The Cancelled & Abandoned Disney Animations You’ll Never Get To See - 1930-1990

Take a deep dive into Disney’s Cancelled & Abandoned Animated Films, from the shelved Alice in Wonderland movies, to Song of the South’s Sibling film Catfish Bend, and the abandoned project that influenced Pocahontas.
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  1. David Vinas

    David Vinas日 前

    I love the Morgans goes Kindle film and comic book 😁dead men tell no Tales☠

  2. Conor Murnane

    Conor Murnane8 日 前

    After a fair amount of digging, I managed to find quite a lot of details regarding Chris Sanders' American Dog: - The film would have starred John Travolta (the only cast member to stay all the way through production) as Henry the dog, Mario Cantone as Ogo the one-eyed cat (who Sanders would later revive as the star of his webcomic, Kiskaloo) and Thomas Haden Church as Buttons the radioactive bunny. Also, the animals were originally more anthropomorphic, as they could talk to humans, wear clothes and have jobs. - At some point, the filmmakers included two additional characters; a catsuit-wearing cocktail waitress named Jo Night and, if you can believe it, a little mutant zombie girl scout from the 1950s named Ruthie! Early development work/info on these two can be found on animator Mark Anthony Austin's website: Going by the film's inclusion of a glitzy, decadent hotel and a remnant of the Nevada A-bomb tests, it can be assumed the original premise would have dived into the more sordid details of American culture. - Opinions on the American Dog project and speculations on why it was cancelled was been varied. Some, like Disney historian Jim Hill and several animators who observed a rough cut of the film, saw it as highly original and lauded Sanders for sticking to his vision, while others considered it an ungodly mess, a case of style over substance with little appeal. There were also rumors that John Lasseter just plain disliked Sanders and his approach to storytelling from the beginning (he wasn't fond of Lilo & Stitch), which resulted in the project's final overhaul and retooling. There's no way of knowing how good or bad this film would've turned out, but it would certainly have been WAY more ambitious than Bolt. I hope Sanders returns to making original projects again, his art and stories are so observant and human.

  3. Drakus

    Drakus9 日 前

    That nightmare version of Alice looks so cool. Would love to see that adapted into a cartoon eventually.

  4. Jose Angel Diaz Esperanza

    Jose Angel Diaz Esperanza11 日 前

    The gremlins Musicana Where the wild things are Those would be classics if they were made

  5. Shannon Gangl

    Shannon Gangl12 日 前

    Mm??? I know the name, beyond that, ???

  6. Shannon Gangl

    Shannon Gangl12 日 前

    Sorry, no idea, never heard of!

  7. Landon Ujimori

    Landon Ujimori13 日 前

    Can I just say the frogs from musiciana ended up in meet the robinsons

  8. Aspiring Marauder

    Aspiring Marauder15 日 前

    > eisner Euuugghhh

  9. Jennea Coleman-Cubero

    Jennea Coleman-Cubero19 日 前

    Who else now wants a "Hiawatha" movie?

  10. Chantal Lee

    Chantal Lee20 日 前

    I’m honestly so tired of all these live action remakes. Why can’t we get something original?

  11. Mark Proveau

    Mark Proveau20 日 前

    Rockadoodle isn't a Disney Animation. It was done by ex Disney Animator Don Bluth

  12. Laura Zony

    Laura Zony21 日 前

    8:09 Hey that's Rockadoodle XD

  13. コンペイトー

    コンペイトー22 日 前

    I have a DVD of Song of the South. If you really want it that bad, you can purchase a copy from outside the US. It's really not "unavailable to the public", it's more like "not readily available."

  14. Politerotica Vandal Report

    Politerotica Vandal Report22 日 前

    Anyone notice a theme that stories about non western culture were more often canceled 👌

  15. BlueEyedFloozy

    BlueEyedFloozy23 日 前

    Fantasia was always one of my favorites growing up, really really underrated ! No one else I know has even seen it! That art for musicanna is gorgeous! Shame it never got made

  16. Nyxira

    Nyxira23 日 前

    Eisner strikes again.

  17. Amber Coleman

    Amber Coleman25 日 前

    Aw, Musicana sounds amazing... : (

  18. Person- Breaker

    Person- Breaker26 日 前

    I wouldn't have mind if it was even a children's book But I'll set my dissapoinments aside and say at least it was remembered

  19. marchrabbit85

    marchrabbit8527 日 前

    2:05 March Hare?

  20. Jonathan Seagrave

    Jonathan Seagrave27 日 前

    Weird, about the gremlins. Looks very similar to the gremlin in a famous Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  21. diegoreds

    diegoreds28 日 前

    What Happened to Disney's Version of "Dracula?"

  22. kory stephens

    kory stephens27 日 前

    diegoreds Don Bluth's Dracula

  23. dittbub

    dittbub28 日 前

    make Musicana!

  24. TravisHodges102

    TravisHodges10228 日 前

    chantiler was produced..... its called rock a doodle doo

  25. bob hope

    bob hope28 日 前

    Rock-a-Doodle was Don Bluth, not Disney.

  26. Tigerfire75

    Tigerfire7528 日 前

    I remember a guy named Don Bluth making a great movie about some rooster named Chanticler.

  27. Michelle Laroche

    Michelle Laroche29 日 前

    Captain Morgan’s ghost sounds awesome, wish they could do something with that!

  28. Siver

    Siver29 日 前

    I know this is from months ago and has probably been pointed out but Rock A doodle *wasnt* disney it was don bluth maybe add that to the description or a pinned comment ?


