The Scariest Dream I Ever Had

This is the most terrifying dream I ever had. Mama seeks...
Thanks to my brother for playing himself:
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  1. ken mantap

    ken mantap時間 前

    Oh comen jumpscare 😡😡😡😡

  2. Renzo Jobim

    Renzo Jobim時間 前

    Me: omayua o shindayu Mama:Nani!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Renzo Jobim

    Renzo Jobim2 時間 前

    Ya know the time when ya got scared I dident get scared

  4. Toni Murphy

    Toni Murphy3 時間 前

    Is mama seek real

  5. Not Official

    Not Official6 時間 前

    The scary thing is how the right brain used to be left brain in the beginning of this video 😳

  6. Tristan Souder

    Tristan Souder6 時間 前

    If my brain did that it would not explain the rules and it would be a hardcore mode mama would be sprinting and I would run out of stamina and a big fricking jumpscare that would wake me up in a sweat

  7. Anthony Galligan

    Anthony Galligan7 時間 前

    Stats to brag about how mama is off of me is good for me.

  8. Anthony Galligan

    Anthony Galligan7 時間 前

    Good luck...

  9. Anthony Galligan

    Anthony Galligan7 時間 前

    My worst nightmare was me my dad and my mom were going to a WHOLE DIFFERENT UNIVERSE!!! And there was like a gazillion black holes and explosions...And I woke up and started having”end of world”dreams. Those were not as scary as that One...well I’ve had mama attached to me for 8 years...*double taps adam*

  10. StarLily-animates 09

    StarLily-animates 099 時間 前

    The same thing happened to me but it wasn't Mama Seeks it was apparently called the Seven Knock Game.

  11. avocado god God

    avocado god God9 時間 前


  12. Mr. Apple

    Mr. Apple10 時間 前

    I always come back here even though this is 2 years old

  13. Grayphiny fan forever Grayphiny is the best

    Grayphiny fan forever Grayphiny is the best10 時間 前

    Why the f** class u scare me

  14. Human Person

    Human Person11 時間 前

    Person spends entire life wanting to see their mom. Person is captured by mama. Kid gets to meet there mom

  15. G. H

    G. H13 時間 前

    I’m surprised you were able to remember your dream




  17. Duke Focus

    Duke Focus15 時間 前

    I'm will play this game

  18. That One

    That One15 時間 前

    I don't have night mares 😝

  19. rsahak11

    rsahak1116 時間 前

    My Nightmare was *falling of a cliff* ...I'm still shooken

  20. oday A.Flih

    oday A.Flih16 時間 前

    FACK YOU u scert ne

  21. Austin C

    Austin C16 時間 前

    I’m going to have a nightmare for ages

  22. R Fletcher

    R Fletcher17 時間 前

    It’s like it follows

  23. Nerd6000 YT

    Nerd6000 YT日 前

    Funny parts in video 0:24 WAIT! CaN We wAtCh a mOvIe! 1:32 HeY LoGaN WaS PoPpInG 1:42 Daycare Nightmare 2:15 (*Φ皿Φ*) 3:59 Tha mommas fight to the death! 4:13 Get rekt 5:20 BLAH BLAH BLAH! 5:31 That's when s**t got real! 5:53 MAMA JUMPSCARE 6:13 But of course, this is a NIGHTMARE! FRICKIN' DOOR DISAPEARED! (OK COOL, FRICK ME THEN) 6:26 Brain 7:14 AH, FRICK YOU! I SHOULD HAVE WON! Maybe, if you stop TALKING! 7:23 I DON'T WANNA DIE AND I'M SELFISH! 8:12 UM, CALEB, YOU GETTIN' MUGGED? 8:31 Playin' Call Of Duty!

