The Scariest Dream I Ever Had


  1. dte 716

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  2. Chase Koons

    Chase Koons47 分 前

    Him: one night. Me: bois get your snacks,blankets and pillows oh also our diapers we might poo are pants GET READY

  3. Mayor whiskers

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  4. Mayor whiskers

    Mayor whiskers時間 前

    I once drem I was an orphan,)

  5. Seth McCutcheon

    Seth McCutcheon2 時間 前

    Mama don’t seem that bad if she’ll let you sit down and wait

  6. Seth McCutcheon

    Seth McCutcheon2 時間 前

    Why you jumpscare me like that?!

  7. Tony Joel

    Tony Joel2 時間 前

    doodle doo bro y

  8. screenscraper _

    screenscraper _3 時間 前

    Ok mini theorie: after watching the video, your sister might have given u mama. Completely justifiable theory as well.

  9. cold creeper playz

    cold creeper playz3 時間 前

    Is this real

  10. big chunges

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  11. Faith The Potato

    Faith The Potato3 時間 前

    Like-like daruma San?? .-.

  12. AnTic Skyy

    AnTic Skyy3 時間 前

    I've done seen that jump scare 1000s of times I didn't get that scared

  13. Esme Aburabi

    Esme Aburabi3 時間 前

    I had a dream about a creepy doll and it started moving and chasing me but my parents couldn’t see and thought I was lying

  14. t0XiC aNxIeTy

    t0XiC aNxIeTy3 時間 前

    brUhhhhHhH how dare you scare me with that, UgLy fAcE

  15. SS Dreams

    SS Dreams5 時間 前

    An easy way to automatically wake up from a nightmare/dream, is to sleep in your dream. I figured this out a few years ago, when I had a nightmare (about zombies chasing me through different locations uwu) and I teleported to a different “dimension” and found my bed and I went to sleep and woke up.

  16. fun with clancy

    fun with clancy5 時間 前

    Fuck you jumpscare

  17. Mylee Clark

    Mylee Clark5 時間 前

    You gave me nightmares

  18. Juan Joshua Ricardo Perino

    Juan Joshua Ricardo Perino6 時間 前

    My heart stopped when you put the jump scare

  19. PirCoM !!!

    PirCoM !!!10 時間 前

    You scared da sh*i out my Adam!!!

  20. Essa Alruhaish

    Essa Alruhaish11 時間 前

    THAT ACTUALLY SCARED THE SKIN OUT OF ME! good one :) at 4:12

  21. Mr. Gamer500

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  22. Midnight Tube

    Midnight Tube12 時間 前

    I wad soo scared while watching this lol kidding it's soo cool

  23. Kailey Hall

    Kailey Hall13 時間 前

    I literally had a nightmare about this after watching this

  24. darkmage3120

    darkmage312014 時間 前

    that jumpscare came out of no were

  25. Jasmine Wagner

    Jasmine Wagner14 時間 前

    What if you dubble tap the mamas do they fight to the death or are they invisible?

  26. CalebTSM

    CalebTSM16 時間 前

    That wasn’t scery

  27. t hubshman

    t hubshman19 時間 前

    U freaking scared me U random JPgor ;-;

  28. Jennifer Thai

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    THE BOT IS INSANE22 時間 前

    Dude I'm ten now in gonna have nightmares although that was hilarious 😂

  30. ACE SAMM

    ACE SAMM22 時間 前

    0:35 me when I made my own movie and watch it in my brain in my sleep

  31. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog23 時間 前

    *tries to jump scare* me: scaring my sister with it 🤣

  32. Liahona Osman

    Liahona Osman23 時間 前

    Adam: iTs oCtoBEr *posts video in november*

  33. WeRandomestufz

    WeRandomestufz23 時間 前

    I had a dream where I got murdered by chuckey and my stuf dog bit chukeys head off

  34. Psychox Gacha

    Psychox Gacha日 前

    The jump scare didn’t scare me I was like ok... 😕

  35. PiperPj Bornicke

    PiperPj Bornicke日 前

    A terrifying dream was once that i was on a ride in disneyland, and i was having fun! The coaster started going upward to go to the next drop, it was tilting forward and went down too fast that i fell out of my seat and was falling to my doom, i closed my eyes tightly out of fear and opened them to find my self in an abandoned arcade, i started walking down these stairs that lead to a long hallway, i look closely and see a dark figure walking towards me, i look in the other direction and see theres one more, i quickly head back up the stairs to see that they were the five nights at freddys characters 😨😨😨😨

