Plastic Fantastic? Or Cheap and Nasty? - Swatch Sistem51

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8 Minute Watch Review of the revolutionary Swatch Sistem51. A bit of fun or a serious Swiss automatic?


  1. Jan Klaasma

    Jan Klaasma4 日 前

    Get a Seiko SNK for half of the price

  2. Dunecigar

    Dunecigar4 日 前

    I'd like to own a Sistem 51... but I find them too big, too expensive for what they are, and I can't really find a style I like. Edit: typo.

  3. Nolin Chitnis

    Nolin Chitnisヶ月 前

    Absolute garbage. Plastic case. Plastic glass. Cheap plastic movement. I would be surprised if it keeps ticking beyond a year or two. Buy a Sieko 5 or a good Chinese mechanical watch instead for less than 100.

  4. Tintoycar

    Tintoycarヶ月 前

    I was going to buy one, because no metal and i'm allergic but if it makes noise, that is also a big problem.

  5. Tom Cryer

    Tom Cryerヶ月 前

    Jody, I demand a re-review, I'd love to see a metal cased one on the channel

  6. Wolf H

    Wolf H2 ヶ月 前

    I bought a 36mm swatch irony with an ETA quartz movement in 1996 (it was made in 95) and I wore that watch for 20 years. I went through four straps and half a dozen batteries in that time. It still runs well. I wore it swimming and never had a problem with WR. it’s cheap and kind of crappy but I feel I got my monies worth. I only started buying just one more watch in 2017/18 as I felt no need to “upgrade” from that Irony. Today, I have a bit of a problem with watches. lol ;) Edit: 36mm and I have an 8” wrist so I rocked it old school for two decades. ;)

  7. Harun S

    Harun S4 ヶ月 前

    Before the quarz watches had 51 pieces and the challenge for this automatic was having 51 parts for mechanical as well. There is also a nice reason for 51 as 1 part hold 5 units within the movement.

  8. daniel chahua

    daniel chahua5 ヶ月 前

    Truly disapointed .....It’ s right sir : cheap and nasty watch. Thanks for the video.

  9. Andreas T

    Andreas T6 ヶ月 前

    I just put batteries in some Swatches from 1991 that I had around. Ticking away again with no issues.

  10. Skeptical _Liberterian

    Skeptical _Liberterian6 ヶ月 前

    I understand that noisy movements are annoying...but honestly, how hard are you moving your arms to audibly hear the movement over everything else in the world? 😂

  11. John Buckmaster

    John Buckmaster7 ヶ月 前

    It ‘neat’...Jody, I can’t pull this off… And neither can you! It’s for the teenagers...Or the end avid and rapid swatch collector… And although it’s just $150-$200… There are a lot of other ‘cool’ choices To choose from… Choices that are an actual watch… And not a toy! Cheers!

  12. crni_tekac

    crni_tekac8 ヶ月 前

    Bought it, very slick looking, conversational piece. Also light and quite precise at the moment. I think in a few years this ones price is gonna skyrocket for those diehard collectors. Will keep the box and papers and pray it doesnt break. My first and only plastic watch. I hate the loud ticking and rotor tho.

  13. Davbroo21

    Davbroo218 ヶ月 前

    Thanks I found it. The Sistem metal version is quite a fantastic piece. I’ve been following this channel for a long time now and it’s my favorite of all the watch channels I follow. Keep up the great work. I’ve added so many amazing watches using your fun reviews. Thanks again from one Scot to another.

  14. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards8 ヶ月 前

    My minute hand has play when the crown is pulled out. I find if I set the minutes hand the the lower value of play, it is dead accurate. If I choose the high end, it takes a minute to engage.

  15. k

    k年 前

    Can’t be serviced. Better not get it broken.

  16. k

    k年 前

    The sealed case on a mechanical watch is a joke. I’m never getting a single use watch.

  17. Cw Sayre

    Cw Sayre年 前

    This is technology _gone mad_ ! I simply don't want to live in a world of plastic mechanical watches! Stop the world and let me get the hell off! (I'm in my "super-dramatic phase" at the moment. Apologies to all.)

  18. Cw Sayre

    Cw Sayre年 前

    The Glock of the watch world.