  24. Brandon Figueroa

    Brandon Figueroa日 前

    4:39 is a awkward sibling hug from gravity falls

  25. ultimate gaming wolf kid

    ultimate gaming wolf kid日 前

    So this one nightmare I had, started off with about 10 people, in a house in the middle of a forest, one of the people goes missing, so me and 2 other people go out to find him, we don't find him and I see something in the distance, a figure, a weird creature of some sort, then I tell the 2 others and we go back in the house. At the house, we hear a loud noise, you know, that one noise that happens when it is silent or just randomly, so yeah, we heard that noise and one person goes out to see what it is, at they get snatched up by the creature, then the creature looks at me with its green eyes through the window, I remember it looked like it had glowing green eyes, a dirtied up suit, and no mouth, I then get sent out (with the 7 people, the last one decided to give me a walkie talkie and we would communicate with those) as we walk outside, we see nothing for 5 minutes, then one person goes missing, then another, then after a lot of the group going missing, there are 3 of us left, I am not liking this, then, someone finds something, the body of the first guy who went missing, she then went to the house to grab us some snacks, while we are alone, we see the creature, I shine my light at it (this was at night) then it disappeared, the person who left for snacks comes back with Pepsi and some bags of chips, we continue our roaming, then the snack person disappears. There are only 2 of us living (not including the guy inside the house he is still alive) I am keeping an eye on the other guys back, and he is keeping an eye on mine, I then get startled by my walkie talkle, the inside guy asks if we are alive, I say only 2 of us, I then find a tape, like a tape for a VHS, the creature then appears, taking my companion, I run, the hill slows me down, I scream into the walkie that im coming inside, I try to get inside, I try to close the door, but fail, I die, hearing the demonic screeching of the creature, I then wake up, still seeing the creature, but multiple in a single file line, like the ones that you had to make in elementary school, I stay in my bed for a while, then get out.

  26. Daisha concepcion

    Daisha concepcion日 前

    Is mama seeks mean my mom is looking for me because I got lost

  27. brian sear

    brian sear日 前

    Alright right brain you're being insane

  28. Bagel Food

    Bagel Food日 前

    I had a bad day and this made my happy so thanks

  29. Oredroc Annoj

    Oredroc Annoj日 前

    Wtf you almost gave me nightmare bro😣

  30. Corey Johnston

    Corey Johnston日 前

    4:12 da jumpscare get ready it scared the shid outta me

  31. pickle pickle

    pickle pickle2 日 前

    1:32 Hey lowgang whats popping?! i died!

  32. Riptide Riptide

    Riptide Riptide2 日 前

    My worst nightmare was when I was in my backyard. So there is a fence around the backyard and I was on our porch,then a alligator crawled over the fence. He started running at me but I went into our glass back door and locked,then I realized I locked my brother out out and watched him get devoured. The next thing I know the alligator breaks through the door so I immediately run to my parent's bedroom in the back of the house and lock the door. My sister was in there so I grab her and sit on the bed. The next thing I know I hear my parents screaming in pain. My sister goes out without listening to me telling her not to. Then I hear her scream so I am still hiding and alligator walks in and eats me, halfway through getting ate I wake sweating and scarred. Thank you for reading.

  33. Your Mother

    Your Mother2 日 前

    Bro I had the scariest nightmare I’ve ever had last night and I can’t get it off my mind it was just hours of a woman with a dark shadow in a darkroom with her shadow on the wall with white eyes threatening to kill and torture me for hours until I woke up at exactly 5:00 am ( Her shadow looked like Fran bow)

  34. Thatgoldenguy

    Thatgoldenguy2 日 前

    How do some people have dreams that actually have a proper story? My dreams make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

  35. 5978d 7942

    5978d 79422 日 前

    Mama is were you are

  36. TheGachaDaters

    TheGachaDaters2 日 前

    You can tell thing are serious when he puts his hoodie on Also Adam: you fucking scared me 4:13

  37. Jaydengalaxy

    Jaydengalaxy2 日 前

    My mic!

