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  1. iwee

    iwee年 前

    Hey guys! i know this is kinda random but if you wanna request or ask stuff you can ask me here : thank you 💗✨

  2. 해나 Hannah

    해나 Hannah29 日 前

    wolz 198 doubt it

  3. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jonesヶ月 前

    Friend: He needs a filter. Me: OK, buy one..

  4. magic girl

    magic girlヶ月 前

    This guy is trash

  5. Jimin gave me his jams

    Jimin gave me his jams3 ヶ月 前

    @Freckles• CuteLPS same though😲

  6. wolz 198

    wolz 1984 ヶ月 前

    I sound like suga wtf

  7. Génesis Ortiz

    Génesis Ortiz10 時間 前

    No me había dado cuenta de cuantas veces YoonGi repite el último verso hasta que decidí escribir las líricas ;-; I didn't noticed about how many times YoonGi repeats the last verse till I decided to write the lyrics ;-;

  8. Sumbal Saqib

    Sumbal Saqib16 時間 前

    Interviewer: "Your thoughts about breathing?" Yoongi: *I respect it but it doesn't apply to me*

  9. Aparna Madhu

    Aparna Madhu17 時間 前

    M-m-my cat .......IT'S LION #stolen content

  10. Gguk상어

    Gguk상어18 時間 前

    sometimes I just pause the video to let yoongi breathe



    There is no one in existence *whocan beat AGUSTD*

  12. Amal Abdullah

    Amal Abdullah日 前

    0:51 O_O...uh....and this is a list 1:48 , 1:50 , 1:54 oof in the chat for 2:46 uhh... 2:55 is questionable I AM CRYING AT 2:54 BaSicaLlY iT aLl MaDe me cry NOT in pure bliss like it normally does

  13. Simay Şahin

    Simay Şahin日 前


  14. Jisoo is a Queen

    Jisoo is a Queen日 前


  15. Eliza N

    Eliza N2 日 前

    Big Hit:Soo Suga how fast do you want your rap to be? Suga:VERY FAST

  16. Paul Dompe

    Paul Dompe2 日 前

    Can’t believe his nick name is lil meow meow....

  17. WoRdWiDe Bunny

    WoRdWiDe Bunny日 前


  18. PreciousChanhjin

    PreciousChanhjin2 日 前

    It sounds like Yoongi is saying "get langing, met me the car" in the start *idk if that makes sence but nvm*

  19. kpoptato :3

    kpoptato :32 日 前


  20. kookachu7

    kookachu73 日 前

    I hope i am not the only one listening in 2020

  21. I Don’t Know What To Call This

    I Don’t Know What To Call This3 日 前

    a to the g to the u to the *std* 😏😏

  22. Kookie's Kookies

    Kookie's Kookies3 日 前

    Okay this song is amazing he is such an inspiring and wonderful rapper I am amazed😃😃😃💜💜💜💜

  23. *Sips Sprite in Korean*

    *Sips Sprite in Korean*3 日 前


  24. Susmita Tamang

    Susmita Tamang3 日 前

    Yoongi as idol: m busy 24/7 Me as jobless:m free 24/7

  25. Do I look like-

    Do I look like-3 日 前

    Nobody : Literally Nobody : Me being someone who live in Hong kong : ...😶

  26. 브복숭아 러

    브복숭아 러4 日 前

    한국인들이 있다는것을 알리기위해 내가 댓글을 달도록 하지

  27. 호비슙

    호비슙4 日 前

    슈가❤️민윤기❤️ 보라해💜💜

  28. Alexis Rhodes

    Alexis Rhodes4 日 前

    I rapped this in class and when they heard this they were like 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

  29. 방탄소년단BTS ARMY

    방탄소년단BTS ARMY5 日 前

    I wish my Wi-Fi was like that fast like Suga's RAP.

  30. juliet osei

    juliet osei6 日 前

    So absolutely no one is gonna talk about the A to the G to the U to the STD if you know you know

  31. BTS Fan forever

    BTS Fan forever6 日 前

    Suga keeps rapping Me: hey ! Wait I can’t read the meanings

  32. Sam Noya

    Sam Noya7 日 前

    Don’t mind me I’m learning the fast part 1:36

  33. Jena07x

    Jena07x7 日 前

    So I have said so much BAD WORDS in Korean without KNOWING??

