SEVENTEEN - HIT [SBS Inkigayo Ep 1014]


  1. Azaleas R.

    Azaleas R.20 時間 前

    I have been wondering this, could anyone explain why seungkwan didn't join the dance. I mean at some part when it got intense he wait at the side

  2. Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey23 時間 前

    Man... why does Jeonghan have to be so COOL?!

  3. smiley ficent

    smiley ficent日 前

    Whos that boy thats wearing white? HES SO FUDGING HANDSOME

  4. nomnom *

    nomnom *日 前

    Mingyu better work hard on inkigayo

  5. Cecilia Carlsson

    Cecilia Carlsson日 前

    The camera man did NOT come to play when he filmed this masterpiece

  6. Naraira98

    Naraira98日 前

    I don't know what but Joshua looking so hot in this era.

  7. Naraira98

    Naraira98日 前

    Seriously, the camera director or the editor did a really bad job. You need to focus on the8's leg on the first hook of the song. It really irritates me when they don't know which part that they need to focus on and which part that they need to cut out. Ughh

  8. Kookoo

    Kookoo2 日 前


  9. asiannvddles

    asiannvddles2 日 前

    Nothings comes close to SEVENTEEN!! KINGGGSSS!!!

  10. Amalia Athirah

    Amalia Athirah3 日 前

    1:20 made me smile during the whole video 💕

  11. Saineb Ali

    Saineb Ali3 日 前

    Legends ✨✨

  12. Peach Suh

    Peach Suh3 日 前

    The way they shine from hardworking ㅠㅠ we proud

  13. MsCess24

    MsCess244 日 前

    Can't stop looking at mingyu. Love the hair. Love the eyes. Love the outfit. He bulked up. His best comeback look ever. Have his part on rewind

  14. Cassie Struts

    Cassie Struts4 日 前

    camera: camera: ZOM + ZOM - ZOM +ZOM -ZOM

  15. Cherry Blossom ᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    Cherry Blossom ᄂᄋᄉᄐ4 日 前


  16. johnny p.

    johnny p.5 日 前

    2:21 "breath breath breath seungcheol baby , breath breath breath seungcheol baby" help i can't unhear now

  17. 謝語晴

    謝語晴5 日 前

    Their dance so difficult! My God~ HaHa

  18. greak *

    greak *5 日 前

    Mingyu so hot🔥

  19. brendaladadee

    brendaladadee5 日 前

    The cameraman ruined all of Wonwoo's shots...

  20. jhs syh

    jhs syh6 日 前

    who literally screamed GO at 3:04 i feel like it was vernon

  21. Rachel Lee

    Rachel Lee6 日 前

    2:34 that was so powerful and majestic😆❤️

  22. daniela alvarez

    daniela alvarez6 日 前


  23. Kim Esther Eve

    Kim Esther Eve6 日 前

    sending love from Malaysia♡♡

  24. aku lahh

    aku lahh6 日 前

    Camera loves mingyu

  25. Isabelle Lim

    Isabelle Lim6 日 前

    their live performances never disappoint!

  26. Dashiel Karael

    Dashiel Karael6 日 前

    I know we loved this performance so we are showing them our love by voting for them on Starpass (we're moved to the 3rd spot! Vote on this, it's about to end!) Idol Champ, the gap is _always_ small, the second group is catching up on us!) Mwave, 3rd spot too, the gap's too big for the 2nd spot so we focus on widening the gap for the 4th and 3rd spot!) Mwave for Kings of performace, we have our performance leader, Hoshi, in the top 10. (the only one for SVT and the gap again is so so so small), vlive for Mingyu's dinner show! We're leading but we should never be content with how much gap we have. Idol Champ again, for idols born on 1999, we have our maknae,, Chan, leading this one. But again! Never be content with the gap, VOTE! AND LASTLY, WATCH HIT, we're slowing down with the v1ews! Oh, it's so long now... heheheh Let's do it for Seventeen, yes? Thank you, Carats! ~

  27. Kartika Eka Putri Anjani

    Kartika Eka Putri Anjani6 日 前


  28. Im Runnie

    Im Runnie6 日 前

    I cried so hard. They never even failed to make carats happy until they already run out of breath. I want them to get some rest. They all look exhausted, I just want them to be healthy before the world tour... Plss give them a little rest😭😭

  29. Czarina Alexandra

    Czarina Alexandra6 日 前

    the camera finds it ways to mingyu😂

  30. Charesse Cabiles

    Charesse Cabiles6 日 前

    3:21 beautiful ending shot 💕

  31. Forever Wanna One

    Forever Wanna One6 日 前

    I came here to see if the carat fandom survived the fanchant

  32. Meifeng Xie

    Meifeng Xie7 日 前

    Okay, please tell me that I am not the only one who first thought that Joshua said: Breathe, breathe, breathe some shopping?! Lol

  33. Getting By

    Getting By7 日 前

    Woozi : *"다 뜨거워 얼타겠지 딱 처음보는 지미집 yo you can't follow my lay back back huh don't mess with me"*

  34. Nil Oo

    Nil Oo7 日 前

    They are so fuccking cccoooollll

  35. R DC

    R DC7 日 前

    Seungcheoljeonghanjisoojunhuisoonyoungwonwoojihoonmyonghomingyuseokminseungkwanhansolchan ♡♡♡

  36. Kim Huynh

    Kim Huynh7 日 前

    You can see here that the camera man is a Mingyu stan

  37. jihan tasya

    jihan tasya7 日 前

    this rap team era😍

  38. Arya Baskara

    Arya Baskara7 日 前

    Omg!Seungkwan really cute😽💙 And handsome!!

