Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot


  1. Kwankamon Udomboonyanuparp

    Kwankamon Udomboonyanuparp12 分 前

    Dustin, Steve, and Robin's scenes are the best in this season, compared to Joyce & Hopper scenes and the kids scenes.

  2. awonle_ a

    awonle_ a日 前

    rip steve’s hair

  3. LahBranz

    LahBranz日 前

    When is the next season gonna be out ?



    Nobody: Not a single soul: Not a sh!t: Maya: rEmEmBeR wHeN yOU sAVEd MY lIfE

  5. Alibaster Crenshaw

    Alibaster Crenshaw2 日 前

    Play Steve on Dead by Daylight 👊

  6. Ellie O’Farrell

    Ellie O’Farrell3 日 前

    i didn’t recognise robin i-

  7. Alisa_ YT

    Alisa_ YT6 日 前

    It’s so funny to watch her try to speak Russian because I know how to speak it and it’s so hilarious

  8. Ben Gooding

    Ben Gooding6 日 前

    Steve ended up being my favourite character by the end

  9. yeeves

    yeeves6 日 前

    steve and joe have the same energy

  10. Sonali Kumar

    Sonali Kumar6 日 前

    Everybody is saying that the dislikes are from the upside down but I say they are from my friends who are annoyed by me talking about stranger things

  11. Julie Lefebvre

    Julie Lefebvre7 日 前

    Maya hawke in 1980 no chenge

  12. Imma sad mailbox

    Imma sad mailbox7 日 前


  13. Aubrey And Allie

    Aubrey And Allie7 日 前

    Gaten-If we are scoopy doo which characters which ones are we Maya-We TaLkEd AbOuT tHiS

  14. Flutter Jack

    Flutter Jack8 日 前

    Tudo q eu queria é uma legenda em português :(

  15. Thomazine’s Ride

    Thomazine’s Ride8 日 前

    They was like their characters Holy shit.. yeah holy shit.. yeah shit.. holy shit

  16. SliceOfPotato

    SliceOfPotato8 日 前

    Damn, the actress that plays Robin actually dressing and using makeup like what Robin would use as i thought lmao

  17. Stranger Productions

    Stranger Productions9 日 前

    4:59 Did anyone else feel like Dustin was acting like a season 1. Steve to Erica?? HoW tHeY rEsEmBlE tHeIr MoThEr!

  18. XLsupremeLawnmower 18

    XLsupremeLawnmower 189 日 前

    Is it me or does the Russians gate look like a giant cut that you get on ur leg?

  19. Sonic void

    Sonic void9 日 前

    Who is watching this when Nancy and Steve are coming to dead by daylight

  20. silentc0sm0s

    silentc0sm0s10 日 前

    They could have used the green stuff to burn the monster :(

  21. GoldenSquid 296

    GoldenSquid 29610 日 前

    It’s the Russian elevator crew

  22. Anime Is Awesome

    Anime Is Awesome11 日 前

    funny why does everytime joe keery get hurt in the show he has a bruise in his eye

  23. Evilen spoiled child

    Evilen spoiled child11 日 前

    Does anyone think tjere the best

  24. MR Pennywise

    MR Pennywise11 日 前

    Steve is my favourite

  25. AWOL DTA

    AWOL DTA13 日 前

    I wish Erica was in this breakdown too!

  26. Sloth

    Sloth13 日 前

    What about Erica? You can’t spell America without Erica

  27. Luna Min

    Luna Min14 日 前

    why this video looks like Maya is the dad, Joe is the mom, and Gaten is son.

  28. Ariel Malsi Real

    Ariel Malsi Real15 日 前

    Best Moments.