  34. Kpop Roachie

    Kpop Roachie8 日 前

    “ the STD-“ Suga baby whet-? 💀

  35. My Begin Was My First Love

    My Begin Was My First Love8 日 前

    Mi brother of 3 year ask me to put one headphone and he dancing with this song hahaha

  36. Ji-eun Park

    Ji-eun Park9 日 前

    If ur a true fan then Pause the vid so that suga van breathe!

  37. Rianna Burdon

    Rianna Burdon9 日 前

    put it on 2x speed for some true fire

  38. 김연탄밥그릇

    김연탄밥그릇9 日 前

    오빠 이젠 1년에 50만장 아니고 컴백곡 예약판매만 400만장이에요 다음목표는 빌보드 아니고 그래미 오빠들 노래로 무대에요 내가 지켜봐왔을때 음방 1위해서 울고 빌보드 1위해서 울고 이제는 오빠들이 다치기라도 하면 어떡하나 하고 걱정때문에 우네요 ㅋㅋ 평생 건강 맨날하고 멋진 곡들로 항상 웃으며 만나요 사랑해요:)♡

  39. One eyed grim reaper

    One eyed grim reaper10 日 前

    I wish my WiFi was that fast:

  40. Forever BTS and TXT

    Forever BTS and TXT10 日 前

    "Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap tounge technology" Anyone listening to this in Hong Kong? I am. YAY HE MENTIONED MY CITY

  41. Gaming With Gacha Angel Playz

    Gaming With Gacha Angel Playz10 日 前

    I'm so hard if you put it at 2x speed he is rapping so fast

  42. Jazmine Burnett

    Jazmine Burnett10 日 前

    Well, damn he rekt those other rappers.



    Min yooingi

  44. joony noodles

    joony noodles10 日 前

    *A TO THE G TO THE U TO THE STD* I love you Suga!!! ^-^ best BTS brother anyone could ask for .....still being swag.

  45. Олександр Плебанович

    Олександр Плебанович10 日 前


  46. peach amv

    peach amv10 日 前

    I hear *A* to the *D* to the *U* to the *accident*

  47. Jungkook방탄소년단

    Jungkook방탄소년단10 日 前

    Normal people=breath breath No one* Suga and eminem=we don't do that here

  48. ღ향삐ღ

    ღ향삐ღ11 日 前

    슈가님은 랩할 때가 젤 멋지다ㅠ💜

  49. Mannat Waltson

    Mannat Waltson11 日 前

    I am here to under stand lyrics but i can't you all know why

  50. Cerisa Katchmart

    Cerisa Katchmart12 日 前

    yoongi what did we say about language?

  51. Βασιλική Πέτρου

    Βασιλική Πέτρου13 日 前

    Eminem who?

  52. tae.gucciboi bts

    tae.gucciboi bts13 日 前

    god i have been trying to rap this for whole year and i can't even say worlds corect. so i begin to study korean but boi this is so hard af

  53. ???

    ???14 日 前

    1:36 크으.....이거제


    BTS PURPLE14 日 前

    A to the G to the U to the STD!!!!!

  55. Stary Cactxs_

    Stary Cactxs_14 日 前

    I showed dis to mah dad and he said he's rap is slow and I was like seriously?! Wtf😂

  56. De PLeB Im A PotAEtOE 사랑해!

    De PLeB Im A PotAEtOE 사랑해!15 日 前

    I literally tried rapping with him with the slowest thingy on yt i the siitings of the vid and i failed ;(

  57. ARMY_ Nala

    ARMY_ Nala15 日 前

    Does anyone mom call BTS Chinese man?

  58. Joud A.

    Joud A.15 日 前

    Nobody : Yoongi : Oxygen? Who's she?

  59. oppa_ joonie

    oppa_ joonie15 日 前

    This is literally the guy who’s name is “lil meow meow”, done with life, and sleeps 90% of the time 😂 I swear to god I’m done

  60. 김석찌

    김석찌15 日 前


  61. Brooke McNicoll

    Brooke McNicoll16 日 前

    If you can read the lyrics to this without pausing the video....... ur on another level

  62. Ami Vogt

    Ami Vogt16 日 前

    The way i fuck up things boiiiiiiii 2:52

  63. Velvet_ glitters

    Velvet_ glitters16 日 前

    When you watch the mv at first he looks and sounds rlly scary but then you look at him more closely and realize he looks like a kitten and you think he’s fighting to get out of a bath!🤣

  64. DJ Kawaii

    DJ Kawaii16 日 前

    This is just for me so I can rap ver 2 (or at least try :\) 1:35

  65. DERPYPIKA1 !

    DERPYPIKA1 !16 日 前

    Bop of the century

  66. H aru

    H aru16 日 前