Top 10 One Piece Quotes Reaction [Uzumaki Khan]

Uzumaki Khan's Reaction to some of the epic quotes.
Uzumaki Khan:
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  1. ChiniGamie Ttv

    ChiniGamie Ttv2 日 前

    Imagine how khan reacts to important stuff in his life Child born:"FUAK THERE IT IS YOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUAAAAAAKKK!!!!" from whereee did you commmme yoooooo

  2. Shinichi's right hand

    Shinichi's right hand4 日 前

    Khan, respresenting our inner self faithfully and to the tips of our toes

  3. Sensas

    Sensas5 日 前

    what about "Nothing happened" by zoro... come on

  4. Isaac Santana

    Isaac Santana5 日 前

    o maior debiloide da internet

  5. Slayer 1907

    Slayer 19076 日 前

    This guy is so ridiculous...

  6. paul D. S

    paul D. S7 日 前

    5:23 yeah lile you face when you are overreacting... wait it s everytime. May god help us

  7. pablo

    pablo7 日 前

    when choppers one appeared i started crying

  8. Danigamer HT

    Danigamer HT8 日 前

    Puta reacción da asco

  9. Lost Marimo

    Lost Marimo8 日 前

    I just love this mans energy, fam. I watched hours of his reactions and it captured the spirit of one piece so well.

  10. Maikol Aragin alvarado

    Maikol Aragin alvarado9 日 前

    Qu vayaso alo tico

  11. TheMaximus Madafaca

    TheMaximus Madafaca12 日 前

    I dont see the epic moment with Woo D. Plank

  12. bill robert mendoza navarro

    bill robert mendoza navarro13 日 前

    Yo soy muy fanatico de ONE PIECE, y cuando vi esos épicos momentos como la muerte de ice, la historia de law, de chopper, de franky, robin etc me dieron ganas de llorar y si, solte muchas lágrimas pero la reacción de este sujeto de vista es actuadazo

  13. Pasha Avik

    Pasha Avik13 日 前

    I fucking love Khan !!!!!!

  14. Cauê Zimmermann

    Cauê Zimmermann13 日 前

    Nice video to watch with the sound off

  15. CyberSizes

    CyberSizes13 日 前

    So forced

  16. seyyed amir reza sadeghi

    seyyed amir reza sadeghi14 日 前

    one piece dose exist ... nothing can top that


    ZORO • SENPAI14 日 前

    zoro litteraly "froze" snow woman

  18. Zack Devon

    Zack Devon14 日 前

    you mispelt moooooosic

  19. sardi holmes

    sardi holmes15 日 前

    Bless this human being.

  20. Padawan Soap

    Padawan Soap15 日 前

    Doflamingo quote at Marineford? Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!"

  21. Da Chosen1

    Da Chosen116 日 前

    Bro I'm reading the scans and I'm telling y'all, you are absolutely not ready for Wano ( just finished reading the chapter 957 this shit almost killed me bro 😂)

  22. Wanderson Pain

    Wanderson Pain16 日 前

    Whitebeard the G.o.a.t 🐐

  23. DaX karankawa

    DaX karankawa17 日 前

    my dear boy, listen carfully, don’t ever fucking read any comments for a year for 50 episode, please please please

  24. عبدالله البري

    عبدالله البري17 日 前


  25. Amal M

    Amal M18 日 前

    The Muuuuusic Yo! The Muuuuuuusic!

  26. Oggser

    Oggser18 日 前

    i always thought anime characters having like a sentence-ending catchphrase was unrealistic but uzumaki khan saying "yo" at the end of every other sentence is making me reconsider

  27. Felix Loris

    Felix Loris20 日 前


  28. JAY JAY

    JAY JAY20 日 前

    This is how you watch One Piece , Like Uzumaki Khan

  29. ぬえぇさん、、ぬっ、

    ぬえぇさん、、ぬっ、20 日 前

    luv Khan

  30. Not all Gaming

    Not all Gaming21 日 前

    one piece....does exist! YOOOOOOOO!

  31. Not all Gaming

    Not all Gaming21 日 前

    7:11 khan used gear 2. he transformed in mike myers 7:25 (its the same laugh for me X,D)

  32. xD

    xD21 日 前

    What is this

  33. Garoh

    Garoh22 日 前

    What internet site do you use to watch one piece ??


    MILLONES DZ22 日 前

    What is the name of the conceptual song 2:15

  35. Bobby Reza

    Bobby Reza22 日 前

    I’m never get bored watching uzumaki khan

  36. I M

    I M22 日 前

    I really want the people who's watching this video to subscribe to uzumaki khan channel .

  37. Roka Shibasaki

    Roka Shibasaki23 日 前

    *The Mooosic yo* _Uzumaki Khan_

  38. Fiky Giffari

    Fiky Giffari24 日 前

    The Best Quote is "yoowwww" -Khan

  39. Shanks Le Roux

    Shanks Le Roux24 日 前


  40. HEX

    HEX24 日 前

    You know its khan,when every word he said ended with Yooo

  41. Mr. Nehemi

    Mr. Nehemi25 日 前

    Dude you gotta do a "THE MOOOOOSICCCC YOOO" compilation as well, that would be amazing lmao

  42. Sanji Uchiha

    Sanji Uchiha25 日 前

    how is number 2 better than the Fujitora quote? like wtf

  43. dexter 103

    dexter 10325 日 前

    because is zoro lol

  44. Sanji Uchiha

    Sanji Uchiha25 日 前

    number 8 is the most overrated quote in fictional history lmfao

  45. Sanji Uchiha

    Sanji Uchiha25 日 前

    all the Kaido dicksucking of every toxic fanboy makes me legit HATE Kaido

  46. Reagen

    Reagen24 日 前

    and who's that?

  47. Rising Kar

    Rising Kar26 日 前


  48. DonQuxote Doflaemon

    DonQuxote Doflaemon27 日 前

    Top 1-PIRATE KIIING!!!

  49. Johnny Kiehn

    Johnny Kiehn27 日 前

    Uzumaki Khan is a whole mood

  50. Ragnork 101

    Ragnork 10127 日 前

    kings of reaction 1-Khan 2-Hibou

  51. Lizzard Likes To Play

    Lizzard Likes To Play27 日 前

    Dude, I am his biggest fan 😂😂 always gets me

  52. Nature Boy

    Nature Boy27 日 前

    #1 greatest quote is 4:12

  53. Gess Gaboriaud

    Gess Gaboriaud27 日 前

    The best i've Ever seen!

  54. Tripwire

    Tripwire27 日 前

    Great video as usual!

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  56. Senn Anime

    Senn Anime28 日 前

    The king of anime reaction

  57. Imad Helwani

    Imad Helwani28 日 前

    *Goodbye, legend* 💔

  58. Bardock

    Bardock28 日 前

    The Legend Khan!

  59. David Cheney

    David Cheney28 日 前

    Missing the greatest quote: “ROGER!ROGER!”*BAM!* “FUUUUCK! I missed it. I missed it. PIRATE KIIIING! *BAM!*

  60. Jonathan Doherty

    Jonathan Doherty25 日 前

    A sneak attack from his greatest rival: Woo D. Plank

  61. Abode Jan

    Abode Jan28 日 前

    Nothing happened 😑😕🤔

  62. i'm feeling low, in my soul

    i'm feeling low, in my soul28 日 前

    6:44 "i love fucking the series!" wHAT?

  63. an go

    an go28 日 前

    His brain has molten