SNEAK PEEK of NEW SHOW!! (The Show w/ No Name)

The Show That Has No Name (yet) is HERE! Olivia, Courtney, and Shayne take a look at awesome fan art, answer some questions, and more!
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  1. Radoslav Ivanov

    Radoslav Ivanov4 ヶ月 前

    Where did the Noah picture go?

  2. Amy Nickolaizyk

    Amy Nickolaizyk5 ヶ月 前

    My 6 cats all respond to their names

  3. purple elephant

    purple elephant8 ヶ月 前


  4. Rag The Ros

    Rag The Ros9 ヶ月 前

    A rare first where Courtney is the LEAST crazy person on camera. Love the episode. Smosh squad < 3

  5. Elizabeth Virginia

    Elizabeth Virginia10 ヶ月 前

    They need to actually make bread quest now that defy is gone

  6. xxMysticWolfy Animationxx

    xxMysticWolfy Animationxx10 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> Shayne sounds like Frisk from Underpants XD

  7. Sara Gatou

    Sara Gatou11 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="443">7:23</a>

  8. ShyloDaBoss

    ShyloDaBoss11 ヶ月 前

    The battle of ships is here. Shayne x courtney Courtney x olivia Olivia x shayne Pick One. Over time ive hated and loved all of them.

  9. Lia Pizzella

    Lia Pizzella年 前

    Watching in 2019and just realized that woah nature show came out 1 day before my birthday

  10. Señorita Sunflower

    Señorita Sunflower年 前


  11. CancerChild

    CancerChild年 前

    My cat only responds to treats oof <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="305">5:05</a> Shayne: foucused

  12. FoscoeLebree

    FoscoeLebree年 前


  13. Mestupberryz 38

    Mestupberryz 38年 前

    Wait. Shayne isn’t from Boston right?

  14. ConorPH8

    ConorPH8年 前

    I want Shayne as my pet

  15. Cold Table Panini

    Cold Table Panini年 前

    smosh, please give us what we want: a show hosted by shayne and olivia??

  16. Jessica B

    Jessica B年 前

    My cat comes to me when I yell for him. He's a weird cat, though.

  17. Lynx of Hyrule

    Lynx of Hyrule年 前

    Time for bread quest to become reality. Let's get this bread.

  18. Derani Dian

    Derani Dian年 前

    I always wanted a boa... Or some kind of reptile.

  19. Derani Dian

    Derani Dian年 前

    I always wanted a boa... Or some kind of reptile.

  20. Judith

    Judith年 前

    Actually "who let the dogs out" is bashing men who catcall "The party was nice the party was pumping Ah yepee ah yo And everybody having a ball Yepee ah yo And tell the fellas stop the name callin' Yepee ah yo Then them girls respond to the call I hear a woman shout out Who let the dogs out Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof"

  21. Kimi Yamamoto

    Kimi Yamamoto年 前

    I would totally watch Bread quest.

  22. Aileen Duffy

    Aileen Duffy年 前

    |--| | Smosh!!!!

  23. Anya Warrier

    Anya Warrier年 前


  24. Anya Warrier

    Anya Warrier年 前

    can olivia and shayne please have a show... and date...

  25. Dilags Myl

    Dilags Myl年 前


  26. sxck

    sxck年 前

    ive been waiting shayne and Olivia where is bread quest

  27. Reese Pridgen

    Reese Pridgen年 前

    Denzel selfwashington

  28. BigTtoby

    BigTtoby年 前

    I would have a blue whale

  29. Aaron Wells

    Aaron Wells年 前

    Woah! Nature Show.. that's pretty neat

  30. Mindyobusinessdavid

    Mindyobusinessdavid年 前

    i named my cat gato

  31. saum brill

    saum brill年 前

    how about: catnip evergreen

  32. kaddy kat

    kaddy kat2 年 前

    My cat responds their name am I the only one??

  33. will world

    will world2 年 前

    I love how Olivia is wearing a Porsche shirt and she probably doesn't even know what it is

  34. khaliesha

    khaliesha2 年 前


  35. Yasmeen Sugich

    Yasmeen Sugich2 年 前

    its gene not ugene

  36. Zettus

    Zettus2 年 前

    no joke skipped to end just to hear about new show XD

  37. MsAmandaLynnReads

    MsAmandaLynnReads2 年 前

    my boy cat actually listens to his name..well more the tone of which his name is being said when i catch him on the counter

  38. Mia Xx

    Mia Xx2 年 前

    Is it just me that only noticed Shane and Courtney looking at each other when the other isn’t?

  39. Harry Gent

    Harry Gent2 年 前

    I really like shayne but why are his legs so thin

  40. H k

    H k2 年 前

    Olivia and shayne need to have a cooking show.

  41. thetheashow

    thetheashow2 年 前

    I would name the cat Figaro, based off of the cat from Pinocchio

  42. Victor

    Victor2 年 前

    Who let the dog's out is about men cat calling woman.... It's in the lyrics with the woman calling men dogs.

  43. Ivo Rolo

    Ivo Rolo2 年 前

    Just woke up from a 3 year coma, came to check on my favorite youtube channel, Smosh. What the fuck is this shit, and where is Anthony?

