Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)
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Director: Christine Yuan
Producer: Theodore Cabana
Production Company: Object & Animal
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  1. Summer Walker

    Summer Walker7 日 前

    hope y’all like the video..🎮🖤 my debut album OVER IT is out nowwww

  2. Noel Lee

    Noel Lee9 時間 前

    Girl this defined my last relationship...I love this entire album. FIRE!!!!😛😝😜

  3. James Waterman

    James Waterman11 時間 前

    Good morning James waterman I know you're beautiful lady onion journeys Florence God will be with you I know Josh with me I've been doing my dog and walk around the neighborhood a beautiful Moon by you later call me

  4. James Waterman

    James Waterman11 時間 前

    @miranda namirembe good morning beautiful person beans how you doing my dog read my dog what room neighborhood legit going to be up tomorrow River Scott or Julie Dale

  5. James Waterman

    James Waterman11 時間 前

    @Lashes & Lips Co. Moon beautiful person I just got up my dog's bed my dog Head meat please call me love to talk to you

  6. Haley & Jojo

    Haley & Jojo9 時間 前

    Her voice hits so different 😻🥴

  7. Ada Lopez

    Ada Lopez10 時間 前

    Why are the best songs so short 😭

  8. Builttolast

    Builttolast10 時間 前

    Love the song but this video is ass


    RIZZY ROYCE10 時間 前

    Blessings of wealth and good health to every person watching this video.😇

  10. Monicca Dorley

    Monicca Dorley11 時間 前

    I don’t get the video 🙃. This my song tho

  11. Leagh West

    Leagh West11 時間 前

    Summer has a great personality but it never shines through her stage performance or music videos. It’s really disappointing. Last time I went to her show I was bored. This music video was boring. She gotta step it up.

  12. Leagh West

    Leagh West11 時間 前

    Idk the video wasn’t that interesting. It could of been better.

  13. John Ollows

    John Ollows12 時間 前

    Bryson "playing games" with us and Serenity

  14. שרית זוהר

    שרית זוהר13 時間 前

    no cradits to the source???

  15. kiss swap

    kiss swap13 時間 前

    i have her body i just need the butt and the waist

  16. kiss swap

    kiss swap13 時間 前

    Him: i don’t like summer walker Me: 1:17

  17. Kayla Jeneal

    Kayla Jeneal13 時間 前

    “If you claim you want me, it ain’t no thang” I’ve related to a song more than this

  18. Livvy

    Livvy14 時間 前

    This my favourite on the album😍😍😍😍

  19. Cj

    Cj15 時間 前

    Damn u fine

  20. Erica Shannon

    Erica Shannon15 時間 前

    I misjudged her by the hood looks and tattooed apologies. Her music is way beyond her 23 years of age. She is a true talent!


    NBA YOUNGBOY16 時間 前

    So we’re not gonna talk abt how she playing wit a ps3 controller on a xbox 360😭😭😭

  22. Daatgirl Daee

    Daatgirl Daee16 時間 前

    Yessss I mess wit it heavy 😭😍

  23. [보윤] VOYOON Music

    [보윤] VOYOON Music17 時間 前

    It's too short 😭

  24. Doris Nicole Castilllo

    Doris Nicole Castilllo17 時間 前

    I want more of this song 😍 I feel like is too short!

  25. Mandisa Nkosi

    Mandisa Nkosi17 時間 前

    Tf is Bryson

  26. Regular Life Aikens

    Regular Life Aikens19 時間 前

    Video is trash ... new director

  27. kaheynie

    kaheynie20 時間 前

    Ok so I just discovered Summer and I cant stop listening to her😍😍

  28. Julian Green

    Julian Green20 時間 前

    Super cute concept but coulda been executed better I feel like summers vibe was different then the aesthetic of the video

  29. seyseiwin

    seyseiwin20 時間 前

    All my beautiful black israelite women STAND UP. that shit is OURS fair n square ✊🏿 never be afraid to trace your roots!!!

