Trippie Redd Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Rapper Trippie Redd doesn't care what tattoos you get as long as they mean something. Join Trippie Redd as he tells the stories behind his tattoos, from his numerous number '14' tattoos to his 'Demons at Play' street sign tattoo.
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Trippie Redd Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ


  1. mpgquan io god

    mpgquan io god2 時間 前

    He lying all them tattoos are made for the devil

  2. Ghxst

    Ghxst5 時間 前

    0:40-imagen biting your toung with those grillz

  3. Ammar Alzboon

    Ammar Alzboon日 前

    666 I’m wondering what does that means

  4. Ramon Robles

    Ramon Robles日 前

    bro y'all comments lmaooo

  5. Dev Jin

    Dev Jin2 日 前

    Please get Lil Tracy in one of these kind of videos he’s tatted tf up.

  6. MrHayven Games

    MrHayven Games2 日 前

    Riff Raff Teeth

  7. xmomage I'm back

    xmomage I'm back2 日 前

    i love naruto to

  8. Edwin Cordero

    Edwin Cordero3 日 前

    Ugly tatoos

  9. Book Of ELI

    Book Of ELI3 日 前

    Alphalpha Redd

  10. f

    f3 日 前

    1.4k dislikes...

  11. Just Harry

    Just Harry4 日 前

    he got his attack and defense values tatted on his neck

  12. Lan Astaslem

    Lan Astaslem4 日 前

    worst tattoos ever

  13. Kobe Aruan

    Kobe Aruan4 日 前

    *I S S A K N I F E*

  14. Dian

    Dian4 日 前

    He didn’t explain the TR & 666 on the eyelids 🤔 lol

  15. BlessYourTrapz

    BlessYourTrapz5 日 前

    He’s gotta get ink in between all those arm tats😂 they look like doodles

  16. Elinah Sithole

    Elinah Sithole6 日 前

    OMG I hate his 666 tattoo does he even pray maybe his tattoo are 4 fashion I know

  17. Soldier4life

    Soldier4life7 日 前

    New era clowns 👎

  18. AK Zen

    AK Zen7 日 前

    Demons at play lol

  19. ZAYA

    ZAYA7 日 前

    That one dread that’s sticking up lol

  20. tavita _275

    tavita _2757 日 前

    Yall need Chief Keef on here

  21. Blessed Lynn

    Blessed Lynn9 日 前

    He just looks so dam dumb

  22. Kozi Boa

    Kozi Boa11 日 前

    What about the ball brothers.

  23. Nelly Arcos

    Nelly Arcos11 日 前


  24. LORENZO ́S life

    LORENZO ́S life12 日 前


  25. Spooky

    Spooky13 日 前

    Trippie: "Make sure your tattoos mean something." Trippie: "I got some anime stars on my face."

  26. The Cannabis Connoisseur

    The Cannabis Connoisseur14 日 前

    I think clowns are scary......

  27. Deadly Duddly

    Deadly Duddly16 日 前

    what a clown !

  28. Trevor Porschatis

    Trevor Porschatis17 日 前

    Bitches will still say he cute 😂

  29. Nick Péloquin

    Nick Péloquin18 日 前

    I made only 45 k per year and I have invest more on one forearm tatoo then he ever will on his whole body ...

  30. Alex Medina

    Alex Medina18 日 前

    You should do a run down of 69’s tattoos

  31. Alex Medina

    Alex Medina15 日 前

    That’s why

  32. cz Labyrinth

    cz Labyrinth15 日 前

    yea he locked up

  33. ur nans toes

    ur nans toes15 日 前

    He's in jail dummy

  34. Tabby Gibson

    Tabby Gibson20 日 前

    adore him but when he’s got this grill in he scares me😩

  35. big kid 25

    big kid 2520 日 前

    if sid the science kid was a soundcloud rapper

  36. pramudya laknat

    pramudya laknat21 日 前

    That punchable face

  37. LXWFILE ?

    LXWFILE ?21 日 前

    DEmoNs At plAy

  38. Kid Draco

    Kid Draco21 日 前

    Dose anyone kno the beat that start at 3:24

  39. 2K

    2K24 日 前

    This man talking about an angel when he look like a devil

  40. Andrew Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez25 日 前

    u kids are stupid to listen to this demon's music .. cant u see that all of his tattoos have to do with satan?

  41. Jack Williams

    Jack Williams25 日 前

    Those grills look so uncomfortable in his mouth. Or maybe that’s just how his face looks

  42. trippy Kid

    trippy Kid26 日 前

    We need chris brown tatto

  43. Julie LeBlanc

    Julie LeBlanc26 日 前

    trippie: make sure they mean something also trippie: you know kids at play but its just demons at play interviewer: whats that in the middle? trippie: demons... at play

  44. cuzuraskin forit

    cuzuraskin forit27 日 前

    Personally i think his tattoos are ugly asf but atleast he likes them thats all tht matters really

  45. Sandi Sutherland

    Sandi Sutherland28 日 前

    Tattoos? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Woodzilla Cho

    Woodzilla Cho28 日 前

    Berserk, Naruto, Seven deadly sins... respect☻

  47. Ed OgHaze

    Ed OgHaze28 日 前

    This dude look's a girl

  48. Ryan 111rocke

    Ryan 111rocke28 日 前

    14 is the devil number in chine or japan a gues i dont remember

  49. tillie ginter

    tillie ginter28 日 前


  50. lierbechillin

    lierbechillinヶ月 前

    "Why you do the eye lids" he ment to say because "I'm a puppet for the elites and I'm here to push the evil agendas that goes against the most high. Also here to corruption and confusion to the Young Generation. I sold my sold for worldly things so I run with devil and I know where I'm going after its all over"

  51. Kazi Medina

    Kazi Medinaヶ月 前

    Wat kinda indain r u bro?

  52. tillie ginter

    tillie ginter28 日 前

    Kazi Medina hes Wuhjusah



    He’s Irish lmaoo

  54. Anthony Keene

    Anthony Keeneヶ月 前

    Why did they avoid asking about the 666 tattoo cause it’s not like they didn’t see it

  55. Joey K

    Joey Kヶ月 前

    Dude has the same mannerisms as every crackhead I've ever seen

  56. Kurly Boy

    Kurly Boyヶ月 前

    No lie I like yo music bro but them tattoo meanings STUPID asf 🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  57. Marwen Kamel

    Marwen Kamelヶ月 前

    How system destroy people ? : Majijuana

  58. M4X

    M4Xヶ月 前

    “Whats in the middle” ... “Demons.... At play”

  59. cameron dobbs

    cameron dobbsヶ月 前

    My guy said 7 deadly sins he knows where it atttt

  60. Pascal Moll

    Pascal Mollヶ月 前

    Teletubbie found out what weed is

  61. AlexisHatesYou Langdon

    AlexisHatesYou Langdonヶ月 前

    I'm a Cherokee Irish too trippie

  62. take baths not drugs

    take baths not drugsヶ月 前

    Close up on his face he looks so young

  63. truly charges

    truly chargesヶ月 前

    Trippie hair doesn't grow

  64. weep

    weepヶ月 前

    not to brag or anything but i have a tattoo tour on my channel and its kinda epic