"Popsicle" Clip - Disney's Zootopia

"You want to be an elephant when you grow up? You be an elephant. Because this is Zootopia. Anyone can be anything!"
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    i love zootropoli 😁😁

  2. Morgan.Warner

    Morgan.Warner14 時間 前

    0:46 when my mum hears me back talking!!

  3. Yutaka Katagiri

    Yutaka Katagiri15 時間 前


  4. Mary Cleary

    Mary Cleary15 時間 前

    I dont care what anyone says This is the Best scene in the movie.

  5. Solace Omondi

    Solace Omondi17 時間 前

    $15 FOR AN ICE LOLLY?!??!?

  6. Veah Bell

    Veah Bell17 時間 前

    Who else is here when it actually called Zootropilis

  7. nini darchiashvili

    nini darchiashvili20 時間 前


  8. Ava Jane

    Ava Jane18 時間 前

    hi :D

  9. Rhonda Aligood

    Rhonda Aligood2 日 前

    Yes you did your best to be the strong and a movie with my daughter where she got home at but hope that you know how are you doing the kniw is here at the shop today thougj

  10. Ullca Fanchon

    Ullca Fanchon2 日 前

    I love this series it is so funny

  11. The DiabeticCow

    The DiabeticCow2 日 前

    0:02 when I go to the kitchen to get icecream when my mom is not home

  12. Dumbo 2000

    Dumbo 20002 日 前

    But beastars is better

  13. Raj Kaur

    Raj Kaur3 日 前

    So good

  14. Citavalo

    Citavalo3 日 前

    If it ended it like that, you can call it a short animation with a message behind it.

  15. Lil’ Pastel Wolfy

    Lil’ Pastel Wolfy3 日 前

    Who else is here?

  16. NotOnlyY0URS

    NotOnlyY0URS3 日 前

    0:09 That'll be expensive

  17. Vincent Fichtler

    Vincent Fichtler3 日 前

    The male elephant isn't he voiced by John DiMaggio ?

  18. NotTheRealToyBonnie

    NotTheRealToyBonnie4 日 前

    0:02 when my mom tells me how much ice cream I want

  19. Donna Maria Collier-

    Donna Maria Collier-5 日 前

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  20. Foxhoundgaming

    Foxhoundgaming5 日 前

    easy dubs

  21. Gouki Senju

    Gouki Senju5 日 前

    Is that adorable? 😍😭💜

  22. Deliah GachaGaming

    Deliah GachaGaming5 日 前

    Wait, how is finnick moving his truck?

  23. Mr. Noah

    Mr. Noah6 日 前

    They Should Get A Zootopia # 2. For A Movie.

  24. Trashekko

    Trashekko6 日 前


  25. Elvia Flores

    Elvia Flores7 日 前

    What if they made a zootopia 2

  26. Modern Rebel

    Modern Rebel6 日 前

    They are, but not for a while it's supposed to come out In 2021

  27. Ritz Cracker

    Ritz Cracker7 日 前

    1:37 Imma head out

  28. Courtney Cays

    Courtney Cays7 日 前

    There trying to show racism

  29. Chloe Richardson

    Chloe Richardson8 日 前

    1:38 when I try to get candy without my parents looking and I fail

  30. Chloe Richardson

    Chloe Richardson8 日 前


  31. Jessica Gatson

    Jessica Gatson8 日 前


  32. harrison woo

    harrison woo9 日 前


  33. Sleepless Dreamer

    Sleepless Dreamer9 日 前

    Now I want ice cream

  34. Dapper Wolf

    Dapper Wolf9 日 前

    First plans reference from first movie idea wild times era 2:08 nice touch Disney

  35. LaToya Rogers

    LaToya Rogers9 日 前

    Such a scheme.

  36. Springy Coyle

    Springy Coyle10 日 前

    Judy:it burns me up to see bad attitude to foxes. Me: *THEN WHY DO YOU CARRY A FOX/RAPE ALARM?*

  37. Modern Rebel

    Modern Rebel6 日 前

    Yeah it seems really bad, I know it's just a movie, but what if there were anti-black spray? That would be like, SUPER racist today.

