[SEVENTEEN - HIT] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190808 EP.630


  1. tsiane

    tsiane3 時間 前

    wow woww wowwww

  2. Maegen Del Rosario

    Maegen Del Rosario4 時間 前

    OMG i love this song so much but i cant dance the steps yet😂😭

  3. lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere

    lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere4 時間 前

    Honest question here. What happened with this comeback? Was it a flop? Did the song did well? What happened? I'm genuinely asking.

  4. Xenia Turcanu

    Xenia Turcanu6 時間 前

    Jun stop attacking me. Thanks

  5. Ema P.

    Ema P.7 時間 前

    i honestly feel how my brain is making serotonin watching this

  6. IcchiniKocchiniSeokjinnie

    IcchiniKocchiniSeokjinnie8 時間 前

    They're incredible. I appreciate their hard work. You're insane guys.

  7. قناء سجاد

    قناء سجاد9 時間 前

    LOEO 💕💕💕💕💕 جميع الأعضاء يجننون

  8. Klaudia. Ha

    Klaudia. Ha11 時間 前

    Focus at the end on S. Coups was perfect. GENIUS IDEA 😍❤️

  9. Shabrina Utomo

    Shabrina Utomo11 時間 前

    Wow wow wow wow

  10. Taekook 4eva

    Taekook 4eva12 時間 前

    2:36 Joshua's Walk is Killing me

  11. skull addicted

    skull addicted13 時間 前

    Amazing footwork and synchronize as always 😍😍 Saranghae seventeen ❤

  12. Annisa Alifia

    Annisa Alifia17 時間 前

    wonwoo killing me slowly

  13. Hoshi ga Hoshii desu

    Hoshi ga Hoshii desu18 時間 前


  14. Don't Sleep On SUPER JUNIOR

    Don't Sleep On SUPER JUNIOR19 時間 前

    Gila gua liatny ajh udh engos2an

  15. Angie Pineda

    Angie Pineda23 時間 前

    their visuals are no joke.

  16. Junhui Wen

    Junhui Wen23 時間 前

    ❤❤❤❤❤Junhui ❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭

  17. Sara Rosalf

    Sara Rosalf日 前

    Song intro?

  18. Bowtutz Andal

    Bowtutz Andal日 前


  19. Iolanda Nascimento

    Iolanda Nascimento日 前


  20. Alamin Sarker

    Alamin Sarker日 前

    Fighting CARAT

  21. Piyaporn S.

    Piyaporn S.日 前

    Wonwoo wow!💕💕



    increible coreografia

  23. Ona Esquivel

    Ona Esquivel日 前

    'breathe breathe breathe' wow, that fits the song and the fanchant lol

  24. Kia

    Kia日 前

    Carats! Let's vote on Idol Champ and Mwave for SVT. Thanks ~

  25. a pro carrot

    a pro carrot日 前

    this is like the most intense choreography i just cant, they look like theyre bout to die

  26. Adde Tmlk

    Adde Tmlk日 前

    𝙨𝙫𝙩 𝙨̶𝙣̶𝙖̶𝙥̶𝙥̶𝙚̶𝙙̶ 𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠.

  27. Vy Trần

    Vy Trần日 前

    Oppa S.Coups

  28. Lee Reesa

    Lee Reesa日 前

    I haven't been keeping up with their comebacks since Clap but I am so glad I came back. Amazing work as always SVT! I hope you win lots and lots of trophies! Btw, correct me if I am wrong but is this the first time that DK didn't get a lot of likes in a title song? Just curious that's all :)

  29. Carat17Army

    Carat17Army14 時間 前

    Yes because he had been in a musical so he needs to rest his vocals

  30. Lilly Polzin

    Lilly Polzin日 前

    1:52 Seunghan, Jeongkwan

  31. Devi Anggraini

    Devi Anggraini日 前

    Seventeen HIT the stage🔥🔥🔥

  32. Stan Kai Joongi

    Stan Kai Joongi日 前

    0:00 - 0:04 Is that Desmeon - Back from the Dead?

  33. _022 Quin

    _022 Quin日 前

    Woozi ❤️

  34. Naraira98

    Naraira98日 前

    Mnet still have the best cameraman or video editor

  35. i literally stan a lot of groups

    i literally stan a lot of groups日 前


  36. Memo Jamal

    Memo Jamal日 前

    وااااااااه فخاااااااااااااامه💔💔

  37. xy ♡

    xy ♡日 前


  38. richelle ann macanas

    richelle ann macanas日 前


  39. richelle ann macanas

    richelle ann macanas日 前

    Sorry im late😐😐😐😐 sorry

  40. Blue Sunflower

    Blue Sunflower日 前

    Я не тащусь по SVT, но это просто 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Nesthlie Jean Chatto

    Nesthlie Jean Chatto日 前

    Seventeen's company might be suffering financially, they are short of fabric to wear! HAHA LOL!

  42. Kristina Adams

    Kristina Adams日 前


  43. Jade194

    Jade194日 前

    Hello Carats~ i did a dance cover of Seventeen’s HIT, do give it a view if you are free ^^ jpgo.info/bideo/a5igw5Cg0aWpxqg.html

  44. Ruby

    Ruby日 前

    They are maaaaaaaaad

  45. Here Yomi

    Here Yomi日 前

    Vernon esta cada vez más sabroso 🙊🙈😱😍

  46. Starlise Jun.from.17

    Starlise Jun.from.172 日 前

    The one in the black suit is hot 🥵

  47. 지민Army!