  39. carat not carrot

    carat not carrot7 日 前

    Omg! The thumbnail.. My baby gyu baby vern 😍

  40. Ryza_ Playz

    Ryza_ Playz7 日 前

    My favorite is the one wearing white....

  41. Putri Dewi

    Putri Dewi7 日 前

    Damn sungcheol

  42. 銀だこ

    銀だこ7 日 前


  43. Aniie Shiroyuki

    Aniie Shiroyuki7 日 前


  44. Rimmy

    Rimmy7 日 前

    *im falling deep into the diamond life all over again*

  45. -ˋˏ Namjoon Dimples

    -ˋˏ Namjoon Dimples7 日 前

    svt's talent is unreal, they are handsome robots or what the hell?

  46. Basma Mohammad

    Basma Mohammad7 日 前

    Why no one talking about scoups I don’t even see him That why I’m crying 😞

  47. Francisca Sepulveda

    Francisca Sepulveda7 日 前

    Son tan hermosos, tan talentosos.... Que no puedo mas de amor?

  48. Pinkbrush

    Pinkbrush7 日 前

    I feel like this is the first time they’ve had so many outfits

  49. 鶴瓶師匠

    鶴瓶師匠7 日 前


  50. ひろひーろ

    ひろひーろ8 日 前


  51. maritza khansa

    maritza khansa8 日 前


  52. freze 88

    freze 888 日 前

    Mingyu.. cameramen love mingyu. I love mingyu too so much 😍

  53. Keisha Joyce Lubat

    Keisha Joyce Lubat8 日 前

    Only inkigayo paid homage to the box scene on their Hit MV. ♥️

  54. Mykka J.

    Mykka J.8 日 前

    Arghhh!! Seventeenn💖💖

  55. Camila Lopez

    Camila Lopez8 日 前


  56. NekoGrace 79

    NekoGrace 798 日 前

    God bless the ones that did not pin their jackets. HOSHI, Mingyu, Joshua...I’m looking at you 👀

  57. Adella Charlene

    Adella Charlene8 日 前

    2.46 feels like produce 17 project hihihi

  58. Frost Rotom

    Frost Rotom8 日 前


  59. Jade Krist

    Jade Krist8 日 前

    No one can hit bts

  60. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!8 日 前

    No one even dares to talk it like that lol... Don't worry seventeen will go to the road were they're the only one who can go to and same for bts, they can choose where ever road they want to take path.. Just don't be so alarm about seventeen lol

  61. Saf :3

    Saf :38 日 前

    Anyone else screaming about how low their jackets are cut and the fact that they have nothing underneath!?

  62. Jojo Chan

    Jojo Chan8 日 前

    Seeing Hoshi joining Mingyu as the Sparkling Chocolate, i feel attacked by their tanned chests!!!

  63. markbam9397_ TH

    markbam9397_ TH8 日 前


  64. Zarra Claire

    Zarra Claire8 日 前

    The cameraman *LOVES* Mingyu xD

  65. Gg Nadzri

    Gg Nadzri8 日 前

    The camera works are bad tho, i cant focus on their faces 😒

  66. Hosiana Krisma

    Hosiana Krisma8 日 前

    their sync, wow!!

  67. Syafiqah Mohd Adam

    Syafiqah Mohd Adam8 日 前

    I love their choreography😍

  68. ktmosaka

    ktmosaka8 日 前


  69. Frost Rotom

    Frost Rotom8 日 前

    ktmosaka 嫌韓は程々にねw 低評価は押すけど

  70. Shauba Vang

    Shauba Vang8 日 前

    this songs makes me think about the mortal kombat song lol

  71. Coleen Tanola

    Coleen Tanola8 日 前

    Seokmin’s visuals on 2:42 literally killed me

  72. Mo on

    Mo on8 日 前

    1:20 Wonwoo😂♥️

  73. S.N.H _ 18

    S.N.H _ 188 日 前

    Kim mingyuuuuuu

  74. Sarwinda Nurdin

    Sarwinda Nurdin8 日 前

    Why no one talking about dino part at 1.32? He is always slayin on the stage.

  75. PV Mharie Sollano Ursal

    PV Mharie Sollano Ursal8 日 前

    So, since Seventeen did not get any win this time... How many should we, carats, give them this coming September 16? Let's all work hard Carats!

  76. hey siri

    hey siri8 日 前

    Mr removed please i just want you all know that These boy not doing the LIP SYNCC.

  77. socheata choeng

    socheata choeng8 日 前


  78. Carl Isaias

    Carl Isaias8 日 前

    omg!!! Mingyu and Vernon on thumbnail tho! 🔥

  79. Kim Sai

    Kim Sai8 日 前

    Mingyu yaaaaa~

  80. みにとまと

    みにとまと8 日 前

    掛け声まじたいへんそうだな でも一緒に掛け声やりてぇ~!!!

  81. Kpop Editzz

    Kpop Editzz8 日 前

    get well soon to wonwoo because he is not feeling well and his condition is not good🥰 stay strong wonuwu❤️

  82. EiEmAr fourteenSeventeen

    EiEmAr fourteenSeventeen8 日 前

    While everyone is full of sweat because of intense choreography, there’s Jun who’s still looks so fresh!! How to be you Wen Junhui!? Is he even human!? Gosh! His visual is no joke! 😱❤️