The King's Man | Official Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. John你是

    John你是32 分 前


  2. Karanveer Bedi

    Karanveer Bedi32 分 前

    Ralph for few seconds seemed like Bough (Ben Miller) from Johnny English...

  3. Cici Amalia

    Cici Amalia32 分 前

    Where is egsy?

  4. The king boss آلمـلگ بـ

    The king boss آلمـلگ بـ32 分 前

    Please subscribe

  5. Vito Scaletta

    Vito Scaletta33 分 前

    Why they made a film like this where is original actors? Born of Kingsman is not interested.

  6. vino s

    vino s34 分 前

    Bullet, bolt, bomb sounds...... Hmmmmm ...... Sounds good....... OK... I'm in

  7. James Flanko

    James Flanko34 分 前

    Someone wanna tell me why 'eggsy' taron egerton is also named alex nikolov?

  8. Locke Jawe

    Locke Jawe35 分 前

    This is a prequel, right? So does that mean no Taron Egerton and Colin Firth?

  9. nyima panda123

    nyima panda12336 分 前

    That shield was gift by late father of blank panther

  10. Isaiah Compagne

    Isaiah Compagne37 分 前

    So this is a prequel ? When does the sequel come out

  11. Shaggster Man

    Shaggster Man37 分 前

    So.... Voldemort is a spy

  12. Nash Fuetsch

    Nash Fuetsch37 分 前

    Trailer looks sick 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Ehclipzee

    Ehclipzee38 分 前

    your dad hits my juul

  14. Luna Freeman

    Luna Freeman38 分 前

    ....if you don't resurrect Merlin.....

  15. Ali Alali

    Ali Alali39 分 前

    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله صل الله عليه وسلم. الدنيا فانية الحياة في الآخرة بالجنة باذن الله تعالى . الله يغفر لي ولك و للمؤمنين و المؤمنات الأحياء منهم والأموات يا رب العالمين. يالله بحسن الخاتمة .

  16. Witty Bobby

    Witty Bobby40 分 前

    Oh! Voldemort!

  17. Rami Sabah

    Rami Sabah40 分 前

    What the a name of the music ? Thanks in advance 🌹

  18. rajnbull ◑͜͡◐

    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐41 分 前

    what's better than the last one that's for sure

  19. YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?

    YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?42 分 前

    1 on Trending

  20. Chicken Rump

    Chicken Rump43 分 前

    That was Chris O’Neill (Oneyng) and nobody can tell me differently.

  21. Sumant Warhekar

    Sumant Warhekar44 分 前

    We got a prequel boys 🙌

  22. Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez45 分 前

    A prequel that ends up being better then the second movie gotta love it

  23. Ева Нильсен

    Ева Нильсен45 分 前

  24. Faizaan Naseem

    Faizaan Naseem45 分 前

    I smell a flop coming.

  25. The Selchies

    The Selchies46 分 前

    Now just make the second movie non canon and we should be golden

  26. Dustyment

    Dustyment46 分 前

    Came here expecting another Kingsmen movie. Then I realized it was King's Man. Then I realized King's Man is Kingsman...

  27. Rahmat Kiehl

    Rahmat Kiehl46 分 前

    What?? Feb 2020?? Gosh!!!

  28. Sab One Main

    Sab One Main47 分 前


  29. Dustyment

    Dustyment47 分 前

    Did he survive an explosion by hiding behind a Celtic shield?

  30. jose's leather jacket

    jose's leather jacket48 分 前

    I genuinely thought Kevin spacey was on the thumbnail Lol

  31. Rohith Antony

    Rohith Antony48 分 前


  32. Davey J

    Davey J49 分 前

    I'm not a hype this movie look weak to me


    SIMONEY49 分 前

    Bet 100$ I’m one of the hottest young artist out ! 🃏🔥

  34. crypto1223

    crypto122349 分 前

    I was half expecting this to be more serious than the past two movies...then I saw the dancing fighter and a dude survive getting blown through a hanger door using a celtic shield.

  35. Kammi lives in a box

    Kammi lives in a box54 分 前

    I mean.... a Kingsman Movie is nothing without Taron Egerton, but I mean it’s The Kings Man, so it might be an exception

  36. God Clan

    God Clan54 分 前

    Ww2 the movie

  37. Chickenninja55

    Chickenninja5554 分 前

    Feminists are gonna hate this film

  38. Cameron Reilly

    Cameron Reilly56 分 前

    R.i.p Merlin from the kingsman movies

  39. Mohamed Firdaus

    Mohamed Firdaus57 分 前


  40. Chris ReyesArias

    Chris ReyesArias57 分 前

    February!? wth

  41. Mickey Chitty

    Mickey Chitty59 分 前

    Would love if the next one was set in the 80s

  42. manjobanjo57

    manjobanjo57時間 前

    country roooaaaads take me hoooooooome to the plaaaaaaace i belooooooong west virginnnniia country mamaaaaaaa take me hooooome take me hoooooome

  43. J K

    J K時間 前

    Almost all big movies getting out are prequels or sequels . Block Buster's Hollywood is out of ideas.

  44. Snö

    Snö時間 前

    Not feeling it

  45. Johnny Sood

    Johnny Sood時間 前

    Back to old times

  46. Nƚshthȧ

    Nƚshthȧ時間 前

    Another Kingsman movie yay.. BUT WHERE IS TARON EGERTON....

  47. Stefan

    Stefan時間 前

    Is that lord Voldemort at 1:09?

  48. manjobanjo57

    manjobanjo57時間 前

    lol one of those guys had the weird tattoo things on him like michael b jordan in black panther

  49. Bro, Wtf

    Bro, Wtf時間 前

    Okay cinematography, I see youuu

  50. Sarchie

    Sarchie時間 前

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