  29. hailey

    hailey16 日 前

    i just realized they wore their scoops ahoy uniform for pretty much the whole season except for the ending but tbh they both look adorable

  30. hailey

    hailey16 日 前

    *ok but why is maya literally perfect*

  31. Maya Tijani

    Maya Tijani17 日 前

    You know my name is maya 😁😁😅

  32. G is for Grace

    G is for Grace17 日 前

    0:57 me in grade one with my friends deciding which characters we are at recess

  33. Kiowa Cosgrove

    Kiowa Cosgrove17 日 前

    I have not seen even one interview with Priah. She’s unbelievably underrated

  34. Kiowa Cosgrove

    Kiowa Cosgrove17 日 前

    They’re so iconic

  35. XxStuffyx X

    XxStuffyx X18 日 前

    What happened to joe keerys hair 😟

  36. Hutchtube 2

    Hutchtube 219 日 前

    Hi Gaten love season 3

  37. Hayden Brant

    Hayden Brant19 日 前

    I told myself I wouldn't watch season 3 because I didn't really like season 2, but damn, I took a chance just because of Steve and Dustin's great chemistry, and I absolutely loved all their parts in season 3. Plus, Robin was a great addition to the show, and if I dare say so, these three literally stole the whole show. Like, they were the best through out the show. The parts with Eleven and the gang were boring for me, and Nancy and Jonathan's parts were also very expected and typical. But, Robin, Steve, Dustin and even Erica's scenes were all interesting and entertaining from the get go. These 4 make me look forward to season 4.

  38. •ThaGamingSushiDragon •

    •ThaGamingSushiDragon •20 日 前

    When Steve and the russian starded fighting most people say "MOMMA STEVE IN PROTECTION MODE" thats what I say

  39. Umida Bu

    Umida Bu20 日 前

    Damn what kind of Stranger Things' fan am I? I didn't' even know she's Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter up until now!

  40. BitterSweetKid

    BitterSweetKid21 日 前

    I really Want to See More of George lol

  41. Butcherplayz _

    Butcherplayz _21 日 前

    anyone else had to have subtitles on during the rusian part

  42. Lovely Vanessa

    Lovely Vanessa21 日 前


  43. Thomas Matthewson

    Thomas Matthewson22 日 前

    Erica: Let operation child endangerment begin...

  44. Dylan Booth

    Dylan Booth23 日 前

    To make 1 season takes like 1 year but I watched season 1 in 2 days

  45. J4y Falcon

    J4y Falcon23 日 前

    so they aren't gonna talk about the lady basically staring at them in 6:00

  46. Alec Jelescheff

    Alec Jelescheff23 日 前

    The best single mom of Hawkins, Steve Harrington!

  47. Marco Arce

    Marco Arce23 日 前

    As someone who had never seen stranger things till 2 weeks ago, saw all 25? Episodes in about 10 days....I have to say, it was awesome, and IDK what to do until stranger things 4......

  48. Kaleb B

    Kaleb B24 日 前

    Sauron getting lasik

  49. Drifty man m’g

    Drifty man m’g24 日 前

    Cyka blyat

  50. strangerthings11eggo's

    strangerthings11eggo's24 日 前

    I love steve, I love dustin, I am robin... my 3 favorite characters. I'm the biggest fan

  51. Lisa Mishon

    Lisa Mishon25 日 前

    love this

  52. rock paper games

    rock paper games27 日 前

    you cant spell erica without america

  53. Miguel Lozano

    Miguel Lozano27 日 前

    Scoops troop

  54. Angela Giuliani

    Angela Giuliani27 日 前

    pause at 7:16 thank me later

  55. Mystic Solary

    Mystic Solary28 日 前

    I swear I could watch an entire Season Of Steve,Dustin,Robin and Erica

  56. Jennessey Madlangbayan

    Jennessey Madlangbayan28 日 前

    I literally love these three

  57. Jennessey Madlangbayan

    Jennessey Madlangbayan28 日 前

    Why is maya so pretty- MAKING ME FEEL SUPER UGLY 😂

  58. Nora Miklosi

    Nora Miklosi28 日 前

    When you use subtitles for the russian part and all you get is "in russian" *ARENT THE SUBTITLES SUPOSED TO TRANSLATE? WHO DID THIS TO MEEEEE*

  59. LaserSprayerYT

    LaserSprayerYTヶ月 前

    Stranger things sucks it’s the worst

  60. Memory

    Memoryヶ月 前

    ‘but it’s strawberry’