PS5 Coming Holiday 2020, More Hardware Details Revealed - IGN Now

Sony officially announced the release window for the PlayStation 5, along with some interesting hardware details. No more rumble, but there will be more precise haptic feedback.


  1. Sunny Datta SMD

    Sunny Datta SMD11 時間 前

    Doest it can run game at 144 hz

  2. Liz H

    Liz H13 時間 前

    still so many ps4 games i need to play they would be fools to not make it backwards compatible.

  3. nameless

    nameless17 時間 前

    yoyo dis is a message for all of u fellas watchin dis in the holidays of 2020. if u find this comment after prob bein curious on what people were thinkin prior to the release of the ps5 and decided to go searching thru all the old comments u Are Legally Now Required To Buy Me a PS5 No Takebacks U Have Sunk Too Deep And U Are No Longer Allowed To Proceed With Ur Holiday Break Without Giving Me The Sufficient Amount Of Money Required To Purchase Said PS5 . so thanks in advance.

  4. DR. Vince

    DR. Vince日 前

    Great now i can buy the ps2 if luckier maybe the ps3 or ps vita

  5. Will Mitchell

    Will Mitchell日 前

    Gta 6 will be on ps4 first

  6. Zafir Jeeawody

    Zafir Jeeawody2 日 前

    When is holiday 2020? Décembre ?

  7. ice age

    ice age2 日 前

    SKIN: PS5 PlayStation 5 PSV - Concept Design Trailer V3 ,-------- ps5 reballing solution : ps3 type mainboard(laptop mainboard) -- nand ------------ bios chip --- am4 socket (cpu ryzen 3700,3800,3900,3950x ) -- GPU chip (amd rx 5700,5700xt) ------------system memory 16-24-32GB(ddr4 dimm socket) ------power supply plug 600W ,extra cooling,close playstation OS on nvme ssd

  8. Michael Towns

    Michael Towns2 日 前

    Izzat a Super Potato shirt I spy?

  9. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy2 日 前

    I wish it would play ps2 games but i guess that is a pipe dream

  10. isuru sachin

    isuru sachin2 日 前

    Installation from disc is mandatory? So no digital downloads?

  11. lzz kyra Killabunnix

    lzz kyra Killabunnix3 日 前

    Well will we still get ps4 games 😥

  12. John Brew

    John Brew3 日 前

    What if you want to download both

  13. vision

    vision3 日 前

    Stop changing the zoom for every cut, also, stop cutting every 2.3 seconds, jesus christ this thing is unwatchable

  14. Precious Beautiful Princess

    Precious Beautiful Princess3 日 前

    gran Turismo 7 ps5

  15. Následovník Nikoly Tesly

    Následovník Nikoly Tesly4 日 前

    We want free multiplayer!

  16. Mohamed Zennoune

    Mohamed Zennoune4 日 前

    They will include a battery. Damn!

  17. Jordzyi1

    Jordzyi14 日 前

    I don’t know.

  18. gaming world

    gaming world4 日 前

    I think now sony could decrease the price of ps4

  19. Thinblueline 21093

    Thinblueline 210934 日 前

    But, but, but I barely beat Spiderman on ps4, nothing else. 😭😭😭

  20. Ismaeel Zainal

    Ismaeel Zainal4 日 前

    You mean next year on October or December it is to far

  21. ShawnTheMorgan

    ShawnTheMorgan4 日 前

    Im sticking with Xbox. There better not be a Xbox Two.

  22. Andreas Larsen

    Andreas Larsen4 日 前

    u reading or looking at the camera? decide pls

  23. ZION009 PSN-XBL

    ZION009 PSN-XBL4 日 前

    Enjoy my time with my PS4 best money I spent on a system will be picking up the PS5 day one for sure!

  24. HumptyDumpty

    HumptyDumpty5 日 前

    Holiday 2020...? Which holiday is it.. I know their is like 10 different holidays in a year. 😂



    There is so many gaming news lately



    I’m going to get the PlayStation 5



    Do you play Skyrim

  28. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex5 日 前

    Holiday 2020 but only in US. Europe have to wait way longer :/ + the price will be insane.

  29. imtxchnical

    imtxchnical5 日 前

    i’ve bought every iteration of the ps4 as they released so naturally i’m going to buy the ps5 when it releases, my only hope is that it supports full backwards compatibility all the way through the ps1. that’s one massive thing that microsoft got right with the xbox consoles.