  19. Skeptical _Liberterian

    Skeptical _Liberterian6 ヶ月 前

    Cw Sayre I would argue that’s a G Shock lol. The Sistem 51 is still an automatic movement so would still be susceptible to a lot of the many things that kill automatic watches.

  20. autostoplaymob

    autostoplaymob年 前

    What about the Irony Sistem51 models?

  21. John Kish

    John Kish年 前

    snagged the all black version on ebay for a whopping $35 US. Certainly not my favorite watch but for $35 who could complain

  22. Masum Khan

    Masum Khan年 前

    Who gives a duck if its plastic. Anyone here hammering their watches on a daily basis. I don't think so.

  23. Duy Bear

    Duy Bear年 前

    Biggest selling point for me is the novelty. It's truly like nothing else! However, it seems like an automatic playing to a quartz's strengths. Quartz are affordable, mass produced by robots, plastic fantastic, may have bold/funky styling, and not really meant to be repaired. I'm unsure if an automatic can beat a quartz at its own game.

  24. TheMasonator777

    TheMasonator777年 前

    200 bucks for mass produced plastic and rubber? Nope.

  25. josefo tocino taquito asesino

    josefo tocino taquito asesino9 ヶ月 前

    @thelongslowgoodbye the irony model cases are indeed openable, however, this one is not an irony. The all plastic ones are sealed so that you can't open them without breaking the watch.

  26. thelongslowgoodbye

    thelongslowgoodbye年 前

    @Marcin Chess No, the Sistem 51 Irony watches are repairable and use the same movement that are in some Tissot watches. Look it up if you don't believe me.

  27. Marcin Chess

    Marcin Chess年 前

    @thelongslowgoodbye Tissot with s51 inside? LOL. Tossot automatics you can actually repair. This one, NO.

  28. thelongslowgoodbye

    thelongslowgoodbye年 前

    You think that's bad? Consider that there's some Tissot watches that use the same movement and charge 4 to 6 times the price.

  29. TheVisserthree

    TheVisserthree年 前

    better some grands for stainless steel and a bit gold? Doesn't sound better.

  30. ricradoineds

    ricradoineds年 前

    Take care of the box is gonna be higher worth in the future!

  31. rex racer

    rex racer年 前

    I got the plain grey one as a gift. I like it. It’s very light and doesn’t have any goofiness on it. Good for jeans and a t shirt. Not sure I’d have bought one myself , but I ended up enjoying it nonetheless.

  32. Carlos Alberto Gaspar Silva

    Carlos Alberto Gaspar Silva年 前

    Where buying?

  33. Ola Hansen

    Ola Hansen年 前 Then you don't want this watch!



    Swatch system 51 looks so cheap but oh ok automatic yes I notice same thing lose minutes have to wait for it catch up pathetic pain in but swatch need put glow in dark hands you can see the time


    COTTERO年 前

    The back case is sealed, so if it fails you can't fix it, only throw it away.

  36. Bob Martens

    Bob Martens年 前

    Expensive noisy plastic scratchy. Enjoy.

  37. pwally2714

    pwally27143 ヶ月 前

    I thought of a orient bambino but scratches deter me. I do shower with my sistem 51 though. Holds up fine.

  38. pwally2714

    pwally27143 ヶ月 前

    @Just One More Watch I have this in blue. I have put it up for sale but when someone offers me $80-90 USD I just can't accept it. Too much character and historical-revolutionry to let it go. I just bought B5000-1JF - awaiting it in the mail now. :) I have a date just 41, seamaster and a few $100-400 automatics but find myself wearing my dw5600-BB or dw5600-sk more than anyone would ever expect.

  39. Just One More Watch

    Just One More Watch年 前

    HA! Cheap, noisy plastic. Technological marvel. Useless watch. It has gone already.

  40. Dan A

    Dan A年 前

    Watchguy did a great tear down and review. The escape and pallets are plastic, the central screw only holds the rotor to the bearing and the rest of the movement if soldered together. In all it looks pretty poor inside. For the money buy a Seiko that is serviceable and more reliable, for a Swiss save more and buy a Tissot. I regret buying my Sistem51 so much it’s been kicked out if the winder box for another SNK

  41. androidrkb tc

    androidrkb tc年 前

    Dan A 1.

