Swatch Sistem51 Review

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  1. ChadatWork

    ChadatWork9 日 前

    Sales pitch, be not a review

  2. Abdul Kadir

    Abdul Kadir4 ヶ月 前

    Wear can i buy one ?

  3. Nigel Kuo

    Nigel Kuo4 ヶ月 前

    My swatch irony last for 12 years just changing the battery every 5 years. I would said just buy the irony sistem 51.

  4. saboss

    saboss2 ヶ月 前

    he didnt say sistem51

  5. RYax

    RYax4 ヶ月 前

    @Aditya Sharma yes it did lol

  6. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma4 ヶ月 前

    Didn't sistem51 release in 2013?

  7. Christopher Hawkins

    Christopher Hawkins8 ヶ月 前

    How are these watches performing 5 years later? I've read several places that performance declines rather soon (closer to two years rather than 20 years.)

  8. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards8 ヶ月 前

    I bought a NOS blue one with the desire to test it out, but I find, after two weeks, I cannot get used to the cluttered dial. Selling mine on the ‘bay. I’ll try out one of their Irony models instead.

  9. All_is_1

    All_is_110 ヶ月 前

    Nice looking junk is still junk. Ignore the regurgitated sales patter in the OP review. They are hopelessly innacurate, non-hacking, overpriced dog shit. The minute hand jumps when the crown is pushed in so it’s impossible to set the time accurately.The plastic cover attracts scratches like crazy. Worst of all, they are sealed cases so they can’t be repaired or serviced. Seiko-5 watches are vastly superior in every way and cheaper. Orient watches are also better.

  10. Ken H

    Ken H年 前

    this is worse than chinese watches. you can't repair this watch because the caseback is sealed. if something is wrong with it, you are expected tothrow away this $150 watch. what a joke!

  11. gmshadowtraders

    gmshadowtraders年 前

    This is THE watch to have at the moment

  12. Monsel Velasquez

    Monsel Velasquez年 前

    Very expensive junk, bought 2 of these, both not working after less than 2 yrs. Do not buy unless you just want to add it to your collection.

  13. Jeffrey Bowden

    Jeffrey Bowden2 年 前

    Your excellent review finally convinced me to NOT waste my money on an irresponsibly disposable piece of plastic. It being in a large rotation of watches means even it’s best feature, 90 hour reserve does nothing for me.

  14. Sanjay Patel

    Sanjay Patel2 年 前

    Do you hear this ticking as you wear it? Thank you

  15. Johan de Vries

    Johan de Vries2 ヶ月 前

    In a quite room you can hear it as far as 10-15 cm from your ear. Definately not so loud as a Timex....but on a normal night you can put it beside your will not be disturbed by it imho.

  16. Andrew Davey

    Andrew Davey7 ヶ月 前

    Sanjay Patel you can if you hold it to your ear.

  17. Jillaroo79

    Jillaroo792 年 前

    I think these watches would be OK if they cost around 80 USD. First of all they are plastic, plastic looks cheap. Second, they are sealed, meaning once the movement breaks the watch can be thrown away as it's now worthless. Third, they are very inaccurate, if you are lucky it is +/- 10 seconds, but +/- 40 seconds a day is not unheard of. The movement can't be regulated either, so you are stuck with the inaccuracy for good. For around 200 dollars you can buy automatic Seiko and Orient watches, that are stainless steel, they look much more classy and expensive, they are serviceable, meaning theoretically they can go for hundreds of years with proper maintenance, and they are more accurate as well (+/- 5 seconds or less) Also they can be regulated in a matter of minutes to make them more accurate over time. I would never spend my money on this mass produced plastic Swatch when there are much better alternatives out there for a similar price.

  18. Truong Lam Lo

    Truong Lam Lo3 年 前

    The advertisement says that it is 100% Swiss made, but I'm really sure that according to the "laws", 50% and more of the components in the watch are from Swiss then it would technically "Swiss made", no matter if the rest are from an unknown sweatshop in northern china.

