The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

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  1. korvin 6229

    korvin 6229

    Anakin looks at episode 4 looks back in episode 1 Obi-Wan walks through the door Anakin picks up episode 1 Obi-Wan says I have failed you Anakin I have failed you

  2. Michael Van Kirk

    Michael Van Kirk

    Epstein didn't kill himself. It was the skeksis

  3. few


    I don't have to watch thw video to know it is *T a l l G i r l*

  4. Kawala Playz

    Kawala Playz

    #1 on trending BABBBBBBBBBY

  5. The Bossiest Boss Animations

    The Bossiest Boss Animations

    And ShREK

  6. Leah The Gaming Donut

    Leah The Gaming Donut

    3:51 i dont even wanna know where that came from.😂😂😂

  7. Slippery Möth

    Slippery Möth7 秒 前

    Now that's an unusual amount of Chip art in the end card.

  8. Its Lightfury

    Its Lightfury7 秒 前

    James! I just want you to know that the fan art by ALTPokemonKid was actually made by someone else in a way. It’s an app and you can access it on google! It’s called PicCrew!!!!

  9. me thediscoloner

    me thediscoloner42 秒 前

    U r so good at animating I suck at it😣😣

  10. Mágic • Tree

    Mágic • Tree43 秒 前

    HEY!! Leave Hub alone he’s the helper of my favourite CHARACTER!(Deet)

  11. Jeffy Paul

    Jeffy Paul54 秒 前

    #1 on trending

  12. Madison Oborsky

    Madison Oborsky分 前

    when the dark crystal series came out on netflix I was babysitting my brother and I saw it and I was like, MMMMmmmmMMMMmm, my brother was terrified of it but I enjoyed it

  13. Iron

    Iron分 前

    Congrats on 1st for trending

  14. supreme kid 305

    supreme kid 305分 前

    This is how many people want James to make a new vid

  15. 陈子航

    陈子航分 前


  16. J Animations

    J Animations2 分 前

    You did not talk about the part where the bug are out the seincetists eye out

  17. Aqua

    Aqua2 分 前

    Yeah I honestly feel like the skeksis were just comic relief

  18. Cecilia Dagdag

    Cecilia Dagdag2 分 前

    Is it just me or did I saw daidus also I'm kinda scared of the dark cristal but I still watched this :T welp leave a like if u saw daidus and if u like james video :3

  19. Marina 13

    Marina 133 分 前

    Congrats on #1 on trending! I love your channel!

  20. LordOfLemonade

    LordOfLemonade3 分 前

    Hunter I have not heard that name in years

  21. Unknown Topics

    Unknown Topics3 分 前

    4m views And #44 on trending

  22. Liam Barnett

    Liam Barnett4 分 前

    Kermit is Kermit

  23. Spikø [GD]

    Spikø [GD]5 分 前


  24. Zoo One

    Zoo One5 分 前

    I'm not just gonna do everything for you.. I'm not your _muuum_ 3:49

  25. Mysticz Hoey

    Mysticz Hoey5 分 前

    4.1 mil in 1 day!

  26. Silverslasherthecat

    Silverslasherthecat6 分 前

    but james you are my mom.

  27. Jimmy Schroff

    Jimmy Schroff6 分 前

    I tried to watch the series.... I ended up leaving netflix after 5 minutes...

  28. Yeasin Dhali Babu

    Yeasin Dhali Babu6 分 前

    Audience: ‘Do you like dark crystal or not James : Yes

  29. Zachary Tabz

    Zachary Tabz6 分 前

    PARA MI james is a mid 20's guy who acts like he is in middle ages then he has some personalities of a 8 year old kid

  30. Melaniemartinezfan King

    Melaniemartinezfan King6 分 前


  31. Hey man

    Hey man6 分 前

    Trending no1 in India!! You rock dude

  32. Waleed Alkarain

    Waleed Alkarain6 分 前

    Can you upload short videos every two weeks

  33. the cheetah is faster dandelion

    the cheetah is faster dandelion7 分 前

    Am I the only one that put the speed on x2 and rewatched the vid?

  34. Xs Burst gaming

    Xs Burst gaming7 分 前

    James your the best and #1 trending

  35. MsgNinja *King of Pigs*

    MsgNinja *King of Pigs*7 分 前

    Too scary for me to watch

  36. If You Sub To Me Ill Sub Back

    If You Sub To Me Ill Sub Back7 分 前

    me: looks at comments comments: *MmMmMmMmMMMMMMM*

  37. Pokémon Squad

    Pokémon Squad7 分 前

    May 27th is my bday

  38. YahiaGamerYT

    YahiaGamerYT8 分 前


  39. stego_ yeetus

    stego_ yeetus8 分 前

    How tf do you have something bad to say about the dark crystal! It’s amazing

  40. Hello There

    Hello There8 分 前

    Did you know that if you look really closely you can see that is actually animated. Thank me later

  41. Bleflar

    Bleflar9 分 前

    There is a lot of bots in the comment section right now. So don't click on any links.

  42. sushiflame

    sushiflame9 分 前


  43. Udhab Nepal

    Udhab Nepal9 分 前


  44. Primal Scorch

    Primal Scorch10 分 前

    Hey, that date, in the beginning was my birthday :)

  45. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones10 分 前


  46. EvaMarie Lock

    EvaMarie Lock10 分 前


  47. JZaia Gaming

    JZaia Gaming11 分 前

    Them : Puppet James can't hurt you Puppet James : 1:06

  48. Setima Game

    Setima Game11 分 前

    Me: *Sees James Furry Art* James: "DefiNiTelY NoT A FurRY" Me: *Fully believes he is a furry*

  49. Emma

    Emma5 分 前

    Bruh why are you looking at furry art

  50. Cart Lottie

    Cart Lottie11 分 前

    Easily the best youtuber ever

  51. kayleigh Mcmyne

    kayleigh Mcmyne11 分 前

    Hi fwends

  52. Colorless Oz

    Colorless Oz11 分 前

    Good morning James 😊 thanks for letting me enjoy another video and stay in my comfy bed longer

  53. Ink

    Ink11 分 前

    I hated that film because it scared so much as a kid and I DONT KNOW WHY THEY MADE A SERIES

  54. krabsalade666

    krabsalade66612 分 前

    Infucking loved this series... I mostly watched it becouse of your video!

  55. MystineMystic

    MystineMystic12 分 前

    the one called “Mystic”is dumb *im offended * jk

  56. Patty Hicks

    Patty Hicks12 分 前

    i have a dark crystal disk at my house

  57. Gabrielle Oladimeji

    Gabrielle Oladimeji12 分 前

    James did you know Netflix made a Series of The Dark Crystal

  58. anonimos marksman

    anonimos marksman13 分 前

    Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Hahaha

  59. mr banana888

    mr banana88813 分 前

    I like how chamberlain on the first episode was only doing MMMHHHHHMMM

  60. minecraft builder

    minecraft builder13 分 前

    They should add baby yoda

  61. Joshua Hung

    Joshua Hung13 分 前

    Why a new book? I only just managed to buy the first one, and there was ONE copy left! (No hard feelings, btw...)