  36. the megablob

    the megablob日 前

    4:06 best part

  37. : I

    : I日 前

    Omergod, I love Bo Burnham

  38. YeeterSM

    YeeterSM日 前

    Hey Adam hopefully you see this Comment. So I have a story and it's really crazy. When I was much younger like say 4 yrs Old. I loved Spider-Man.I loved it so much I used to walk around everywhere in the house pretending to be Spider-Man. Well one day while my brother went to his friend's house i wanted to be like Spider-Man and hang off Of Stuff. A window was my best bet so I went upstairs to my mom's room to go and sit on the window.Totally A Smart decision Lol. I kept on putting my arms up punching Air Like spiderMan punching Villains. I accidentally fell off BUT my hand was hanging on the window Surface I almost slipped off but I kept on screaming so loud that my mom that was actually sleeping in the same room heard me and picked me up.The next thing I know she called the family And the They come over to make sure I'm okay even though I survived 😂. Hopefully that story entertained you 👌

  39. Gaming With Calvin

    Gaming With Calvin日 前

    WAITWAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT... if the electricity went off, wouldn't the gaming console not work? I mean, I know that it's only Adam seeing the blackout, but he still shouldn't be able to hear the guy on the TV. Maybe it's just the lights..

  40. Your beautiful baby Sunshine

    Your beautiful baby Sunshine日 前

    I have a nightmare also when I woke up I was scared af so I was outside of my house then I found 3 haunted dolls so I moved them then they haunted me then they were starving me and I begged them not to and I think they wanted me to kill someone I forgot

  41. ya boi hfox

    ya boi hfox日 前

    So if u double tap mama she murders her self?

  42. gaming with Braylen

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  43. Madison Frias

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  44. A human probably

    A human probably日 前

    4:13 ok

  45. Sarah Wynn

    Sarah Wynn日 前

    You scared the shit out of me with that scary picture

  46. Gacha Noodles!

    Gacha Noodles!日 前

    Bury mama in a hole and crucify her you bitch

  47. Amelia-Grace

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  48. simranjeet kaur

    simranjeet kaur日 前

    This is like the best story ever!😂😂

  49. Jeffy Jeffy

    Jeffy Jeffy日 前

    That jumpscare made me pee my pants🙄😐

  50. MaxiMalerMixYT

    MaxiMalerMixYT日 前

    what was that sound as the TV talked?

  51. lazybones d gamer -ROBLOX and more!

    lazybones d gamer -ROBLOX and more!日 前

    1:31 lol!

  52. dog lover

    dog lover日 前

    What happens when mana catches you and pulls you close to her with her old long finger nails and a raspy voice whispers.. your adopted

  53. Fantasy Phoenix

    Fantasy Phoenix日 前

    Waiiiiit THERES A JUMPSCARE IN THIS VIDEO IM NOT WATCHING IT ANY LONGER ....maybe a little .....NO FRICK THAT yea I’m watching it N- yesh I’m watching it and I’m gonna brace myself 4 the hole video

  54. Gaming With Calvin

    Gaming With Calvin日 前

    don't worry it's alone

  55. lintang saputra

    lintang saputra日 前

    I remember when someone stole my shoe in my dream AND SHIT GOES CRAZY WITH GHOST AND SERIAL KILLER ALL THAT JUST FOR A PAIR BOF SHOE but that was a dream

  56. Dekuu. Kxn_

    Dekuu. Kxn_日 前

    *Jumpscare comes* Me: *Doesnt get scared* *Immediately get an ad right after the jumpscare* Me: *Screams*

  57. angel elizabeth

    angel elizabeth日 前

    I think the face you made 1second before starting the story was the scariest thinಠ_ಠ🤣😅

  58. Connor Riley

    Connor Riley日 前

    Strange way to find out if ur adopted



    My worst nightmare was like this 1st my crush says her likes me then every one starts ooooooooooooh then just every thing turns of except of the ooooooooooh then just the oooooooooooooh disappears and I wake up in cold sweet

  60. Jaden Xiloj

    Jaden Xiloj2 日 前

    Your a bich you scared me

  61. Maryann Peterson

    Maryann Peterson2 日 前

    my two most scariest dreams were: #1: when I was like 3 and I had this dream ... so me and my sister went into the living room in our house and there was my oldest sister with her boyfriend, Tyler (yes, Tyler is real and I dont know what it was but I loved Tyler sooo much) and then a HUGE bear come outa no where and RIPS!! my sisters head off (just my sister not the older one) aaaand there was blood EVERYWHERE!! LIKE EVERYWERE. so, you know those dream where you keep waking up like 17 times... ok good, #2: so, this one I woke up (normally) and went to my moms room, but I heard something in the bathroom ... so I took a little peek, and I saw a doll... and for some reason I sat next to it and she said "its ok I won't hurt you, I just want to make you one of us" (while holding a knife) imma say the short version, sooo: I woke and the same thing happened like....10 times and later I was hanging out with my family and we hear the same sound that I heard earlier and my mom says "I'll be right back" she went into the bathroom and disappeared and again I sat in the bathroom with that doll, but this time she only had a head... and right before I woke up for good, she put the knife to my throat.... thats one long comment...