PlayStation 5 - Sony Reveals RELEASE WINDOW, Controller Info & More! (PS5 Release Date - PS 5)

PlayStation 5 News with hint to ps5 release date (ps 5 release date - playstation 5 release date) PlayStation 5 graphics in ps5 news 2019
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  1. JorRaptor

    JorRaptor7 日 前

    I see a lot of people discussing this so wanted to address it here: no news on price but I think they are going for the 500 dollars at launch.

  2. YSC Entertainment

    YSC Entertainment2 日 前

    Lol I guarantee this will be 899 at best

  3. FastEasyLifeTips

    FastEasyLifeTips3 日 前

    I unboxed one, it was $600

  4. Anton Rosik

    Anton Rosik4 日 前

    @Flip Bros yep, because it is fuking iPhone

  5. Anton Rosik

    Anton Rosik4 日 前

    @Jon Jon are you nut, it is 750 australians

  6. Richard Walker

    Richard Walker5 日 前

    more like 499.99

  7. ninjaness05

    ninjaness054 時間 前

    My launch title want is horizon 2

  8. dilly dilly

    dilly dilly21 時間 前

    Another year. Rediculous. Ps4 is already way outdated

  9. kubilay erdem

    kubilay erdem21 時間 前

    Can it run ps4 games



    Sweet. Coming out next year.. gonna wait a couple years for them to release more than 3 decent games. Lol

  11. Anh Minh Nguyễn Phúc

    Anh Minh Nguyễn Phúc7 時間 前

    Thats why I just bought the ps4, the price of the console and games are pretty cheap now. Played most of the exclusive hits. No regrets. Haha

  12. shadowhunter92

    shadowhunter92日 前

    It looks ridiculous and a very wrong and i just bought my ps4 1 year and 3 months ago now they juat confirmed it and maybe released next year

  13. MythicMage

    MythicMage日 前

    I think 2021 should have been a release date do that the 8th generation would have 8 years kind of like how ps3 was the 7th gen and lasted 7 years. Same with ps2 with 6 years in 6th gen and ps1 5 years in 5th gen. And PS5 could be nine years until 2030 for 9th gen.

  14. John Blake

    John Blake日 前

    I will buy this maybe two years after launch..i still have plenty of ps4 games i have not yet played.

  15. Castro _D

    Castro _D日 前

    Sony: Here's the ps5 Me: u mean binoculars?

  16. kille6525

    kille6525日 前

    Man it looks amazingly ugly.

  17. Smokey

    Smokey日 前

    Everyone is happy , it’s coming out in December that’s gonna be long at least release it on April

  18. T@wesomE

    [email protected]2 日 前

    This thing looks like an floor heaters they had back in the day,and reminds allot an overgrown toaster! I don't think this will be their final design.It might be a prototype model design perhaps? Just saying,if they want a better design however let us work much better designs! This is fake and also not appealing AT ALL! 😂

  19. Truth 7

    Truth 72 日 前


  20. royandescartes

    royandescartes2 日 前

    thaats a ps5 ? it looks like a sandwhich toaster

  21. Knack II

    Knack II2 日 前

    knack 3 for ps5 pleeease

  22. That Marv Boi

    That Marv Boi2 日 前

    My dude dat looks like a ultra DVD player

  23. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    Sony: Did you do it? Me: Yes Sony: What did it cost? Me: *My wallet*

  24. Vanilla Goose

    Vanilla Goose2 日 前

    I never buy a new playstation just after Launch they do not have enough titles to justify it plus the early ones can be problematic 🙄! i would however if it was backwards compatible, but it wont be, which is a big shame 😢

  25. TankusDankus

    TankusDankus2 日 前

    Hopefully it has backwards compatibility, because I want to play BO2

  26. maverickmanjr

    maverickmanjr2 日 前

    As a Xbox player y'all make a sexy ass console meanwhile ours looks like a over sized cable box XD

  27. Jeremy Fuller

    Jeremy Fuller2 日 前

    The dude playing Horizon was ass


    ASSEMBLE2 日 前

    If there was only a way to buy anything you want for free, but the people who made them could still earn money

  29. Arnotts Biscuits

    Arnotts Biscuits2 日 前

    Why show spiderman, marvel are more greedy than stan lee's rotting corpse

  30. Dark Soul

    Dark Soul2 日 前

    Your voice is as annoying as hell!!!!

  31. Pap deisel

    Pap deisel3 日 前

    Ps5 looks like a new direct TV cable box

  32. Pap deisel

    Pap deisel2 時間 前

    @Traë bro how the fuck is a comparison of a "look" in any way shape or form of judgement???go back to school troll!!!I made an observation NOT A JUDGEMENT 😑

  33. Traë

    Traë7 時間 前

    @Pap deisel You are exactly right see you should understand jumping to conclusions which you are right now. And take a moment and think if *YOU* are the one being blind. Obviously you're judging a console by it's looks but you never seen it's performance..cmon now.

  34. Pap deisel

    Pap deisel2 日 前

    @Traë of course but in the age of profiling and jumping to conclusions it's my God damn right as an American to have this opinion wtf??it looks like a cable box and if you don't think so then your as blind as a bat

  35. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    Have you ever heard of a saying "don't judge a book by its cover"

  36. Travis Bailey

    Travis Bailey3 日 前

    I doubt ps5 will be any good.

