Today in Marvel History: Fantastic Four First Appearance


  1. Дарья Чубарова

    Дарья Чубароваヶ月 前


  2. Galaxy 3000

    Galaxy 3000ヶ月 前

    protect the Earth from "doom". ha. i get it.

  3. Christopher Clitar

    Christopher Clitarヶ月 前

    Can you please tell us the history of Johnny Blaze the GhostRider?

  4. Demons Rock

    Demons Rockヶ月 前

    I tought this was TL:DR :,(

  5. Land Before Time 75

    Land Before Time 75ヶ月 前

    That was a great story.

  6. xfenja x

    xfenja xヶ月 前

    Sind hier deutsche? Wenn ja wer hat bei dem wort Gargoyles auch an Riverdale gedacht?😂😂

  7. Remy Golden

    Remy Goldenヶ月 前

    I need mole man in the new movie

  8. VideoGollumer

    VideoGollumerヶ月 前

    4 issues later and "Now you face Doom!"

  9. BlackMercury 279

    BlackMercury 279ヶ月 前

    The Fantastic Four is a great family but they have the wackiest Extended Family that most probably wouldn't think of.

  10. aachelabelaaron also

    aachelabelaaron alsoヶ月 前

    And they ain't kiddin' about Doom, True Believers!

  11. Sakthi Shanmugam

    Sakthi Shanmugamヶ月 前

    First viewer

  12. Always watching

    Always watchingヶ月 前

    Danny Devito for Mole Man!

  13. Knight of Arkronia

    Knight of Arkroniaヶ月 前

    Happy belated birthday, Fantastic Four!

  14. Abhinav Kumar

    Abhinav Kumarヶ月 前

    0:18 It's Invisible Woman

  15. VideoGollumer

    VideoGollumerヶ月 前

    Check your research before you throw an insult, bud.

  16. :D

    :Dヶ月 前

    It seems you are the one who is uncultured, poser.

  17. Tyler Saez

    Tyler Saezヶ月 前

    She originally called the Invisible Girl

  18. Raea

    Raeaヶ月 前

    I wouldn’t mind having Jessica Alba in the MCU lol

  19. lions for scottie

    lions for scottieヶ月 前

    does johnny know how much i love him though

  20. Spider-Man

    Spider-Manヶ月 前

    Marvel shouldn't even try to introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU, nobody cares about them.

  21. Spider-Man

    Spider-Manヶ月 前

    @VideoGollumer LOL

  22. VideoGollumer

    VideoGollumerヶ月 前

    Says the guy who was turned down by them after he broke into their headquarters and asked to join for money, lol!

  23. Tyler Saez

    Tyler Saezヶ月 前

    Once a upon a time nobody cared about Iron Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  24. KenTheSith

    KenTheSithヶ月 前

    Pls cast Emily Blunt and John Krazinski.

  25. ThunderTurtle

    ThunderTurtleヶ月 前

    I have to say, in the first comic the FF look like irresponsible jerks. Nobody ever talks about it.

  26. Spencer Straub

    Spencer Straubヶ月 前

    Love them!

  27. wildsurfer12

    wildsurfer12ヶ月 前

    And we still haven’t had a GOOD movie about them yet!

  28. Mikey Guanipa

    Mikey Guanipaヶ月 前

    I honestly don't want either the fantastic 4 nor X-Men to join the MCU (unless it's an alternative dimension).

  29. Racool

    Racoolヶ月 前

    My favorite fantastic four movie was the incredibles

  30. Lucas Nascimento

    Lucas Nascimentoヶ月 前

    I can't wait to see The Marvel's First Family in MCU! I hope they announce a Fantastic Four Movie in D23 in late this month.

  31. tedski

    tedskiヶ月 前

    "[D]efending the Earth from doom"? Shouldn't that be "defending the Earth from Doom"?

  32. César Cabrera

    César Cabreraヶ月 前

    That's a play on words and a reference to Doctor Doom, while not explicitly mentioning him

  33. Boogs Boogie

    Boogs Boogieヶ月 前

    So Pixar and or Disney didn’t just used the idea of the fantastic quartet, they even have their mole man (the Underminer)🤔😆

  34. aarush kumar

    aarush kumarヶ月 前

    RIP Stan lee

  35. Vision for games

    Vision for gamesヶ月 前

    Respected sir I have a new content of games

  36. Christian Muallem

    Christian Muallemヶ月 前

    I miss marble TLDR

  37. smoothie gamer

    smoothie gamerヶ月 前

    The best super hereo team don't @ me

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    Aventuras de criançaヶ月 前

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  41. Ian Botello

    Ian Botelloヶ月 前

    I will like to see a good fantastic 4 movie by skipping the origins and getting the characters right because the fantastic 4 is a family and make them explore into different planets in space and don't make Dr doom the first villain make him be the second villain in the 2nd film and I will like to see Annihilus or the wizard , mole man become the first villain in the first movie in the MCU

  42. Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

    Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerateヶ月 前

    Being the first family that led to the Marvel Universe we know now, they deserve better than the movies they’ve gotten. (The 2005 one was okay, but they still deserve better than that).