  42. Uncle Voodoo

    Uncle Voodoo2 年 前

    While I do have a Swatch that i really like (and many over the years that I didn’t).... the problem i have with them is this- if everything was completely identical except it said “made in china” on it, people would be crapping all over this thing. Ive learned one lesson over the years owning swatches- if you aren’t getting it for dirt cheap disposable watch money money, don’t buy it.

  43. Nick

    Nick2 年 前

    Any recommendations on where to find vintage quartz watches?

  44. Long Phạm

    Long Phạm年 前

    You can try Squiggly for vintage swatches

  45. Nick

    Nick2 年 前

    I'm on the fence about swatch watches. I think they look cool, but there is something about them being super thin, and made of plastic that is so off putting to me. I would feel like I'm wearing a little kids watch. But I love how bold the designs are ughhh

  46. Adam Szuszkiewicz

    Adam Szuszkiewicz2 年 前

    Nicholas Di Vito there's a skeleton watch with a metal case and bracelet, irony heart and soul is the name I think. I'd swap out the bracelet for a swatch leather one though

  47. William Albert

    William Albert2 年 前

    It's a kid's watch. Only a kid can read the date.

  48. 000 001

    000 0012 年 前

    This is no better or worse than a Seiko 5 though. I suppose that the price is way higher, so that ticks you off. But Swatch designs are more interesting.

  49. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards8 ヶ月 前

    Right. Not as durable as a Seiko 5. Not repairable either., but the low cost of a Seiko 5 removes a need for repair or service. Agreed, the Sistem51 is very cool. I own a few of both the Sistem51 and Seiko 5 models. Love them all.

  50. richard murphy

    richard murphy2 年 前

    Swatch where always noisy slept with it arm under pillow

  51. I frickin love trains.australia

    I frickin love trains.australia2 年 前

    I might be getting the sistem51 boreal

  52. TJ

    TJ2 年 前

    Just picked one up. The build quality is top notch and it wears really really nice. Go for it or the TUX ;)

  53. MrPleers

    MrPleers2 年 前

    Down to earth watch reviews. Just the way I like them. Keep them coming.

  54. Just One More Watch

    Just One More Watch2 年 前

    Thanks MrPleers! That is an old one. Plenty more to come...

  55. The Caitie Diaries

    The Caitie Diaries3 年 前

    I'd love to see a watch lookbook! For example what watches should I wear in Winter? Or what clothes go with each watch? :)

  56. Timemachine Eddie

    Timemachine Eddie3 年 前

    I would by one maybe for a child. Looks disposable. I have an Invicta Pro Diver that's 22 years old, runs well with a Myota movement paid 60 dollars. I think I would rather buy 3 Invicta Pro Divers on e-bay with the Seiko Movements than a swiss 200 dollar plastic watch. Just think a plastic watch is for children. Great review and Thanks for sharing.

  57. TheVisserthree

    TheVisserthree年 前

    @Guacho irony means it was made from a metal and definitely not plastic. Otherwise, I do agree that they really last, even the plastic ones.

  58. Guacho

    Guacho年 前

    Timemachine Eddie I have a swatch irony chrono I bought 22 years ago , still works as new .. just because it’s plastic and cheap doesn’t mean it can’t last

  59. Adam Szuszkiewicz

    Adam Szuszkiewicz2 年 前

    Timemachine Eddie they've got steel case auto swatches as well for around 120 to 150 usd on ebay

  60. MrPleers

    MrPleers2 年 前

    Personaly, I would never pay more than 100 euro's for a plastic watch. I prefer steel cases. Plastic just looks cheap. Even in G-shocks.

  61. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 年 前

    I don't agree with that notion personally, most of my watches are affordable, I like to collect old/vintage G-shocks, so I don't think plastic as a material is something bad or equals inferior quality, same goes for my electronics like my laptop is plastic and also my Samsung S5 smartphone, I don't mind it one bit! But I can see why people will prefer metal over plastic for their items But concerning the price, 200 is quite a sum of money for me and many others, so one has got to think carefully before spending it, if you think its not worth 200 maybe looking for a used one the price would be cheaper, specially considering it's made in a production like and thousands are made every month which means the availability keeps the price down. If I remember correct the point of these plastic Swatch watches is collectibility, many of them are even designed by some artists in collaborations