Spoiler Ending Trailer FROZEN II ( 2019 ) Disney Animation HD

Spoiler Ending Trailer FROZEN II ( 2019 ) Disney Animation HD


  1. Princess Torno

    Princess Torno16 時間 前

    When olaf tells a story everyone listens

  2. Jeliara Gonzalez

    Jeliara Gonzalez日 前

    *S A M A T H A 2 0 1 9 OLAF* *Voice: AAhAahaaahahaaaah* * ELSA: AHHHHHHHAHHHHH* *LOL*

  3. Er1ko_Chan Kim

    Er1ko_Chan Kim2 日 前

    When it will be ready I'm still waiting!?!

  4. NotMyThing Boii

    NotMyThing Boii6 日 前

    Naw fk you baiter

  5. Evlin Evlin

    Evlin Evlin6 日 前

    Olave so funny . I wish i can meet frozen👑

  6. Anya

    Anya10 日 前

    *-Clickbaiters have entered the chat-*

  7. raswa saepul

    raswa saepul13 日 前

    Samantha ?

  8. Alya Syahdita

    Alya Syahdita14 日 前

    *W•H•O I•S S•A•M•A•N•T•H•A?????*

  9. ??

    ??6 日 前

    Lol me to but I replaced my name with a question mark

  10. Anni2015 gunner

    Anni2015 gunner6 日 前

    We will find out in the movie cause ima see it this week

  11. Alya Syahdita

    Alya Syahdita8 日 前

    @Samantha Trejo LOL

  12. Alya Syahdita

    Alya Syahdita8 日 前

    @samantha liwanag yah

  13. samantha liwanag

    samantha liwanag8 日 前

    Me too!

  14. Izzy Riando

    Izzy Riando16 日 前

    She was worried because she got ‘ice’

  15. Gia Burl

    Gia Burl14 日 前

    Izzy Riando no she’s hearing the voice idiot

  16. Sleepless Dreamer

    Sleepless Dreamer17 日 前

    S A M A N T H A ? ?

  17. ethan gasser

    ethan gasser19 日 前

    click bait

  18. Maxiynne Vivianne

    Maxiynne Vivianne8 日 前

    Clickbait is for real yo

  19. Le Thuan

    Le Thuanヶ月 前

    Yes . Thanks Channnels