Stupid Things I Do

WE all do stupid things from time to time BUT i do alot more. Here are my stories CHUN CHUUUNN
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  1. RazorGames

    RazorGames6 時間 前

    I prefer no script

  2. Yeetz Yt

    Yeetz Yt22 時間 前

    My juice box 🧃

  3. Aiden Tarchala

    Aiden Tarchala日 前

    I have 80hd

  4. The 8-bit Saber

    The 8-bit Saber日 前

    While i was writing this, i went outside with a tennnis ball, threw it at my friends and said... "IM A POTATO!!!!" and then kept throwing it at them and saying that the tennis all was a potato! Ahhhhh good times

  5. shalom the master gamer

    shalom the master gamer2 日 前

    I also have ADHD and be stupid and on purpose

  6. Alex Harder

    Alex Harder2 日 前


  7. Praneel Bhagavatula

    Praneel Bhagavatula2 日 前

    Once I stood in the back of the bathroom and announced, "You must be wondering why I gathered you all here today." Feels good to know I'm not the only one that does stupid stuff :V

  8. tony tone

    tony tone2 日 前

    i also have it i can t reallypay attention in school btw im using my dads account

  9. Keyboard Twin

    Keyboard Twin2 日 前

    I just poured coffee on my load of French fries


    PINK DONKEY2 日 前

    I'm prety... so some people think that I do have ADHD but... I don't

  11. marble and lemon

    marble and lemon2 日 前

    I have adhd too Who else here does

  12. Niko and Suki

    Niko and Suki3 日 前

    2:47 when he says "WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU KNOW MY MOM'S NAME WAS MARTHA" turn on captions and it says "who are you and how did you know my mom namely my dad"

  13. O B

    O B3 日 前

    ive got it to my GUYYY

  14. Hyperverse Gaming

    Hyperverse Gaming4 日 前

    So that was you

  15. ChasePlays

    ChasePlays4 日 前

    Lol I have ADHD and it's the same way for me and my friends wonder why I'm like this 😂😂

  16. LunaStar Werewolf

    LunaStar Werewolf4 日 前

    2:55 turn on captions at this exact moment

  17. Luna_Playz_YT

    Luna_Playz_YT5 日 前

    I’m ADHD person too.

  18. XxLexiGacha xX

    XxLexiGacha xX5 日 前

    *didnt mean to send u to a link of a wired singer...* Just the ship name >;3

  19. XxLexiGacha xX

    XxLexiGacha xX5 日 前

    This may be wired but *who ships Adam and James* #Adames

  20. LOL Gaiming

    LOL Gaiming5 日 前

    Adam your not alone I have ADHD

  21. LOL Gaiming

    LOL Gaiming5 日 前


  22. Anne Korves

    Anne Korves5 日 前

    Omg I have autism and ADHD and OCD I FEEL YOUR PAIN

  23. Shannon Creech

    Shannon Creech6 日 前

    Me too

  24. Orlando Roberts

    Orlando Roberts7 日 前

    I have ahhd to

  25. CraZe_JAX

    CraZe_JAX8 日 前

    I was also diagnosed with adhd 2 weeks ago

  26. • Sharky •

    • Sharky •8 日 前

    >:D Yas, my fav JPgor has the same conditions as me! I know how you feel when it comes to getting distracted 😅

  27. Micah Mejudhon

    Micah Mejudhon8 日 前


  28. Micah Mejudhon

    Micah Mejudhon8 日 前

    Somethingelseyt:I am Batman Dad: I am dad an

  29. beckyr080102

    beckyr0801029 日 前

    I have ADHD too

  30. PLGHT *

    PLGHT *9 日 前

    Adams fake laugh is nsfl

  31. Emily Herbert

    Emily Herbert9 日 前

    When he says my parent's are dead it sounds like he said gay lol

  32. Brendan Willis

    Brendan Willis9 日 前

    I think I have 80 HD

  33. Quinlan Cole

    Quinlan Cole10 日 前

  34. Vanessa Reed

    Vanessa Reed10 日 前

    SomethingElseYT:witch reminds me ECT. Me wait a sec wasn't this on a script

  35. toxicity boy1

    toxicity boy110 日 前

    I have hdhd to

  36. toxicity boy1

    toxicity boy110 日 前

    Me to brother

  37. Janith Lucas

    Janith Lucas10 日 前

    I'm legitimately wearing a pink polo shirt and I subbed because I also have ADHD

  38. Alexandria Knudtson

    Alexandria Knudtson11 日 前

    I have ADHD and one of my teacher’s and me have made some sort or joke out of it; let me explain: I always have something new to play with in class like bracelets, putty, and almost anything so every day I go “Looooooook what I got to day!!!” and then she goes “oh no what now” I show her and we both laugh. Like if you also have ADHD

  39. Itzy Bitzy 184

    Itzy Bitzy 18411 日 前

    OMG I have ADHD to and seeing that my favorite JPgor also has ADHD really makes me feel better thank you

  40. Puppee

    Puppee11 日 前

    i have adhd for All Dill pickles Hate Dean the avacado

  41. Eat Your Cereal

    Eat Your Cereal11 日 前

    S Р Е А К I И G O F S H I T

  42. Violet Monet

    Violet Monet11 日 前

    I hope

  43. Ollie Farrell

    Ollie Farrell11 日 前

    0:23 me acting stupid when my mate comes over



    Hey i hav ADHD and i am hipereactive I am now 12 i whach your videos and you told me or you suscribers hahaha I don't now I Wana tell you what I did une Time ok so I was at schoole and a was drawing cuz I love drawing and I drew a banana and I remember I had a 🍌 in my back pack so I was thinking what if I trew the banana so I was thinking and like I was NOT control of my body was like at otopilot so I trew the banana but before I trew it I tell here comes the banana it's gonna kill us and I trew the banana then I sit down and say I drew a banana and to principal he tolme just WY I told him _/(")\_ I don't now and got to him and slep

  45. A Random Being

    A Random Being12 日 前

    ADHD is like being possesed by a hyper version of youself. Sorry if that sounded mean i thought it sounded funny

  46. Wolf Gangsters

    Wolf Gangsters12 日 前

    I'm cool right

  47. Jack Playz

    Jack Playz12 日 前

    0:23 *b o p*

  48. Denny Laird

    Denny Laird12 日 前


  49. Itz_Ashley gacha yeet

    Itz_Ashley gacha yeet12 日 前

  50. Itz_Ashley gacha yeet

    Itz_Ashley gacha yeet12 日 前

    I have ADHD as well Omg ADHD squad.

  51. Trent Waiculonis

    Trent Waiculonis12 日 前


  52. layzegirl artz

    layzegirl artz12 日 前

    i guess im late but i remember lighting a tissue on fire in second grade it was almost the end of our apartment XD

  53. Nathaniel Bradford

    Nathaniel Bradford12 日 前

    Adhd? welcome to my life

  54. Luna Da Gacha Potato

    Luna Da Gacha Potato12 日 前


  55. HB Animations

    HB Animations12 日 前

    My ADHD Brother

  56. Tč

    13 日 前

    i'm same

  57. Autumn Harrison

    Autumn Harrison13 日 前

    you have 80hd me to

  58. Dumb_art 666

    Dumb_art 66613 日 前


  59. Sorella Girl

    Sorella Girl13 日 前


  60. Savanna Reay

    Savanna Reay14 日 前

    I just make weird screaming noises when I’m bored, sometimes I use this to find my friends...I don’t know why I do this. I also have ADHD I understand being board and not being able to focus on one thing. 😐