Shakira - Try Everything (From "Zootopia") [Official Music Video]

Zootopia soundtrack featuring “Try Everything” by Shakira is available here:
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  1. Mr Swish

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    My depression brought me here

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  4. Karolína Kaiserová

    Karolína Kaiserová6 時間 前

    I am renembering the moment when i am on this on cinema. Amazing movie+song!

  5. Clearcreek Staff1

    Clearcreek Staff116 時間 前

    Love this one song

  6. Jorge Suarez Jimenez

    Jorge Suarez Jimenez17 時間 前

    Fan 1 💜💜💜👍☺:-) shakira

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    ◌◌◌◌◌◌ ~•°Una canción... Para animarte cuando estés cayéndote... Para que puedas levantarle~•° #try_everything Amo esa canción...y la película... ♡I'm Perú...🇵🇪 2019?

  10. creamcolouredponies x

    creamcolouredponies x21 時間 前

    My favourite motivational song right now

  11. Juniors Gamboa

    Juniors Gamboa日 前

    Bien Sia eres un genio escribiendo música 🙌🙌

  12. I ts Me

    I ts Me日 前

    These are all the people who still in 2019 are listening this song😍 👇 👇 👇

  13. Miss O'Brien

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  14. I ts Me

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    @Marti xx 😊😊

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  16. 林佑謙

    林佑謙日 前

    2019october | | \/

  17. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins日 前

    Muit bom. O vidio

  18. Carmen Maria Almendarez Herrera

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    Dame un ❤ soy una fan tuya

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  21. Tanush Sharma

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    U can hear to sia when she says try everything ❤🤩🤩❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. José Glez Glez

    José Glez Glez2 日 前

    Será que la.cante en el super Bowl !?

  23. Anónimo Anónimo

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  24. Jessica Gatenby

    Jessica Gatenby2 日 前

    Oh oh oh

  25. m. mache

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  26. Fernanda Motta

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    here for Renjun

  27. Gacha_Clumsy

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    Why did I come here b cause of

  28. Aashi Manan

    Aashi Manan2 日 前

    Who thinks this song deserves a oscar | |

  29. Rafli Besa

    Rafli Besa2 日 前

    Who wants zootopia part 2 ?

  30. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins2 日 前

    Muit bom o vidio

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  33. come with me on a train

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  34. Nallely Medina

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    Zootopia 2 please movie

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  36. Siscu González

    Siscu González3 日 前

    Oh oh oh oh 😁

  37. Leandro Salles

    Leandro Salles3 日 前

    Nossa vc está linda Shakira

  38. xMinatozaki_Momox

    xMinatozaki_Momox3 日 前

    Idk why but this song never failed to motivate me

  39. Jackson lovelyn

    Jackson lovelyn4 時間 前

    Me too

  40. BlueX Gacha

    BlueX Gacha3 日 前

    Idk why but I compared the oh oh oh oh oh part in this song to Ava Max's "Salt" oh oh oh oh oh part :/ I thought they sound similar ._.

  41. Rohit anda

    Rohit anda3 日 前

    My friend is your big fan miss you so much

  42. Alisha Gresty

    Alisha Gresty3 日 前

    In Spanish I am studying u and I am being bulled but I am proud of myself

  43. Renika Worthy

    Renika Worthy3 日 前

    Yeah yay

  44. Olivia Ramirez

    Olivia Ramirez3 日 前

    I’m singing with a boy on stage school

  45. Ankit Gupta

    Ankit Gupta2 日 前

    When is the marriage then?😂

  46. khadr ismacil

    khadr ismacil4 日 前

    Love this

  47. Maria Esther Alvarez

    Maria Esther Alvarez4 日 前

    jajajjajaja te mando muchos te mando muchos besos soy clara 😃😃😃😀😄😄😃😏😍😉😂😚😗💗💗💗💗💗❤❤

  48. Maria Esther Alvarez

    Maria Esther Alvarez4 日 前

    hola Shakira te mando mucho mucho mucho muchos besos. 😍😍😘😏😭😭😭😭😗😗😗😛😛😛😣😔

  49. Maria Esther Alvarez

    Maria Esther Alvarez4 日 前

    Hola Shakira te mandamos y Clara te mando muchos besos besos quiero 😍❤ 😘😘😏😘😘 😘😘 😏😭😗😛😣😔

  50. mh35

    mh354 日 前

    I genuinely never realized she had an accent singing (or that it even was from zootopia)..........until now

  51. SVaughn

    SVaughn19 時間 前

    She's very good at singing and if for some reason she wants to hide her accent she can do so.

  52. Maria Almrayat

    Maria Almrayat4 日 前

    مين عربي سمع الاغنيه🤔🤔🤔

  53. Dor Avrham

    Dor Avrham4 日 前

    So annoying to hear it in the gym ffs shut up

  54. Tamara Namukoko

    Tamara Namukoko4 日 前

    I will keep on trying. Thanks Shakira


    DESI HOOKAH4 日 前

    Why is it reminding me of BEASTARS?

  56. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins4 日 前

    Muit bom

  57. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins4 日 前

    Muit bom o vidio

  58. Charles Gregory Domínguez

    Charles Gregory Domínguez4 日 前

    Sin duda, este es el video más tierno de Shakira. Me hace retroceder a mi infancia 😢😭

  59. Juan Pablo Garcia

    Juan Pablo Garcia4 日 前

    I remember that Shakira was a Grammy nominee with this song, it's a real shame she didn't win, this song has it all, rhythm, lyrics, message and above all charm. Bravo Shakira

  60. Lau Diamond

    Lau Diamond4 日 前

    Adivinare... Eres de Habla Español y Estas leyendo comentarios en ingles y te preguntas que dicen y por que tienen likes?

  61. Brady Marshall

    Brady Marshall5 日 前

    2:38 Hey she CHEATED! She's SHORT!

  62. Miriam Pais

    Miriam Pais5 日 前

    November 2019 Love it... I wanna try everything..💪❤

  63. {CuRiOuS} [Gacha]

    {CuRiOuS} [Gacha]5 日 前

    I love this song because last year me and my whole class listened to this and it was so funny because when the gazelle/deer started dancing everyone started laughing and covering there eyes and this year Is my last year of school, I'm gonna miss my class so everytime I get sad I'll just listen to this song ❤😜

  64. Eryk13

    Eryk135 日 前

    Good autotune

  65. Sherwene Reneau Wilson

    Sherwene Reneau Wilson5 日 前

    Nice song I like my best song 7 years old girl

  66. Nick noir

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  67. Quitting AJ

    Quitting AJ5 日 前

    Okay okay. so i keep listening to this music on repeat for years now And STILL don't know the Lyrics.