  38. Mr. Golden Trash-Can

    Mr. Golden Trash-Can10 日 前

    1:28 that’s a lot of DAMAGE!!!

  39. ·Nora the german shepherd·

    ·Nora the german shepherd·10 日 前

    Me: hey dad can i have ice cream? My dad: yeah, get a little bit. Me: ok ×puts my ice cream× My bowl: 0:02

  40. Ephraim Nelms

    Ephraim Nelms10 日 前

    Jumbo pop sweet 🍭🍧🐾

  41. Sophia Lano

    Sophia Lano10 日 前

    This reminds me of a time I was racist.

  42. Nicola Mcseveney

    Nicola Mcseveney10 日 前

    Cute very very cute ehlaphant

  43. ITSYABOIRAM ! ! !

    ITSYABOIRAM ! ! !11 日 前


  44. Greater Dog

    Greater Dog11 日 前

    1:25 SO TRUE Its like me coughing up a cup of saliva and mucus and freezing it and calling it a ice pop 🤢

  45. melanie martinez

    melanie martinez11 日 前

    So cute 😍 aww

  46. Ashlyn LPS TV

    Ashlyn LPS TV12 日 前

    1:13 that was cute :3

  47. 大村ジェニー

    大村ジェニー12 日 前

    Merry Christmas 🎄 jpgo.info/bideo/goSIzauTvWiwtqg.html

  48. Bachri Jasmun

    Bachri Jasmun14 日 前

    oh hey.

  49. Brian Reynolds

    Brian Reynolds14 日 前

    My 12 year old brother was watching me look at the bad and good girls and he said be just wanted to look at me .I told mom and my brother came back in to my bedroom and said he really just wanted to look at me because he could see up my dress and see my panties. My dad really whipped him.

  50. HonkyHonk

    HonkyHonk16 日 前

    K I get the message and all but the reason he didn’t want to sell to the foxes was probably because that would be worth a lot more popsicle to a tiny Fox than it would be for an elephant or hippo, and this kind of protocol might be required to maintain equality between large and small animals, because if large animals had to pay the same amount for food as small animals, then likely they wouldn’t be able to keep up with how expensive it is to survive and wouldn’t be able to afford food anymore, causing a crisis in which the systematic racism everyone is talking about is directed towards them, because they would be forced to work harder for the same benefits.

  51. Americo Pedroni

    Americo Pedroni16 日 前

    That's what they want you to believe, anyone can be anything. Then they shove that agenda down your throat where women can be men and men can be women fucking insanity!

  52. something something

    something something16 日 前

    I don't care how shallow it makes me sound I shipped them right from this scene. Their introductory scene had so much chemistry.



    Why does the elephant use his nose for getting ice cream is his snot there i dont see it?

  54. Megagamers 4412

    Megagamers 441218 日 前

    15 dollars just for one freaking jumbo pop imagine it being small

  55. Te_aqYT

    Te_aqYT18 日 前

    My mom: Ok, you can have some 𝙄𝙘𝙚 cream. Also my mom: But only one scoop, or else! Me: 0:02

  56. Charlotte Hickman

    Charlotte Hickman19 日 前

    This is so sad considering what happens next.

  57. Payton Valeri

    Payton Valeri19 日 前

    I will be a billionaire 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  58. Payton Valeri

    Payton Valeri19 日 前

    I love it when school was still on top of the point where

  59. Dean Hansen

    Dean Hansen19 日 前

    Yuck 🤢 that's digging

  60. NurseZeldafan

    NurseZeldafan20 日 前

    1:29 How to ruin an ice cream date. 😂😂😂

  61. Robert Lesiak

    Robert Lesiak20 日 前

    94221442562232 521586588/*8895/7*5889/+54;4';544P5['47['4]7P[

  62. ExplosionMare

    ExplosionMare20 日 前

    He doesn’t seem to have a problem with the hippo in the line

  63. Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals

    Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals20 日 前

    Zoo topiary ?