The most CRAZIEST video ever!!! Dropping Tomorrow


  1. Carmen and Corey

    Carmen and Corey29 日 前

    Video DROPPING TOMORROW!!!! Turn your POST NOTIFICATIONS BELL ON✨ Don’t forget to subscribe

  2. Martina Minter

    Martina Minter13 日 前

    What time Carmen and Corey

  3. Martina Minter

    Martina Minter13 日 前

    What time

  4. Ravern890 Abu

    Ravern890 Abu25 日 前

    Trailer as well damn thas tough

  5. Jesus Abrego

    Jesus Abrego26 日 前

    Carmen and Corey where’s the video at ? Has it dropped ?

  6. Jen Fran

    Jen Fran26 日 前

    Carmen and Corey can't wait to see it odee now

  7. Shakala Moore

    Shakala Moore8 日 前

    carmen you are dowing why to munch is a prank got dame

  8. Fortnite pro

    Fortnite pro8 日 前

    If that was me i would of attacked corey's "step sister"👊

  9. Daijahburney7 Khail123

    Daijahburney7 Khail12313 日 前

    I saw this video corey pretended that girl was his step sister

  10. Wilkins Soto

    Wilkins Soto15 日 前

    Could not leave a comment in the other video but I hope Carmen and that girl were cool bc she wasn’t playing 🤣

  11. Annays Diaz

    Annays Diaz16 日 前

    When is dropping

  12. Living Life As Taylor

    Living Life As Taylor17 日 前

    Carmen was not playing no games with none of y’all 😂😂

  13. Mekiea Corbin

    Mekiea Corbin19 日 前

    If they weren’t dressed alike it probably would’ve been more realistic

  14. Taniaya Moore

    Taniaya Moore20 日 前

    Sis said “it was really just a prank but go off sis” and that just shows that she embarrassed herself with being insecure 🤣

  15. d_1985 d_1985

    d_1985 d_198520 日 前

    same outfits ??

  16. Valerie Castro

    Valerie Castro21 日 前

    Saw it and that girl you did the prank with is rude as fuck !

  17. Taniaya Moore

    Taniaya Moore20 日 前

    Valerie Castro how is she rudev

  18. Brynn Vlogs

    Brynn Vlogs21 日 前

    I love y’all Carmen and Corey best youtube couple by far I’ve watched over 2 years love you CC Gang 💖🥰

  19. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong21 日 前

    Why is no one mentioning all these camera angle switches and the fact that someone is holding camera which carmen can clearly see. Even in the actual video, they disabled the comments....

  20. aaliyah mclean

    aaliyah mclean23 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed that both girls got the same outfit on just different colors 😭😭

  21. Destinae Robertson

    Destinae Robertson23 日 前

    You went to far

  22. amyji m

    amyji m24 日 前

    I wanna know where she got her outfit from

  23. Queen Mela

    Queen Mela24 日 前

    I'm going to act crazy just like ha

  24. Alex Reid

    Alex Reid24 日 前

    Ok. So the video was obviously staged

  25. Taeshia Burton

    Taeshia Burton24 日 前

    Anyone else notice in the actual one the girl and Carmel wearing the same thing just carmen In white and the girl in black

  26. Angelina Hernandez

    Angelina Hernandez25 日 前

    The camera was literally in her face... she obviously saw it 👀🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. Devonere Watson

    Devonere Watson25 日 前

    Carmon ain't no joke!

  28. Mya Jonez

    Mya Jonez25 日 前

    The video was lit but the reaction from her pissed me off after they told her it was prank she was mad disrespectful like I get your mad and your adrenaline is up but wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! Smfh too much

  29. Monet Lee

    Monet Lee23 日 前

    I know right

  30. PrincessNana *

    PrincessNana *25 日 前

    Nobody is more crazy than Carmen 😭😭😭💀❗️❗️

  31. Jessica Ferreira

    Jessica Ferreira25 日 前

    Turn the blue like button if you've been supporting these amazing love couples since they started their youtube channel xxxx

  32. Samya Harper

    Samya Harper25 日 前

    I loved the video but how did Carmen not know the camera was running?

  33. KeLia Babi

    KeLia Babi25 日 前

    Man she plays no GAMES WITH YOU COREY 🥴

  34. terry berry

    terry berry25 日 前

    Y’all this was probably the best prank I’ve seen on this channel . 😭😭😭😭😭 Carmen booo you looked pretty even in your rage !!!!

  35. Ariel Miles

    Ariel Miles25 日 前


  36. Seia Cheyenne Sitagata

    Seia Cheyenne Sitagata25 日 前

    how’d she not know it was a prank w the camera guy all in her face

  37. Denise marie'

    Denise marie'26 日 前

    She crazy 😭 she like me lmaooo

  38. Jodie Dowell

    Jodie Dowell26 日 前

    Carmen🖤 u crazy ,but I still love u❤

  39. Ckret Robinson

    Ckret Robinson26 日 前


  40. fatboyblue269

    fatboyblue26926 日 前

    How she ain't notice the girl recording the whole time?

  41. Jaiden Locke

    Jaiden Locke26 日 前

    Carmen snapped but at the end the girl was out of place for tryin to argue wit Carmen fo puttin ha out tom bout I ain't got time for this girl this ain't even yo house

  42. asianae hall

    asianae hall26 日 前

    Best prank EVERRRR

  43. Adorably Ashley

    Adorably Ashley26 日 前

    Carmen really be on GO ! I would’ve went crazy too! 😆

  44. Adoree. Nii

    Adoree. Nii26 日 前

    That is not funny cause that girl was laughing

  45. Rickira Fennell

    Rickira Fennell26 日 前

    That was the best video EVER that I seen out of my JPgo history

  46. Dark_ Cocoa

    Dark_ Cocoa26 日 前

    Is this a prank? Or a scrip cause the camera is all up in their face and its supposed to be real? No shade, just confused

  47. That Random Player

    That Random Player26 日 前

    The tea is boiling Periodt.

  48. Be Truthful

    Be Truthful26 日 前

    Yalll I think this was for clout and all set up Cuzz who the fuck is filming u see the camera person just moving around tf

  49. i.c queen

    i.c queen26 日 前

    the vid was crazy. crazy.

  50. Te'neal Bonner

    Te'neal Bonner26 日 前

    Cameron years u actlly right cause at the end of the video that girl talking all that

  51. Kamaiyah Lewis

    Kamaiyah Lewis26 日 前

    Come on carmen and corey 😭 im ready to see this !

  52. im amsofia-roblox

    im amsofia-roblox26 日 前

    Oh Lord

  53. Jasmine vlogs&more

    Jasmine vlogs&more26 日 前

    Wasn't it supposted to drop at 4pm it's for 4:28



    When is it going to drop

  55. Reece Cassady

    Reece Cassady26 日 前

    Oh my gosh Carmen I'm so sorry I can't wait to watch the video though I love you so much Carmen team Carmen all day everyday

  56. Sanaiyah Joe

    Sanaiyah Joe26 日 前

    Where is the video I've been waiting 2 days

  57. Cherilyn Secody

    Cherilyn Secody26 日 前

    When's this video dropping?