Courtney attempts to teach the boys the right way to apply drugstore nails and challenges them to complete basic, every day tasks with their fresh new manicures! 💅
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  1. lily williams-hill

    lily williams-hill5 時間 前

    I love shayne’s concentration in this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💕

  2. Dani Marie

    Dani Marie日 前

    Nothing worse than opening a soda can with nails (missed opportunity)

  3. Diane Mendiola

    Diane Mendiola2 日 前

    I swear Damien is the perfect husband for me. Germophobe? A-check. Weeb? A-check. Knows women want boba/bubble tea? A-check.

  4. Foxy Pie

    Foxy Pie2 日 前

    No the real challenge is untying a tight knot with nails. Or putting contacts or taking them out!

  5. Anni Lu

    Anni Lu3 日 前

    Please, make another video like this, where Courtney plays with the guys. I love their dynamic!

  6. InnocentOnPaper

    InnocentOnPaper3 日 前

    I'm strangely attracted to Shayne's hands with long nails. What.

  7. Brooke Linton

    Brooke Linton3 日 前

    5:43 john mulaney ftw

  8. Sean Davis

    Sean Davis4 日 前

    Courtney and her boyz playlist or as a show would be awesome

  9. The Ravens3rdEye

    The Ravens3rdEye5 日 前

    shayne looks like p!nk and ive never been so shook

  10. Izzy_mcnugger1978 XD

    Izzy_mcnugger1978 XD6 日 前


  11. Laura Meredith

    Laura Meredith6 日 前

    You should have had them open a soda can

  12. Katie Sponberger

    Katie Sponberger6 日 前

    Me and Shane are wearing the same nails 😂

  13. Amola XD

    Amola XD6 日 前

    Shane would make a good kesbian

  14. Lana

    Lana7 日 前

    Every time Courtney does something to the boys, it should be called Courtney and The Boyzz.

  15. Grace Vano

    Grace Vano7 日 前

    When Courtney says "It's gonna fall out when things get hot and heavy" Shayne's face was RADIATING sm jealous vibes i could see it through the screen

  16. Chris McMillen

    Chris McMillen8 日 前

    I would treat courtney so well! Shes amazing.

  17. MoMoMo

    MoMoMo9 日 前

    Press on not acrylic but ok lol

  18. Naddlee Littrell

    Naddlee Littrell9 日 前

    Shane you’re a queen

  19. Xavier Martinez

    Xavier Martinez10 日 前

    Ian annoyed me in this episode... 🙄🙄🙄

  20. WinterCamryn

    WinterCamryn10 日 前

    "Okay boys" Courtney says, radiating Mom-on-her-sixth-cigarette energy

  21. LPT3_Me

    LPT3_Me11 日 前

    I have a challenge! Let Courtney do this again :333

  22. S.S. Domo

    S.S. Domo11 日 前

    Nobody: Literally no one: Damien: I wanna eat yo d*** But I can't f*** up my nails so Imma pick it up with chopsticks.

  23. Kayla Alsobrook

    Kayla Alsobrook11 日 前

    Should of had them open a can of coke. Or zip their pants.

  24. Talia Michaely

    Talia Michaely11 日 前

    Who else loves Shane with nails

  25. Charlotte Gallup

    Charlotte Gallup12 日 前

    Are we not gonna talk about 6:01 where Shane picked up a handful of m and ms and through and got all of them in his mouth like that is some talent 😂

  26. Kris Miranda

    Kris Miranda13 日 前

    yoooo I've had the nails Damien did

  27. aaronisloan

    aaronisloan13 日 前

    8:22 SHAYNE NOOOOOOOOOOO! xD That reaction

  28. Johanna M

    Johanna M14 日 前

    The boys should do a runway and learn to catwalk

  29. Marquis

    Marquis14 日 前

    The guys should try on wedding dresses

  30. Molly Mccravey

    Molly Mccravey14 日 前

    The hardest thing to do with nails is putting clothes on. Especially pulling up your pants

  31. The Everything Productions

    The Everything Productions15 日 前

    I urge you all to put this at .5 speed and see how drunk they seem!