  30. Darwinnn F

    Darwinnn F20 時間 前

    Janet Jackson vibes 🤤🤤🔥

  31. Jazzy Jose

    Jazzy Jose20 時間 前

    guys Bryson was obviously in the video 1:48 he was just invisible...dummies

  32. Kianna Williams

    Kianna Williams21 時間 前

    Jacques needs to be on this

  33. Kunmi Oriade

    Kunmi Oriade21 時間 前

    Summer walkers face: not matching her singing and lyrics Summer walker throwing a knife: this is it chief

  34. 박모건

    박모건21 時間 前


  35. Cory Palmer

    Cory Palmer21 時間 前

    Bryson fell off cause he sold his soul for fame and that doesn't last. And because he keeps using God's name in vain, dude literally keeps breaking the 3rd Commandment every time he hops on a track. Keep playin games with God and you gonna flop even harder. So disrespectful, I had to turn this song off as soon as his verse came on since he wants to keep playin games and using God's name in vain. Don't disrespect God PERIOD!!

  36. Cory Palmer

    Cory Palmer19 時間 前

    @THE KINGDOM how dare you


    THE KINGDOM20 時間 前

    Cory Palmer shut up

  38. Quarmaine Stephenson

    Quarmaine Stephenson21 時間 前

    Sza open the door for a lot of these new Artis

  39. Pha Wayo

    Pha Wayo21 時間 前

    This girl album debut #2 with big sells BUT her songs views are Poor and no Hits like CARDI first BODAK YELLOW..

  40. Carolina Mendez

    Carolina Mendez22 時間 前

    My surgeon: So how do you want your body? Me: *shows him Summer Walker*

  41. Jarosław Puchacki

    Jarosław Puchacki22 時間 前

    Ppl talk about her being robbed from #1 BB200 but clearly dont see their streams also fake ... 2,5M views and 120k likes ?? How did she get 150M streams when her song cant even get 10M views in a week

  42. Alison A .

    Alison A .22 時間 前

    i was just singing this and it popped in my recommendations 💀 . is youtube stalking me ?

  43. Mike Tucker

    Mike Tucker22 時間 前

    Yes Bryson is coming back... but playing with us giving us these short ass songs and verses and she killed this whole album

  44. south western

    south western23 時間 前

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 straight back to 90s

  45. Helenah Mbaye

    Helenah Mbaye23 時間 前

    Can you confused ?😭😭, but the song is amazing😫

  46. Tahana Crawford

    Tahana Crawford日 前

    The background look like the background of PANINI

  47. collins katongo

    collins katongo日 前

    This song speaks the truf OMG they are people going through this all you need is confidence tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Oku Urtt

    Oku Urtt日 前

    0:39 mm mm mm damn he fine

  49. Lacriesha Hill

    Lacriesha Hill日 前

    So amazing💙💜💙

  50. Cayley Shoemaker

    Cayley Shoemaker日 前

    this video didn’t deliver 😗...



    who else was also confused by the title a little bit?

  52. Bray C

    Bray C日 前

    I’m sorry I can’t listen to this after hearing jacquees quemix

  53. DJ Smoove K

    DJ Smoove K日 前

    The Best songs are usually the shortest

  54. Iracelma Rocha

    Iracelma Rocha日 前

    Her voice is so perfect 😍❤🇦🇴

  55. derrickbrock20

    derrickbrock20日 前

    Y’all could’ve kept this like the original song

  56. BennyBoy Events

    BennyBoy Events日 前

  57. K

    K日 前

    i'm sorry but when it was bryson's part and the empty couch came on i lost it 💀💀

  58. SpanishGiirl Pradaa

    SpanishGiirl Pradaa日 前

    I loooooveee her vibeeee nd her voiceeeee

  59. kaydeillumated

    kaydeillumated日 前

    Dang it hit like that




  61. FaithDeniBri

    FaithDeniBri日 前

    Love it

  62. Kori Hilson

    Kori Hilson日 前

    Whole song needs to be longer. Can we do a remix and add Tamar and Notmani and maybe an old Aaliyah verse. Thx

  63. Trent Lane

    Trent Lane日 前

    deserves that BB200 no.1 album!

  64. J Thursday

    J Thursday日 前


  65. Monroe Noah

    Monroe Noah日 前

    Don't play games

  66. Genesis Traylor

    Genesis Traylor日 前

    y'all this video so sexy