    지민Army!2 日 前

    this song really is a hit! she is simply amazing! I loved this song, the steps ... and everything about she ... and the they boys are so beautiful! their new look is amazing too☺❤

  48. in t

    in t2 日 前

    Just wow perfect 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  49. 사람

    사람2 日 前

    오 헐...해외 살아서 몰랐는데 한국에선 이게 안뜨는구나..그래서 외국인들 밖에 없는구나 힛 컴백때 한국에 있어서 왜 안뜨지 없나보다하고 덜아왔는데 227만회...ㄷㄷ..왜 한국은 못보게 해놓으셨지

  50. Marlowe Amistoso

    Marlowe Amistoso2 日 前

    They deserve more

  51. tae fini

    tae fini2 日 前

    This is so powerful... I didn't even feel like im watching this on my phone.

  52. monica perez

    monica perez2 日 前

    I am an EXO-L and I've been watching Seventeen's live performance and listening to their songs since DWC era. And I admit that they never fail to amaze me. Their choreography is so lit so the music is. You should stan and love Seventeen. They are worth stanning for. All the members are handsome, talented and funny hahaha. Keep up the good work Seventeen! Aja!

  53. Mahinur Tezgi

    Mahinur Tezgi2 日 前


  54. Mi Sun Kim

    Mi Sun Kim2 日 前

    Ok this is weird but this is the most intense choreo Seventeen has given us, and yet it's the easiest for me to dance to...

  55. Soo Yi

    Soo Yi2 日 前

    I just came here to see if they actually managed to do that fanchant and I'm honestly so impressed haha

  56. Usharvi Basu

    Usharvi Basu2 日 前

    HIT era everyone is bias-wrecking me

  57. Tălă spaih aaa

    Tălă spaih aaa2 日 前

    بحس بهاذي الاغنية فيرنون ماخذ حقه بلاغنية ...يعني غنا كثيرر😍😍😍

  58. Tamir Nomin

    Tamir Nomin2 日 前

    vernon and his buffalo

  59. crabtalk yong

    crabtalk yong2 日 前

    To those: 1k dislikes Me: what do u dislike about this performance from svt?

  60. Vy Bui

    Vy Bui2 日 前


  61. Mrs. Random

    Mrs. Random2 日 前

    I really like this kind of concept. Rock + cool. Remind me of bts's song years ago.❤

  62. Alice Fumei

    Alice Fumei2 日 前

    I love part when jeonghan and seungkwan dance together

  63. evi retnowati

    evi retnowati2 日 前

    I can't imagine if this dance will be made into 2x speed dance 🔥🔥🔥

  64. evi retnowati

    evi retnowati2 日 前

    Evi Min 😍😍

  65. Evi Min

    Evi Min2 日 前

    It will be even more crazy

  66. Paulyn Valencia

    Paulyn Valencia2 日 前

    lee frikin jihoon jdjshsgxb

  67. Ssbaron-sama l

    Ssbaron-sama l3 日 前


  68. seventeen baksu

    seventeen baksu3 日 前

    los futuros dioses

  69. 아깅나만

    아깅나만3 日 前

    진심 이번신곡 좋은데 오빠둘 너무 힘들거같은데 무리하지마요오ㅠㅠ 몸조심하세요ㅠㅠ♥ 오빠들 외모가 또 열일하자나요ㅠㅠ 몸조심하세요 세븐틴분들 ㅠㅠ

  70. Lakeshia Pierce

    Lakeshia Pierce3 日 前

    W I will 👩‍🏫👩🏻👩🏻👩‍🏫🤔👩🏻‍🔬

  71. daniela martinez

    daniela martinez3 日 前

    so beautiful group boys very nice seventeen

  72. u sl

    u sl3 日 前

    Korea really be the worst cameramen

  73. Yu Ting

    Yu Ting3 日 前

    Next 3M

  74. Robyn Heide

    Robyn Heide3 日 前

    what I love so much about seventeen is how energetic they are, how they use their advantage of having so many members so fucking good in their choreography that it just gives just goosebumps everytime, how their vocals are so, so powerful. I love seventeen so much, they all have so much fucking talent, if only they got promoted right and got treated right by pledis then they would have been one of the biggest kpop groups earlier on. But oh well, Seventeen, Carats love you!!!!!!

  75. s loves jikook

    s loves jikook3 日 前

    just got into this group and guy at 0:35 and guy at 0:40 ... i would jump in front of a moving car for you

  76. Evi Min

    Evi Min2 日 前

    Omg at 0:35 is Wonwoo,member of hiphop unit and at 0:40 do you mean Vernon or Jun who says "wow wow.."? Wonu and Jun are my bias I would too

  77. CCTV Noona

    CCTV Noona3 日 前

    Who is come here after watching Knowing Brother eps. 192 ?

  78. nyimas rofifa

    nyimas rofifa3 日 前

    Wonwoo! You can't be handsome and super damn hot like that at the same time, just don't! 😩😣❤

  79. nyimas rofifa

    nyimas rofifa3 日 前

    OMG why wonwoo soo freaking handsome here?! I can't take my eyes off him, seriously.

  80. DR Palmares Fagestrom

    DR Palmares Fagestrom3 日 前

    0:54 my ghaaddd my babieess (♥ω♥)


    ISEUL SVT3 日 前

    Hit sound

  82. Aarya K.

    Aarya K.3 日 前

    Wonwoo got me lose all my shit .lol

  83. Woozi’s_girl

    Woozi’s_girl3 日 前

    What does woozi singing/shouting while in the chorus part? 1:18

  84. cute kookie

    cute kookie3 日 前