  30. Copy Ninja

    Copy Ninja5 日 前

    damn i wish they introduced a faster memory for games HDDs are just not cutting it

  31. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your balls3 日 前



    SNIPEonSIGHT5 日 前

    I’m expecting it to be $700

  33. Daniel Funes

    Daniel Funes5 日 前

    I hope we can also play all games from PS1 to PS4 in PS5

  34. Anas Bhatti

    Anas Bhatti5 日 前

    It's funny how no one is talking about next gen xbox 💀



    $500 and $600 is what people said about the Ps4 Pro. Sony saw how Microsoft did that with the Xbox one X and people weren't willing to spend that much. That's not just because of the exclusives, because even alot of the hardcore Xbox fans wanted to wait for the price to drop. Now even though they are doing cross console play now, this is still a competition and Sony is coming to WIN. We know the next Xbox is going to be $500 they aren't going up to $600 when they know they couldn't sell at $500 so that leaves SONY to go $100 less which will be $400.



    Idk why in the world people still believe the Ps5 could be $600, when around the beginning of the year Sony clearly said they learned from their mistake with the Ps3 and they wont be making it again. Sony knows what they have to do and what price keeps them selling consoles not just staying on top. Let's just say Sony tried the $600 thing, do you know how many people will not buy it and keep their current consoles until the price drop. I mean their will be hardcore fans that will buy it anyway but not as much and Sony knows that. I'm a true Sony fan and I won't even buy it then I'll wait for price drop, that's just my personal preference. This doesn't mean people will turn around and get the new Xbox instead it just means they will lose momentum and Sony is trying to keep the momentum going. Alot of people isn't going to agree but I see a $400 price point because if anyone remembers when the pro dropped their was talks about how if Sony waited to come out with a new system n 2020 they will save alot of money on alot of the components they were going to put in their next gen system. So don't let the specs fool you Sony isn't going to be really taking a hit at $400 because they're going to be selling like hotcakes.

  37. Utti Siseppe

    Utti Siseppe5 日 前

    Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost of tsushima Last of us 2 Maybe it's a game for PS 5 but it's playable in PS 4 🤔🤔🤔

  38. SPY!!

    SPY!!5 日 前

    I purchased PS4 in summer this year and ps5 release is official but ofcourse i will not purchase it because it's price it high

  39. Liew Noswald

    Liew Noswald5 日 前

    Daemon, i look up to you a lot , but these's frequent zoom cuts to your face is making me look away.

  40. Joel Patrick Lota

    Joel Patrick Lota5 日 前

    The warriors remake please and bully

  41. OhPhilly

    OhPhilly5 日 前

    GTA 6 return to vice city in 2024

  42. Chris Draws

    Chris Draws5 日 前

    Uhh they better make all the ps4 games playable on ps5

  43. OhPhilly

    OhPhilly5 日 前

    Ps VR 2.0?

  44. Menu Simulator

    Menu Simulator5 日 前

    Game installation from disc is mandatory?

  45. mf sports

    mf sports5 日 前

    Not buying it for at least 2 years

  46. W player

    W player5 日 前

    Please look at the camera when you talking with viewers

  47. NOBLE

    NOBLE5 日 前

    IGN should give more of Damien Hatfield

  48. FoundationsofPause

    FoundationsofPause5 日 前

    Great. I really need to buy RE4 again.

  49. active super

    active super5 日 前

    Ima play halo infinite with the xbox instead

  50. Bánh Trứng

    Bánh Trứng5 日 前

    I need some advices guy, should i wait for ps5 or buy ps4 ?

  51. Bánh Trứng

    Bánh Trứng5 日 前

    I need some advices guy, should i wait for ps5 or buy ps4 ?

  52. Hasan Rabbe

    Hasan Rabbe5 日 前

    Play at 1.25 speed.

  53. maxitrillion

    maxitrillion5 日 前

    Been playing games since the ps1 generation. The PS4 generation was by far the most disappointing generation in regards to games, hopefully the PS5 gen will be better

  54. muscle_growsayain

    muscle_growsayain5 日 前

    Crash bash remastered ps5.

  55. Blackk_Buushin

    Blackk_Buushin5 日 前

    Are you guys gonna get the ps5 or stick with your ps4?

  56. Wasan S.

    Wasan S.5 日 前

    I hope the transition period games supported both 4&5 at least for a year. I just bought a pro and wouldn’t buy the new one at least for 2 years

  57. Joel Robert Justiawan

    Joel Robert Justiawan5 日 前

    The only reason PS5 is alright great: - Disc - Backward Compatibility using CPU Manipulation (is this true? I hope yess)

  58. Greg Hakes

    Greg Hakes5 日 前

    So the Battery in the controller is bigger, but it will be under more stress from the upgrades. So it's a wash !!!

  59. Charlie Black

    Charlie Black5 日 前

    Smells like *GTA 6* to me

  60. Sir Amic Varze

    Sir Amic Varze5 日 前

    The SSD needs to be 2TB. Games have ridiculous sizes these days.

  61. CKD 1000000

    CKD 10000005 日 前


  62. HotSizzleTV

    HotSizzleTV5 日 前

    Let’s just hope they call the next system PlayStation 6