    SGT SUTER29 日 前

    Now Disney only focuses on puking out PC junk instead of anything with quality.

  30. Drive Home Reviews

    Drive Home Reviews29 日 前

    This is a really fascinating couple of videos! thanks for the work it must have took to complete these!

  31. Heimrich Gundesalf

    Heimrich Gundesalf29 日 前

    Native Americans harvesting rice? There are some historical facts that need to be checked. Rice was not known to the natives before the arrival of Europeans. If Disney ever makes that one happen, they will need to correct that.

  32. Lucinda Mobley

    Lucinda Mobleyヶ月 前

    I'm glad that Chanticleer wasn't made by Disney. Don Bluth did a really great job with it.

  33. Kawayoporu

    Kawayoporuヶ月 前

    Yellowbeak is like a small version of Jose Carioca.

  34. Chibi Geek

    Chibi Geekヶ月 前

    I'm sorry, but Song of the South IS available to the public! Just go stream it online!

  35. 121omePiet

    121omePietヶ月 前

    So sad.....So much beautiful work....

  36. David Cederstrom

    David Cederstromヶ月 前

    I love the reference to Song of the South. We have that movie at home and its a family favorite. My kids love it. The characters, animation, and music is wonderful. Its very sad that such a classic piece of animation and Disney history has been hidden from the world because of the PC crowd. The concept for Musicana sounds fantastic as well. There seemed to be lots of ideas involved in that would make great full length films if the company had the guts to invest the money and take a risk.

  37. Blusasuke

    Blusasukeヶ月 前

    Bluntly honest opinion whether its liked or not. But I really wanted to watch this video and its 2nd part but the way this dude talks is extremely annoying. Not many JPgo personalities turn me off with the way they speak but this dude even beats out Scotty Kilmer. Sorry dude I know you cant help it but I just cant.

  38. TarnishedIce

    TarnishedIceヶ月 前

    Disney didn't make rock-a-doodle though that is a Don Bluth production

  39. TheName IsRED

    TheName IsREDヶ月 前

    I love the original concept art ❤️

  40. MagnuMagnus

    MagnuMagnusヶ月 前

    Makes you wish we could make a trip to an alternate timeline where these films were made, and just bring back some copies of them.

  41. Madison Otken

    Madison Otkenヶ月 前

    I honestly wish they had released Musica. It seems like it would have been neat.

  42. ayyKatx

    ayyKatxヶ月 前

    So I love your videos but your narration is a little too rehearsed and just sounds a little too forced. Just thought I should toss that out there.

  43. MAGA Mexican

    MAGA Mexicanヶ月 前

    Humans are EASIER to draw than animals!!!????

  44. Kyle Chang

    Kyle Changヶ月 前

    My People's didn't make the list!

  45. W Young

    W Youngヶ月 前

    So like most rich people, Disney has gold just sitting in its vaults that will never be utilized for anything useful.

  46. theflamelord

    theflamelordヶ月 前

    "Disney's Rock-a-Doodle" *Screams for 75 seconds at exactly 98 decibels*

  47. thisismysea

    thisismysea16 日 前

    Haha, this is cracking me up and shall be my new way to react to everything.

  48. History King

    History Kingヶ月 前

    Disney: (has literally years of unused material for original films that could become fantastic works of art but updated with modern tech) Also same Disney: "Fuck it! Let's go for Cars 4!"

  49. Elle & Tempolyn!

    Elle & Tempolyn!ヶ月 前

    I think these all would have been awesome Please, shut up with the “live action” remakes and make these, Disney!

  50. Michael Jarrett

    Michael Jarrettヶ月 前

    17:56 Had to do a double take there. I read Flick's name as something else ;]

  51. Mondo Vila

    Mondo Vilaヶ月 前

    wish i could listen to the narration but i can't so i turned off the sound and just looked at the pictures - i thought about what an unnecessary rude comment this is but i listened a bit again and sure enough i was compelled to turn off the sound again

  52. a really awkward gay person

    a really awkward gay personヶ月 前


  53. sarah fern

    sarah fernヶ月 前

    rice? oh, it just turned into corn. Huh

  54. J4hk2

    J4hk2ヶ月 前

    Walt Disney's American Mcgee's Alice

  55. CorusFTW

    CorusFTWヶ月 前

    Rock-a-doodle was made by Don Bluth for The Samuel Goldwyn Company. How could you not know about that?

  56. Poofle McGreen

    Poofle McGreenヶ月 前

    Rock-a-Doodle wasn't a Disney film, it was a Don Bluth film.

  57. Elias D

    Elias Dヶ月 前

    Their website shows gigantic now has a 2020 release date

  58. Esoteric Emissary

    Esoteric Emissaryヶ月 前

    Disney was going to make a Captain Morgan movie?! I wonder how many angry mothers would complain their children have begun stealing the Rum. Although Disney has made some live action mature movies, such as Dragonslayer, being one of my favorites. It's a slow movie, but I enjoyed it.

  59. Michaela Chytilová

    Michaela Chytilováヶ月 前

    The Musicana looked so promising come on I want to see this now the crappy remakes nobody wants

  60. Felix24148

    Felix24148ヶ月 前

    I actually really liked Rockadoodle. It was a totally underrated movie.

  61. seraphiccandy21

    seraphiccandy21ヶ月 前

    Wasnt Rock a Doodle Don Bluth tho? Not Disney?

  62. Just Looking

    Just Lookingヶ月 前

    Gigantic: There exists an entire fetish community around that concept. They should make it, and they would have guaranteed audience.