Stupid Things I Do


  1. Sevando Aburto

    Sevando Aburto時間 前

    juice.....My juice...

  2. Nevaeh Miller

    Nevaeh Miller3 時間 前

    When I watch his videos like mind: hah there's no way he done stupid or stuff than I did starts to laugh when he talks about the toilet* XD okay one I've done something stupider than that but that was hilarious

  3. UncleSam’s Toybox

    UncleSam’s Toybox3 時間 前

    Wenever I'm bored I say this ( I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I believe I ) SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP

  4. Gimmietape

    Gimmietape10 時間 前

    Aaa I didn’t know you had ADHD! I have autism so that’s really cool to hear!

  5. Levi Danielson

    Levi Danielson13 時間 前

    Only dislike this vid if you’re watching in 42170

  6. Alyssa Page

    Alyssa Page22 時間 前

    I have adhd too

  7. Bryan Mena

    Bryan Mena日 前

    I am just like My animators(odd1sout and somethingelseYT) I have the same birthday as James and 0:28 on this video

  8. hockey beast

    hockey beast日 前

    its a relief to see someone else with ADHD

  9. meadow Sanderson

    meadow Sanderson日 前

    JPgo character:Devil JPgo nothing: JPgo Angel



    0:23 My juice box!

  11. Libitina TheGrimReaper

    Libitina TheGrimReaper2 日 前

    I have Adhd too!!!

  12. g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica

    g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica2 日 前

    0:01 mmmmm

  13. g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica

    g_gamer_mincraft_sudnautica2 日 前

    I mean to say breath 😹

  14. sasparilla 19

    sasparilla 193 日 前

    I used to sing a song when i was on the toilet when i was 4 my mum said it went like this diarrhea diarrhea im on the toilet with diarrhea for ever on the toilet with my diarrheaaaaaaaaaa... Welp thats me lol a weirdo

  15. EliteHusky

    EliteHusky3 日 前

    I have ADHD! 😁🤘

  16. Bonnie Five nights at Freddy's

    Bonnie Five nights at Freddy's4 日 前

    I saw this video and I laughed so hard!!!! Can u cosplay with me and my friend u would be a great cosplayer!!!!!!!!!

  17. RandomShiba

    RandomShiba4 日 前

    This explains me in a nutshell

  18. It’s Tatonka

    It’s Tatonka4 日 前

    I relate a little too much xD

  19. Rose Cutt

    Rose Cutt4 日 前

    I love you man :))

  20. Brittany Wheeler

    Brittany Wheeler5 日 前

    I do the same thing

  21. dogsareawesome 9197

    dogsareawesome 91975 日 前


  22. TheAmericanDorito Boi

    TheAmericanDorito Boi5 日 前

    I have the same condition...+ autism, but I’m pretty normal

  23. Corgi Club

    Corgi Club5 日 前

    "You probaly do more sh*t" Me:......I do......

  24. verrsa

    verrsa6 日 前


  25. Mr. Minecraft.95

    Mr. Minecraft.957 日 前

    I can relate im the same way I also have ADHD

  26. Sheiyla Saldana

    Sheiyla Saldana7 日 前

    Go to sleep we care that you get sleep

  27. Island Grease

    Island Grease8 日 前

    i didn't know what ADHD was till i read Percy Jackson :|

  28. Landry P

    Landry P9 日 前

    3:24 seems like something out of asdf movie 😂

  29. Malvado Franko España

    Malvado Franko España9 日 前

    the scrypt is so garbege and yes im not a good speller

  30. Madison Ritchotte

    Madison Ritchotte10 日 前

    I also have adhd

  31. Caroline Jones

    Caroline Jones10 日 前


  32. Future beats Gamer Xs

    Future beats Gamer Xs10 日 前

    Um I make my self look stupid on purpose Adam

  33. Lacey Buckle

    Lacey Buckle11 日 前

    No its not garbage i like scrips.

  34. ocean girl

    ocean girl11 日 前

    I actually have adhd

  35. Tabby Hess

    Tabby Hess11 日 前

    Ayyyee Olan Rogers!!!!

  36. II Lil_ Persons II

    II Lil_ Persons II11 日 前

    I ADHD too

  37. Cuz I Can

    Cuz I Can11 日 前

    I run under my garage door while it's closing. Also I have ADHD too. :)

  38. Activehamster

    Activehamster11 日 前

    I also like to look stupid lol

  39. Dean Playz

    Dean Playz12 日 前

    Me and my friend got a box and it was really big with my mattress in it and we decided to go inside and we would push yourselves and make us fall and we did it for hours🙃😅☺️🤣

  40. Dean Playz

    Dean Playz12 日 前

    Jk love you

  41. Dean Playz

    Dean Playz12 日 前

    On my softball team the people on my team kept running back-and-forth to first and second ...........ok so that sounds like something you would do p.s love your channel

  42. Julian Luther

    Julian Luther12 日 前


  43. Chase Judd

    Chase Judd13 日 前

    U are writ I am gay

  44. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes13 日 前

    Your Batman impression is perfect.

  45. Gameingwith G

    Gameingwith G13 日 前

    I have ADHD

  46. Andrea Clemmons

    Andrea Clemmons13 日 前

    I have ADHD and if I see anything with an eye I’m like ARE YOU THREATENING ME

  47. emodarkstalker001 Weir

    emodarkstalker001 Weir14 日 前

    I’m actually writing a comic involving you, James and Jaiden

  48. Gacha_fam 345

    Gacha_fam 34515 日 前

    Adam: I’m the dumbest person alive *flexes crown* Me: I played baby shark over the discord groovy bot. Adam:your clearly dumber. *gives me crown*

  49. Alisha

    Alisha15 日 前

    LOVE IT i wod do it to LOL

  50. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae16 日 前

    Omg i have adhd too!

  51. Ye Yang

    Ye Yang16 日 前


  52. Angus Van Der Molen

    Angus Van Der Molen16 日 前

    i picked up a cone snail at the beach once!

  53. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez16 日 前

    When I was little I had the greatest idea to throw my toy car behind the tv Results grounded for mouth but now it would have been a year

  54. Music Is life

    Music Is life16 日 前

    Lol I have ADHD so I

  55. TheOnlyWolf Master

    TheOnlyWolf Master16 日 前

    *throws jucebox* mah jukebox ;-;

  56. Hello-Neighbour Dragon-Egg

    Hello-Neighbour Dragon-Egg17 日 前

    i hav adhd

  57. strawberryfreakshake

    strawberryfreakshake17 日 前

    Whenever I’m bored I get some ham and slap across the nearest persons face..... I don’t have... many..... friends........ anymore.

  58. Alexander wahl

    Alexander wahl17 日 前

    i have ADHD too!

  59. its JDone

    its JDone18 日 前

    R.I.P. Juice box 2017-2017

  60. random loser ._.

    random loser ._.18 日 前

    One time in middle school I was running away from another kid and I fell of the bleachers in the gym and my cousin was the only one who saw it

  61. lizzy's_ channle_YT

    lizzy's_ channle_YT18 日 前 i do all those things to