  37. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    It's performance results are outstanding but you wouldn't understand that, you're too quick to judge.

  38. DarkSteelMenace

    DarkSteelMenace3 日 前

    I was hoping it would come out sooner tbh, really need an upgrade from the ps4, because its starting to do weird stuff.

  39. xXDeathMetalThrasherXx

    xXDeathMetalThrasherXx3 日 前

    It looks fucking weird

  40. FastEasyLifeTips

    FastEasyLifeTips3 日 前

    I unboxed it years ago

  41. NaturReal of LgE

    NaturReal of LgE3 日 前

    The cables are more durable than the controllers. I play games where I’m always pressing L3 & R3. I have run through 7 PS4 controllers & never had that issue with PS3. Hopefully they get it together cuz the only thing that didn’t have me getting an 8th is a modded controller.

  42. Mr.Entertainment

    Mr.Entertainment3 日 前

    i dont even buy ps4.

  43. Potjie Kos

    Potjie Kos3 日 前

    Choosing whether you wnat SP or MP installed isnt anything new. Diablo 2 was the first title I played that had that option back in 2000.

  44. Killers Mask

    Killers Mask3 日 前

    Holiday 2020 do they mean new year?

  45. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    Yes which is basically holiday 2020.

  46. angel bonilla

    angel bonilla4 日 前

    Cuz I hate to collect video games and stuff

  47. angel bonilla

    angel bonilla4 日 前

    Just like the Xbox One when it's compatible Xbox 360 games some of them

  48. angel bonilla

    angel bonilla4 日 前

    I wonder if I can play my PlayStation 4 game disc on the PlayStation 5 system if it's compatible

  49. angel bonilla

    angel bonilla日 前

    Thx for the reply

  50. MythicMage

    MythicMage日 前

    It says it will.

  51. Silly

    Silly4 日 前

    Why is it so hard to find just a 1 minute video about the damn console.

  52. Arnotts Biscuits

    Arnotts Biscuits2 日 前

    People like the sound of their own voice

  53. jaro onody

    jaro onody4 日 前

    100gb disk why why not compress data

  54. Addie Abrera

    Addie Abrera4 日 前

    Improve the ds5 with gyroscope aiming or touch pad aiming for games like APEX and CoD its really hard aiming using the right analog stick lmao

  55. Nelsonramos21

    Nelsonramos214 日 前

    I really hope it's not going to look like that

  56. Nelsonramos21

    Nelsonramos212 日 前

    @Traë thank God because I was going to use it to beat somebody's brains in if it look like that

  57. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    It's not

  58. Emily Coine

    Emily Coine4 日 前

    It will be the new elder scrolls featured with it.

  59. Tristan Beetge

    Tristan Beetge4 日 前

    Ps5 shit pc better

  60. Its_The_Spartan

    Its_The_Spartan5 日 前

    I'm ready! I'm impulsively buying it when it comes out 😎👍

  61. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex5 日 前

    First of all: it will be extremly expensive so i will have to save my money ;/ 2nd: I want the compatibility between Ps4 and Ps5 so that i can play some Ps4 games on Ps5 :) and 3rd: i like this new controller description and also mostly how the main menu will beeasyer to navigate :)

  62. GameDirection

    GameDirection5 日 前

    Jak And Daxter 4!

  63. Naqot

    Naqot5 日 前

    I expect GTA 6 with cross play!!!

  64. Kracken Released

    Kracken Released5 日 前

    That shit looks like a toilet

  65. Enoll Zerl

    Enoll Zerl5 日 前

    Maybe GTA 6

  66. Drake Jimenez

    Drake Jimenez5 日 前

    Maybe GTA 6 is coming to Ps5?



    The Big Title For The Ps5 Is Gta6. . Believe Me Or Not Sony Has Paid Rockstar A Lot Of Amount To Keep Gta6 An Exclusive Title For A Month On The Ps5 . EXCEPT AN TRAILER SOON!

  68. Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII5 日 前

    Is that the actual design? What are they thinking?!! It looks old, cheap and horrible!

  69. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    That's cause it's a dev kit kid. You're judging it too quick yet it will send outstanding results.

  70. Elimar Abelardo

    Elimar Abelardo5 日 前

    I'm so poor that i haven't bought ps3 and ps4 and now they are releasing ps5 soon. Feels bad man

  71. H KING

    H KING5 日 前

    Wait is spider man ps5 coming out 🤔

  72. Eckhart V

    Eckhart V5 日 前

    It looks ugly. Who designed that thing.

  73. Traë

    Traë2 日 前

    don't judge it too quick it's performance will send outstanding results maybe.

  74. H KING

    H KING5 日 前

    At gamestop can we trade a ps4 for a ps5 xD

  75. H KING

    H KING5 日 前

    Please tell me that bprderlands 3 is on ps5

  76. Jacky

    Jacky5 日 前

    The only thing is that I don’t like is that is not actually running an RTX card but an old card that can run RTX but not with the RTX quality, how do I know this I r like 3 articles

  77. ash nikko

    ash nikko5 日 前

    For $599 is remarkably well priced, considering that's the price of a single component in a similar build pc.

  78. Developer Software

    Developer Software5 日 前

    Fuck the ps5. Still rocking my soulyaboy console.

  79. Crazyclown05

    Crazyclown055 日 前

    I never had a broken charging cable before