  44. LadyNessa

    LadyNessa2 年 前

    My cat responds to her name. She's more of a dog.

  45. Micaela Jaime

    Micaela Jaime2 年 前

    Posted on my birthday

  46. Bibli Boobli

    Bibli Boobli2 年 前

    Still kinda misses SSSS though😕

  47. Summer Rae

    Summer Rae2 年 前

    "I singed to a lizard and he liked it!" -Courtney Miller, 2017

  48. TheDeadCobra

    TheDeadCobra2 年 前

    So you have a show about animals so you chose to dress up in the most stereotypical way you could

  49. Levy

    Levy2 年 前

    lol maybe re-read the lyrics of that Baha Men song because I think you got something wrong there

  50. jocabed Vazquez

    jocabed Vazquez2 年 前

    The show came out on my birthday

  51. Michelle Ediger

    Michelle Ediger2 年 前

    The show should be called smosh family Q&A

  52. Iveta G

    Iveta G2 年 前

    I honestly smelled Courtney's burps through the screen..... DAT'S COOL

  53. danielle valinotti

    danielle valinotti2 年 前

    The show should be named "Sit Down With Smosh" like if you agree

  54. Ma Ysabella Maritana

    Ma Ysabella Maritana2 年 前


  55. Ashton Brown

    Ashton Brown2 年 前

    I'd name the cat lunch so I could say to my friends "imma get lunch" and then bring in a cat

  56. Ricky Cook

    Ricky Cook2 年 前

    I've binge watched JPgo with The Show With No Name it felt good to get out of the rain

  57. Brenna Reese

    Brenna Reese2 年 前

    You Know The Drill! 1.Shayne 2.Keith 3.Noah 4.Courtney 5.Olivia 6.Mari 7.Lasercorn 8.Jovenshire 9.Wes 00.Flitz Comment Who You Got!

  58. mahna whines

    mahna whines年 前


  59. geli 젤리

    geli 젤리2 年 前

    Did smosh just become an educational channel??

  60. Kian Rezae

    Kian Rezae2 年 前

    I saw a comment a while back saying Keith should have a show where they bring in wierd animals. I guess they gave it to Courtney and Olivia

  61. ~All Around Zay~

    ~All Around Zay~2 年 前

    My kitten is named bumble but we call her bootsy bells (long story) and she responds when I call her :) and my grown cat Yuki always comes when called

  62. Samuel Bowering

    Samuel Bowering2 年 前

    What is the thing in the top left corner cos I thought it was "stairs" or something

  63. UnicronHound

    UnicronHound2 年 前

    Who let the dogs out was about guys who are always dogging women when they go out. As in their always hitting on them, trying to screw them, etc. It wasn't about ugly women.

  64. Astryd Machado

    Astryd Machado2 年 前

    Shayne is daddy af guys I’m in love

  65. Shira gertman

    Shira gertman2 年 前

    who else is excited for tomorrow?

  66. catsak

    catsak2 年 前

    Shaynes Lynda is great

  67. Macy Minion

    Macy Minion2 年 前

    I swear Shayne is high in this

  68. Rodo Henandes

    Rodo Henandes2 年 前

    You should better do put it in my mouth again

  69. Logan O'Connor

    Logan O'Connor2 年 前

    Best name for a cat is food

  70. Hannah Zesch

    Hannah Zesch2 年 前

    Okay but seriously, Bread Quest needs to happen.

  71. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose2 年 前

    Shayne you're wrong my cat responds to his name

  72. Catherine Stonehouse

    Catherine Stonehouse2 年 前

    I just watched the coffee machine is racist sketch and I genuinely appreciate that everyones characters in that are the over dramatized versions of how people see them. Because I would not be surprised if Olivia just walked around with toast in her pockets incase she needs some for her coffee.

  73. Violent Popcorn

    Violent Popcorn2 年 前

    Bread quest must be a thing

  74. Ms Atomic Bomb

    Ms Atomic Bomb2 年 前

    Random fact: my uncle had missed my birthday once when I was little to go deep sea fishing. He felt so bad he brought me home a baby hammer head shark. Sharks are legit my favorite animal ever and I was so excited to have one. I don't remember what I named it lol. It got so big we had to move it to the pond where it ate all my mom's gold fish. When it got too big for the pond we donated it to an aquarium. I miss him. He was a really cool pet.

  75. Aiden P

    Aiden P2 年 前

    Please make breadquest a show

  76. Luna Schmidt

    Luna Schmidt2 年 前

    Shayne is Gene not Eugene

  77. ElFy UNicoRN LoVe

    ElFy UNicoRN LoVe2 年 前

    Name the cat mr.fluffertales 😅😉

  78. amy martinez

    amy martinez2 年 前

    The show comes out when I'm going back to school

  79. Adrienne Leigh

    Adrienne Leigh2 年 前

    I guess Shane's show didn't do so well

  80. annaaperson

    annaaperson2 年 前

    Uhhhhhh my cat actually does respond to my name...XD

  81. Alee F

    Alee F2 年 前

    Is Olivia okay? She was being extra wierd in this episode. And idk why but this whole video kinda had an awkward vibe to it