The Try Not To Laugh Gauntlet RETURNS! You know how this goes- One challenger has to make the whole squad laugh at the same time!
Who do you want to see take on the gauntlet next? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Piano Padawan

    Piano Padawan時間 前

    Bring back epic food battle

  2. Precious and me Adams

    Precious and me Adams2 時間 前

    There's 7people

  3. Gacha Potato

    Gacha Potato2 時間 前

    I was doing it with you guys and I laughed and water got my cat I’m 😢

  4. I dont know you

    I dont know you11 時間 前

    They should have 180 seconds because if there is 6 people and before they had 30 seconds 30 × 6 = 180

  5. Jufri Playz

    Jufri Playz11 時間 前

    Batman came: Me: Omg I see a sword there Also me: what is that white thingy? Batman: 2:31

  6. It’z me Minecraft Gurl

    It’z me Minecraft Gurl23 時間 前


  7. Claire Schulze

    Claire Schulze日 前

    As someone named Claire I’m both offended and wholeheartedly understand

  8. Cleetus BOI

    Cleetus BOI日 前


  9. C Gillis

    C Gillis日 前

    Dat ass tho

  10. miley juarez

    miley juarez日 前


  11. Juice WRLD

    Juice WRLD3 日 前

    Yo I had a weird dream with Keith Courtney and Shane in it

  12. Hargoon Singh

    Hargoon Singh3 日 前

    The f yall part shocked me

  13. Levi Kakashi

    Levi Kakashi4 日 前

    You can tell Olivia really wanted to say something 0:36-0:44

  14. Braelyn Crumb

    Braelyn Crumb4 日 前

    Noah: so im back to claire Claire: WTH The store (claires): 😁

  15. Rosha Nemati

    Rosha Nemati4 日 前

    U guys know billie eilish to

  16. Rhiann Beal

    Rhiann Beal4 日 前

    Olivia went to hold Shane and then moves but then hugs her back 😂

  17. Lily Ikavalko

    Lily Ikavalko4 日 前

    3:27 anyone see the water coming out of Shane's nose?

  18. TheTruthPenguin

    TheTruthPenguin4 日 前

    13:05 When Olivia leaned on Shayne's shoulder and my guy was like, "Don't lean on me". But tried to make up for it with the around the shoulder.

  19. hi imgosu

    hi imgosu5 日 前

    6:27 when you realize Courtney isn’t wearing underwear 😳

  20. Ethan Loor

    Ethan Loor5 日 前

    Who who who who who who who who I’m Zero years old

  21. Shay Kaleigh Daffron

    Shay Kaleigh Daffron6 日 前

    "My favorite Teen Titan, Beef Boy" don't go after Damien like that pls 😭😂

  22. Sunny and Beeana Gacha

    Sunny and Beeana Gacha7 日 前

    Noah: *”I’m the baaaad guy”* Me (huge Billie Eilish fan): >:C Noah: *starts to roll around on the floor* Me: XD

  23. n1212na ___

    n1212na ___7 日 前

    my favorite gauntlet no cap

  24. Hannah Sides

    Hannah Sides8 日 前

    Noah do be that noodle tho and I’m here for it

  25. Mustafa Raad

    Mustafa Raad8 日 前

    There is something weird occurred on 13:06 check it out guys why he pushed away her hand

  26. domix domix

    domix domix9 日 前


  27. Gamers' Section

    Gamers' Section9 日 前

    Courtney is Ian's brother?

  28. Mynameisbrynn 06

    Mynameisbrynn 069 日 前

    Shaynes bit with Courtney MF Miller made me choke on my water that I was drinking and I almost threw up. So thank you for making my day!

  29. Xbox Gamer

    Xbox Gamer9 日 前

    Courtney Freakin Miller: *BACISC*



    I have an idea how about in the gauntlet they can only use British accents

  31. Kourtney Kaplan

    Kourtney Kaplan11 日 前

    my name is Kourtney but with a k as you see i love you Courtney

  32. MICHAEL Rieppel

    MICHAEL Rieppel12 日 前

    This is cool 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  33. Benjamin Hedrick

    Benjamin Hedrick12 日 前

    How is it not demonetized??

  34. Zenon Empire

    Zenon Empire12 日 前


  35. NightyGHT50

    NightyGHT5015 日 前

    Why didn’t Shayne go? And Courtney went twice

  36. Chili Dog

    Chili Dog15 日 前

    Smosh isnt good anymore and it makes me super sad

  37. Alex Honea

    Alex Honea15 日 前

    6:22 Keith's laughing sounds like goffy

  38. DizzySuspect

    DizzySuspect16 日 前

    When I say I cried laughing at Ian obliterating that skateboard...

  39. Gamer Lala ;3

    Gamer Lala ;317 日 前

    1:31 Shane Had An Anime Nose Bleed

  40. Floop The Volcano

    Floop The Volcano17 日 前

    I think Courtney likes to show people her ass.

  41. Devlin de Greeff

    Devlin de Greeff18 日 前

    13:06 olivia hangs on shayne shayne sais stop it😳

  42. Kenna

    Kenna19 日 前

    I ship Shayne and Olivia and when it looked like he mouthed “get off me” I got so sad 😭

  43. Kenna

    Kenna17 日 前

    You’re right it does look like that lol makes me feel so much better

  44. Random Name

    Random Name17 日 前

    And I thought he said good job

  45. Random Name

    Random Name17 日 前

    Kenna he wrapped his arm around her after

  46. SAkkie

    SAkkie20 日 前

    Courtney should have found her millionaire by now...

  47. Luapking09

    Luapking0920 日 前

    8:11 were can I find this product

  48. MooDles

    MooDles21 日 前


  49. Rose Richburg

    Rose Richburg21 日 前

    That f y'all part got my hole family laugh

  50. Isabella Sears

    Isabella Sears23 日 前

    Noah OMG

  51. Jasmin Javahery

    Jasmin Javahery23 日 前

    I love how right when they talk about a wart on a foot, the information bar just pops up and says "Thirsty?"

  52. K C

    K C24 日 前

    If I were in there they would be demonitized

  53. Isabelle Thomas

    Isabelle Thomas24 日 前

    I put water in my mouth also and latest almost all of the the only one who made me laugh was COURTNEY FREAKING MILLER!!!!!

  54. milo_riding 20294023

    milo_riding 2029402324 日 前


  55. Denis Omura

    Denis Omura25 日 前


  56. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki25 日 前

    Olivia just made everyone suffer 🤣

  57. BulawGirls Bulaw

    BulawGirls Bulaw26 日 前

    13:05 omg i ship shane and olivia sholivia

  58. hayden hall

    hayden hall26 日 前

    Love these so much

  59. Slim Mickey

    Slim Mickey26 日 前

    I swear. Ian loves innaporpriate and dark him Or

  60. Slim Mickey

    Slim Mickey26 日 前


  61. ShinjiIkariFTW

    ShinjiIkariFTW27 日 前

    6:14 she looks hot, look at that ass spread

  62. gamer bruthuhs 13

    gamer bruthuhs 1327 日 前


  63. Aaron Cotton

    Aaron Cotton27 日 前

    Ian is still the heart and soul of smosh with the jokes he does you can feel it lol

  64. Heidi Seitz

    Heidi Seitz27 日 前

    Dat ass do