PRETTYMUCH, CNCO - Me Necesita (Official Video)

PRETTYMUCH X CNCO - Me Necesita (Official Video)
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Me Necesita Lyrics:
Tu juego me sube y me baja como te conviene
A mi se me nota que quiero lo mismo que quieres
Yeah you looking’ so rude looking’ at me
Baby that rude girl thang work, work it on me
Cerquita en donde pueda oírte y hacer que te quedes, yeah
Oh mi, oh my God,
I give my best she deserve it
Oh mi, oh my God
Cuz you got me counting the ways
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
` `
Oh baby you got me thinkin’ bout you constantly
I like how you don’t play no games
siempre eres real conmigo
So beautiful you must be a goddess (goddess)
Ya tienes mi corazón
How you gon’ pretend to be modest?
After how you shake it, shake it, shake it, yeah
Oh mi, oh my God
I give my best she deserve it
Oh mi, oh my God
Cuz you got me counting the ways
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
Uno, she want that
Dos, I give that
Tres, she comeback
Me necesita
ohhh ohhh ohhhh me necesita [x4]


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