Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot

*SPOILER ALERT* Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery, and Maya Hawke take us shot by shot through the Russian base scene, in Stranger Things 3.
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Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.


  1. emi munroe

    emi munroe7 時間 前

    maya has such a calming voice 😳 im gay wow

  2. Kallen Prell

    Kallen Prell日 前

    Jonathon: steal your girl Demogorgon: steal your cat Billy: steal your wife Steve: steal your kids Alexei: steal your heart❤️ One like=one cherry slurpee for him

  3. nikkisdrama

    nikkisdrama日 前

    they’re all so pretty wtf

  4. Cherry Gacha

    Cherry Gacha日 前

    Love the team if Erica isn’t in Stranger Things 4 I’m rioting

  5. Fox

    Fox2 日 前

    im trying to find an interview with the entire main cast like 20 seats and everyones in one and yeh

  6. The One Jack

    The One Jack2 日 前

    Gaten sounds so heart broken about hearing he wasn’t Scooby

  7. joy velvet

    joy velvet3 日 前

    they are *the* dream team

  8. mia budsy

    mia budsy3 日 前

    me sat at home watching this:WheRe ThE FriCK hAs JoEs HaiR gOnE!!!!!??????

  9. Peet Furty

    Peet Furty3 日 前

    Gaten says very death starry 7 times and neither Joe or maya noticed or if they did said anything

  10. YellowKing

    YellowKing5 日 前

    I loved season 1... I was sad it have lost momentum during season 2... I lost all hope when red scare and identity politics horseshit came on season 3...

  11. Dunja Prelević

    Dunja Prelević5 日 前


  12. Yusuf

    Yusuf6 日 前

    Whose here after we found out hopper is alive

  13. the boat or none

    the boat or none7 日 前

    I'm sad I only just finished season 3

  14. William Osborne

    William Osborne9 日 前

    Isn't it weird

  15. Ashley k. Lor

    Ashley k. Lor9 日 前

    they really are all geeks huh

  16. Sakura Tube

    Sakura Tube9 日 前

    I think Robin and Steve was not planning on saving the universe in their Scoops Uniform 😄

  17. Arayia Sunshine

    Arayia Sunshine10 日 前

    1:21 *me in much thought trying to think of the cat's name from Garfeild*

  18. runfik

    runfik10 日 前

    Плохие русские

  19. Harrison

    Harrison10 日 前

    keep saying my name and see what happens

  20. Davis Tuck

    Davis Tuck11 日 前

    0:24 wtf

  21. Viktor Nikiforov

    Viktor Nikiforov12 日 前

    Season 1: Nancy is too good for Steve Season 2: Steve is too good for Nancy Season 3: Steve is too good for everyone Season 4: Steve is God

  22. Šwēēt Šåmå

    Šwēēt Šåmå13 日 前

    *the fact that Joe was A LITERAL MOM IS JUST A MOOD-*

  23. Andrew Wentz

    Andrew Wentz17 日 前

    Do not watch Netflix at 3AM!!!!!!

  24. Tanawan Paisarnchitkul

    Tanawan Paisarnchitkul20 日 前

    They stole my heart before I watch all the season ILT

  25. Aleyna Cano

    Aleyna Cano21 日 前

    Steve has a beard lol :)

  26. Bowtied

    Bowtied22 日 前

    Is it just me or is Maya Hawke’s voice so soothing

  27. Soda popp

    Soda popp25 日 前

    *Russian Person Pops Up* Everyone: This is George~

  28. cillian daly

    cillian daly26 日 前

    Fun fact sonce they said that entire set was all there the duffer brothers actually opened a portal to another dimension for the film

  29. Gusion Holy Blade

    Gusion Holy Blade26 日 前


  30. Kayla Kennedy

    Kayla Kennedy27 日 前

    One like= one prey for George in the circus!!

  31. Lito

    Lito27 日 前

    Why does robin look 17 in the show but 37 here... she still looks beautiful tho ngl 😍

  32. Jiya Anand

    Jiya Anand28 日 前

    Stevie boy and robin went through 99.9 percent of szn 3 in scoops uniforms

  33. beep beep richie

    beep beep richie29 日 前

    scoops troop!❤

  34. Kiana Noel

    Kiana Noelヶ月 前

    Take a second to respect how powerful El is, she opened up the gate by screaming, the Russians need to make a giant powerful machine, and still are unsuccessful.

  35. Maggie Spires

    Maggie Spiresヶ月 前


  36. Gareth Earnshaw

    Gareth Earnshawヶ月 前

    I wanted to be a Russian but they gave me a part at the Hawkins pool

  37. NoT kItTeN

    NoT kItTeNヶ月 前

    Nah i think mrs robin and the mom (uhm i forgot names oof) is scooby and shaggy bc they were on drugs 0w0 (in the season of stranger things)

  38. NoT kItTeN

    NoT kItTeNヶ月 前

    Eh? This describing le bloopers 0w0

  39. Zoe White

    Zoe Whiteヶ月 前

    They’re all so colourful today

  40. the day in the life of chris love

    the day in the life of chris loveヶ月 前


  41. Tasnim Jouini

    Tasnim Jouiniヶ月 前

    Steve on 3:03 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. •-Potato Gangster-•

    •-Potato Gangster-•ヶ月 前

    I lowkey wanna hear George's story..

  43. Ali Jean

    Ali Jeanヶ月 前

    No one: Maya: *FrEdDiE*

  44. Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandezヶ月 前

    Steve progressively became one of my favorite characters over the 3 seasons.

  45. MrsAnchors OwO

    MrsAnchors OwOヶ月 前

    Maya's so pretty oml.

  46. MrsAnchors OwO

    MrsAnchors OwOヶ月 前

    Captions: *Laser noises*

  47. Rene sombra

    Rene sombraヶ月 前


  48. NatalieOof

    NatalieOofヶ月 前

    *i could definitely be in here. I’m Russian and very fluent lmao but also English*

  49. Tanaka Masango

    Tanaka Masangoヶ月 前

    Maya and Gaten act just like Robin and Steve and I love it

  50. Cookie’s & cream gurll

    Cookie’s & cream gurllヶ月 前

    Imma be so upset if maya won’t be in season 4

  51. Niamh Allan

    Niamh Allanヶ月 前

    Steve in season 1: an idiot Steve in season 2: kind of a good guy Steve in season 3: a single mum anyone would die for

  52. Little Pasca

    Little Pascaヶ月 前

    Joe Keery unlocked all of the Zelda heart pieces and sewed them into his shirt

  53. zombiekillr215

    zombiekillr215ヶ月 前

    OMG I really miss this :(

  54. le pee sea nah dead

    le pee sea nah deadヶ月 前

    . they’re definitely more like Shaggy & Scooby.

  55. Christine an

    Christine anヶ月 前


  56. Christine an

    Christine anヶ月 前


  57. Daisy C4t8888

    Daisy C4t8888ヶ月 前

    I love how they were arguing about what scooby doo characters

  58. hoodiebane

    hoodiebaneヶ月 前

    Both Joe and Gaten wearing those one really colorful side + one black and white side shirts

  59. Dude Man19

    Dude Man19ヶ月 前


  60. Derrick the Stranger Things Fan

    Derrick the Stranger Things Fanヶ月 前


  61. leila matari

    leila matariヶ月 前