The Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Plays HSM Lyric Challenge | Lyric Challenge

Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo are the new stars of Disney+'s "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series." Since they're playing the new and improved versions of Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton (in the musical within the show), we're quizzing them on the lyrics to our favorite High School Musical songs. From "Get'cha Head In the Game" to "The Start of Something New," these two seriously know their stuff! What's your favorite High School Musical song?
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  1. T. Raika

    T. Raika時間 前

    I just turned into 17 2 days ago 😂that guy is super hot tbh

  2. Alex Garza

    Alex Garza時間 前

    This guy looks like Peter Parker from the Spider-Man PS4 game

  3. Jade Luu

    Jade Luu7 時間 前

    Omg the eyeshadow though. Bomb!

  4. Gabriella Tolve

    Gabriella Tolve16 時間 前

    The way he looks at her from 2:53 to 3:02 awww

  5. Jay Lloyd

    Jay Lloyd20 時間 前

    Video starts at 1:33

  6. Eva Verteouris

    Eva Verteouris21 時間 前

    Like if you ship❤️

  7. Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez日 前

    "lets pick a key" 😭

  8. Laura

    Laura日 前

    they’re both so attractive, it’s unfair

  9. Настя Зильбер

    Настя Зильбер日 前

    IM SORRY but it IS NOT the cast of High School Musical😤

  10. Sophia McBride

    Sophia McBride日 前

    They are so cute

  11. Emmy Dolan

    Emmy Dolan日 前

    You can’t tell me Josh doesn’t kinda look like Aaron Hull I-

  12. Mandy is a coolcat

    Mandy is a coolcat日 前

    I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him love him I love him

  13. Emma M.

    Emma M.日 前

    2:10 Selling replays

  14. Esra Yildiz

    Esra Yildiz日 前

    oh get out. Without zac and vanessa nothing is the same

  15. somgolie Okoye

    somgolie Okoye日 前

    Y’all are such good singers

  16. pretty samer

    pretty samer日 前

    I love how the comment section is just crushing on Joshua💀

  17. Evely Smith

    Evely Smith日 前

    Why I do I know more than them, and they r the cast members?

  18. Nora Gilst

    Nora Gilst2 日 前


  19. Leah Marie

    Leah Marie2 日 前

    I ship it!!!💞 0:06 0:33 0:57 1:49 2:15 2:24

  20. Sofia Swanner

    Sofia Swanner2 日 前

    Look at the way he looks at her 🥺🥺

  21. ai ko

    ai ko2 日 前

    Joshua's voice seriously sounds exactly like zac efron's.

  22. JaidaLouWho !

    JaidaLouWho !2 日 前

    i think i need to marry joshua bassett right now

  23. Jasmine Lee

    Jasmine Lee2 日 前

    I love how they said the song was idiotic but didn’t know it lol 😹😹

  24. wannabl_jpg

    wannabl_jpg2 日 前

    god really doesnt make guys like joshua anymore huh

  25. Cyberyash11

    Cyberyash112 日 前

    Oh my god Olivia is soo cute!!! I just found my new celebrity crush haha

  26. Teghan Miller

    Teghan Miller2 日 前

    His jeans look like he peed himself

  27. Michelle Abraham

    Michelle Abraham2 日 前

    Okay.. so she was 3 when HSM came out and he was 6... How could that have possibly been you're childhoods..? I think you mean you lived in the rerun days

  28. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams日 前

    Which would still mean it's part of their childhood

  29. gws

    gws2 日 前

    the way he looks at her🥺omg date already

  30. Bob Duncan

    Bob Duncan3 日 前

    the way he looks at her🥺🥺🥺

  31. lemon squeezy

    lemon squeezy3 日 前

    yeah it’s confirmed. i have the biggest crush on olivia. i want her to marry me

  32. ~ily.kxy~

    ~ily.kxy~3 日 前

    Im not gonna lie I'm low key crushing on Joshua

  33. emily the lazy one

    emily the lazy one3 日 前


  34. Leah Blazoff

    Leah Blazoff3 日 前

    It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone liiiike youuu *ahem* @joshuabassett

  35. Annie M

    Annie M3 日 前

    Am I like the only one that thinks Joshua looks like Tom Holland??

  36. E E

    E E3 日 前

    This show is so dumb🤮. They should’ve never done this

  37. Ling Ar

    Ling Ar3 日 前

    E E have you even seen the show?

  38. ILikecereal

    ILikecereal3 日 前

    Highschool Musical:The Musical:The series:The Show:TheGame:The fuck tart:The Broadway:The Music:The just dance:The musical:The movie

  39. Lyra K.

    Lyra K.4 日 前

    Joshua is my new obsession

  40. delsherae moanah

    delsherae moanah4 日 前

    how're they gonna say that HSM 2 is their favorite yet they don't know the lyrics to any of its songs 😂

  41. Eden Abraham

    Eden Abraham4 日 前

    ew no

  42. Gwendoline Lecouvreur

    Gwendoline Lecouvreur4 日 前

    C’est qui eux wsh