  38. John the echidna

    John the echidna2 日 前

    I don't believe that mama shit

  39. cherry cruz

    cherry cruz2 日 前

    ViEwEr: uhhhh what if there are step mamas? Adam: uhhhhhh idk.

  40. W0RLD D357R0Y3R

    W0RLD D357R0Y3R2 日 前

    Sombody double taps you step 1 gear up gas mask black mask with hole army stuff step 2 barricade

  41. Seamus Walker

    Seamus Walker2 日 前

    Kylub u gettin mugged?

  42. /Høwłıtə/ /JackTheEmerald/

    /Høwłıtə/ /JackTheEmerald/2 日 前

    Me laid down on couch- Meh, i'm going to get up *Closes eyes and tries to get up* Adam- *Spawns a jumpscare on the video* Me, who listened the scream but didn't see it- Wait what?

  43. Mayhem Gaming

    Mayhem Gaming2 日 前

    Kid: Are there Step-Mamas? Me: There are different servers

  44. cool Thomas you gotta Knuckles is cool yeet

    cool Thomas you gotta Knuckles is cool yeet2 日 前

    You lose track don't do that again

  45. Rae The Explorer

    Rae The Explorer2 日 前

    If ANY of yall have watched .Roscos modern life. Doesnt Caleb's friend kinda of sound like rosco?

  46. Super Quacks

    Super Quacks2 日 前

    Baby boardome

  47. Dogi Boi

    Dogi Boi2 日 前

    How can you remember this dream? (Anyone here in 2020? Pls comment if you are.... pls me is lonely)

  48. Neko- Chan

    Neko- Chan2 日 前

    Whelp I’m not sleeping tonight....

  49. Sparkles

    Sparkles2 日 前

    that scares the hell out of me

  50. Max’s Roblox World

    Max’s Roblox World2 日 前

    I have on once apron a time I looked in the fridge and there was no no no CHOCOLATE CAKE the end

  51. Lucea England

    Lucea England2 日 前

    I think this is a bloody Mary ting

  52. Ethan Artell

    Ethan Artell3 日 前

    You can end a nightmare by just rubbing your eyes

  53. T L .

    T L .3 日 前

    And my dreams are people turning into shreks

  54. MissMillzTheCat YT

    MissMillzTheCat YT3 日 前

    I was rlly dumb and sleep at three am and in my nightmare I felt a hand and if it was weird the next day it actually happed I was swinging and I saw a hand and it was not a windy night and the swing was swinging I ran home GAH THAT WAS SCARY UGH

  55. natalie yates

    natalie yates3 日 前

    2:15 that face doh!

  56. Sachack Wadsworth

    Sachack Wadsworth3 日 前

    Hey isn’t dere a step mama

  57. Smartnerdy Queen

    Smartnerdy Queen3 日 前

    Imagine your on top of a building then u fall and irl (not the dream world) your body jumps as if the freaking angels drop u from heaven and at the bottom of the freaking building is iron sticks so your body goes thru them and when u wake up you got small cuts and feel as if you lost your soul That was my crappy dream

  58. ȺЍ֖Ɍ Ɍąɏ

    ȺЍ֖Ɍ Ɍąɏ3 日 前

    Fuck me that jumpscare i was sleepy and that shit got me good

  59. Wacky Jc

    Wacky Jc3 日 前

    Is this a real thing?

  60. The Brave Little Toaster

    The Brave Little Toaster3 日 前

    The scariest dream (at the age of 5) to me was; I was asleep with my Mario teddy (toad) and I heard a noise and Toad was gone, I looked around and saw him on my shelf, "Oh, mummy must've put it there" I then went to sleep just to wake up to Toad at my door holding knife. I then blinked and blinked again and it was gone. I went downstairs and saw that the entire mushroom kingdom had invaded my house and killed my family, there was more as I remember running up to my room and hiding but I only remember waking up and being absolutely terrified of Mario... I didn't play the game for another 4 years... 5 year old me sure had a very... 'imaginative' mind..