  43. Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

    Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerateヶ月 前

    “Committed to defending the earth from doom”. I see what you did there.

  44. Royce kelvin Paliza cruz

    Royce kelvin Paliza cruzヶ月 前

    Me too.

  45. Cherukuri Praharsha

    Cherukuri Praharshaヶ月 前

    marvel just do ''captain america vs carnage'' you will have an instant success because they are batman and joker in a way

  46. Always watching

    Always watchingヶ月 前

    Cherukuri Praharsha They already did that, it was called Maximum Carnage.

  47. Arzu Güler

    Arzu Gülerヶ月 前

    woman* susan disliked lol

  48. Godzillarulz

    Godzillarulzヶ月 前

    Wait...I thought they came out in November?

  49. lightyearpig12

    lightyearpig12ヶ月 前

    One of Fant4stic's biggest crimes was once again denying Tim Blake Nelson the role of a major Marvel mischief-maker. Just throwing that out there.

  50. Ira Ford

    Ira Fordヶ月 前

    great characters can't wait until they debut in the mcu in the future.

  51. Momohead

    Momoheadヶ月 前

    Mole man? So wait the incredibles share the same universe as marvel?

  52. VideoGollumer

    VideoGollumerヶ月 前

    Also, Darth Vader is based (partially) on Doctor Doom! Lucasfilm even said so.

  53. Joe Mamma

    Joe Mammaヶ月 前

    The Incredibles are based off of the Fantastic Four as well as the underminer who resembles the mole man

  54. Momohead

    Momoheadヶ月 前

    Invisible girl? I always thought it was woman

  55. FuzzyPickles42

    FuzzyPickles42ヶ月 前

    They changed it later. Product of the time and all that.

  56. Brent Dreher

    Brent Dreherヶ月 前

    "....commuted to defending the earth from doom." Not yet, but wait a few issues.

  57. -_____6lacC Mo6_____-

    -_____6lacC Mo6_____-ヶ月 前

    Irs been awhile sense we've had an Fantastic Four movie! I think it's about time for another series , or make a MarVel movie with all of the character's. 🎯🎲🎑

  58. jwhines2

    jwhines2ヶ月 前

    The Human Torch has the ultimate costume. Who wouldn’t fear a burning man flying around in his flame retardant underwear?

  59. Enrique GonHue

    Enrique GonHueヶ月 前

    It would be nice if deppol was in the Avengers.

  60. VideoGollumer

    VideoGollumerヶ月 前

    Read Uncanny Avengers (2015) #1

  61. BC FLAME OFFICIAL Malaysia

    BC FLAME OFFICIAL Malaysiaヶ月 前


  62. ljdi1

    ljdi1ヶ月 前

    I thought they debuted in November

  63. Godzillarulz

    Godzillarulzヶ月 前

    Right? I thought the same thing

  64. Rn Spurgn

    Rn Spurgnヶ月 前

    If John Krasinski isn’t Mr. Fantastic then I am suing marvel.

  65. Paul Keefer

    Paul Keeferヶ月 前

    What about the part where readership slumped as people became bored and/or annoyed with their antics, leading to multiple drops from publication?

  66. Always watching

    Always watchingヶ月 前

    You can thank Tom Defalco for that, the same person who was responsible for the bulk of the Clone Saga. Mark Waid had a decent run after that period though, and Jonathan Hickman's run is great.

  67. Rn Spurgn

    Rn Spurgnヶ月 前

    Hey, to anybody whose probably slamming on there key board “HER NAME IS INVISIBLE WOMAN NOT GIRL!!!!” Her original name was Invisible Girl.

  68. Darius Watkins

    Darius Watkinsヶ月 前

    I wish you were getting the fantastic four reboot movie sooner 😞

  69. MARVEL Boy

    MARVEL Boyヶ月 前

    8 August 1961

  70. Jiten X

    Jiten Xヶ月 前

    That background music was lit

  71. MARVEL Boy

    MARVEL Boyヶ月 前

    Fantastic Four!!!!

  72. Yechezkel Bitter

    Yechezkel Bitterヶ月 前

    Happy Birthday Fantastic Four!

  73. Chinedu Opara

    Chinedu Oparaヶ月 前

    Brings back memories...

  74. endorbr

    endorbrヶ月 前

    Dr. Doom. He didn't spend 6 years in evil medical school to be referred to simply as doom, thank you very much.

  75. Always watching

    Always watchingヶ月 前

    endorbr He didn't go to medical school, but he rules Latveria so he apparently doesn't need a degree to be considered a doctor in his own country.

  76. Renato Costa

    Renato Costaヶ月 前

    Marvel’s very first family, The Fantastic Four should finally look at their best with the Disney-Fox deal approved and Kevin Feige making plans with the team somewhere around Phase Four has me believing that this group will definitely make a comeback on the big screen.