  32. Drewe Salahor

    Drewe Salahor16 日 前

    This is like arts and crafts with my 8 year old students.

  33. Charlotte Smith

    Charlotte Smith17 日 前

    I just can’t take Shayne seriously

  34. Witherdbonnie 161

    Witherdbonnie 16118 日 前

    Who’s the pretty’s gurl

  35. Elastic 414

    Elastic 41418 日 前

    Why does Shane have more feminine hands than I do 😂

  36. Hotaru Koyuki

    Hotaru Koyuki19 日 前

    Look at how Shayne eyes Courtney when he tries to get her attention at 4:00 , but she's not looking 😂 Awwww 💞💞

  37. gacha sky

    gacha sky19 日 前

    I'm getting acrylic nails tomorrow afternoon

  38. Casey Dement

    Casey Dement21 日 前

    I don’t ever use the nail glue that comes with the pack. I use superglue, so the nails stay on longer. Otherwise, they’ll pop off after an hour or so for me.

  39. cypressilver

    cypressilver22 日 前

    shayne looks good with acrylics? go sis??????????????????

  40. Emily Stark

    Emily Stark22 日 前

    Ian: I ran out of space ... he has three letters in his name

  41. TheHowlingMal

    TheHowlingMal23 日 前

    This is one of my favorite videos. Mainly because of the amounts of Shourtney moments I see

  42. JojoLovely 94

    JojoLovely 9423 日 前

    Zipping your pants, pulling them up, and buttoning them.

  43. CrazyCatLover 56

    CrazyCatLover 5624 日 前

    I tried long nails and I couldn't unlock my phone since I have a fingerprint...

  44. Aaroni Pepperoni

    Aaroni Pepperoni25 日 前

    Idk why but shayne is kinda working the nails look :l

  45. catsftw

    catsftw25 日 前

    Dear Smosh, thank you for teaching me how to put on a condom.

  46. national breadgirl

    national breadgirl25 日 前

    Everyone's hands looked so elegant after they put the nails on

  47. Blank Glider

    Blank Glider26 日 前

    Ian, Damen, and Shane are like the best little brothers with a great patience, and when they have nails, clothes, or make-up on they own it. LOL!

  48. Samantha S

    Samantha S27 日 前

    ian was complimenting courtneys hair instead of actually doing it

  49. Breanna Wilson

    Breanna Wilson28 日 前

    I feel so validated by Shayne holding chopsticks the same slightly-wrong way that I do. 😂

  50. Taylor Nicole

    Taylor Nicole28 日 前

    These aren’t acrylics but still good

  51. DudeitsMaddi

    DudeitsMaddi28 日 前

    00:06 Damien contemplating on whether or not to scream or laugh

  52. A J Luba

    A J Luba29 日 前

    Cortney says *THIS IS SO CUUTTEE* Shane *death glare*

  53. Temaria

    Temaria29 日 前

    Shayne is literally a religion and I'd be one of his most loyal followers.

  54. It’sElise 101

    It’sElise 10129 日 前

    Courtney should make them do face masks and try to do a full face of makeup and dress up in a bra and dress then take them out for a night on the town

  55. Ophelia Blue

    Ophelia Blueヶ月 前

    Why is it impossible for Shayne to not look hot

  56. mercy xox

    mercy xoxヶ月 前

    Courtney: "first task is..." Shayne: *"handjobs!"*

  57. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前

    Shane being quiet

  58. FairyFagMother

    FairyFagMotherヶ月 前

    its funny seeing shayne wearing the same bra that I also have lol

  59. DiamondBeauty10117

    DiamondBeauty10117ヶ月 前

    Hold up. Look at the way Shane looks at Courtney at 4:35 into the video 😫

  60. anna marie

    anna marieヶ月 前

    I love how they didn't even protest it. She was just like "y'all are wearing nails" and they were just like "lol okay" lmfao