  19. Emoore 0909

    Emoore 09093 年 前

    Unfortunately, my sistem51 runs extremely inaccurately. Now for me it isn't the biggest deal since I have other watches, but I am reluctant to wear it is it often runs over a minute slow a day and is not reliable. It is a cool idea and I bought one for that reason, but I would NOT recommend it as your "daily wearer".

  20. Technophiliac

    Technophiliac3 年 前

    A plastic mechanical? Genius.

  21. watch up

    watch up3 年 前


  22. Jarrah Productions

    Jarrah Productions3 年 前

    Can you review the new ones ?

  23. watch up

    watch up3 年 前

    AJ 0101 all right cheers

  24. Jarrah Productions

    Jarrah Productions3 年 前

    @You are Offensive i meant the sistem 51 irony 2016 , sistem boreal / earth / soul . there's a lot of models but the boreal is the best

  25. watch up

    watch up3 年 前

    I did a mini review of the system blue and am planning to do the full review soon. cheers

  26. Diego Show_23

    Diego Show_233 年 前

    This watch is basically crap. Even the Chinese would have felt ashamed if they had made this rubbish.

  27. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards8 ヶ月 前

    Would it be “basically crap” if it was in a metal case with the ability to “service” the watch replace the movement...guess what?You can buy them that way now.

  28. Jordan Cookie

    Jordan Cookie3 年 前

    Diego Show_23 it's a legit Swiss movement.

  29. Marc Alexander

    Marc Alexander3 年 前

    Excellent review - thanks!

  30. ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

    ᄏᄏᄏᄏ3 年 前

    영어라서 무슨말인지 모르겠어!!

  31. TJ

    TJ3 年 前

    Love these watches just wish the damn crystal didn't scratch so easily mine had a deep scratch after 2 days!

  32. gmshadowtraders

    gmshadowtraders年 前

    The Swatch dealer will clean the scratches for free for life

  33. TJ

    TJ2 年 前

    I took it into swatch who polished the crystal for free. I now drop in to the shop when it gets a scratch problem is I always end up buying another lol just got the Sistem Irony Boreal.

  34. Ed S.

    Ed S.3 年 前

    I agree. Unfortunately, all Swatch "crystals" are plastic and if you bang them against anything metal you're in trouble.

  35. TheMacGeek

    TheMacGeek3 年 前

    To remove scratches from Swatch plastic crystals all you need is a tube of Poly Watch Plastic Crystal Glass Polish & Scratch Remover for about $10. It will remove all scratches and make it look new.

  36. John El Alaj

    John El Alaj3 年 前

    fantastic watch !

  37. foxman362

    foxman3623 年 前

    I think it can be done to anymodel swatch old and new.

  38. Joachim Siegwart

    Joachim Siegwart4 年 前

    Watch this fantastic Swatch:"

  39. Marijn Van den Bosch

    Marijn Van den Bosch4 年 前

    what do you think that is a good watch to buy for someone that wants to buy their first mechanical watch, that costs max 300 dollar.

  40. Tommy Tran

    Tommy Tran年 前

    Hamilton Khaki or Khaki King

  41. Malik Martin

    Malik Martin3 年 前

    With 300 bux- $40 Casio MDV 106 and a Seiko SKX 009 for 250$. Casio is a quartz but good classic and reliable nonetheless.

  42. CoCo LoSo

    CoCo LoSo3 年 前

    For 300 hmmm? Vostok (Russian in-house movement) or Seiko SKX007j1 or Flightmasters SNA411p1 or SNA413p1

  43. Xtemplate

    Xtemplate4 年 前

    +Marijn Van den Bosch can get better for 300

  44. Tiago Mourão

    Tiago Mourão4 年 前

    I was considering to buy this or a Seiko 5, chose the latter one. Even though I am a big fan of swatch, and use a irony scuba 200 for the past 14 years, the plastic in this watch didn´t convince me. Thanks for the review!

