get board with minecraft quite easily, and now Fortnite is recovering again with Chapter 2, this will be another hard fight between them. I am on both sides btw.

  53. Govs Pups112

    Govs Pups1127 分 前

    its so infuriating that it even crashed my pc

  54. web verse 700

    web verse 7007 分 前

    and you are superior

  55. Linus Bondo Jensen

    Linus Bondo Jensen7 分 前

    16:10 and you just know he has a sink that can auto boil water and has sparkling in it

  56. CheetosDragon

    CheetosDragon8 分 前

    RIP DJ Cow

  57. DurpyBoy

    DurpyBoy8 分 前

    The nunchucks wont work cuz max level for every skill is 32 and I know that cuz I got to level 32 on my mining

  58. Cytehtsea

    Cytehtsea8 分 前

    I live in a building so old that it's protected by the government. It's beautiful and all that, but it takes 8 minutes till the water is hot 8. Fucking. Minutes.

  59. T K

    T K8 分 前

    21:55 SWORE!!

  60. Raptor _TX

    Raptor _TX8 分 前

    11:00 Miata in the back

  61. Haden

    Haden8 分 前

    urinals with no dividers exactly like in the video are a staple in the philippines. we've become masters at keeping our peepees in the shadows wait that's not what i

  62. Colin Byrne

    Colin Byrne9 分 前

    “Stop complaining, just put it in” PewDiePie 2019

  63. KielTheGamer09

    KielTheGamer099 分 前

    2:34 this is ep 35 not ep 32

  64. Aurangzeb Rathore

    Aurangzeb Rathore9 分 前

    3:03 So Pewds doesn't know what numbers are.

  65. Eclipse_303

    Eclipse_3039 分 前

    I love when his mic clips bc he yells. Example: One, two, three, four, five, SEVEN!!!!

  66. Juan Felipe

    Juan Felipe9 分 前

    Pweds needs to apply shaders to endulge the full potential of the mod

  67. David Geo25

    David Geo259 分 前

    7:25 is that john tron ?

  68. Scotty

    Scotty9 分 前

    Hong Kong squad , where are you ? 🇭🇰

  69. Dragon Empire

    Dragon Empire9 分 前

    I just realize that this video is technically about pewdiepie congratulating his defeat to Tseries

  70. Bidduth Nurani

    Bidduth Nurani9 分 前

    if u r the subscriber of pewdipie so like tis comment 👇 👇

  71. Sam Lightband

    Sam Lightband9 分 前

    Didn't even know it was lwiay at first haha

  72. Justy Drake Seguis

    Justy Drake Seguis9 分 前


  73. Wira Ramadhan

    Wira Ramadhan10 分 前

    Swedish man gone mad

  74. Lime Dragon

    Lime Dragon10 分 前

    19:25 That's what she said.

  75. NHM_F _channel

    NHM_F _channel10 分 前

    i love your video man

  76. isturbo1984

    isturbo198410 分 前

    "Jeshesh Christsht"

  77. António Roque

    António Roque10 分 前

    What's Pewd's Ebay?

  78. JustAMation

    JustAMation11 分 前

    I was almost to cry with the famous great Dead poeple

  79. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh11 分 前

    Pewds eats pizza without eating the crust *Marzia had never seen such bullsh*t before*

  80. Eduardo Jara

    Eduardo Jara11 分 前

    A N G E R Y



    17:35 Hear that beeping

  82. Afif Danial

    Afif Danial11 分 前

    pewdiepie VS T-Series | NAH pewdiepie VS Trump | YES #pewdiepieforpresident

  83. Cat Game

    Cat Game11 分 前

    Лайк кто Русский)

  84. Szymek0812

    Szymek081212 分 前


  85. HolySmanify

    HolySmanify12 分 前

    When he started going on about being president it literally sparked something in my mind, like he could easily get millions of votes and become president and then everyone would be able to have a private 2d harem at home

  86. Ognjen Stevanović

    Ognjen Stevanović12 分 前

    *PRO TIP:* Press L to increase xp gain from killing mobs/crafting/mining


    K-POP KOREAN12 分 前

    Good To Songs hahahaha Nice -_-

  88. Artix Vektör

    Artix Vektör12 分 前

    17:56 King Crimson skipped the #69

  89. Dream Glow

    Dream Glow13 分 前

    I have visited your home. Please come over to my house

  90. Issha Sucks

    Issha Sucks13 分 前

    Felix, you are a *married* man

  91. h e a v e n

    h e a v e n13 分 前

    *Pewdipie for president*

  92. Rowena Lupin

    Rowena Lupin13 分 前

    How did I get from an online challenge of googling your own name together with 'meme' to Pewdipie singing it

  93. Supreme Boi

    Supreme Boi13 分 前

    okay i need to explain the baseball field one so the way people make baseball fields is they face the pitcher POV away from the sun so they can see the batter and the catcher. if the sun is in their eyes, they can’t see. so the one baseball field was facing away from the sun (i assume) and that’s your fun fact of the day.

  94. Theidiot Gamer

    Theidiot Gamer13 分 前

    Play terraria Boi

  95. williamchinnadam boston

    williamchinnadam boston13 分 前

    Pewdiepie what hapen with stan?

  96. ly z

    ly z13 分 前

    no matter banned or not since youtube is not allowed in china but thanks for standing by hongkong.

  97. 株式会社 map Google

    株式会社 map Google14 分 前

    日本人お願い ⬇️

  98. Eli Hinnov

    Eli Hinnov14 分 前


  99. Eli Candy

    Eli Candy14 分 前

    Rip opportunity. He didn’t have to die.

  100. vijay bhiwagade

    vijay bhiwagade15 分 前 Could you please see that .... plz