  45. Malik Martin

    Malik Martin3 年 前

    Check out the SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZH57 from Amazon at 135 bux. It has a unidirectional bezel, hardlex crystal, display case, 100M rating, its metal, straps are interchangeable and the watch can be customized to look like a FFF and is serviceable/repairable. Its too much watch for the money the swatch can't even come close.

  46. Marktuyet

    Marktuyet4 年 前

    who's waiting for this ? junk a casio ,Seiko,citizen , anything but this . I buy Vostok mechanical watches on eBay from a guy in Florida .Great military dials . Amphibian and Komandirske... I have 9 and all are great fun to wear and always attract attention ..Swatch ? garbage .

  47. Mustapha Marjany

    Mustapha Marjany4 年 前

    Nico clics ion catch

  48. borhanus

    borhanus4 年 前

    china should sell casing for sistem 51 ,so i can put the movement in real watch casing not this toy casing

  49. Stephen Sanders

    Stephen Sanders4 年 前

    For Anti-magnetic balance wheel and escapement, read plastic. The fabled centre screw that holds everything together just holds the rotor on. This watch would be fine if it where cheaper - there's a lot of plastic involved and its machine assembled. A Seiko 5 can be had for half the price with metal case, metal balance wheel/escapement, a standard strap that can be changed, a mineral crystal. It can be also be serviced

  50. watch up

    watch up3 年 前

    true that is but still the watches are great

  51. Malik Martin

    Malik Martin3 年 前

    Great point. A Seiko 5 sport SNZH57 to be exact. Currently priced at $134 on AMAZON.COM. Just got one.....and I love it.

  52. Waseem Hamada

    Waseem Hamada4 年 前

    dope review man. Love your approach to the symbolism of the construction; makes a product review much more interesting.

  53. tipoomaster

    tipoomaster5 年 前

    The movement is interesting, I just wish they at least stuck it in a metal chassis, if even $20 wal-mart watches can manage that.

  54. borhanus

    borhanus4 年 前

    @tipoomaster what a waste to put this wonderful invention in this trash can

  55. dardzento

    dardzento5 年 前

    I use the Swatch Sistem51 every day from 8 to 10 hours per day. On every 24 hours the watch he stops. I try to use manual winding maybe 20 winding plus 8-10 hours per day on my hand and I have the same problem, the watch he stops on every 24 hours. Can anyone tell me what should i do?

  56. jvilla21

    jvilla215 年 前

    return it. it should have come with 2 year warranty if you bought it at an authorized dealer. mine has been losing 5-15 minutes a day, going to return it for a new one.

  57. glock19carrier

    glock19carrier5 年 前

    Great review! I kept seeing this watch but had no idea what the draw was. You cleared it up for me. Thanks

  58. Obak85

    Obak855 年 前

    Ridiculous reviewer i have ever seen in my life.. he doesn't know any remarkable features of the clock just showing it one end to other end! improve ur knowledge b4 coming here again for any review!!! shittttt

  59. JAMES_d

    JAMES_d5 年 前

    my seiko automatic only does about 30 hours on battery when not being worn, can't believe this does 90

  60. Philip Peng

    Philip Peng5 年 前

    it is good! i like it

  61. mpking

    mpking5 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="277">4:37</a> I was looking at them in a Swatch shop in two different occasions. Very tempted, but decided not to buy one because I don't like the dial design. It is also very difficult to tell the time. I know I would find it annoying to use.

  62. Tomasina Covell

    Tomasina Covell5 年 前

    Wrong, I think they started out with cheap mechanical designer watches in the 80's, then switched to quartz movements after that.

  63. Raj Shah

    Raj Shah3 年 前

    Wrong. The original Swatch was quartz.

  64. NEKNIM

    NEKNIM5 年 前

    I like this and will likely buy it. I would be extremely impressed if they could achieve cosc chronometric cert.

  65. Watches Of the World India

    Watches Of the World India5 年 前

  66. George Yang

    George Yang5 年 前

    Even if you could get it repaired or regulated, at $150 would it be worth it to throw down $50 for a repair?

  67. Johan de Vries

    Johan de Vries2 ヶ月 前

    Nope....not worth imho.